Western sanctions helping Russia and China shift to Eurasian system for anti-Christ global conquest

Demonstrators hold Russian flags, Duginist flags (middle), and flags of the self-proclaimed “Novorossia” (with blue cross), Soviet-inspired “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and ‘People’s Republic of Luhansk” in eastern Ukraine as they take part in a rally in support of the self-proclaimed “People’s Republics”, in Moscow on October 18, 2014. (DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV/AFP via Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 9, 2022 Anno Domini 

It might seem that Russia is extremely negatively affected by Western sanctions over Putin’s invasion of sovereign Ukraine this past month. 

But when you consider Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s Perestroika Deception revelations and Duginist goals, the plan is moving right along to eventual Eurasianist world hegemony in preparation for the coming Judaeo-masonic moshiach (false messiah).

The Neo-Soviets in the Kremlin have always wanted to capture Ukraine—the gateway to the West—overtly (they have controlled Ukraine covertly since the times of the official USSR), and they now have it within reach. Although it might seem like a dumb move, with world scorn being heaped on Russia, it’s actually all by design. The long-range Soviet strategists under Putin have anticipated most, if not all, Western reactionary measures to Russia’s outrageous and arrogant hard manoeuvre in Ukraine. And with co-operation from traitors within the Soviet-friendly Western establishment (both political and big business), the transition should run smoothly. Although the average Russian might suffer more during this process, Putin and his cadre of Jewish oligarchs will be just fine. For example, Russian-Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich does not appear to be selling Chelsea FC out of desperation but in preparation for a massive wealth transfer to the new system.

The plan seems to be to shift Russia and its Soviet Bloc allies in both Europe and the Islamic world to a China-led Eurasianist social credit system, leaving the SWIFT-based Western nations isolated from this consolidating alliance. As the Eurasianists “convince” (via debt traps, nuclear blackmail, etc.) more sovereign nations to join their new economic bloc, like they have done with the Belt and Road initiative, the Western establishment will become more isolated and more dependent on resources outside of its reach, resulting in more economic and political instability—as if the Soviet-created Scamdemic weren’t destabilizing enough. When the Synagogue of Satan BEAST feels that it is ready to pull the plug on the Western financial system, they will do so, leaving Eurasia as the only financially secure power. While there may be a brief period where the world is “multi-polar”, once the West finally is laid in a cheap Made-In-China coffin, Eurasia will become the defacto unipolar bear under their Chabadnik king despot of the world, just as the Protocols of Zion and the Holy Bible said would happen.

Likely, none of the aforementioned will happen without a global conflict that might even see Westerners (especially whites) drafted to fight and die in a scripted war. Economist Chris Pirnak says we will have WWIII by mid-decade or so, with three more years of buildup—a very plausible scenario. Once America and freshly Brexited Great Britain are completely isolated and their elites realize that they have been double crossed by their Eurasianist benefactors, likely they will mount a last ditch effort to save the crumbling Western empire using their outdated and inferior technology (due to decades of Soviet-Israel technology theft) and us plebes as cannon fodder. It seems that by that time, Europe will have already been brought into the Eurasianist system, via energy dependence and/or nuclear blackmail.

Once the world is subjected to Eurasianist unipolarity with pesky Western civilization relegated to a Third World existence in its (nuclear?) devastated homelands, the Jewish false messiah can emerge as king despot. It’s likely he (she?) will bring a seeming neutral “peace” that ends WW3 (even though Eurasianist hegemony had been preplanned all along). It could be a plug-and-play anti-Christ for Eurasia who could come from within the centre of the catalyst for this great war, Crimea or perhaps Kazakhstan, which might then be hailed as the New Khazaria or New Jerusalem. It’s likely that the state of Israel as we know it will be brought down politically, along with the West, so that the Eurasianists can claim to have defeated Zionism and its so called puppeteers America and Great Britain once and for all. The Hassidic Jews continue to hint at an Eastern European/Russian born messiah. For this reason, a New Jerusalem makes sense. It could also dupe many Christians-turned-Noahides by way of counterfeiting Bible prophecy of the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven.

As an aside, I suspect that a UFO-alien “breakthrough” will be used somewhere in this massive global deception to usher in anti-Christ, although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how and at what stage. It could be “assistance from the star people” that is publicly lauded as helping the anti-Christ bring peace at the end of the Third World War. A fancy light show, smoke, and mirrors would legitimize this deception in the minds of the gullible masses that survive the war and pestilences.


  1. I don’t think a country as large as Russia could ever really suffer from an orchestrated (for show) isolation we see now or any very large country with lots of resources. Your conclusion seems sound to me, a breakaway financial system and chaotic collapse or decline across the board as a result. As I’ve said previously this all smells like a theater show for some programming goal. Strange out of place on the street protesters for Ukraine? Some country thousands of miles away with little to no local bearing? Which is obscure and probably a mobocracy in name only? Just comes out of nowhere? NAH. All of a sudden big megacorps that did/do plenty of business with the USSR/China and other despotic places suddenly pull out? NAH. Gas prices skyrocketing and the gambling stockmarket dropping, plenty of inflation stories out of nowhere and the accompanying price hikes across the board. NAH.

    This is just a continuation of a stage of the world marxist coup that started on 3-11-2020 publicly and has went through various stages. Is there another incoming Kalergi Plan refugee flood like from Afghanistan from Ukraine? We got one from the Ukraine in the 70’s or so which was mostly jews, kind of like what happened before, during and after WW2 very convenient. But the goal here is just Kalergi not further jewish infiltration and falsely elicited pity. We got Iraqis in the USA into Oklahoma from the first Iraq war, and I bet those were cryptos or many of them. I don’t think any mention of Europe is necessary, so sad to see the natives flooded, called nazis if they show any pride or preference(it’s encouraged and celebrated for everyone else though), governments staffed with traitors and with non-natives, prices out of control or full socialism in all it’s public toilet glory, almost forced racial mixing, all sorts of satanic laws and public rituals etc It may be too obvious to come about, but are we going to get some big thing on 3-11-22? I think last year it was Bidens trillion dollar graft for his buddies and cronies with some pocket change thrown at the general population. Stock market crash? Etc? Remember that multiples of 11 are also counted so 22, 33, 44, 55 etc

  2. CHABAD control of East & West.

    “A huge investigation published by the Politico website reveals the relationship between the people of Donald Trump and the people of Russian President Vladimir Putin – and the involvement of ultra-Orthodox activists and senior members of the Chabad movement.

    Those responsible for the “connection” between the Russian president and his people and President-elect Trump – were actually Orthodox Jews, including senior members of the Chabad community. The New York Times reported weeks after the election that Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East, met with Rabbi Berl Lazar – who is considered very close to President Putin.

    According to Politico commentators, starting in 1999, Putin recruited two of his closest associates – the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who are also the great patrons of Chabad in the world, in order to create the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia led by Rabbi Berl Lazar.

    At the same time, and regardless of that, the then businessman, Donald Trump, formed extensive relationships with senior businessmen who are also close to the Chabad movement. In 2007, Trump hosted the wedding of the daughter of Leviev’s aide to Mr. a-Lago, his resort in Palm Beach. A few months after the ceremony, Leviev met with Trump to discuss potential deals in Moscow.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, businessman Donald Trump has sought to do business and investment in the former Soviet Union. To that end, he has partnered with a company called Bayrock-Sapir. Byrok, the owner, was a partner in the leadership of Felix Sutter, a convicted regime member whose father was an ally of Putin and until recently was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List. Sutter, at the same time, also served on the boards of many Chabad organizations in the United States and abroad, though not in Russia.

    The extent of Sutter’s business dealings with Trump is controversial, but there is no doubt that Sutter served as an investment man on Trump’s behalf and later even as his special adviser. In 2006, Sutter accompanied the children of Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. in the city of Moscow to locate potential investment projects.”

    paras 1, 3, 5, 6, 16, 17


    “Felix Sater, managing partner of Bayrock Group and former senior advisor to Donald Trump, speaking at the Chabad of Port Washington”


    1. That site is a bit deceptive using an old AIDs poster which refers to Auto Immune Deficiency NOT the ACQUIRED Immune Deficiency referred to in the article. They’re different in the specific source and how chronic they are or will be. Classic AIDS was caused by them growing polio virus for their disgusting vaccines, in monkey tissue. Monkeys have Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIV SV-40, which was in that tissue either deliberately or inadvertently, I’d believe the former. They’re carrying out mass murder aka population control in various ways. So then in people who got those blocks of polio vax it combined inside of them to create a new virus called AIDS from the SIV SV-40 source. I’d believe they knew this beforehand but it’s possible they didn’t. Thus vax of all types may and probably do create new sickness when they are injected into the body, and this may be passed down to descendants as well as possibly be passed via close contact. Now I don’t think they even grow whatever virus in animal tissue it’s probably all lab work(or in aborted fetus’) and thus can be even more targeted as to what toxins it has in it. They probably even test this on human slaves of some sort in their labs/dungeons. I don’t think we can ever underestimate how evil and perverse these people are. There is a paper on this by Miller, thinktwice.com “Polio Vaccine Critical Assessment”

      ” A cancer-causing monkey virus–SV-40–was discovered in polio vaccines administered to millions of people. SV-40 has been found in brain tumors,
      bone cancers, lung cancers and leukemia. SV-40 is transmitted through sexual intercourse, and from mother to child in the womb. Monkeys that were used
      to make polio vaccines were infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a virus closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the
      infectious agent associated with AIDS. Some researchers question whether HIVs may simply be SIVs “residing in and adapting to a human host.” Polio
      vaccines also contain calf serum, glycerol and other parts of the cow that may have been infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad
      cow disease, a fatal brain-wasting ailment that some researchers link to Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), its human equivalent. “

    2. :”In the decade after Schneerson’s death, Chabad’s infrastructure grew
      faster than during his lifetime. Between 1994. and 2002, more than 610
      new emissary couples took up their postings and more than 70 5 new
      Chabad institutions were opened, including 450 new facilities purchased
      or built from scratch, bringing the total number of institutions world—
      wide—synagogues, schools, camps, and community centers—to 2,766.
      In the year 2000, 51 new Chabad facilities were established in California
      alone. ,
      Annual operating costs of Chabad’s empire today approach $1 bil-
      lion. And that budget doesn’t include construction costs for new build-
      ings, which have been going up at an astonishing rate since Schneerson’s passing:
      a $1 0 million synagogue in Bal Harbour, Florida; $25 million for
      a Chabad complex in San Diego; $20 million for a Jewish Children’s
      Museum in Crown Heights; plus a 33 I million Chabad center in Las Vegas,
      $2 million for American Friends of Lubavitch headquarters in Washing-
      ton, D.C. , $ 5 million for a day school in Pittsburgh, and $ 3 million for a
      community center in Montreal.
      Chabad building projects around the world have kept pace With those
      of North America: a $1 5 million girls’ school outside Paris; a $ 14 million
      community center in Buenos Aires; plus soup kitchens in Brazil, syna-
      gogues in Germany, schools in Latvia and Lithuania, and orphanages in
      Ukraine” – Sue Fishman THE REBBES ARMY pg 12

      Chabbaddies target non-practicing joos… seeking to ‘bring them back to joodaism’
      officially… but the greater harvest is along those who were not even aware of being joos by way of background; an astonishing number of families in the west are possessed of jooish ancestry in the form of crypto connections which gradually faded out over generations till hardly anyone in the family even knew. The Franksih-sabbateans have LOTS of that sort of latent demographic embedded in the wider, supposed ‘gentile’ population, like the infamous Prez Warp Speed Supreme pik – Brent “Bent” Kavanagh, whose “irish” ancestry is a blend of craven pilkers from “Cavan” and joodaic immigrants to the emerald isles who in this case didn’t even disguise their family names –

      “Kavanah is a theological concept in Judaism about a worshiper’s state of mind and heart, his or her sincerity, devotion and emotional absorption during prayers.”

      but instead played on of those yiddish ‘inside jokes’ that the Gesher Group loves so much!
      Chabad has an enormous pool of potential ‘recruits’ to draw upon, and does so in the manner of a ‘Amway’ style of basically financial benefit inducement … drawing the credulous in via their ‘rags to riches’ lifestyle template of McMansions and expensive cars etc., – just sign on and follow the rules, you too can live like a king – at the public expense! Graft, fraud and rackereering being the preferred road to wealth for the gangstas in the funny hats… a la Donny’s Dad “Fred” Trimpf… the HUD fraudster and serial racketeer who sent his kids to jooish summer camps and made big contributions to the building of sin o gogues in the NYC region.

      You gotta love the geneology too. When goobers read the name “mary macleod” – Donnie’s mothers maiden name… of course they think tartan, heather, and the highlands. But many of those “Highland clan” families were dyed in the wool cryptos from all the way back to the days of Robert the “Bruce” – also a crypto and secret templar. “WHEN SCOTLAND WAS JEWISH” – must read real history.book.

      Nuthin is what you have been trained to believe. Nuffin at all!

  3. Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine, the UK Government quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
    All triple vaccinated adults will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (for viruses and certain cancers) within 5 months, but 18 to 39-year-olds will have lost it by the middle of April 2022, followed by 40-49-year-olds who will have lost it by the middle of May. These people will then effectively have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.


  4. Seems like good analysis. Don’t forget the specifics of the transition: UBI
    It’s needed to ‘keep order’ (to starve/impoversh the unvaxxed and other non-compliers) and will be the basis for the forthcoming nwo-cryptocurrency. Thank Bitcoin devs for their successful beta test of mass technological (self) enslavement.

  5. Tim, not sure if you can comment, here is some evidence showing that the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security also controls the Chinese Democracy Movement, remember in 2019 when I mentioned to you that the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement is also run by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security:


    ‘Shujun Wang, 73, of Queens, New York, is charged with acting as an agent of the PRC government, criminal use of means of identification and making materially false statements in connection with his participation in a transnational repression scheme orchestrated by the MSS.

    As alleged, Wang is a former visiting scholar and author who helped start a pro-democracy organization in Queens that memorializes two former leaders of the Chinese Communist Party who promoted political and economic reforms within the PRC and were eventually forced from power. Since at least 2015, however, Wang has secretly operated at the direction and control of several MSS officers.

    At the direction of the MSS, Wang used his position and status within Chinese diaspora community in New York City to collect information about prominent activists, dissidents, and human rights leaders to report that information to the PRC government. While ostensibly lending a sympathetic ear, Wang reported on statements activists made in confidence to him, including on their views on democracy in the PRC, as well as planned speeches, writings, and demonstrations against the Chinese Communist Party. The victims of Wang’s efforts included individuals and groups located in New York City and elsewhere that the PRC considers subversive, such as Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, advocates for Taiwanese independence, and Uyghur and Tibetan activists, both in the United States and abroad. Wang sent email “diaries” to the MSS that contained details of his conversations with prominent dissidents, the activities of pro-democracy activists, as well as relevant phone numbers and other contact information for the targets of the PRC government.

    For example, in a series of communications on Nov. 22, 2016, Wang’s MSS handler instructed him to meet with a particular attendee at a pro-democracy event in Queens and to “accomplish the task” assigned by the “Boss.” The MSS handler emphasized that the attendee had contacts with “Tibetans, Uyghurs and Mongolians.” Similarly, on Nov. 16, 2016, Wang informed another MSS handler that he “just finished chatting” with a prominent human rights activist and had asked the “necessary questions” and received “candid” answers. The MSS officer responded “great” and with a thumbs-up emoji, instructing Wang to record that information in a “diary.”

    In April 2020, one victim about whom Wang reported – the Hong Kong democracy activist identified in the complaint as Hong Kong Dissident #1 – was arrested in Hong Kong and jailed on political charges. In addition, in April 2019, Wang flew from the PRC to Queens carrying a handwritten document with the names and non-public contact information for dozens of other well-known PRC dissidents, including other Hong Kong democracy activists who were subsequently arrested by the PRC in 2019 and 2020.’

  6. Putins only restored Christianity under his leadership along with strong family values. these are things White nationalists want, its matter of survival..

    If you think Putin is Jewish, or controlled by Jews you’re hugely mistaken. Look at who’s backing Ukranians, Jews everywhere including financing neo-Nazi groups used to kill Russians.

    US media, run by Jews hates Russia and Putin as does the politicians who serve Israel

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