Castro praised Chavez for building Duginist ‘multipolar world’

VENEZUELA – AUGUST 11: Fidel Castro visits Venezuela on his 75th birthday – To celebrate his 75th birthday on August 13th, Fidel Castro was invited by President Hugo Chavez to visit Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela on August 11, 2001. (Photo by Pedro RUIZ/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

By Tim Bancroft-Hinchey
October 30, 2000 Anno Domini


On a five-day visit to Venezuela, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro praised his host, President Hugo Chávez, saying that “I believe that the idea of Chávez is viable, transforming Latin America into a centre of power, so as to create a multipolar world,” more just and better balanced than the present state of affairs, with the U.S.A. proclaiming itself as the world policeman.

The historic revolutionary leader went on to say, “with men like Hugo Chávez, Latin America will resist any challenge and will be able to unite itself, to construct a great power base in a new international order”.

Questioned about whether South America will be able to resist pressure from the U.S.A. to keep the continent totally dependent upon its aid and, therefore, politically impotent, Castro shouted :

“If a small island can resist and fight for forty years, what would happen if it was the whole continent?”

Cuba and Venezuela have just signed a treaty through which Venezuela sells its crude to Cuba at special rates. Castro has found a strong ally in Chávez, a President who is seeking a new identity for his country and his continent, in a “pluripolar world”, to quote Chávez himself.

Castro’s revolution in Cuba in the 1950s freed his people from the corrupt, Mafia-controlled regime of Fulgencio Baptista. The Florida Mafia declared revenge on Castro and the anti-Castro lobbies in the United States have been active, trying to find ways to oust or assassinate the historic leader of nearly half a century—he was elected prime minister for the first time on January 2, 1959. Loved by his people, this truly popular figure has managed to build a pluralist and truly democratic society, based upon the principles of Communism. Now, as he looks to the future, beyond his death, Fidel Castro is as always true to his warcry.


  1. Castro speaks in 2000 – interesting timing!

    Foundation Eurasian Movement 2001:

    Dugin: “We maintain the conception of a multipolar world. We maintain the conception of a multipolar world and we will oppose the unipolar globalism of USA,. With Putin’s arrival the development of the Eurasian initiative received the green light, as if BY WAVE OF A MAGIC-WAND.”

    Rabbi Avrom Shmulevich, representing at the press conference the leader of the hassidic Jews, Berel Lazar, reported that the participation of the Jewish population of Russia in the “Eurasia” movement is explained by the strengthening of the relations between Russia and Israel and by the fact that the idea of Eurasianism finds active support in Israeli society. In Shmulevich’s opinion, Eurasianism gives the possibility of preserving for all peoples, including Jews, their identity.” “Jews living in Russia want for it to be a strong and free country,” he concluded.

    In Rabbi Shmulevich’s opinion, for whom “western democratic ideology that levels out national distinctives is unacceptable,” the principle of Eurasianism is the most rational. “It gives the possibility of existing without denying one’s own principles,” the rabbi noted. “Now the experience of the ancient Mongol empire and the KHAZAR KHAGNATE should be recalled.”

  2. Anatoliy Golitysn 1991.

    The STAGED ‘Break with the Past’ is designed “to secure the non-violent creation of the NEW SOVIET FEDERATION OF REPUBLICS.”

    Pgs 135-138


    Putin 2000: “Eurasian ideas especially important today, when we are building relations between the nations of the CIS.”

    Communist Northstar Compass, 2003.

    “The plans for the resurrection of the USSR are well known to Putin.”

    3rd article

    Putin 2013: “The Eurasian Economic Union is a project for the entire post-Soviet space in a new world.”


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