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Hitler & the Kabbalistic, Talmudic creation of WW2.

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“The middle class (largely Jewish) loves Ludendorff, because he gives high posts in the army to Jews.”

p. 24

Interesting excerpts from the writings of Karl Radek, It seems he had ties to General Ludendorff:

"When I got up next morning, Baron Reignitz inquired whether I would object if Colonel Bauer, a German artillery commander during the war and chief advisor of Ludendorff, had lunch with us. Naturally, I did not object. In the dining-room I discovered a man with the movements of a cat, quite unlike a soldier, and we began to talk of Germany’s internal and external position.''

''He (Bauer) implied that, on this basis, it might be possible for the officer class to make a deal with the Communist Party and Soviet Russia. They realized that we were invincible and that we were Germany’s allies in the struggle against the Entente."

para 2

Ludendorff's involvement in sending Lenin to Russia from Germany in a sealed train:

''Parvus also made contact with General Erich Ludendorff who later admitted his involvement in his autobiography, My War Memories, 1914-1918 (1920) that he told senior officials: "Our government, in sending Lenin to Russia, took upon itself a tremendous responsibility. From a military point of view his journey was justified, for it was imperative that Russia should fall."

Possible ties to the Dönmeh Jews who were living in Germany as exiles, many of whom were responsible for the Armenian Genocide/

Lenin speaking of the Bolshevik Jew Alexander Parvus:

"He fawns upon Hindenburg, assuring his readers that “the German General Staff has taken a stand for a revolution in Russia”, and publishing servile paeans to this “embodiment of the German people’s soul”, its “mighty revolutionary sentiment”. He promises Germany a painless transition to socialism through an alliance between the conservatives and part of the socialists, and through “bread ration cards”.”

"A Marxist revolutionary, Alexander Helphand (codename Parvus) was working for German intelligence in Copenhagen. He had been friends with Lenin since 1900, and thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to send Lenin back to Russia from exile in Switzerland. He told the German ambassador in Copenhagen that Lenin was “much more raving mad” than the leaders of the Soviet or the Provisional Government, that he would create “the greatest possible chaos,” seize power himself, and conclude a separate peace with Germany."

Digging deeper into Ludendorff, despite him writing against Freemasonry and seemingly being opposed to the Freemasons: It seems this opposition was phony and he, himself, was a Freemason.

“In the mid 1920s, a lodge in Munich extended an invitation to Hitler, Ludendorff, and the Munich Chief of Police, Ernst Pöhner, to come to the lodge and discuss some sort of reconciliation between the party and the fraternity. Hitler refused the offer, but Ludendorff and Pöhner accepted. When they arrived they signed the guest book as was customary. Due to the close wartime relationship between Ludendorff and Hindenburg it is not difficult to imagine how Ludendorff’s signature in a Masonic guest book could snowball into a rumor that Hindenburg was a Freemason.”

“Now too eccentric and zany, Ludendorff was an embarrassment to Hitler, who in 1927 claimed he was a Freemason himself, a charge that was never answered.”

More actions by Ludendorff that indicates he was most likely in the employ of the Judeo-Freemasons.

One of the reasons why the U.S entered the war against Germany was not just because of the (Jewish-created) Zimmerman Telegram; But the war wouldn't have become possible if it weren't for the unrestricted submarine warfare tactic which eventually led to the sinking of Louisiana which gave the Jewish press the opportunity to initiate their anti-German propaganda to rile the people up in the U.S in the upcoming war against Germany.

Who was supportive of this policy? Hindenburg and Ludendorff.

“As 1916 moved into 1917, the impact of Britain’s blockade of Germany was having a major effect. To both Hindenburg and Luderndorff, Germany was threatened with exhaustion. The military situation Germany found herself in at the end of 1916, was not favourable as the loss of life at the Somme and Verdun had been huge. Both Hindenburg and Luderndorff believed that unrestricted submarine warfare was the only solution to Germany’s mounting problems.”

4th last para

“As chancellor, Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg (1856-1921) was generally a voice of moderation, particularly after Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1936) and Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937) replaced Erich von Falkenhayn at the Supreme Command of the Army in the summer of 1916. Bethmann Hollweg's hopes for Woodrow Wilson's mediation at the end of 1916 came to nothing, and, over the chancellor's objections, Hindenburg and Ludendorff forced the adoption of unrestricted submarine warfare in March 1917. Bethmann Hollweg remained in office until July, when the passage of the famous “Peace Resolution” forced his resignation and replacement by Georg Michaelis (1857-1936). Here, we see Ludendorff helping to force Bethmann’s resignation by appealing to the Kaiser.”

Bethmann is the crypto-Jew & was responsible for the outbreak of World War 1. The Kaiser had assured Austria of Germany's support in their efforts in Serbia but wanted them to stop their aggression once they had taken Belgrade.

However the one responsible for escalating this situation and thus dragging Germany into war against Russia by his own accord was the then Chancellor of Germany, Theobald von Bethmann. He ignored Kaiser's original plan and instead wanted to escalate the war even further. He encouraged Austria to go to war against Serbia and other European powers that tried to get involved against this action. When Germany was seen supporting the Austrians in the Balkan wars, Russian decision for general mobilization was made. He was deemed by the historian Fritz Fischer (1909-1999) as a warmonger. Bethmann played a major role in making WW1 happen. It is also said that Bethmann had no regrets for this either.

While pretending to be against the war, Bethmann is still noted as being responsible for the outbreak of the July Crisis of 1914 by giving a “blank check” to the Austro-Hungarian empire to take action against Serbia.

“Bethmann nonetheless is thought to have initiated the July crisis of 1914 with the “blank check” to Austria-Hungary for measures against Serbia. Subsequent German warnings to Austria-Hungary and its prospective opponent Russia could not prevent the outbreak of war. Bethmann capitulated to the German general staff, which wanted war immediately.”

But Ludendorff and Bethmann were in agreement with the unrestricted submarine warfare policy which led to the U.S. entering the war against Germany, exactly what international Jewry wanted.

More info on Hindenburg and Ludendorff:

The NSDAP was funded and staged in part by Karl Mayr & Ludendorff:

"MAYR, KARL (18??-1945) Bavarian General Staff officer and Hitler's immediate superior in an Army Intelligence Division, 1919-1920. He later became Hitler's opponent, and wrote in his memoirs that it was General Ludendorff who had personally ordered him to have Hitler join the Nazi party and build it up."

last para

Ludendorff (and Hindenburg) assisted in the conspiracy to put Lenin into power (See quoted post). He did the same in rising Hitler to power, helping create the ideological conflict for WW2, pitting them against each other.

Hugo Stinnes funded both Hitler and Ludendorff:

  • “Stinnes' connection with Ludendorff led to his becoming an influence behind the scenes in German politics.” (Source: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1922). "Stinnes, Hugo". Encyclopædia Britannica (12th ed.). London & New York)
  • “One of them, a German businessman, told me: It is true that Stinnes was an anti-Semite, or, rather, the recognized protector of German anti-Semitism. But he saw in Jew-baiting only an efficient means for diverting the anger of the suffering masses that he exploited so ruthlessly. This is why he freely gave his support and encouragement to the Ludendorff and Hitler groups.” (Source: ⁨⁨The American Jewish World⁩, 18 April 1924⁩)
  • "Deputy Hoellein stated in the German Reichstag that the industrial magnate, Stinnes, was financing the activities of the anti-Semitic Hitler and Ludendorf in Bavaria." (Source: The American Jewish Year Book 5685, Vol. 26, p. 94)

Hindenburg and the Jews - ⁨⁨The American Jewish World⁩, 15 May 1925

Germany will try it again by Sigrid Schultz: "Ludendroff had...[a] friendship with a number of prominent Jews, Albert Ballin for example." (p. 72)

His son, (crypto-Jew) Hugo Stinnes Jr.

This is corroborated by Baldur von Schirach in his book Ich glaubte an Hitler (chapter 37) where he said that Robert Ley's family was Jewish, that his real name was Levy, & that his aryan certificate was in Hess' safe

"Johann Ludwig "Lutz" Graf[c] Schwerin von[d] Krosigk (Born Johann Ludwig von Krosigk; 22 August 1887 – 4 March 1977) was a German senior government official who served as the minister of finance of Germany from 1932 to 1945 and de facto chancellor of Germany during May 1945."

1st para

Like the later Reich Minister of Finance Johann Ludwig Graf Schwerin von Krosigk, Zarden began his career in the new Reich Ministry of Finance in mid - 1920 Ministerial Director. His professional focus was taxation. Zarden was a member of the national-liberal DVP.

“On June 2, 1932, Count Schwerin von Krosigk was appointed Reich Minister of Finance by Chancellor Franz von Papen . Upon his appointment, Schwerin von Krosigk immediately appointed Arthur Zarden as State Secretary. [7] Both shared the area of ​​responsibility in the ministry: Zarden took care of the tax system in the German Reich and Schwerin von Krosigk the state budget.

Zarden's private lifestyle was not without controversy at the time. He drove a Maybach Zeppelin DS 7 at state expense , had a modern twelve-room apartment on Alsenstrasse in Berlin-Tiergarten , often gave lavish dinners for over 40 people and maintained private contacts with influential industrialists. He spent his summers with his family alternately in Heiligendamm or in one of the grand hotels in the Engadin . [8] His lavish lifestyle appeared to be problematic because Zarden played a key role in the introduction and collection of the luxury tax and issued various legal commentaries on it

Under the impression of the previous hyperinflation , Zarden already supported the Brüning government , which was trying to strengthen the currency through austerity policies, which, in addition to increasing unemployment, was associated with serious social hardship, tax increases and deep cuts in the social security systems

Zarden came from a family with partly Jewish ancestry and was of Israelite faith.

After Hitler's personal intervention, Schwerin von Krosigk, who remained Reich Minister of Finance until 1945, had to replace his previous State Secretary Arthur Zarden … the 48-year-old Arthur Zarden was placed on temporary retirement without giving any reason and in September 1933 he was placed on permanent retirement with full salary

From 1938, under certain conditions, retirement benefits could be reduced by the Seventh Decree to the Reich Citizenship Law ; whether this was also the case with Arthur Zarden is not known. His daughter Irmgard stated that initially nothing changed in the life of the family and that the complex social life continued.”

paras 8-9, 13, 2, 15, 17-18

Another jew that was appointed to Von Papen cabinet:

“Ministerial Director Heinrich Ritter von Kaufmann-Asser (until August 17, 1932)” 

“From January 21, 1933 he was German ambassador to Argentina . After the transfer of power to the National Socialists in Germany, he was recalled on August 3, 1933 and replaced by Edmund von Thermann - because he was of Jewish descent.” 

More info:

Baron Max von Oppenheim - member of the Oppenheim banking dynasty

“In March 1939, a 78-year-old Oppenheim made his last trip to the Orient. Little is known of the trip, though the purpose was reportedly to resume his dig in Syria before his permit expired.

Still, there are some questions about whether there was more to it than that. The trip was paid for by a special fund administered by Hermann Göring, the head of Germany's air force and leading Nazi, who collected stolen paintings and antiques from all over Europe."

last 2 paras

Bernhard Rust was Minister of Science, Education and National Culture (Reichserziehungsminister) in Nazi Germany. 

“Dr. Georg Meyer of the Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt (Military Research Center) Potsdam/Freiburg claims that Rust’s wife was Jewish.”

page 14, footnote 60 

Jewish member of Nazi Secret services in Turkey 

Hans Eppinger an Austrian physician of part-Jewish descent

“In 1936 he is known to have traveled to Moscow to treat Joseph Stalin. A year later he was called to treat Queen Marie of Romania. Eppinger had been a "member of the NSDAP in a leading position" since September 1937. His assistant and senior physicians were "almost without exception" SS and SA officers.

Much later it was discovered that he had an unclaimed Swiss bank account.” 

Bernhard Rogge was a German naval officer who, during World War II, commanded a merchant raider - maternal grandmother was Jewish

His wife Anneliese née Frahm was also Jewish & Hitler allowed Rogge to describe himself as an “Aryan” in government documents.

Quote from joshf731 on April 22, 2022, 19:14

Adolf Hitler's Jewish physicians:

The Guardian, May 1945: “Hitler's half-Jewish personal physician, Dr. Theodor Morell…”,,127827,00.html

“Morell drew his conclusion and joined the N.S.D.A.P., although he continued treating Jewish patients for at least five years.”

para 5

“By 1918, he was in Berlin with his own medical practice, and in 1920 he married Hannelore Moller, a wealthy actress.”

para 2

 Meller Name Meaning: Americanized form of German Möller, German Jewish (Ashkenazic) and Polish (of German origin)

Hitler’s Jewish Physicians 

Eight years before Hitler would invade Poland, representative Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, warned Congress that Americans were paying for Hitler’s rise to power,

“After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the German international bankers. Those bankers brought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities.

The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up a threat to the government of Bruening.

...Through the Federal Reserve Board...over $30 billions of American money...has been pumped into Germany...You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany … modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board.

The Federal Reserve Board...has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”

He also said:

"Herr Treviranus...worked on his plan under the guidance and at the direction of the German international bankers."

Treviranus collaborated with Seeckt - One of the many Generals that helped to build up the Red Army and was part of Hitler's crew - lots of material on Seeckt on this forum.

Generaloberst Hans von Seeckt with a guard of honor on the occasion of his 70th birthday, with Blomberg (center - another who worked with the Bolsheviks/pro-Bolshevik) and Rundstedt (left), April 1936. Seeckt was a key figure in the Reichswehr. Many of the Wehrmacht's tactics and operational concepts were the results of his work.

Western Argus, 1930

“A collaborator with Herr Treviranus in his demand for treaty revision is General von Seeckt, who was responsible for the re-organisation of the German Army in accordance with the peace terms.”

A little more on Seeckt:

“Seeckt had personal friends who were Jewish, like Theodor Wolff, the editor of the Berliner Tageblatt. Too, while Nazi allegations that Frau von Seeckt was partially Jewish were not true, her foster parents were Jewish and she and Seeckt maintained close relations with them.”

text-page 101

“Interestingly, Seeckt’s wife, Frau Dorothee von Seeckt née Fabian, was adopted by Jews. It is unclear whether she herself was Jewish, although most assume that this was the case. See Martin, p. 60; Snyder, p. 319.”

page 41

His wife’s name - JACOBSON-Fabian, Dorothee 


Conjuring Hitler, by Guido Giacomo Preparata:

“The Treaty of Rapallo was the formal ratification of an entente that dated back to late 1920, when the envoys of the Truppenamt[*] chief, General von Seeckt, had established contact with Trotsky, Radek, and the commanders of the Red Army for laying the groundwork of both countries’ rearmament.[122]” 

pages 119-120


[*] ‘A camouflage for the General Staff, which Germany was forbidden, by the Versailles Treaty, to maintain’ (Carr, Bolshevik Revolution, p. 319)

[122] Hebert Helbig, Die Träger der Rapallo Vertrag (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1958), p. 123

“On June 23, 1923, the Soviet leadership, at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, decided "on cooperation between the Communists and the German fascists in the fight against the imperialist Entente . " The secret intermediary between Hitler and Stalin was Karl Radek, a friend and colleague of Lenin. ( Collection "Archives reveal secrets". M., Political literature, 1991 )”

para 25

The pre-1945 German biographers of Seeckt, including General der Artillerie Dr. h.c. Friedrich von Rabenau, a member of the opposition to Hitler who was executed at Flossenbürg for high treason on 9 April 1944, state he welcomed Hitler to power and appeared to give his enthusiastic support to him both in word and deed.

Hitler presented Seeckt with the highest military honor the regime at that time could bestow.


1. Friedrich von Rabenau: Seeckt, Aus seinem Leben, 1918-1936, Hase und Koehler Verlag, Leipzig, 1940.

2. Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli: General v. Seeckt, Lebensbild eines deutschen Soldaten, Verlag Reimar Hobbing, Berlin, 1937.

Hitler at Hans von Seeckt's funeral 

The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Aug 1939, Page 14:

“In this the German heavy industrialists supported them (Russia). Long before Hitler came to power, the "economic expansionists," first under Hugo Stinnes and later under the Thyssens and the Krupp von Bohlen, maintained that a union of Russian resources and German managing ability would dominate the world. This was the stage reached in 1922, when the Treaty of Rapallo established good economic and political relationships between the two countries, and it was the stage consciously fostered during the whole of Chicherin's control of Soviet foreign policy up to 1929. 

During this period, a Russo-German neutrality treaty was signed in 1926, and was renewed by Hitler himself in 1933. By the way, it was at this juncture that Hitler said that he could fight Bolshevism abroad without prejudicing Germany's diplomatic and economic relationships with Soviet Russia herself.”

Quote from joshf731 on October 5, 2022, 19:17

In 1942, the 6th CHABAD Rebbe commissioned a Sefer Torah, specifically for greeting of moshiach

“On the night of Simchas Torah 1942, the Lubavitch Rebbe "Rayatz" (6th CHABAD Rebbe) spoke to the Chassidim of writing a Sefer Torah expressly for the purpose of greeting Moshiach. At that time, the Jewish people were suffering terribly all across Europe, struggling through more horrifying afflictions than anyone could have imagined would ever occur. In those darkest of times, the Frierdiker Rebbe initiated new efforts to awaken all of his Jewish brethren to return to Hashem, seeking to seize an opportunity to bring about the ultimate Redemption. Thus did the project to write a special Sefer Torah to greet Moshiach commence." 

Article: The Pre-Messianic Era.

“RETURN TO ISRAEL - One of the most important traditions regarding the Messianic Era concerns the ingathering of the Diaspora and the resettlement of the Land of Israel. There are numerous traditions that the Jewish people will begin to return to the Land of Israel as a prelude to the Messiah.” 

February 28, 1992, the Lubavitcher Rebbe stated: “The fulfillment of the prophecy about the ingathering of the Jews of the whole world in Israel has already begun. And, moreover, we are at the end of that process.”

Crypto-Jew Franco promoted in-gathering of the exiles to Israel, as required for the coming of moshiach

Beginning in 1945, Franco permitted the Jewish Agency to work on Spanish territory to facilitate the illegal immigration of concentration camp survivors to Palestine, which was sealed to Jewish immigration by the British. After Israel's Suez Campaign of 1956, Moroccan Jews were prohibited from emigrating to Israel. The Haham, Rabbi Dr. Solomon Gaon, was received in private audiences by Franco, and Spain created facilities for them to transit en masse to Israel by way of the Spanish Sahara, with the tacit approval of the Moroccan Government.”

Paragraph 5

Angel de Velasco - Falangist and former Nazi spy

“I proclaim the personality of Franco as gregarious among the characters included in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Both in his training, unconditional service, and in agreement to stay in power for the benefit of the most hidden programs of the universal government, Franco was a voluntary instrument of blood affinity at the service of his race. In other words: patriot for the Jews and Torquemada (Catholic) for the native.”

The photo is from the official chamber of commerce of the Franco era

More on Franco

John Toland (historian) in his book Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976), records Franco as Jewish. His authority is given on p. 1319 (depending on the version) of that work as (1) a 1971 interview with Gen. Otto Skorzeny, and (2) a statement to this effect by the one-time, and well-informed, British ambassador to Spain, Sir Samuel Hoare, in Hoare's book, Complacent dictator (New York: Alfred A. Knopf), 1947, p. 31.

Jewish Board of Deputies - Jewish Affairs, Volume 43, 1988:

“It should be mentioned that General Francisco Franco (1892-1975), himself of Marrano origin, remembered them during World War II, by granting Spanish citizenship to about 3000 Ladino-speaking Jews fleeing the Balkans who came to settle in Barcelona.”

Page 39 

The Last Marrano - Mark Steinberg

“Not a single politician during the Holocaust did so much to save the Jews as Francisco Franco-Baamonde, a direct descendant of the Spanish Marranos. By the way, they started talking about his origin immediately after the war, when this activity of the caudillo became clear. It was his Jewish roots that explained it, and Franco never stopped these rumors. Maybe because what was painfully odious was his father's family name - Franco, derived from the name of a Galician town that was once almost entirely Jewish. And the caudillo himself and many of his close associates knew that the surname of his mother, Pilar-Baamonde and Pardo, came to her from her ancestors, the famous rabbis of Pardo - Joseph. Yosia and David. However, the paternal ancestors of the caudillos were also Marranos.”

3rd para 

The Controversy of Zion - by Douglas Reed

"The chapter of Hitler's Jewish helpers was not a small one. Lord Templewood, British Ambassador to Spain during the war, says, "For month after month General Franco" (himself of Jewish origin) "allowed the Spanish press to act as the loudest possible speaker for German propaganda. None of the well established papers were permitted any liberty of action. Each alike had to re-echo his master's voice. In this case the master was a very sinister Eastern Jew, Lazare by name . . . In Vienna he faithfully served Hitler as a fanatical propagandist in support of the Anschluss. Since then he had become an important figure in the Nazi world . . . From the German Embassy, where he had more authority than the Ambassador himself, he daily directed not only the general course of the Spanish press, but even the actual words of the news and articles. His subordinates had their desks in the Spanish offices and not a word reached the Spanish public that had not been subject to his sinister approval. By a cunning mixture of brutal dictation and unabashed corruption, he succeeded in making the Spanish papers even more venomous than the papers actually published in Germany".

I knew this Lazare, a conspirator of the suave, smiling and debonair type, and through him first became aware of the Jewish element among Hitler's higher initiates. When I met Lazare, in 1937, he was "Press Secretary" of the Austrian Legation in the Rumanian capital, Bucharest. Austria, then my headquarters, was living in daily fear of the Nazi invasion which came in 1938, and its official representatives abroad were by all presumed to be staunch Austrians and stout anti-Nazis; in the case of Jews this appeared to be doubly sure. I was struck first by the fact that impoverished little Austria could even afford the luxury of a "Press Secretary" in a Balkan capital and next by Lazare's lavish style of life and entertainment. I assumed that, like many men on this fringe of diplomatic life ("press secretaryships" in the Balkans were somewhat dubious) he was "doing well on the side", which in Bucharest was not unusual.

He was; though not through the deals in furs or carpets which I vaguely suspected. His affluence, as events soon showed, came from a political source, the Nazi one. When Hitler marched into Austria the newspapermen of the world were summoned to a press conference at the historic Ballhausplatz to hear the Nazi version of this event. The door opened to admit the spokesman of the new regime, Hitler's "Press Chief" in captive Austria, the apologist (or propagandist) for the annexation. It was Herr Lazare, the "Austrian" (he was born a Turkish subject)."

page 279

Tribune, 8 Feb 1945. Page 1:

“Franco-supporting Spanish industrialists like Francisco Cambo and Ventosa, who have holdings in the Argentine, and Franco's (crypto-Jewish) wealthy brother, Nicolas Franco, are helping to make Spain a base and a way-station for Nazi agents, scientists and capital.”

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