Soviet narcotics offensive succeeds in Canada with legalization of marijuana

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Oct. 19, 2018 Anno Domini

The Silk Road crypto-Soviets have clinched another victory in their campaign to undermine social and economic stability of the West.

They have finally tricked a major Western nation into legalizing a dangerous narcotic as a means of destabilizing the social fabric of the population and softly lobotomizing its youth.

Of course, it couldn’t have been possible without the help of crypt-Soviet agent Justin Trudeau, who weaseled his way into becoming Canada’s Prime Minister in 2015—decades after his communist father Pierre Elliot ran his traitorous government.

With drug abuse at all-time highs in the country and an ever-growing real-estate bubble pumped up with laundered narco-terrorist money, the brilliant Canadian government (Tories have also flirted with legalization) felt it a good idea to bring about the legalization of marijuana (Oct. 17, 2018)—something the communists have strived to achieve for decades, through various “humanitarian” organizations and other Soviet fronts.

If Canadian Parliamentarians and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service apparatus in closed-door meetings considered this move to be a legitimate counter-measure to the narco-terrorist global drug racket, by keeping drug profits within the borders instead of losing them to foreign cartels, they have completely missed the purpose behind the Soviet drug strategy.

Fools thinking they have freedom desperately reach for their Red Opiates.

It’s not about profits (which also happen bolster the socialist hell holes that are Russia, China, Israel, and Cuba as well as further finance their anti-Western covert operations) or economically crippling the West (that’s only the next stage). It’s about drugging us into docility.

“…The West has been the unknowing victim, for the past several decades, of long-term Soviet-Chinese strategic intelligence operations using drugs as a means of procuring the progressive demoralisation of Western society and a concomitant degradation of the gene pool—with youth the prime target of this satanic offensive,” writes national security analyst Joseph Douglass in his 1998 book Red Cocaine.

A drugged up population is a morally bankrupt population. A drugged up population is a chemically neutered and pacified nation. A drugged up population exhausts the government’s policing, health care, and education systems. The government becomes too distracted to deal with the subversion and infiltration going on within its ranks before it’s too late. Finally, when it reaches the end of its exhaustion, it becomes ripe for economic terrorism and violent revolution.

Soviet agent Fidel Castro viewed drugs as “a very important weapon against the United States, because drugs demoralise people and undermine society,” according to Cuban DGI intelligence defector Major Florentino Aspillaga Lombard.

This reality is completely lost amongst the endless mainstream and alternative media dialectics surrounding the drug’s acceptance, with discussion centered around meaningless topics, such as marijuana’s supposed health benefits, freeing up police and justice system resources, human rights, freedom, and other libertarian fantasies.

With legalization already in some U.S. states, this deceptive trend is likely to continue in the ever-weakening West.

The blame is not on society or so called Western decadence. The blame falls squarely on suppliers of drugs, not the demanders, who come from the revived Soviet power bloc.


  1. The Soviet Union is gone. The book, in 1998 the memory of the Soviet Union was still fresh enough. It’s well known that MJ was made illegal to stop hemp farming. There are many health benefits with pot. Plus govt gets a lot of tax revenues. It’s also well known that the US military protected the poppy farming, to smuggle in opium for some American big shots. Yes, drugs, smoking and drinking is not a healthy way of living.

  2. No one hates Communists more than me. I was a 20+ year victim of the American-born Communist operatives, starting at pre-school age. There were many murder attempts against me, and a kidnapping. I don’t like to see you shoot yourself in your own foot by making up problems that don’t exist now.

    1. If you think the problem is not related then you may have the hatred of communism, but need more knowledge about the jews who push it along with the drugs. See my comment below at Nov 1.

  3. Tim You are ignorant of unalienable rights. I dont approve of drugs, and I don’t do them. But you can’t prohibit the rights of others to put what they want into their bodies, their bodies are their property, that’s called freedom. By the way the Canadian law is a mere privilege, as you cannot grant rights. Idiots will say they now have the right to smoke weed given to them by daddy government. This is misinformation. That is the real problem here. Surely I agree they are hoping many will become addicts, but to suggest that you can impose drug laws which violate rights is a wrong message. Human rights and freedom are hardly meaningless topics, nor are they libertarian fantasies. Were you to advance unalienable rights on your site you could more easily fight that soviet menace you so fear. The drugs aren’t the problem Tim, your ignorance is.

  4. I agree that marijuana has a narcotizing, stupefying effect and can thus serve the ends of an aspiring communist nation like the Castro-run Canada. But a similar thing happened in 2015 in America with the legalization of gay marriage, not long after Trump announced his White House run. While I wasn’t thrilled with it, it had the effect of taking gay marriage off the table for the 2016 election, meaning the left couldn’t endlessly harass the right about it in campaign ads, newspaper editorials, TV show episodes, etc. To make a long story short, I believe that without the legalization of gay marriage in 2015, Hillary would be President right now. In the same way, taking the marijuana debate off the table could help many independents in Canada to slide to the right of center, since they won’t feel conservatives will be hiding behind every bush waiting to snatch their bongs.

  5. What difference will the legalization of weed make when everyone has been taking pills for the past 40 years? I figure it just gives people that can’t take pills – an alternative.

  6. Since I live in California I have both eaten and vaporized cannabis every single day for 5 straight years now. Before that I used to drink Vodka and beer every day and felt like I was “healthy enough.” Boy was I wrong! lol You don’t realize how unhealthy you were when you thought you were doing “o.k.” until you become truly healthy. They passed some completely arbitrary laws recently (what if “the “children” puff on your weed or eat it? We have to protect them! the usual bullcrap excuses) that by the stroke of the pen forced everyone to pay an extra 60 dollars for the same amount of weed they were getting before, just so they can add “child proof” packaging. It’s a joke and nothing but the most obvious racket. Nobody bothers with opening the packages anymore, they just cut through the whole bastard with a scissor. I puff on my vaporizer all day long. I even take THC and CBD at night to help me sleep better. Never slept better in my life and never felt physically healthier either. It actually expands your lungs and you become a much better athlete on it; definitely helps your cardiovascular health, being anti-inflammatory and so relaxing. Balance is movement and the foundation of all correctly done physical action. With easy relaxation, which you get from cannabis, balance is far easier achieved which can be used to leverage muscular tension for maximum efficiency and fluidity of movement.
    For example, on 60 milligrams of THC, I can still run uphill sprints faster than in my 20s at 50 years of age and have less than 10% body fat without going to the gym. On the other hand, I do not touch even one drop of alcohol or refined sugar, if I can help it. I don’t “bread” or “rice” or “veggies” or any of that junk. I eat raw eggs (5 or 6 bare minimum ever day), raw meat, including raw beef liver and organs, raw cheese and drink raw milk, eat fermented foods, etc.
    Youtube link
    Alcohol is by far the worst drug, even worse than heroin. Even beer and wine are completely retarded and destructive and devoid of any benefit whatsoever, even spiritual benefit, since the “high” of alcohol comes at so high a cost and toll on your physical health whereas the high of cannabis actually makes you healthier as long as its not smoked and is only vaporized (juiced) or eaten.
    The only thing worse than alcohol is probably Crystal Methedrine. Both alcoholism and speed-addiction turn people into completely aggressive and obnoxious arseholes overnight. Heroin, as long as you’re getting it from a place where you know the exact dosage and the strength, beats alcohol, as far as self-destructive potential goes, by a mile and a half. How many times have you seen a guy who’s on heroin start a fight? Not many at all. About 90% of fights are started by some piss drunk fool.
    Basically, my love for cannabis has made me realize how much I hate alcohol, its polar opposite, which should never be used with it. Unfortunately most people drink alcohol AND use cannabis at the same time, which is idiotic. That’s like drinking spring water AND tap water with fluoride in it at the same time, makes not sense at all.

  7. I would agree with the commenters here who have defended the use of cannabis. Smoking it is bad of course, since it is addictive, but as a medicine it is one of the best natural cure-all medicines that we have. Rick Simpson, a Canadian, has pioneered the method of distillation of cannabis oil, which is very simple and can be done by anybody. He says it is cures virtually anything. Have a look at his web site ( and videos on youtube, it’s amazing! I haven’t tried it myself though, just to be clear. But I wish cannabis was legal in my country so I could at least try it.

  8. I’m glad to see that someone else is seeing it. I’ve recognized since the drug push in the USA began duing my time as a Marine in Viet Nam, during the mid-1960’s that it was a weapon being used by communists.
    It was being used “in country”[Viet Nam], too, and I knew that the drugs inside the USA were also connected with the turmoils on the “civilian” front inside the USA during the war. We had no “Russian” pushers here or there, but they were communists and they still are. One section of those jews pressed for an extended money-making war at the expense of mainly White lives [crypto-LBJ and the hyper-“capitalist’s” of the tribe], while another segment of jews conducted operations of chaos, treasonous activities [seconded by the jew press] and cultural subversions, of which the peddling of drugs remain only one. That “US” jew Soviet remains in place, and so do the drug pushers.

  9. Jews created and implemented communism, so “soviet” is just an euphemism for jews and their shabbos. Remove the jews and nobody has the required unity and global connections to implement this mass enslaving systems.
    Smoking weed or taking weed for recreational purposes is degenerate and a vice. I have tried weed and it made me lazy and gluttonous, besides messing with my brain with unknown consequences. It is a thing to avoid like tobacco, porn, “pain pills”, alcohol, sugar, etc. If you are already a junkie and can’t get out, at least stop your children from getting hooked in the first place, not everyone has the will or genetic composition to survive the onslaught of modern society.
    There are alternatives like sports, music, etc. that will have the same effects, but are virtues instead of vices.

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