Russia fails to buy off and silence clot shot whistleblower

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 29, 2021 Anno Domini

A British funeral director who claims he was offered money from Russia to silence his COVID-19 jab whistleblowing says he’s glad he refused and is not afraid.

“Very soon, I’m going to get a knock on the door and I’m going to disappear, I can tell you, or I’ll die from sudden heart failure or I’ll be a COVID death, and then who else is going to speak out?” says 53-year-old John O’Looney in an Ickonic interview that originally aired July 16.

“I’m telling you the truth, and I’m not afraid to die, and if I die based on that truth, so be it. Come and get me. You know where I am. I can’t run and hide, can I? I’m 53, we’ve all got smart phones, they’ve got 5G everywhere—there’s nowhere to run. Come and punish me for telling the truth. This has been my story. Why doesn’t anyone want to come speak to me? Why are they offering me large sums of money not to talk?”

O’Looney, an undertaker in Milton Keynes, England, claims state-run Russia Today (formerly “Soviet Russia Today”) offered him £85,000 to sanitize and own the rights to his perspective as a funeral director of what he sees as a deadly fallout from the mass COVID-19 injection campaign in Great Britain and around the world.

“The email asked me for my story,” said O’Looney about Moscow’s request via Russia Today USA. “It suggested that everyone I’d spoken to was deliberately anti-vax and they would like an impartial story, and it would pay for my exclusive story and it would pay me £85,000 upon my first interview and me signing a contract that their lawyers would draw up. But the conditions were that I could never speak to anyone else again.”

While a lot of people might have jumped at the offer, O’Looney thought about it and declined.

“I chewed that over the weekend, not because I wanted the money—I didn’t want the money—but because I wanted to respond and I wanted to respond in a correct way to save us all, to help save us all, and I kind of said to them, I’m happy to give my story… I’m not going to sign an exclusive, because I can tell you now, there’s no network anywhere across the world where their leaders are promoting these poisons that will air my story, so my story will go into a bottom drawer and then I’m tied to exclusivity. So, basically the offer of 85,000 was made to me to shut up.”

Many conservatives have been touting Russian president Vladimir as some kind of hero against “the globalists” and their clot shot mandate for announcing that Russia will not make the vaccine mandatory in Russia, but Russia has executed the same vaccine-laden COVID-19 campaign based on Louis Pasteur’s dubious germ theory as in every other nation and with similar fatal effects. And some places in Russia do require the clot shot passport. Russia also has similar mask mandates, restrictions, and lockdowns as most other Western nations. Today, Putin advised Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to get Russia’s COVID-19 jab Sputnik. Incidentally, the Soviets developed mRNA technology almost four decades ago.

O’Looney has stated in interviews this year that he sees fraud going on in the way so called Covid-19 deaths are being tabulated (the funeral home business slowed right down in 2020, contradicting media reports of increased overall deaths); the systematic liquidation of the elderly in care homes resulting from often unnecessary use of drugs like Midazolam (passed off as COVID deaths); and the overall depopulation of the masses using poison under the guise of immunization (vaccines), with the spike in deaths by 250% when COVID vaccinations began as evidence.

“These jabs are damaging and killing people,” he says.

With the ever-changing COVID narrative—thanks in large to a pro-vaccine and government-compliant media, O’Looney says young children are the next target of this vaccine depopulation campaign endgame.

“I see two things happening: one is going to be the deaths of a lot of children and the maiming of a lot of children, and parents will be told that that’s a new strain of COVID…I don’t doubt that they’ll probably use crisis actors…and parade those on TV under the guise of they being bereaved parents…children will die the same way adults are dying—in large numbers….”


  1. It would be pretty easy for the vax in israel to just be saline aka salt water that is harmless but I guess all we have is what is reported by them so they could easily report lots of deaths there that don’t have anything to do with the vax as being from the vax. I think we’ve seen this all over the world, deaths that are due to other causes REPORTED as covid deaths. Certificate Of Vaccine ID’s(Covids) are being pushed now. I’m again reminded of the jew brooks book “world war z” and how israel magically escapes most of it. This could easily be a script for the “chosen” people as being immune(lol) to all of it due to divine providence. It’s all a scripted “reality” and we’ve been trained to it for decades. Even lots of so called science is really just scientism fantasy based on word games and images by the beast.

    The beasts media arm daily reports all sorts of dire things and also click bait that stimulates division. Divide and conquer. In lots of cases they use footage or images that are not even of the events they are reporting ie old images and/or things that happened in a different place. I’m not totally convinced this O’Looney(subliminal messaging name?) is even a real thing tbh it could be just more muddying the waters, chaos creation for the new order. IMO 85k would be way too low, that’s like the gov “fines” of millions for criminal activity that results in Billions of dollars of profit. It’s a dark hour no doubt and they most likely have either another major event, like sudden food shortages, or a few events planned as the final killing blow to the previous form of living we had. Of course it’s already dead, with the obvious marxism that is so pushed all over now. Almost every day is reported as some minority appreciation day for some past wrong or some international day of some sort. Notice also that this is the communist form of the catholic feasts, satan always has a replacement or reversal/mirror. Of course we can all see who’s left out of those things. Anyone remember the crimes against catholics and the church by the british and others for centuries? Was it right for the Allies to starve millions of Germans after WW2? What about the irish? All of the soviet crimes and red chinese crimes? All the catholic priests killed by jews-communists-masons over the centuries? I in no way believe that the native americans were some innocent lambs to the slaughter either. On and on.

    I find it ominous that twitter thought it news that the UN general assembly was in session for a while over several days it was in the “news” section, insane megalomaniacs further scheming. There is no doubt that there will be a major dow etc markets crash and it’s been juiced for years to heighten the fall. They know that housing is the major element of the US economy and further that it must be completely gov-mafia controlled instead of the form we have now. Maybe socialist sweden could be an example. The unreality of faux companies being worth billions with little real world justification for being so, as opposed to companies that are so in the real world. An example is Tesla, which gets huge gov money in tax breaks/saleable carbon credits worth a lot and the wealthy that buy these toys also get huge tax breaks, they sell in a year what Chevy sells in weeks but their stock is worth many times more. Stock prices and company valuations are products of the media and their hypnosis of the people. Wispy companies that are web only get valued in the billions out of nowhere etc

  2. I listened to John O’Looney the first time last week I believe it was on Max Igan’s channel who interviewed him. I don’t doubt what he says is true. What I have a problem with is that when you actually watch the video you cannot not see that he throws the devil’s horn signs not once not twice but 3 or 4 times. That’s a red flag. That means that there is an agenda of deeper proportions. Apparently they’d like to elicit a reaction of the public in a revolutionary way so that that would give them a pretext to call for martial law which would then kick start another pretext of creating a food shortage due to the chaos together with the tumbling and spiralling effect it would have on everything else: fuel, logistics/distribution, medical care even though this one is already on death row, housing etc. Thus they’d achieve their wet dream of having chaos out of which they can then create order. It’s all so insane because like psychopaths who don’t think what consequences and repercussions their pathology will have including themselves as it can and will backfire on them eventually, they are driven by their satanic fanaticism. On the one hand they’ve built the infrastructure for the reign of the Antichrist, on the other hand they are sending the world to the pre-industrial age. The two are incompatible and I believe it will be their downfall. But John O’Looney is to be taken with a pinch of salt not in the message he conveys because they really are killing people off, but in the fact that he throws the devil’s horns in so many times. That is not a coincidence. Several people in the comment section have pointed it out although the vast majority was oblivious to it or downright defensive of it. It’s a trap. There is an objective that is trying to be achieved with this video. It’s very hard for a person who doesn’t understand satanic psychology to understand it or to believe it because it’s that sick but those of us who are awake and sober in Christ have our red flags up.

    1. It seems that the deeper agenda/objective you mentioned is leading people to eventually become educated in the occult:

      “Thus, only when the level of peleh—this level of wondrous esoteric thought— has permeated the world, will the arrival of Mashiach [i.e. antichrist] be imminent.”

      It’s similar to Michael Hoffman/James Shelby Downard’s idea of “revelation of the method.” Irony there is Hoffman/Downard’s hypocrisy in pushing occult “synchromysticism” and anti-Catholicism.

      Like you, I can see that the only answer is traditional Catholicism lived. We need to seek first the Kingdom of God, and as the St. Benedict medal says, “May the Holy Cross be for us a light; let not the dragon be our guide.” Conspiratorial research is a dragon without the proper context/primacy of Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  3. I saw a devils horns once but skipped through, I’ve also seen some things on igan and I’m not convinced he’s trustworthy either. He pushes drugs and the occult. From his other vids idk sounds like rabble rousing, don’t forget that the ptb WANT civil war and violence by creating conditions that almost necessitate it. All it needs is the spark via hidden cadres in the crowd including programmed multiples. Don’t forget that they infiltrate at all levels so even alternative figures are suspect in general, no exceptions either. That being said australia is pretty scary like france. I’ve seen various reports that point to a lot of organized satanism there from the abuse drawings of which I cannot reach but search for australia abuse drawings on internetarchive and you’ll see some of it(graphic). From the judaeo-masonic history and lots of socialism there it’s not surprising.

    She mentions nicole kidmans father, various pols, even nixon, a hollywood actor that was in the last gibson mad max film etc She also has the goal of smearing the catholic church as based on satanism as well so hard to trust much of what she claims. I get it that from her viewpoint she’s associating what she sees by wolves in shepherds clothing as representative of the Churchs doctrine which is not true and is obviously in error. Anyone who gets an old catechism from the early 20th century back can see exactly what the doctrine is. You can get it from the Fathers like St Augustine etc in a less structured explicit way too.

    We all know of nicole kidmans whacky past with satanists like Tom Cruise and others. Kidmans coming out of nowhere to climb hollywood heights? nah, doesn’t work like that. I saw her on set on a major production as being high(actually many actors like that, alcohol abuse on set too), giving the googly eyes to females. She’s most likely homosexual and her “marriages” are all arranged to male sodomites a la roc hudson etc etc etc. Under heavy mind control most of the time. She’s scary tbh. There’s a big entertainment industry pipeline from australia to hollywood and many homosexuals like the guy who played wolverine. Pretty sure the retired F1 driver mark webber is homosexual as well, same odd marriage setup.

    Australia was also a penal colony so the dregs have ancestors there in large numbers. Well the dregs are at the top now so makes sense. Anything not based on traditional catholicism is very suspect, so igan and others like him probably shouldn’t be trusted. Igan in one of his latest videos expresses his satanic idea of human divinity and putting Christ on the level of the pseudo-religions, then he further entices to revolution even explicit foreign invasion. Idk I’d have to watch more but not interested for said reasons.

    1. Sorry, were you responding to my comment or were you just writing a new comment even though it seems to me that you are making a reference to mine because you mentioned Max Igan. Max has good stuff. He understands the satanic matrix. What is problem with Max is his spirituality. He dabbles in shamanism, borders on New Age ideologies even though he doesn’t outrightly endorse it. What bothers me most about him is that he denies that the Lord Jesus Christ founded a Church and a religion and another thing that bothers me about him is that he says no one is coming to save us. That is in stark opposition to the Holy Scripture. There is ample evidence that the Lord Jesus Christ really did found His Church and religion called Christianity and it was Catholicism. We have the lives of the Saints that testify to this. Because of his rejection of the true revealed doctrine he then goes astray when he claims that we have to save ourselves. I understand where he comes from because he explains his outrage at what he perceives as the apathy and indifference on account of Christianity. Christians are not called to be idle and inactive. We are called to work for the Kingdom of God and for God’s good. However, what Max doesn’t understand is that we can do nothing out of own strength. Jesus was clear when He said “without me you can do nothing”. We are to cooperate with God’s grace. Also our weapons are different to the weapons of this world. We cannot fight principalities and powers on human strength. This is where Max’s understanding withers. To him human strength is everything. As you rightly pointed out it springs from his false ideology of divine humanity. Humanity is fallen wallowing in original sin. Without acknowledging the reality of sin, things are stalemate. Max as all his contemporaries do not want to acknowledge this harsh reality. I’m convinced that if people prayed the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of the Holy Face which were specifically given to fight against communism which could be enhanced and amplified with other powerful devotions given to us to fight against the evils of the present darkness such as the devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Wounds and the Holy Tears of Our Lady and if people lived in repentance, I’m sure the tyranny that has cropped upon us would be mitigated. We know that Scripture prophecies will be fulfilled but Heaven gave us remedies to help us fight the Red Dragon efficiently and truly. There have been examples where Heaven has been faithful to the fulfillment of its promises in relation to these devotions. But people refuse to believe those and rather embrace alien false light methods. This is a fight of Satan against Christ and His creation. Unless a person is conscious of this stark reality, he/she will always end up in dead end and eventually it will be stalemate. No one can outsmart Satan and his generals simply on human strength. We are inferior to their intelligence and power and we are always prone to downfalls due to our fallen human nature. Only when we are enlivened and empowered by the grace of Jesus Christ are we then given the strength to overcome these infernal enemies. Anyway, you mentioned Nicole Kidman and were citing a woman who was speaking out about it. I know who you mean. Her name is Fiona but I forgot her surname. You have to take her with a pinch of salt because she does slander the Church and calls it satanic. Either she is still under mind control or she has an agenda. Those people tell you most of the truth and then slip in horrible poison to sully the truth they’ve given you. You also mentioned many other names with which I’m not familiar. The world is punished because of the sins of abortion, occultism and immorality. It’s gone so far as to also commit sins of infanticide. These are calling mightily for the vengeance from God.

      1. I was kind of responding to your assertion that Olooney was flashing devil horns signs and I did see at least one as he pulled his hands back, very subtly. I didn’t want to watch him for the 30+ min interview so I skipped through it a lot. Sounded a little too played up like he was going to be killed for his claims and igan played that up too, used car salesman feel.

        Yes totally agree, it’s Fiona Barnett and she does have some sort of agenda like a lot of similar people like her such as Kathleen Sullivan in her book, Brice Taylor, Springmeier, Bill Cooper, Mae Brussel, Skolnick, Collin Ross, Alex Jones and many more. They spread the occult/half truths and obviously have connections to Judaeo-masonic-marxist figures. I was able to get a copy of her free pdf book and found some pulls from her website via wayback machine. The content is way too detailed for someone who has been through what she has been through, unless she is being used for some ulterior purpose or others are writing what she claims to produce. It’s always in the details, she denigrates the Church and so is a hireling at best.

        Nicole Kidman, (and many others), claims to be a Catholic IN ORDER to defame it with her conduct, nothing more. Lots of people do so, (within the Church as well), but the famous have a lot more impact. All this occult information has been leaked and/or made up for a purpose, it would never have got out naturally with the power that the jew-m-m mafia has in information control. But there’s some truth to it and I have some first hand experience when I was in the entertainment industry and other industries, especially where there was overt jewish control. As well as anyone versed in occult things and has a discernment can see it. I saw them in action in their top level entertainment wing.

        It does make me very afraid of Gods justice for the millions of murdered defenseless children, not to mention everything else. Our world is a blood drenched satanic altar at this point. Now you can tell the j-m-m are pushing apocalypse themselves and trying to do it according to the Book of Apocalypse, so as to emerge as the divinely approved saviors themselves on the other side of their faux version. But I also suspect that like with the Passion, God has a surprise for them. They are blinded by their pride/avarice/greed and many, at all levels, give power to the beast and it will NOT be overlooked by the Lord.

        The so called “little” people who have no visible connection to the satanic conspiracy BUT will and do support its prime movers if the need arises, will be held accountable for it in proportion to their level of proven support. There are no innocent jews, masons, marxists, protestants etc. at any level. The times where invincible ignorance was a possibility are long past. Even those professed Catholics who support things like vatican 2, separation of church and state and the other j-m-m tenets will be held responsible, to everyone a weighted due. Only God knows what that will be. There is only Heaven, Hell along with the temporary Purgatory but I believe within those will be levels appropriate to each persons merit which only God can judge.

        1. You expressed it very eloquently. Again you cited quite a few names which I’m not familiar with. Fritz Springmeier and Bill Cooper I’m familiar with of course but all the others no. I don’t count Alex Jones. He is a king gatekeeper for the ZOG if only, better say for the Chabad. I remember the days when I used to trust him and listen to him, then something wasn’t feeling right about him and I learned the tricks of these sick kabbalists. They really are children of Satan and just as he is a genius of deception he passes those traits to his seed. Oh yeah, you should be afraid of God’s justice. It’ll come and it’ll be like never before. This is a very degenerate generation otherwise the son of perdition couldn’t be coming. Stay faithful, repentant and focused. May the Lord Jesus Christ and His beloved Mother bless you on your earthly pilgrimage. We are going to face some unprecedented events. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie. I can’t believe I’m the generation of whom St John the evangelist was writing in the book of Apocalypse. Wishing you all the best.

    2. Jack, today I caught myself inadvertently making the horns hand sign when pointing someone in a direction. I wouldn’t base someone being controlled opposition solely on the hand signs they make. It’s easy to read things into someone’s gestures. You would need corroborating evidence to deem O’Looney part of the clique.

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