Trump’s presidential persona based on Alex Jones

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 22, 2018 Anno Domini

The Judeo-masonic establishment felt enough success with their controlled opposition character Alex Jones that they went and modelled a presidential puppet after him.

That must be quite the honour for the Zionist-created Likudnik cartoon character Alex Jones, who couldn’t contain his glee when Trump was elected President of the United States of America in 2017—something which Jones helped make happen, due to his unwavering support for a presidential candidate. Up until then, he had never in his public life endorsed a presidential candidate. During a live broadcast of Infowars on election night, Jones looked like a giddy school girl when it was announced that Trump had won. For once, Jones showed us that night his real emotions.

True, Alex Jones is not as big (figuratively) as he once was, despite his followers’ relentless boasting of his Youtube subscription numbers. But the intelligence-manufactured model for his persona continues to be a success, as it has thwarted any real progression of dissident paleo-conservatives (truthers, patriots, constitutionalists, etc.)—thwarted them coming together and causing real change in the world by way of siphoning off their pent up rage and frustration and prematurely ejaculating it in a place where its seed is squandered among barren swine and mindless boobs. There has been no fertile land upon which the truther movement has been able to plant and successfully nurture seeds of truth to maturity, other than in the ever-shrinking traditional Church communities (Catholic and Orthodox alike). Since 1996, the counter-intelligence operative Alex Jones has hindered and suppressed any meaningful resistance to the New World Order conspiracy. That has been his primary function. If you haven’t figured this much out by now, there is no point in reading on. Click away now and meander over to any one of the establishment-controlled websites: Breitbart, Zerohedge, or even Infowars.

Moving on. Trump’s appearance on the Alex Jones show during his election run was a symbolic passing of the torch, if you will, of the continuation of the psychological warfare assault on the American people and the world.
Now instead of an over-the-top, loud-mouthed radio host cathartically transmuting our energy and telling us everything we want to hear, the President will assume the role. But this time, we will think we have finally changed things and bucked the system—something Alex Jones failed to do, no matter how many times he repeated to his parrots that “we are defeating the New World Order” or that “the empire is on the run.”

It’s no coincidence that Alex Jones is tied to the same Jewish-Russian organized crime syndicate that Trump is.
It’s also no coincidence that Trump and Jones share virtually all of the same political views. So it is that Jones has worked in tandem with the supposedly anti-establishment Trump-Roger Stone-Netanyahu dirty trickstering, Likudnik tag team. (By the way, it turns out that Roger Stone—that pathetic, buggering swinger—is directly tied to the Jewish-Russian Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate. More on that in my upcoming fourth part of my series on Trump and the Mossad.) One wonders if the Alex Jones operation dually has served as a proving grounds for a future president. Even in Nixon’s days, Roger Stone was working behind the scenes preparing for a fake populist president who would come into power under the guise of being anti-establishment. Ronald Reagan was a step in that direction but didn’t quite meet the establishment expectations for a controlled opposition puppet. Trump sure has, though, hasn’t he? Look how many people on the Right he has fooled. Nearly all of them.

And look how many of those he has fooled who once also followed Alex Jones but later abandoned him after realizing he was a fraud. They broke free from one tier of deception but then immersed themselves in another tier when they bought that Trump was the real deal. They don’t see the dialectic at work in their overly simplistic analysis of the world conspiracy.

If the Trump persona truly is based on the Alex Jones persona, perhaps we can make a prediction of where Trump’s presidency will go. Right now, Alex Jones, as a character, appears to be on the decline. The truly awakened individuals that once followed him are long gone and now all he has left are mindless “red-pilled” idiots, of mostly millennial, hillbilly, and pothead extraction. His out-of-control behaviour is, perhaps, doing the most damage to his status and reputation. The publicity of his custody-trial with ex-wife Violet revealed a lot about the artificiality of his public character. He is currently married to what appears to be a former hooker. His strange relationship with Hollywood sleaze Charlie Sheen went public a few years ago, and now his former employers are bringing to light even more darker truths of the Alex Jones character. In essence, he is self-destructing. Could Donald Trump follow a similar path? Many think he already is. Both Jones and Trump share the pathology of narcissism, which makes them their own worst enemies—and at the complete mercy of their handlers.


  1. They have been overacting, as I see it, and so the old cabal globalist NWO elites may feel convinced that they are playing to make the public believe they are anti-globalist/-NWO. Because they seem to make too artificial scenarios. The situations Trump and Jones played up to are too obviously just fake scenarios, so much exaggerated, that the elites have no doubt that they are really on their side.
    However, perhaps they only are very bad actors trying to convince the public?
    I think the present possible indictments of participants from the former administration in a “crime syndicate” could clear any doubts about Trump, if this is also not part of a bigger plan then?
    But I don’t take past situations or actions as an evidence for anything to conclude about their characters though and for any present agendas or whom they might sympathize with.

    1. The Franklin scandal occurred during the Reagan administration. Go from there. Roger Stone appears to have been involved in one way or another.

    2. There is a video/audio on JUTUBE by Myron Fagan..and he mentions one of the worst Hollywood Communists at that time was Ronald Regean..ironic here’s a jerk who broke up unions (air traffic controllers) yet was a member of the screen actors guild UNION..MK Ultra Cathy Obrien says Regean slept on LLBean baby blue flannel sheets..some where in there she also said he preferred sex with animals ..maybe that monkey he made movies with..who knows! All these selected pResidents are mentally ill and disgusting

  2. @Renato: Not sure if old Ronnie was linked or not, but consider this: his vice president was daddy Bush. Former director of the CIA or commonly known as Criminals Incorporated of America which has been associated with pedophilia. If you want to have a real look into the world global conspiracy, I recommend a good site: But stay with fitzinfo as well; very informative regarding the zionist shills that occupy the governments of the USSA and the UK..

  3. Let’s see whether this helps fill in to provide some background for what certainly seems to be happening in our current situations:
    “STORY: Yeah. What happened was – according to Golitsyn – is that after the death of Stalin the communists realised, in general, that the method of control they’d been adopting, namely brutal repression, was an inefficient method of achieving control over populations and that it was more efficient to seek to achieve control through infiltration and deception and through the control of the minds of the target.
    So, between 1959 and 1961, Shelepin developed, perfected and agreed with the Party the full outline of this deception plan. And, the deception plan is basically a means of projecting communism into the whole of the rest of the world. And they do it through deception, and we can examine how this is done as we go on.
    McILHANEY: Well, one of the features of the plan, obviously, was to give the impression that the international communist movement was breaking up, that there were splits, divisions, dissent, that there was a rift between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, there was a rift between Red China and the Soviet Union, all of these things were examples of this disinformation strategy, and one of the principal goals of it would be that the West would feel more secure and put down its guard.
    STORY: Yes. Lenin, Lenin’s methodology involves the use of the dialectic. Now, the Western mind – which is a civilised, developed mind – does not understand dialectical deception, which is basically a Mongol concept. And the fake Russia-China split is a good example, by creating the false impression that there was a split – which incidently they’ve continued ever since, because now we have communist China and supposedly non-communist Russia, so the illusion of the split continues.”

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