Putin and Chabad’s Jewish organized crime syndicate: from ‘Marik’ to Berl Lazar

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar during a ceremony unveiling the memorial to members of the resistance at Nazis concentration camps during World War Two, at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow on June 4, 2019. (Photo credit should read SERGEI ILNITSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

May 13, 2019 Anno Domini

Russian-Jewish oligarch “King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev.

“Putin really loves Israel. The first time he came, he was deputy mayor of what was then Leningrad and is now St. Petersburg. He was so impressed by what he saw that when he returned to Russia, he attracted his entire family, as a result of which they went on a familiarization tour of Israel, traveling the country from Metula to Eilat ”(Berl Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, from a speech on meeting with Israeli journalists in Jerusalem, March 19, 2018).

1. Forefathers.

In the photo below – Moscow, November 2009. Anniversary of the leader of the Lyubertsy organized crime group Mark Milgotin, nicknamed “Marik”. Marik and friends meet guests in the lobby of the Ritz Hotel in the center of Moscow.


Paphos place 300 m from the Kremlin


Where the authoritative hero of the day celebrated his 60th birthday on a grand scale.

Bandits from the Lyubertsy and friendly Podolsk-Izmaylov organized criminal groups, as well as the Assyrian and Dagestan lads, and other worthy people gathered for the anniversary. Including:

Luchok (leader of the Podolsk organized criminal group)


Pavlik (leader of the Izmailovo organized criminal group)


Taiwanchik (veteran of the Izmailovo organized criminal group).


Kupriyan (Lyubertsy organized criminal group), in the background with flowers


Koshev Khamid Khasanovich. He is Kosha , he is the King. Just a respected person (from the Bauman organized criminal group)


Gavriil Yushvaev ( Garik Makhachkala ), criminal authority, billionaire, vice-president of the World Congress of Mountain Jews. In Soviet times, he was imprisoned for robbery, in the 90s – a member of the Bauman organized criminal group. Together with friends, he seized the Lianozovsky dairy plant, which they then pushed to foreigners (PepsiCo) for $ 4 billion under the name Wimm-Bill-Dann. When buying “Agusha” for your children and “House in the Village”, remember Garik from the mountain-Jewish-Bauman gang.


Bedjamo the Younger (Assyrian organized crime group). This is the one who in 2016 stole 200 billion rubles from Vneshprombank and rushed to Monaco.

Bejamo, by the way, well done. I respect. Son of Alik of Assyria (one of the founders of the Assyrian organized crime group). Participant of cuts at the Olympics in Sochi. Shoigu, security officers of the “Dresden group” Tokarev (Transneft) and Belyaminov (head of Russian customs in 2006-16) kept their money in his bank. Bejamo threw them all safely.

March 2014 Putin awards Bedjamo with the Order of Honor.

In general, the authority Mark Milgotin and his guests of honor gathered at the Ritz on Tverskaya for a festive gangway.

In the course of the evening, Rabbi Berl Lazar took the floor. He addressed the assembled gangsters with a heartfelt speech that “Mark Zakharovich” (recidivist Marik) and I are “true friends”, we have known each other for 20 years (Berl Lazar came to Russia from the USA in 1989). That Mark Zakharych is a “bright candle” that shines for all of us in life, like Chanukah candles, “Mark Zakharych’s soul always burns,” etc. and so on. Video of B. Lazar’s performance is here (from the 16th minute).


Skhodnyak listened to the Rebbe’s speech with understanding


Godfather – a candle, our everything, fuck it’s not clear here.


Then the floor was taken by Rabbi Alexander Boroda, head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR), a well-known Talmudic scholar.


Beard compared Marik with “the patriarch of the Jewish people Yitzhak” (forefather Isaac from the Old Testament). The beard carried: “Mark Zakharovich over the past 20 years has come a long way, which few people have gone, even from those present here” … For a moment, Beard hesitated and added: “The path in the spiritual plane.”

In general, forefather Marik began as a burglar in Maryina Roshcha. He was very close to the forefather Yaponchik and the forefather Otarik (who knows, he understands), and, of course, took off with a particularly bright candle in the 1990s. (on drugs).


In October 1999, Marik staged a famous drug party at the Cosmos Hotel, along with thief in law Plum (an Assyrian organized criminal group) and other bandits. The fun was interrupted by the visit of the GUBOP. Marik was stoned, lying in the bath of the suite (the hotel belonged to him). He mocked the cops: “We’ll sit for three days, no more. Soon we will find out what district is here, what kind of prosecutor … “. Then he stood up and demanded the journalists: “I want to make a statement to the press. A flagrant violation of socialist legality has just happened here!”

Forefather Marik lived even better under Putin than under Yeltsin. Together with Kupriyan, they promoted Parliament vodka, eventually selling the brand for $200 million to the Poles. In 2012, Marik and Kupriyan continued their spiritual path: they stole 13 elevators from the OGO group by forging documents. There was a criminal case, Kupriyan was arrested, Marik escaped arrest, because. died suddenly – liver cancer. A long-term addiction to drugs has affected.

Kupriyan was acquitted by the court after a couple of years. The witnesses fell into amnesia, and at the place of residence Kupriyan was characterized positively – “he rendered great assistance to the administration of the Balashikha region in the prevention of crime.” Here she is, the Lyubertsy organized criminal group. In 2018, she became, in general, the main one in Russia – her representative, thief in law Shishkan, was chosen as the holder of the All-Russian common fund, after the former holder Shakro Molodoy sat down on the top ten for racketeering.


2. “A very close confidant of Putin.”

It’s been 10 years since that wonderful evening at the Ritz. The Lyubertsy lads, as you already understood, feel great. Marik’s case lives on. The Berl Lazar-Beard tandem is still flourishing.

Throughout the years of Putin’s rule, these two rabbis have played the role of official representatives of the Jewish community in the Kremlin. The situation is quite unique, because both Beard and Lazar belong to the Hasidic movement, which does not represent the majority among believing Jews either in Russia or in the world.

Hasidism was banned in the USSR. Under Yeltsin, the official leaders of the Jewish community in Russia were the oligarch Gusinsky and Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, both adherents of traditional Judaism. And only with the advent of Putin in 1999 did Beard and Lazar come to the fore. Never before had the Hasidim occupied such a high position in Russia.

The reason is banal: the oligarch Gusinsky was against the appointment of Putin as successor in 1999 (he had other views on this matter). When Yeltsin decided to transfer power to Putin, Gusinsky and the NTV channel, which he owned at the time, were actively opposed. It was vital for Putin to destroy NTV (the first thing he did when he came to power) and remove Gusinsky from the political arena. Including remove from the first roles of the RJC (Russian Jewish Congress), where Gusinsky was president.

And then the Hasidim turned up. Putin agreed with Lev Leviev (oligarch, the richest Hasid in the world). On December 8, 1999, the FEOR (pro-Putin Federation of Jewish Communities) was created, which quickly pushed Gusinsky’s RJ with the support of the authorities. Leviev became the first president of the FEOR (later he was replaced by Boroda), and their chief rabbi was Berl Lazar. Soon Putin gave Berl Lazar Russian citizenship in an expedited manner and introduced him to the Presidential Council. Gusinsky’s people were taken out of there. The revolution is over.

Vladimir Gusinsky. Card cheat in Soviet times. As a frequenter of underground katrans, he was recruited by the 5th department of the KGB (“Fight against ideological versions”). In the 1990s, with the help of people from the same department (General F. Bobkov), he created the Most Group business empire. Became an oligarch. In the late 1990s, he was in conflict with the Yeltsin clan (the so-called “Family”) and with Putin as a protege of the same “Family”.


Lev Leviev (right). A native of Uzbekistan, a major dealer in diamonds on the world market (including illegal ones). A person with great political connections in different parts of the world. Such a “diamond hand” of the Hasidic community, which opens many doors. In 1999-2000 Leviev successfully helped Putin defeat Gusinsky in the clan struggle. Now you can have a glass of wine with Berl Lazar!

At the same time, Berl Lazar, whose career went up steeply thanks to Leviev, rather quickly outgrew the status of a purely religious figure. He became a participant in Leviev’s dubious transactions in the world diamond markets (more on that later), and Putin became something like an agent-at-large.

In April 2019, Attorney Mueller’s report on Russia’s interference in the US elections in 2016 was released in America. A lengthy document about how Putin helped Trump’s election in 2016. agent” and “X-tunnel” from the bowels of the GRU (giving full control over the victim’s computer). How the army of trolls worked in social networks.

And another large piece of the report is devoted to how Putin throughout 2016 tried to establish an unspoken channel of communication with the Trump team in order to reach an agreement. Like, we are digging the ground for you on the Internet, but you also do something (remove the sanctions, you bastard!).

So, in this Mueller report (p. 90 link No. 475) there is an interesting fragment: how Putin, in desperate attempts to establish a communication channel, sent to Trump … Burl Lazar. Trump aide Jason Greenblat (now U.S. Special Representative for the Middle East) was told through relatives that the Rebbe was “a very close confidante of Putin” and wanted to talk. He was received at Trump’s headquarters. But agent Berl Lazar (sorry, I don’t know what rank he is) failed the mission.
Burl Lazar’s adventures in the Trump headquarters, an excerpt from the Mueller report:

In principle, the information is not new. The New York Times first wrote about the strange visit of Berl Lazar to the Trump headquarters on March 3, 2017. The journalists then turned to the Chief Rabbi of Russia for clarification – what was he doing at the Trump headquarters in the summer of 2016 at the height of the election campaign? – Berl Lazar replied that they discussed “anti-Semitism in Russia, Russian society and Russian-speaking Jews in Israel.”

The version is not very plausible. Why did Berl Lazar suddenly rush to New York to the headquarters of one of the candidates for the presidency of the United States to discuss all these topics with Greenblat (whom he had not known before)? After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, there is no one to talk to?

Judging by the Mueller report, the true purpose of the voyage was different: to present Trump’s people with a “particularly close person of Putin” (here’s a channel for communication), and at the same time invite Trump to visit Moscow before the elections (while he is a private person). Those. The Rebbe came to help the GRU in Operation Trump Ours.


3.Blood diamonds.

At the beginning of November 2018, the leading business media of the world spread the news: in Israel, a criminal group of 5 people was arrested in the case of diamond smuggling – the brother and son of the oligarch Lev Leviev and three more accomplices with them. And the police consider Leviev himself, who is in Russia, from where they will demand his extradition, to be the main suspect in the case (the leader of the group).

Israel, November 5, 2018 Moshe Leviev, brother of Lev Leviev, in the courtroom while considering the issue of a measure of restraint:

The investigation began back in 2017, when a manager from one of Leviev’s firms, who arrived from Russia, was detained at Tel Aviv airport with a batch of rough diamonds in his luggage, which he tried to carry through the Green Corridor. As it turned out, Leviev’s people regularly made such flights with diamonds from Russia to Israel. Sometimes even students from religious schools (yeshivas) were used for this purpose, which aroused less suspicion at airports. At the same time, Russia was a transit country – stones were first brought to Moscow from third countries, then transported to Israel in order to confuse the traces of origin.

In total, the defendants in the case were charged with smuggling diamonds worth $80 million and money laundering. The country of origin of the stones has not yet been announced by the investigation (who and where they brought them to Russia for subsequent shipment to Israel). And here the investigation may lead to other, more serious charges.

The fact is that in Israel taxes on the diamond business are taken not from profit, but from turnover (per carat), so there is no point in purely economically transporting stones past customs – this does not affect taxes in any way, only taking extra risks.

There is only one explanation why Leviev’s people carried stones in suitcases, not wanting to declare them – these are illegal or “bloody” diamonds. Usually such stones are from Africa, they are mined in semi-handicraft mines owned by local dictators, all sorts of shady businessmen with them, or simply field commanders in war zones. Workers (often minors) are kept in the position of slaves. Mined diamonds are not officially recorded and are smuggled out.

Diamond mines in the Congo. Typical picture.

At the same time, with small dimensions, diamonds cost millions, they are easy to transport, they are popular with the mafia, terrorists as a method of payment, a form of storage of a common fund. This is much cooler than 500 euro bills, which are now being phased out in the EU, because. turned out to be in demand, mainly among the mafiosi, and not ordinary people.

An Israeli investigation into the smuggling of diamonds by Leviev’s people is still ongoing. However, what happened is not surprising. The fact that Leviev trades in illegal diamonds has been written in the world media for 20 years, but if he is not caught, he is not a thief, the talks remained talks. And now, it seems, the thief is caught by the hand, and in his historical homeland.
Leviev with the Presidents of Russia and the USA . He met Trump long before the presidency, in the mid-2000s, when he invested diamond money in American real estate. And with Putin – in 1992 in St. Petersburg, when he opened a Jewish religious school there. An indispensable person who knows how to be at the right time in the right place. Trump had to save himself from bankruptcy, and he was ready to accept dubious money in his projects – here’s the money for you. Putin should have removed Gus – here he is an old acquaintance from St. Petersburg, he has FEOR and his rabbi at the ready. Flexibility of approaches depending on the needs of the client!


4.Eldorado in Angola.

Lev Leviev is a very remarkable person. The son of a store manager from Tashkent, who was a major figure in the Soviet black market. In 1972, the store manager’s dad bought diamonds with all his savings and left with his family for Israel, smuggling the stones across the border. Leviev was then 15 years old. At the age of 20, he successfully married in Israel – the family of his wife (Elizarova) were diamond dealers and took the young man into business.

Since the late 1980s Leviev began working in Africa buying up blood diamonds. Their headquarters was in Johannesburg (South Africa), from there messengers traveled all over the continent. Often, diamonds were bought not for money, but through barter – in exchange for weapons. So Leviev made new friends – arms dealers from the Soviet, and then Russian special services. The closest of them was this person:

This is Arkady Gaydamak , an international swindler, arms dealer. His biography largely repeats the story of another similar figure – Shabtai Kalmanovich. Shabtai left the USSR for Israel in 1971, being an agent of the GRU. In Israel, he achieved impressive success in the field of espionage, as well as in terms of infiltration into international organized crime. He managed to get a job in the secretariat of Prime Minister Golda Meir, after which he was transferred from the GRU to political intelligence – the PGU KGB (now the SVR).

In the 1980s Shabtai rushed to Africa, where he traded in blood diamonds and other raw materials, corrupting local kings. At his peak, he ruled the small African country of Sierra Leone, where he installed his protege as president. He also established ties with America. In the diamond business, he had a share of the Brighton Beach chaps and the Italians (Cosa Nostra).

However, in 1987, a KGB defector turned him in, and Shabtai was arrested in Israel for espionage. Having left ahead of schedule in 1993, he returned to Russia, where he joined the Solntsevo organized criminal group and was a prominent authority there. He died a heroic death in 2009 in a mafia showdown.

So Arkady Gaydamak is such Shabtai No. 2, only in a smaller version. He also left the USSR along Jewish lines in 1972 as an agent of the GRU – first to Israel, then moved to France. In France, he became a middle-class businessman – just like Shabtai organized tours of Soviet artists, he opened a translation agency in Paris that worked on orders from Western firms trading with the USSR.

But the time has come, and the Motherland called Arkady to big things. In 1991, the USSR collapsed, all assistance to the pro-Soviet regimes in Africa was curtailed, and meanwhile a civil war was going on in Angola. Former pro-Soviet dictator José dos Santos fought desperately against insurgents from rival factions. Moreover, the fighting was conducted in fact in one of the largest diamond-bearing regions of the planet (Angola is in the top five in diamond mining in the world). This war has become a bonanza for arms dealers and illegal diamonds.

Arkady Gaydamak, together with his curator from the GRU Alexei Chepa (now a prominent figure in the State Duma of the Russian Federation) and with the assistance of the authority of Taiwanchik from the Izmailovo organized criminal group, established in the 1990s. arms supplies to Angola from Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

The regime paid with what it could: oil, pebbles, Soviet debts. Angola owed the USSR huge sums ($5 billion). They were transferred to Gaydamak, then José dos Santos paid some part of the money from the Angolan budget for them. After that, these funds were successfully drank (almost nothing came to Russia). An elegant scam, in which not only Gaydamak, the President of Angola, but also, according to rumors, officials of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation who supervised the public debt at that time (someone Vavilov and Kasyanov) participated.

Naturally, Leviev did not stay away from this celebration of life. It was on the Angolan theme that they agreed with Gaydamak. And when the war ended in the late 1990s, a prize awaited them: José dos Santos gave them the widest possible opportunity to pump out the bowels of Angola. What they actively engaged in until they quarreled. Because of the money, of course.


5. Keeper of envelopes.

September 8, 2014 Africa. Luminas diamond mines in northern Angola. Belong to Leviev. Video from a mobile phone, which bypassed the world media: a guard, a hefty black man with a machete, bludgeoning a hard worker-digger. Hits the back (blunt) side of the machete on the feet and toes. He screams wildly, dodges on the ground, tries to run away, the guard catches up with him and continues to beat him.

Video posted in 2014. famous Angolan journalist and human rights activist Rafael Marquez. He did not disclose the source of the video, but gave an explanation for it. The diamond-bearing territory of Luminas was concessioned to Leviev’s firm by the Angolan government (dictator José dos Santos). The territory is guarded by a private security company made up of local thugs, who are trained by former Mossad employees.

They control the workers and keep outside diggers away from the concession. Those who do not understand well are brought up with the help of a machete. Sometimes to death. Human life in these places is inexpensive.

Leviev has his own deposits in Angola and, in addition, acts as an intermediary in the sale of Angolan diamonds from state vaults. He works in much the same way in Russia: he has a couple of his own cutting factories, mines in the Urals, plus intimate relationships with Gokhran and Alrosa to sell their diamonds on the world market. Well, why is Russia worse than Angola?

In Angola, in addition to the Luminas deposit, Leviev owns the Askorp company, a major dealer in the purchase and export of local diamonds. Askorp was established in 2000 as a joint venture: 51% owned by the Angolan government, 49% by Leviev. As is customary in Africa, the state’s share in the commodity exporter Askorp was nothing more than a feeding trough for local kings, in this case José dos Santos and his family.

Dos Santos, a typical African ruler, was in power for 38 years, from 1979 to 2017. In 2017, at the age of 75, he transferred power to a successor, but his family retained their capital. The dictator’s daughter from his first marriage, Isabelle dos Santos, is the richest woman in Africa with a fortune of $3.5 billion. These billions are years-long kickbacks from Leviev and other similar businessmen in Angola.

The billionaire daughter, by the way, is half Russian – her dad studied in the USSR in the 1960s, and at the same time with a diploma he brought home his wife – Tanya Kukanova from Penza. Tanya and her daughter are denominations in numerous offshores of the former ruler of Angola, where he collected his hard-earned money.

Tanya Kukanova from Penza (now lives in London) and her daughter – the richest woman in Africa.

Leviev and the Santos-Kukanov family have been on excellent terms for many years. Together they are robbing a country rich in raw materials, but completely impoverished. But Leviev had problems with Askorp.

In 2012, he was sued in London. And this was done by Arkady Gaydamak, already mentioned above. He stated that 49% of Leviev in Askorp is a fiction. In fact, half of those 49% are his. The share belongs to him on the basis of a secret trust agreement, which he and Leviev signed in 2001. They signed it, sealed it in an envelope and handed it over to the Chief Rabbi of Russia for safekeeping. And that rabbi was Berl Lazar.

According to Gaydamak, it was he who played a decisive role in the victory of José dos Santos in the civil war and it was he who was offered privileges in the export of local diamonds. He attracted Leviev as a specialist in this industry. He brought the president of Angola into the inner circle, brought him to the people, but he himself decided not to shine in the Askorp project. At that time, Gaidamak had problems with the French police, so he wrote down the shares on Leviev. It’s all about trust.

However, Levaev threw his benefactor. According to Gaydamak, in 12 years (2001-12) Leviev took $6 billion worth of diamonds out of Angola, but did not share it with him. Moreover, Gaydamak was thrown not only by Leviev, but also by Rabbi Berel Lazar. When Gaidamak turned to him to give him an envelope with a contract, the Rebbe said that he had lost it. The court summoned Burl Lazar to London to testify, but he refused to come.

And without the envelope, which he “lost”, Gaydamak lost the court . In desperation, Gaydamak filed a complaint against Berl Lazar with the rabbinical court, but he did not appear there either. In general, Leviev and Berl Lazar lit the hardened swindler Gaydamak like a sucker.


6. Epilogue.

Like tends to like. Each boss chooses his subordinates who are not smarter than himself. And not more honest than yourself. Therefore, Putin is surrounded by all sorts of scum. The same as himself.

And it does not depend on nationality and religion. If these are Russians in the Kremlin, then Zolotov, Patrushev, Prigozhin, Shuvalov, Volodin are sure to do so. Thieves, criminals, murderers. If the Chechens are Kadyrov, he is also “pachchakh”(padishah, an official appeal to Kadyrov in Chechnya). If Uzbeks, then Usmanov. If the Jews are surrounded by Putin, they are trash again. The Rotenberg thieves, the crook Abramovich, who was Yeltsin’s treasurer, the Hasidic swindlers Leviev and Berl Lazar.

Look at the international arena – who are Putin’s friends? Dictator Assad, who represents 10% of the country’s population (the Alawite sect), and poisons the rest with gas and carpet bombing. Thief Yanukovych, who fled to Rostov. Cocaine dealer Maduro, who brought the richest country to the handle.

Omar al-Bashir, the now deposed dictator of Sudan, has been formally charged with genocide by the International Criminal Court. “Find anywhere in the world a state whose ruler is a dictator, a bastard and a murderer – and you can be sure that this is a friend of Vladimir Putin,” a phrase said by one Brazilian political scientist about the situation in Venezuela, but it reflects the essence of Putin’s foreign policy.

“Every nation has the government it deserves,” said the French philosopher Joseph de Maistre, who was also the ambassador of the Kingdom of Sardinia to Russia in the early 19th century. Comte de Maistre was an ardent Catholic fundamentalist, in everything he saw the will of God. This famous saying of his really means: if the people are immoral, they will send some freak to the throne as punishment.

But the majority of the population of Russia is still not Catholic fundamentalists. Well, the freak sat on the throne, the mafia put in 1999. And how long can you look at him?

Source: https://putinism.wordpress.com/2019/05/13/ruka/


  1. About the quote of Joseph de Maistre, de Maistre did not realize the extent of the influence of the parasitic portion of the jewish population had on Western and Russian society. Russia in the 19th century was far from perfect, but it was a society making massive improvements and overall was a functioning and healthy society. Jews who already have strong influence in the West began subverting Russia.

    Parasitic jewish takeover of the Western nations were gradual, while the takeover of Russia was very sudden and a complete shock to many ordinary Western people.

    Once spiritually and mentally healthy Western men and women were turned into fools, freaks, and degenerates from 1917-1960’s. Western and Russian society started degenerating and rotting even before WWII, but WWII sped up the process. If there had not been WWII, degeneracy would still exist, but on a much smaller scale.

  2. The so-called “miracle” of modern-day China is the prodigy not of the long-term planning of their communist government, but that of the Western-based international banking cartel, often called the “money power”. The design and dream of both Western capitalists and their Rothschild-Rockefeller overlords was to regiment the Chinese masses into the world’s largest low-cost labor force. With the abject failure from its inception of the USSR being a showcase for any political, social or economic success, and actually being largely dependent on Western bankster handouts, the Western betrayal of Chiang Kai‐shek and the endorsement and support for Mao by the international banking cartel back in 1948 was no accident.

    The political cleansing operations and regimentation of the Chinese people to serve their totalitarian masters, were carried out in typical ruthless communist fashion all through the 1950’s and 1960’s with funds channelled to sustain that regime coming through Russia and other sources but ultimately from the Western money power, and especially under the direction of both the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties, which spawned the international communist movement and revolutions, and which have also been the main driving force of corporate monopolies and cartels gobbling all successful ventures into their controls.

    Russia never had the population nor the industrious of a people who could live on so little but do so much work as China. You would have to be blind not to see the economic potential of China in the 1920’s. Even under Mao from 1948 on, the same money power behind the globalist communist movement remained firmly ensconced in China. That power came partly from British and European trade ventures of the past, but mainly from the huge profits made from the opium trade imposed on the Chinese people in the 1800’s. Also, the pecking order of all crime organizations in China as in the West are subject to the same money power cartel.

    Following right on the heels of the so-called “Cultural Revolution” where millions of anti-communist “reactionaries” were eliminated, in 1971 the Rothschild agent provocateur, Henry Kissinger, met with top Chinese officials (probably Mao as well) for “Reproachment”, and to set the sage for the visit of Nixon in following year.

    Communist China never had a pot to piss in on its own under before open trade with the West, but the promise of huge profits to be made to the “here-and-now” investors of the West, based on the fact of its low-cost labor and totalitarian controls over the entire workforce, was enough to send billions and billions into China in the 1970’s, and to officially open trade in 1979. The huge outsourcing of capital, machinery, technology, know-how, entire industries and millions of jobs, came entirely from our nations. The “money power” of the West was in control of everything and still is. Characteristically, as that same “money power” debt-rigged most resource-rich third-world nations with there “economic hitmen and jackals” in order to own and control them, they did the same thing to every developed Western nation through trade with China.

    The deal the Rothschild US agents made with the Mao regime was that with the joint ventures the Chinese central government would maintain in control and the nation would be greatly developed and enriched based on unrestrained access to Western markets to sell their low-cost goods. Never has there been such treachery and betrayal by governments of their own people as in the past 40 years. From the opening of trade with China all of the huge trade deficits were entirely foreseen with any projections with the outsourcings taking place and the exploitation of our markets together with absolutely no efforts to balance the deficits, and they were foreseen in particular by the principal money-power investors. The huge trade deficits and losses led also to galloping deficit financing, which to the internationalist money-power moguls and especially to the international communist movement, such debt-rigging was a very good thing for their plans of a world government and top-down, totalitarian controls of virtually everything. The leading Western nations had to be as financially and centrally “controlled” as the third-world ones.

    That every Western creditor nation would be turned into a debtor nation in just 20 years mainly from the huge outsourcings to China was not only foreseen by the banksters in the 1970’s. It was “planned”.

    Ultimately, it is not the centralised government, corporate controls, or even the Western banksters, which ultimately made China Whitney’s showcase nation of rapid-transportation and low-cost manufacturing. It is us. We and our civilization have been the sacrificial lamb. The golden goose which laid the Chinese egg remains Western civilization. The egg may be a long-term golden one, but without Western markets it is most likely to be short lived.

    Long-term planning for any nation ought to be done by the government of that nation but ONLY by a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people, AND NOT THROUGH BRAINWASHING, MASS DECEPTIONS, PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT, FEAR MONGERING, ELECTION RIGGING, ISSUE RIGGING, MEDIA RIGGING, VOTE RIGGING, DEBT RIGGING, OR ANY KIND OF RIGGING BY THE INTERNATIONAL MONEY-POWER OR BY ANYONE ELSE. The plutocrats running things have usurped from the people through through their dishonest and divisive means their wealth and power. They are presently trying to institutionalize their same evil control systems on a global scale.

    This globalist top-down order is same “money power” running virtually everything, and China is just one more of their puppet nations. During Covid we very directly experienced their hideous and totalitarian powers exercised against us. For the past 100 years this same money power has been systematically destroying the personal good will, incentive, motivation, strength, integrity, and trust between people everywhere in their efforts to impose their highly planned totalitarian centralized corporate and communist controls over virtually everything we do, and even over who we actually are.

    It’s somewhat sad because I used to enjoy reading Carl Jones’ replies as they were insightful but now there isn’t a post that goes by without some reference to nazis, which the minute I see his posts I just ignore them.


    China is, what it is, for one reason and one reason only – Jewish bankers.
    Communism, obviously, was orchestrated by the Jew bankers in China and that was when they took control of it, lock stock and barrel. And yes, if you think they DON’T still control China you’re daft. China’s massive economy is because of their manufacturing and slave labour. If the west stopped buying Chinese good, that they stolen off of the west, or should I say the west was sold out to China, it would collapse overnight.

    Sir Bertrand Russell spoke of how the Chinese were the ideal people to lead humanity into the future, because they are, to quote George Carlin: “good, obedient, workers”. They are a slave people, just like the Africans. They don’t ask questions and just do.
    So, they sold all technology and manufacturing to China, building it up to the size it is today (as seen in the maps in the article), allowed them to do whatever they wanted to regarding the Kyoto agreement for pollution (they don’t give a sh*t about man made climate change and do whatever they want to). And China also rapes the seas. These people eat anything and everything. Heck, I even saw a video where they catch loads of jellyfish then process them into food.

    China exemplifies Rothschild & Jew control of a country, with automatons who work themselves to death for a pittance.

  3. Where you by chance listening in the other night for Brendon O’connell’s lastest live offering on youtube? If not you missed a real doozy. Now he has deleted everything on youtube and bitchute and has made demands that we either do something or he is finished talking to us. (whatever that means ) His patreon is still up however. He has given us a week to make up our minds or he is moving to Mexico City and do some real serious shit.

  4. Good article, yet some people still say Putin is not working for the Jews.
    What is the real deal with his supppsedly anti LGBT actions. Since the Covid thing everything else seemed very secondary to me but the LGBT stuff is really pissing me off. The LGBT, especially the T has gone too far and a person would have to be blind not to see there is big Jew money behind it. How could a tiny minority of the population gain so much power so quickly. I do not associate with anyone involved with that stuff but when I lived in a large city most of these people were prostitutes and had little chance of finding another type of employment. Jews aside, anyone who gave it a second of thought would realize the money had to come from somewhere.
    The trannies did not organize and do it all by themselves. This stuff is whacko.
    I should have noticed weird was going on when the gay marriage stuff started.
    There is a very evil group of Jews pushing this stuff and they are going beyond the
    boundaries that many homosexuals have. Pushing gay marriage, gay adoption and
    “trans kids” is vile. I see homosexuality like smoking cigarettes. I don’t think people should be persecuted for it but they should not pretend it is healthy and hand them out to children. Many “woke” people have more disgusting ideas about the trans bullshit than the average homosexual. Sorry about my rant, but this stuff is as kosher as a bagel and it is pissing me off.

  5. Very useful material for study by as large a community as possible, due to the fact that there are paid propagandists in the West, as well as simply ignorant people who believe in some kind of messianic role of one Putin… Yet Russia is ruled for the decades by a nondescript, narrow-minded mensch who was put in power by an ordinary Mafia behind him, just like his predecessor alcoholic Yeltzyn – a poisonous fusion of the comparty elite, the KGB and underground criminals…

    There’s no need to idealize the Kremlin rat-nest ruled by unprincipled junta of lawless scoundrels that has brought untold troubles, first of all, to Russian people…

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