E. Michael Jones, Dugin, and the Perestroika deception

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  1. Greetings to you Linde and all the old friends! Thanks to Fitzi for his effort in restoring his most valuable site – a truly unique resource in our battle for the truth.

    God bless all!

  2. Announcing: DECAMERON Film Festival
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    “Inspired by Boccaccio’s 14th century classic, the DECAMERON Film Festival has invited an exciting lineup of guests to discuss one film each in a series of livestreams on the Guide to Kulchur YouTube channel, starting Saturday, April 11, and ending on May 10. Guests include E. Michael JONES, Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Gilad Atzmon, Alexander DUGIN, and many more.”


  3. Well EMJ DOES give a recommendation but it’s pretty unworkable until people wake up, Sicut Judais Non right? Can you imagine trying to get that done in todays world though! Even if Catholics banded together and effectively moved to a completely owned country that is completely self sufficient the judaeo-masons and allies would eventually find a way to orchestrate war and annihilation as we saw starting in 1789 and even more so in the 20th century. Denis Fahey, a much better researcher and writer than EMJ, edited a pamphlet about Catholic Guilds of the Middle Ages as well on the labor front but that was really only possible when the Church was powerful, as history has shown in the last 500 years it’s been undermined and marginalized from without and within. Fahey’s ” Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society” and his whole series of Mystical Body books goes into a lot of good remedies for the economy as well.

    -EMJ is troubling as he summarily dismisses capitalism without clarifying monopolistic jewish predatory capitalism, no one has any problem with independent small businesses other than the monopolists. Also the bankster aspect and it’s debt slavery/copulating money aspect in there too would need to be eliminated.

    -The “logos” stuff is also troubling, just say Jesus Christ don’t come up with a technical nebulous term that can be applicable to all religions. I understand you can’t always go evangelizing directly to most people but he needs to mention that logos refers to JC and the Church He founded. I think he does but I doubt very much he emphasizes it in Tehran lol It’s not a cure all term that can be applied willy nilly.

    -Many of his conclusions are just too out there, way too pro Trump like he isn’t either a crypto or controlled, we know he’s a mason, look for the grips, he probably admits it in one of his ghost written books idk. Reminds me of Texe Marrs and his pro-putin streak years ago buying into the he’s a great Christian spiel until much later realizing putin is just one of the judaeo-masons like the rest that high. Ofc Marrs is air force intelligence and most likely a rabble rouser, a close associate of the Alex Jones character.

    -I think EMJ does mention who the oligarchs are, it’s not really necessary in todays world, Trump is one, Gates, Soros, Buffet, Bloomberg, Carlos Slim, Rothy’s, Rocky’s, satanic elite families on and on. Billionaires and those who control Trillions etc The British-Israel aristocracy, which includes their relatives in europe, and Crown is above that though since they are billion/trillionaires too but they have the admiration and personal loyalty of millions of subjects all over the world, I don’t believe the average billionaire has that. Money can’t buy that. The Jews and Masons get into internecine battles but the Commonwealth seems solid to me. The Pope doesn’t wield that sort of temporal power, did any Catholics from the corners of the world rush to Italy to fight for Him in say Napoleons persecution or during the Judaeo-Masonic coup when “italy” unification was going on?

    -I guess I’m saying that EMJ is an enigma right now but does seem too close to the Dugin guy, never heard of him until your stuff. Some of those things aren’t bad for believing like anti-zionism. I don’t agree with melting pot garbage either if that’s what the multiculturalism refers to. EMJ seems a bit too nebulous and in some cases plain wrong about history as well. He’s also bringing up the Jesuit thing lately, which I do believe has merit esp 20th century and vat2 and he does mention specific jesuits there too but to strum that string is just a little too pandering to anti-catholics and cryptos idk that’s all a bit up and down. I remember in one of EMJ’s recent videos hearing him be very frustrated with the ignorance and dandyism of modern RC’s and he’s right it’s frustrating to see such idiocy, to pretend that the Judaeo-Masons and their adjuncts are friends is just plain stupidity. Idk I could go on but it’s enough, sorry for the long post fitz.

  4. EMJ does not seem to be able to address the world-wide Communist Revolution of the Third and Fourth Cominterns which are based in the Soviet Union (now rebranded Russian Federation), the CCP of the People’s Republic, the UN. And all of it owned by the Jewish central banking cartel – as is ZOG East and ZOG West. This Revolution acceded to power in the Roman Catholic Church during the Vatican Council II when it captured the hierarchy and began the work of extinguishing the sacramental life, the faith and morals of the Church and suppressed the canonized Roman Rite. During the Vatican Council II, the Revolution rolled into Africa when Belgium cut loose the Congo. The Communist genocide was being openly conducted upon the population of the former Belgium Congo but the Popes of the Council and the bishops never reiterated the definitive teaching of their predecessors against communism or the anathemas on it that were cast by an entire line of popes. Instead they carried on with Ost politik and affirmed that the Church had no mission to bring the Evangel to the Jews. The Jews , it would seem, have their own salvation arrangement in the Old Covenant. Pope Paul VI told the UN General Assembly – a Communist organisation – they were the last hope for mankind. The problem with the Novus Ordo, post conciliar church is not ignorance and dandyism and idiocy but apostasy. It refuses to rediscover the Catholic faith and is now openly practising pagan idolatry as at the October Amazonian Synod ( 2019). Pope No. 2 , Francis, now styles himself ‘a synodal father’. All of this would seem to get a pass from EMJ who in the 1990s was openly critical of the traditional Catholics who know that not even the pope has the authority to abrogate the traditional Roman Rite – as Pope Benedict later admitted.

  5. Do your due diligence and ask Jones on for an interview. It would be informative for everyone, both your readers and Jones’.

  6. After I read your tweet about how the cover of EMJ’s new book “Logos Rising” features a rising sun, I went down a rabbithole. I noticed that the cover of Dugin’s book “The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory” features the Eurasianist logo, which also resembles a sun, and for some reason both Logos and the 4PT are rising.

    I then found that an article by Dugin featured an image of an Orthodox icon where Christ is depicted in front of an 8-pointed orange star (http://www.4pt.su/en/content/we-are-church-end-times). The 8-pointed star is called The Seal of Melchizedek. In the form that it appears in Orthodox icons, it shares several characteristics with the Eurasianist logo:

    It consists of two overlayed square elements where the other element is rotated 45 degrees.
    The diagonal square is usually larger than the horizontal square, similar to how in the Eurasianist logo the diagonal arrows are longer.
    Often the center of one or both of the squares is missing, so the squares look like four arrowheads.
    Its color is usually orange or red. Different versions of the Eurasianist logo are red, orange, or yellow, or with an orange-yellow or red-yellow gradient. (The colors of the Eurasianist logo are also colors associated with the sun.)

    In icons where Jesus is depicted in the form Logos, his halo is an eight-pointed orange star (https://russianicons.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/the-meaning-of-melchizedek-in-icons-if-you-have-the-patience/):

    Here he is depicted as the Logos/Word, “begotten of the Father before all ages,” the Angel of Great Counsel. Note that in this form, Jesus has the eight-pointed “glory,” the halo form which, like that of God the Father, signifies both divinity and eternity. So when Jesus has this halo, as he usually does in icons of the “Blessed Silence” as well, he is represented in his eternal aspect.

    So basically the Eurasianist logo is a symbol of Logos.

    You can find more icons featuring the Seal of Melchizedek through Yandex’s reverse image search (https://yandex.ru/images/search?source=collections&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.4pt.su%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fstyles%2Flarge%2Fpublic%2Fmain%2Farticles%2F93395.jpg%3Fitok%3Dwru0Va8R&rpt=imagelike).

  7. Ok, but the masonic united states of jewmerica need to be destroyed, the only thing i “agree” with Dugin. By the treaty of tordesillas with the approval of the Holy Church Spain and Portugal should divide the american continent between the two!

  8. Let’s be clear here: I don’t agree with duginism position on white peoples, the Catholic faith and the west , but the USA as a country/state should not exist since it’s root is in protestantism/enlightenment/freemasonry/liberalism.

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