Defrocked Russian priest accuses Chabad of preparing for World War III using Russia

YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA – AUGUST 21, 2020: Supporters of schema-hegumen Sergiy (Romanov) gather outside the Yekaterinburg Diocese. A sign reads “Russia, Orthodox Tsar or Chabad – Road to Hell?” The Russian Orthodox Church degraded schema-hegumen Romanov of the Sredneuralsky Convent from the priesthood for calling on believers to disobey public health orders regarding “COVID-19”. —Donat SorokinTASS via Getty Images

July 5, 2020 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

On July 3, the confessor of the Sredneuralsky nunnery, a former schema-abbot (he was deprived of his dignity on the same day by the decision of the diocesan court “in connection with the violation of the priestly oath, monastic vows and sacred canons”) Sergiy Romanov published another video message, where anti-Semitic rhetoric occupied a key place.

This time, his target was the Chabad movement, which he immediately called a “fascist sect” (later also noting that “80,000 fascist Chabadists took all the peoples of the world in an iron grip, communicating directly with Satan through the Talmud, Kabbalah, the Internet) and Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar. In full accordance with the classic anti-Semitic clichés about “Jews ruling Russia/the whole world” Sergius argued that Lazar and his entourage “rule Russia, give instructions to President Putin and Patriarch Kirill for the collapse of Russia and the church.”

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (L) of Moscow and All Russia and Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar in Moscow’s Red Square. —Mikhail Metzel/TASS via Getty Images

He also accused the representatives of the Chabad movement of intending to “drag Russia into a civil war with neighbouring peoples—to take away the territories of the neighboring peoples that belonged to the Russian Empire” and ultimately to start World War III. The ex-schema-goumen accused the Hasidim of wanting the death of 90 per cent of the world’s population, “so that 1 billion remain, which they call” golden”.

He also once again called for a riot—the creation of a “people’s militia”, the convocation of a “local people’s council” to try the “traitors to Russia”, called the Russians to rise “For faith, the future Orthodox tsar and the fatherland”, and promised to “throw Kirill out of the ROC Gundyaev and his Talmudists, Kabbalists and Satanists ”.

In the two days that have passed since its publication, the appeal has received 121,420 views, 5300 likes and 1200 dislikes.


    1. I’d like to know if this is supposed to support the lies of the Freemasonic publication The Guardian and the article above about schema-hegumen Sergey to support the persecution that this priest is undergoing. Is Sergey wrong in calling this hoax called corona a pseudo-pandemic? Is he wrong in naming who is behind it? Is he wrong in calling out the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the ROC hierarchy? He is fighting against the outright heresies of the official church and the coming chipping of society. The stupid allegation that he is an anti-semite in that article above is pathetic when we know that the so called anti-semitism was invented to quash the criticism of the khazars/pharisees who are not even semites anyway. Sorry, but it’s baffling to know why you posted it. Please check out the following videos: and and and

  1. Can’t post this on bitchute, they censor it on EMJ videos, lolz

    EMJ has a lot to answer for, 1. Why is Logos really just a
    kabbalistic term, which Putin(jew) and his eurasianism advisor
    Russian-Jew Dugin(one of EMJ’s buddies btw) also uses, Logos is also
    described in Pikes books, it’s the age old attempt to “coexist” under a
    universal masonic(jewish cronies) communist religion of “brotherhood”.
    This nebulous term is classic dialectical ambiguity, I think EMJ has
    studied Paul VI and talmudic/kabbalistic writings.
    2. Why
    is EMJ so vocal against free enterprise, he needs to be precise, YES jew
    central bankster monopoly megacorp capitalism is evil, just as the
    other pillar of jew communism is but EMJ never mentions that. What
    happened in Germany EMJ? Were you covertly trained by agents in the
    birthplace of communism? Devious to me.
    3. We can see the
    big Trump push, Trump is a crypto and at the least a freemason, he’s a
    member of the judaeo-masonic mafia, Biden although nominally Catholic is
    also a member of this mafia. For those naive, Ron Paul and his clan are
    also part of this mafia through masonry and zionism. EMJ is also a part
    of this fake right wing movement, the synagogues tactics are to put ALL
    the cards down so they know what’s under all of them, huge amounts of
    money will do this as well as conciously working dialectical materialism
    of the kabbalah and marx/hegel.
    4. There’s another concern,
    EMJ loves Hegel, who was Marx’s biggest teacher. Marx was a crypto-jew
    btw as was Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Khurschev, Kerensky and many
    many more which also includes american presidents before, during and
    after WW2.
    5. His books are incomprehensible, a strict editor
    is badly needed. Rambling about obscure political theater from the 50s,
    60s, 70s is just filler. I’ve noticed that authors similar to EMJ like
    the shady Michael Hoffman 3, are very greedy and concerned about getting
    paid for their work in every instance. That’s a lesson in how important
    they think their work is, if it was so important profit would not be
    such a stickler but there you go.
    6. Speaking to that I
    remember one of his interviews with a female interviewer who had one of
    the most basic questions but most revealing. It was “So you make your
    living from selling magazines?” Yeah how does someone for however many
    years post teaching have a house, raise lots of kids etc etc by selling a
    periodical in which the contributors have to be paid and doesn’t
    feature many ads from what I’ve seen. Where did a lot of your money come
    from EMJ? Are you a dialectical pillar of the synagogue albeit
    indirectly through organized marxism? What’s the clear straight answer
    there EMJ? It’s very smelly.

  2. I think that all people should start to abstain from having children. Why? Many people are going to attack me saying well that’s sucidal, that is evil etc, but catholic clergy’s rules promote that they remain womenless, childless and of course virgins. Also, why should we have children in this world, to be destroyed by 5G, Haarp, Jarontrons, solar simulators, weather manipulation, manufactured natural distasters, vaccination posioning, foos poisonings, drink and water poisonings, to be molested by talmudists and their organizations, to wear poison, to suffer extremination of goyim, Third World War, arrival of antimessiah and eternal slavery and genocide of goyim?! It is best to stay virgin.
    Peace be with you.

  3. Also, if we live for the higher spiritual world, bringing new beings into this purgatory turning into talmudist dark empire would be subjecting them to suffering without their consent, it would just prolog our suffering and we must live for the higher things.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Sorry, mate Mate, it doesn’t work like that. In the multitude of choices you are presented with, 99% are those that have been fed to you, and have nothing to do with your Person. What is the point of making any decision at all if chances are that it will not correspond to the Real Truth? “Living for the higher things”, as you put, is exactly living this through, raising kids in this world and teaching them to see “clearly”. Of course, if your grasp of things is such that only pessimistic “redundanistic” ideas get hold of you, then, maybe, yes, you are right — it’s not worth it. “Living for the higher spiritual world” is bringing the ideas that close to your heart into this world, realizing the higher spiritual world on this plane, in this realm. I believe we’ve come to such a dire situation only because we, along the way, failed to see the obvious. It is a wake up call. It is very challenging also, but it is all up to you whether you yield into submission or raise stakes and proclaim your Truth.

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