Alex Jones all Koched up!

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

July 25, 2015, Anno Domini

Television personality Montel Williams seems to believe that conspiracy icon Alex Jones is a cokehead and con artist, even calling him out on it publicly via Twitter earlier this year.

Perhaps Williams’ coke claim isn’t so far fetched when you consider Jones’ superhuman confidence and energy levels, self-grandiosity, feelings of superiority and narcissism, cokehead friends like Charlie Sheen, and his patriot-funded millions in the bank (see: Cocaine, anatomy of a high and How Narcicissm relates to Cocaine Addiction).
And if he is a CIA/Mossad asset and a crony of wealthy elites, as this author believes, he would have ample access to the white stuff. It certainly wouldn’t be a shock if it turned out he were a cokehead.

Jones also appears to be jacked up on another Koch—powerful billionaires Charles de Ganahl Koch and David Hamilton Koch, who represent the Koch family empire of industrial capitalism. The Kochs are more or less the Rockefellers of the 21st century, with their tentacles virtually everywhere, but especially in the realm of the neoconservative-libertarian mix. While not overtly Zionist, or even Jewish (nobody seems to know), the Kochs are a credit to predatory Judeo-masonic usury, also known as capitalism. Daddy Koch—Fred Chase—happened to found the crypto-Jewish “conservative” society of John Birch, of which Alex Jones appears to be a solid member (see Did the CIA recruit Alex Jones through the John Birch Society?). The Kochs are also behind the Tea Party and Libertarian movements in the United States, even throwing their support behind Jones cronies Rand and Ron Paul, and all helped by the promotion of controlled opposition news aggregates like the Jewish homosexual Matthew Drudge (DrudgeReport) and Zionist Joseph Farrah (WorldNetDaily).

Notice CIA front National Review as one of the event sponsors.

Jones’ real agenda seems to have reared its trollish head more and more over the last few years, and perhaps it is because of the upcoming federal election in the United States, whether it’s outright endorsing neocon Zionists like Sarah Palin, rallying against raising the minimum wage, or touting the Koch’s Keystone XL pipeline as the saviour of the economy. Now that Jones has built up the core of his audience to its maximum potential, he can really let loose with his agenda, which directly lines up with the Koch agenda (the Koch agenda is a key fixture on the right of the kabbalist dialectic of seeming opposites. To show how flimsy Koch politics is, consider that the Koch empire helped set up the Soviet Unions oil industry under the watch of Stalin even though the Kochs have always been outspokenly anti-Communist. They have also gone both ways in the gay marriage debate as well as the abortion debate). Jones admits now that he is a “classical liberal” who advocates laissez-faire capitalism. The researched reader will know that laissez-faire is a product of the Judeo-masonic Enlightenment. Jones is as close to neo-conservatism as one can get (it also falls under the umbrella of masonic libertarianism). The Kochs are also for laissez-faire capitalism, as it allows them to conduct their exploitative practices, unfettered by government or anyone else.

Koch and Jones’ political views line up perfectly
Here’s some perspective on the similarities between what Alex Jones preaches daily through his media empire and the Koch Brothers’ agenda:

  • Minimum wage freeze
  • Anti-union
  • Tea Party (Alex Jones claims to have founded Tea Party movement, so do Kochs—Kochs actually founded it: Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers)
  • Smaller government
  • Laissez-faire capitalism
  • Support Israel and neoconservative foreign policies despite being “libertarian” (anti-war)
  • Stand with coal
  • Support Keystone XL pipeline and conventional oil and gas development
  • John Birch Society (Fred Koch a founding member of JBS)
  • Libertarianism (David H. Koch was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980; Kochs funded $250 million to libertarian causes from 1998 to 2008; Alex Jones is an outspoken Libertarian)
  • Oppose socialized health care
  • Oppose carbon tax schemes
  • Oppose official narrative on climate change
  • Attack renewable energy
  • Anti-tax, especially for the rich
  • Privatization of government services
  • Ron Paul/Rand Paul (Koch Brothers Support Rand Paul)
  • The Cato Institute (Ron Paul at the Cato Institute)
  • Oppose net neutrality (Alex Jones’ Stance On Net Neutrality Proves He Is A Shill)
  • Anti-police (Kochs have advocated criminal justice reform through Cato and The Charles Koch Institute; Alex Jones constantly fear mongers about the police state, even naming some of his documentaries “Police State”)
  • Advocate restoration of U.S. Constitution (which is masonic)
  • Monetary Reform, specifically a return to the gold standard

See now why Jones nor the alternative media rarely, if ever, talk about the Koch brothers, much less in a critical manner? The Kochs hide their money and influence in a complex web of political action committees (PACs) and tax-exempt foundations. Seems Jones has learned a trick or two from the Kochs, as he has done a good job of hiding his own funding through various incorporated dummy companies.

Koch brothers libertarianism, like JBS, serve to homogenize NWO dissenters and the so called right wing
In How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics, monetary reformer and anti-usurist Anthony Migchels draws some interesting conclusions about Koch involvement in the truth movement:

But in the meantime another very wealthy Jewish family, the Koch family (see ‘the Zionist Billionaires that Control Politics’), had taken over the organization of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

Fred Koch founded the John Birch Society in 1958. Ed Griffin was educated there. He later wrote a famous book, “The Creature of Jekyll Island”. This was a rehash of Eustace Mullins’ brilliant ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, with one exception: it left out all Mullins’ analysis of the Gold Standard as a Banker operation and how Britain’s demand for taxes paid in Gold were the cause of the war of Independence. Instead it called for the reinstatement of a Gold Standard. This is a key part of the story OF how Austrian Economics managed to take over the ‘Truth Movement’.

Koch’s son Charles Koch founded the CATO Institute, together with Murray Rothbard. The CATO Institute remains to this day a leading Libertarian outlet.

Of course, Jones frequently references Griffin (also a JBS member) and dabbled in the gold trade himself (apparently he has moved on to just selling herbal supplements and water filters).

Infowars’ talent pool a who’s who of controlled opposition
In retrospect, Jones pool of “experts” used in his documentary films and on his daily radio show all seem to come from only a few groups, either from the John Birch Society, Koch-connected groups, the intelligence community, or Zionist groups like the Council For National Policy, the Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress, and WorldNetDaily. Here’s a short list of some of the Infowars go-to characters from these groups:

  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Joseph Farrah
  • Joel Skousen (nephew of Bircher Cleon Skousen, a former FBI official and Mormon apologist)
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Matt Drudge
  • Stanley Monteith
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Ron Paul
  • Dan Bongino
  • Jesse Benton

Jones is an honorary founding member of the Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress, a seemingly Christian Zionist, Birch-like think tank styled like a Koch PAC.

Why does Adnan Khashoggi keep popping up around Alex Jones?
Regular readers know that I have been onto Alex Jones’ disinfo trail for some time. One of the first big articles I wrote exposing Jones, with much credit to Daniel Hopsicker, revealed a possible connection of Jones to Israeli intelligence through Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who is as big as anybody in The Octopus—a moniker for the Judeo-Masonic criminal network, especially as it was revealed in the 1980s with arms scandals and BCCI. Like many Saudi elites, Khashoggi is an Israeli Mossad asset. (See: The Growing Complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections). There is yet another possible connection between the two characters, this time through our hosts of the evening, the Kochs.

In Triad, Khashoggi, and the Republicans: Together Again, we discover:

Triad Management, the company directed by the Koch Brothers, is one of hundreds of Triad companies run by global magnate Khashoggi. Incidentally this is the Khashoggi who was responsible for heading the Iran Contra arms for hostages deal for which he was later pardoned by senior George Bush. In 1983, the year Triad Governmental Systems was founded in Ohio, Khashoggi formed the gold company Barrick Gold Corp. In 1985, Khashoggi borrowed $21 million, using his Barrick stock as collateral, for the covert transfer of arms to Iran for the Bush-North group.

Khashoggi allegedly provided the loan from his Cayman Islands company, Triad American holding company. Khashoggi used the Monte Carlo offices of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) to launder money for Iran arms sales. After Khashoggi was investigated and indicted for his role in the Iran-Contra affair, the Canadian director of Barrick, Peter Munk, paid the $4 million to get Adnan bailed out.

Ron Paul has Khashoggi’s Barick Gold as holding.

I wonder if Alex Jones’ old-time listeners who bought gold from him back in his goldsmithing heyday are currently storing a quickly devaluing metal that was supplied by Khashoggi’s Barick Gold! Guess who has Barrick Gold in his top ten holdings? One Ron Paul.
The Kochs also happen to be subscribers to Israeli intelligence firm Stratfor, based in Austin, Texas. We suspect Jones is in cahoots with Stratfor—Stratfor being in cahoots with Khashoggi.

Line between Jones and Fox News fading into oblivion
If Jones is following the Koch agenda as a subplot within the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, it explains his recent endorsement of Tea Partier Sarah Palin, which is odd considering his previous attacks on her, and his outrageous claim that all Muslims be deported from the United States or that Israeli proxy ISIS is a legitimate threat to America as far as it is perceived as Islamic. Furthermore, we can anticipate, as we inch closer to the election, that Jones will ramp up the Koch-neocon rhetoric. The strategy at first seemed to be the advocacy for the Libertarian ticket in Rand Paul, but Plan B may be to go with the Republican ticket in Jeb Bush. Alternatively, it’s difficult to see the Kochs opposing a Trump Whitehouse, should the impossible happen.

Jones has been criticizing President Obama and the Democrats hard in the last four years in the run up to Obama’s exit. Now that Jones’ core audience has been hooked by Jones exposing legitimate but fairly general conspiracies, they are struggling to see how they are being duped with his current rhetoric, which protects the Jewish money power that runs the show. Since his beginning as a conspiracy icon, Jones has played the right wing card of the Kabbalist dialectic of the NWO conspiracy. He has consistently advocated JBS-, Koch-styled political views as part of his counter-intelligence mission. His mission has been to homogenize, radicalize, and then misdirect dissenters of the NWO conspiracy. One of the key tactics he uses to achieve this is to dilute resistance by keeping his listeners from focusing on specific things. Instead, he has them looking in all directions, exerting, thus wasting their energy away from anything meaningful. It’s diabolical scheme to manage the NWO’s opposition to a predetermined outcome, thus we call Alex Jones and other shills in the patriot movement “controlled opposition.”
Jewish Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin once said:

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.


  1. Great article!
    I don’t usually watch Alex Jones, but I did watch the beginning of his Infowars Nightly News the other night and I was reminded of why I quit listening to him.
    In less than 30 seconds he used the following frightening, violent, disgusting words:
    savage, war, blows, fight with two daggers in each hand, bleeding, sever their head, murdering, goulish, organized crime, narcotics trafficking, child molesting, scum, garbage, filth, maggot infested, demons
    Watch after 0:49 here: Is The Future Doomed – Infowars Nightly News – 07/24/2015 via @YouTube
    And his listeners hear that sort of talk for three hours a day.
    It’s not surprising they develop a sense of learned helplessness.
    I also noted, as you mentioned, Jones’ call for Muslims to be deported, and his fear-mongering about Islamic jihadists after the recent shooting in Chattanooga.
    What happened to CIA-run Islamic jihadists and mentally retarded FBI patsies?
    He’s definitely sounding more like a neocon.

    1. I used to listen to his show in order to obtain material for articles like this. I’m finding I can’t do it anymore, for very much the same reasons you stated. He exudes negativity and bullshit.

      1. Yes, Alex Jones ” exudes negativity and… [B S Bad Science]. But it is cleverly burried or hidden behind nationalism and patriotism and the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the ‘rights of man.”
        Catholic scholars and theologians have tried to explain to us what is wrong with this “Americanism” but it has taken me and probably many others here a very long time to start to understand this.
        The US Founding FAthers and the Consitution and the Bill of Rights and the capitalism usury financial model are Judeo-Masonic-Enlightenment evil through and through.
        Alex sells patriotism and Americanism and Bad Science to sell mammon.
        Catholic Christians are not to buy in to these Jewish revolutionary spirit ideas. The Judeo-Masons have already accomplished their one world death and slavery system for all revolution. It is perfectly Christ-honoring, however, to engage in the counter-revolution with our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.

  2. Cathy O’Brien and (handler?), Mark Phillips are also honorary members of RSICC. This explains why “Tranceformation of America failed to address the issue of Jewish power.

  3. Nice article.
    Please correct / change
    Michael Hopsiker
    Daniel Hopsiker
    (I personally do not like Daniel because he refuses to face the truth that no planes crashed into the WTC Twin Towers. That false tenet pervades Alex Jones and entire GCN hosts’ 9-11 ideology.)
    The “Koch” brings to my mind the
    Bar Kokhba revolt (Hebrew: מרד בר כוכבא or mered Bar Kokhba), was a rebellion of the Jews of Judea Province, led by Simon bar Kokhba, against the …
    ‎Simon bar Kokhba .
    I probably do not need to say the following to most here, but in case some others happen upon this interesting article I feel I must say this. Having a Jewish name, or even definitely being of Jewish ethnicity per DNA which virtually no one can prove these days, is of no meaning to Jesus. The Catholic church was founded by a Jew and its original apostles and disciples and followers were the Jews who made the right decision to accept the True Messiah when he came to them. What matters to Jesus is “circumcision of the heart”, that is, belonging to and becoming a bondslave of the True Messiah. In the Catholic teaching, every human being has special dignity. That dignity was accorded by the Incarnation of The Logos. The Church does not teach biological determinism and it is a mortal sin to hate or judge against any human being because of their DNA. The series of video links I posted recently here by a Protestant Arizona pastor named Anderson actually said his own DNA analysis showed to his big surprise his own Jewish DNA.
    Americans For Prosperity, with many active local branches, is as I understand it almost entirely funded by the Koch brothers. They are a libertarian type group who seem to promote some very reasonable conservative ideas, like for example by Peggy Venable toward our Texas legislature.
    I just do not care much at all about parties and candidates and elections. It is all a wipeout. I do not think Alex Jones is on coke because he has struggled with his overweight problem for too long. If he were on coke, he would not be able to do his show on a regular basis and he would not keep cycling in his weight.
    Catholic author Jerome Corsi, who is a regular writer for World Net Daily was recently on the Alex Jones show.
    Dr. Jerome Corsi: Trump Is The Real Deal
    The Alex Jones Channel
    The Alex Jones Channel
    Published on Jul 17, 2015
    I think I listened to part of this show in my car and while I do not focus on or even remember him talking about Trump, I do remember Dr. Corsi saying the deal that was just made with Iran about their nukes INSURES nuclear World War III, or something very close to that. Perhaps it will be covered in the video I linked above.
    Dr. Corsi has consistently over the years been against Iran and Muslim countries in general and for Israel, though he plays down his pro-Israel stance. I think the Islamic religion has a multi-century record of Satanic violence but I do not think Jesus looks with favor on what Israel has done to the Palestinians. I read almost all of Bishop Sheen’s books and I remember that he seemed to state several times that he thought the Muslims were closer to accepting Christ, the True Missiah, than most realize. I do not recall Bishop ever saying much at all about the Jews and the current nation state of Israel, but at the time I was not sensitive to that subject.
    Dr. Corsi is a very learned man but he is very much a part of the USA Jewish-Capitalist-Usury nation.
    Thanks again for good article.

    1. Texe Marrs AFP Confrence DNA Science And The Jewish Bloodline.
      I feel Texe talking about the DNA Science at this AFP Confrence would have been far more informative then Pastor Steve Anderson finding out he had some analysis showed to his big surprise in his DNA, that was total 30 minutes of Marching to Zion not needed, but more talk of the proof of hardley or no real jews in the world today. Thank You for your comment.

      1. I listened to Texe Marrs’ latest weekly broadcast – free downloadable. He mentioned that he does not believe in dispensationalism. I thought that was interesting. I motivated me to find a good article about dispensationalism and I found one that I wanted to share with everyone.
        Dispensationalism, Israel, & the Church
        This Protestant popular doctrine has many flavors but it always is extremely supportive of Israel.
        I also think this kind of Protestant end times “theology” pervades Alex Jones, and in general.

  4. For the longest time I Wayne Morin Jr have had feelings about Jones,fighting with myself is he a big shill or is it just the corporations he and the Media he partners with but in this article you made it very simple for the confusion about Jones true loyalties obligation. Thank you for your time and efforts on bringing others who are being fooled and Jones cronies Rand and Ron Paul, and all helped by the promotion of controlled opposition news aggregates like the Jewish homosexual Matthew Drudge (DrudgeReport) and Zionist Joseph Farrah (WorldNetDaily).

  5. I notice Paul Joseph Watson, Jones’ English sidekick, has taken to promoting something called “Neo-masculinity” – which he touts as the masculine antidote to third wave feminism, but which doesn’t seem to amount to much more than going to the gym and doing weights (ironically that narcissistic approach to sexual identity politics was pioneered by homos and radical feminists like Jane Fonda ). But the “Neo” prefix is RATHER interesting. Just as the Neocons became the phony kosher opposition to the Left, it looks like the same psy-ops lab has conjured up a bogus “alternative” to feminism, and Watson has been hired as one of the salesmen.

    1. Good point, the whole gym rat lifestyle is rather homoerotic and very narcissistic. I notice that young men today only seem to assert their masculinity in this manner. Wonder if Watson is an MI5 asset.

  6. Watson’s rubbishing of “conspiracy theories” about the Hebdo and Rigby false flags certainly suggest he’s working for someone, especially in the context of speeches by Cameron saying, and I quote: “we must demand that people condemn wild conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, and sectarianism.” Note that he’s not just talking here about silencing “conspiracy theorists, etc., but actually demanding that everyone publicly and positively endorses the official line. This makes even the Bolsheviks seem positively tolerant of dissent by comparison. The “wild-conspiracy theories” bit is self-explanatory, but “anti-Semitism” here translates as even mild criticism of Israel or Zionism. As for “sectarianism”, those useful idiots on the Christian right, including plenty of Catholics, who believe that this stuff will be directed at Muslims are in for a very rude awakening if Cameron and his band of Neocons get their way.

    1. ““we must demand that people condemn wild conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, and sectarianism.”
      Is this a quote of Paul Joseph Watson?
      Sounds very much like this murderous lie…
      November 10, 2001 – President Bush Speaks to United Nations
      G.W. Bush:
      “We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous
      conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
      malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists,
      themselves, away from the guilty. To inflame ethnic hatred is to advance
      the cause of terror.”
      Alex Jones and Paul Watson and a few of the staff have been touring Europe the last week and have been live broadcasting from there. Guess this is all part of their scripted propaganda. Guess they sold a ton of “Super Male Vitality” to pay for this juggernaut.

  7. No sorry, I didn’t make myself clear Dachsielady, that was a quote from a speech from British Prime Minister, Cameron, not Watson. Having said that, some of the stuff Watson has come out with in recent times about “conspiracy theorists” isn’t so very far off what Cameron and Bush said. As Fitz’s article makes clear Infowars is inching ever closer to the Fox News corporate crass media line.

    1. “Infowars is inching ever closer to the Fox News corporate crass media line”
      So true.
      In my opinion Jones and writers/co-hosts employ very careful wordcrafting to deceive. Sounds right and good on the surface but total avoidance of Judeo-Masonic forces and their control over international banking makes his good-sounding talk a big lie. Sure, he will mention “the bankers” and “the globalists” and Alan Dershowitz and other bad guys, but he tediously avoids what we really are up against here and that is Judeo-Masonic principalities and powers of darkness. Brothers and bankers, Max, Paul, and Felix Warburg, each financed the different countries and “sides” of WWI and WWII. A major part of the one world death and slavery system for all and the Great Apostasy will never be mentioned by Alex Jones Inc.

    2. Got your article, Northsider. I deleted it from the comments section. When do you think the second part will be ready? Haven’t read it all yet, but it looks great so far. Thank you for this contribution. How do you want your byline to read?

  8. Since this article mentions abortion saying the Koch brothers “have also gone both ways in the gay marriage debate as well as the abortion debate).” and is the current article under discussion here, I want to take this opportunity to ask anyone in USA reading this to please sign a petition to U.S. Congress to stop giving money, our tax dollars to the tune of about 500 million a year, We can take advantage of two things right now that will give this petition more political punch: revelation anew about Planned Parenthood chopping up babies and selling them for parts and even trying to have baby be alive and then killing outside the womb so that the parts will be more valued by their baby parts customers, and the fact that we are entering the political season due to 2016 presidential election year.
    Catholics should do this little thing to take action against the murder of the unborn.
    God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.
    Here is the email I received for signing the petition and it contains the link to the petition signing page.
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    Just forward to them the original protest email that we sent to you, or forward to them the following link, so they too can stand up for the unborn and help to stop the modern day massacre of the innocents:
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    Be assured of my prayers for you and yours, and I kindly ask that you pray for us and our efforts!
    Thomas J McKenna

  9. I did not listen to the debate on the Alex Jones show today between Jones and David Duke but I did happen to hear a good bit of the same show after the debate ended. Alex was doing some serious tap dancing after what must have been a big lose for him. His propaganda and twisting of truth and logical thinking was in overdrive. From just the part I listened to him talking about the debate, I got the impression that the debate was about the eradication of the White race, but I have a feeling that David Duke did not tap dance around the real issue in the debate. Naturally Alex Jones wants to leave the impression that that was what the debate about. AJ was so obviously dissembling in his talk today after the debate, that I am afraid he lost many listeners for good. It sounds like David Duke won to me. I personally have no interest in watching the debate. (I do not know anything about Jones not posting the debate on AJ’s YouTube channel. The person named Ron Gibson did post it on Gibson’s YT channel and it looks like Gibson is associated or at least a strong supporter of PrisonPlanet.TV as well as Infowars show, so all that was confusing to me.)
    Another guest on the show, a Mr. Maloof, a writer for Farrah’s WorldNetDailey talked all around who real funds and supplies arms to and medical care and other supplies to ISIS. They never mentioned Israel or Zionists even one time.
    Also I heard a part of his interview today of Jesse Ventura and they were both stuttering and tripping all over themselves on their stance on abortion. They both had it seriously wrong and they do not take a correct principled position.
    (Here is a good interview summarizing the USA’s and the world’s dire position and the guest does mention Israel and the Zionists a few times but, even though his main message contains all the elements of the truthful part of Alex Jones’ message, it just comes off as more truthful and honest and appears that he was not avoiding at all costs mentioning Israel and the Zionists. I could be wrong about this and this guest, maybe is just like Alex Jones in every way. You can judge. The host is a Catholic, I believe.
    You are a follower of Timothy Kelly on PodOmatic, and there is a new episode available:
    “Joachim Hagopian on ISIS, False Flag Terrorism, and Global Enslavement”
    To view this episode, follow the link below:
    The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday August 18 2015: Michael Maloof, David Duke
    Ron Gibson
    Ron Gibson
    Published on Aug 18, 2015
    Official Statement On The Duke-Jones Debate
    By Dr. David Duke

    1. Duke handled the debate perfectly. Jones probably thought he could trip him up but failed miserably. Yes, Jones will lose many listeners from this publicity stunt. Nothing good came out of it for him. I don’t know what he and his handlers were thinking by doing this. Perhaps they are too out of touch with their audience. It’s blind, but perhaps not that blind.

      1. Jones initiated this stunt and it apparently backfired on him. I am assuming that Duke said plainly WHO it is that is causing the “White genocide” against European White persons and that the victimization is not limited to White people but to all people. Am also assuming that Jones did everything he could to keep the focus on WHAT it is that is happening, and victims being humanity in general and not White people, and that he kept trying to keep the focus off of, and misidentify the WHO, that is, the “evil globalists.”

        1. Yes, Duke called out the Jew. Jones never debated Duke on points really, he just tried to tarnish his image by continually diverting discussion back to the Nazis, KKK, final solution, etc. Then Jones waited until the very end to unleash what he thought was his secret weapon, his Jewish video editor Rob Jacobson who then tried to smear Duke. That failed too. Duke got in many good points that hopefully woke up a lot of Jones’ listeners. The following day on his show, Jones personally attacked Duke, evidence of his ego being hurt and a weak attempt at damage control. Internet is buzzing about the debate, mostly in favour of Duke. Apparently it was so in Duke’s favour that it provoked Jones to remove the debate from the Infowars Youtube channel.

          1. adversaries to ALL men;
            contrary to ALL men:
            oppose ALL men
            1 Thessalonians 2:13 – 16 Revised Standard Catholic Version
            13 And we also thank God constantly for this, that when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God, which is at work in you believers.
            14 For you, brethren, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus which are in Judea; for you suffered the same things from your own countrymen as they did from the Jews,
            15 who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all men
            16 by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they may be saved — so as always to fill up the measure of their sins. But God’s wrath has come upon them at last!

  10. Tim, I have big news regarding Alex Jones. I’ve recently learned that Alex and Violet have separated and that Alex is living in an apartment in downtown Austin. Also, Alex signed the deed to their house over to Violet in March of this year and the house is now up for sale. I would bet anything that Alex’s separation from Violet has something to do with David Duke’s recent appearance on Alex’s radio show.

    1. I would bet anything that Alex’s separation from Violet has something to do with David Duke’s recent appearance on Alex’s radio show.

      And by that I don’t mean that Alex and Violet separated in the last couple of days due to David Duke’s appearance on Alex’s radio show. Alex and Violet separated several months ago.
      What I mean is that I suspect Alex Jones invited the “anti-Semitic” David Duke onto his radio show as a form of retaliation against Violet (who is half Jewish), and I suspect this retaliation stems from Alex’s anger and resentment at Violet for having taken/received the family house after their separation.

      1. I understand now. 
        The AJ / retaliation theory still does not ring true to me but guess we will never know.  It is quite interesting and we thank you for telling of this separation. My theory is that
        AJ had some kind of magic ring of protection around his Infowars Inc. money machine THEN the provider of that protection has withdrawn the protection, that is, in retaliation mode,  and along with that goes his wife, his children and a big part of his property. I wonder if his tribal lawyers will just go through the motions of trying to preserve his estate during divorce proceedings or if  AJ will have to hire some meaner than a junkyard dog gentile lawyers to wage a real fight.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

  11. My theory is that IF AJ had some kind of magic ring of protection around his Infowars Inc. money machine THEN the provider of that protection has withdrawn the protection, that is, in retaliation mode, and along with that goes his wife, his children and a big part of his property.

    That’s correct, dachieslady.
    Also, 1 Thessalonians 2:13–16 is a well known interpolation.

  12. Hi, ZOG, what’s your source for this?

    My source for Alex Jones deeding the family house to Violet is a document found on the Travis County official records website.
    My source for Alex Jones’ house being up for sale is the Google search link that I provided for you.
    My source for Alex Jones being separated from Violet is several anonymous individuals online who have stated that Alex Jones is living by himself in an apartment and the fact that Alex Jones has recently recorded a few vlogging videos in a high rise apartment building rather than his family house.

    1. Your theory does add up and would account for his lapse in judgement in bringing Duke onto the show. It’s like a part of him wanted some vengeance against Kelly but his roots couldn’t allow him to go all the way, as he did still Zionist deny.

    1. ZOG, I would be happy to post an article (brief or long) about your conclusions on this wife separation speculation. You can post in the comments and I’ll consider posting it.

    2. Well, I don’t really have enough information for an article. I’ve already written everything I know about the situation.

  13. The 2 full hour show With Dr.David Duke that is very interesting to see now to keep our ears to the pavement on what develops.

  14. A couple of comments, the second being probably too far off topic, but here goes.
    I do not know if Alex Jones is separated from his wife. I can find no gossip on the web to even substantiate that as a simple rumor. But this kind of gossip generally turns out to have some truth to it.
    If it is true, then I cannot think that it has absolutely nothing to do with Kelly Jones’ Jewish roots and Infowars dependence of Jewish advertisers and other advantages connected to his family’s wealth. I do not believe it is possible to experience meteoric “success” in Internet alternative media without Jews permission.
    I wanted to point out though David Duke seems right about some subjects, he is dead wrong when he harps on the White race. Duke apparently adheres to Darwinian ideology and Dr. E. Michael Jones among others have pointed out the fundamental contradiction of those ideas.
    Suggest everyone read this article…
    E. Michael Jones on David Duke and His Weltanschauung
    By Jonas E. Alexis on June 23, 201

  15. Alex Jones is going to do another raw money grab –
    “In 20 years, we have grown an amazing amount here at Infowars.
    Now we are reaching for the next level. We are going to launch syndicated television shows on satellite across North America and we need your help to achieve this goal.
    Please join us in this cause to liberate the minds of North Americans and donate what you can so that we can spread the word on an exponentially larger scale.
    This time the goal is one million dollars.
    27 hour straight broadcast for the grab a thon will being on September 16.
    He mentions that same goals he promised with last money bomb which funds therefrom were apparently not used for the stated goals.
    I think he knows people are on to this game and that this may be his last chance to grab some bucks. His appeal is very similar to the Praise A Thon appeals on Trinity Broadcasing Network years ago – reaching and saving the world for the cause.
    We’re chargin up
    Gettin ready
    Goin in !

  16. Northsider, got a quick peak at Part 1 of your article and I must say it is outstanding. We are fortunate to have a person who writes as well as you do on this site.
    I personally had no idea Michael Hoffman was promoting Calvinism and Protestantism so much. But as I have said, my exposure to his writing and videos has been quite limited.
    I still appreciate what I did learn from him, though I also now appreciate the exposure of his errors on these matters you will tell us about in your upcoming article to be posted here.
    One of the main things I learned from Michael Hoffman is to be warry to falling for promoting the “it’s the Jews” meme because in many ways that is something that has been planned and engineered by Cass Sunstein types and the same people who planned and perpetrated all the “false flag” events of the last century by the U.S. government. For example, Hoffman said we should always just say “Judaics” as the more precise term, and not use the term “Jews” as apparently using that term plays right into the hands of the brotherhood of darkness entities that are destroying the people and the world and all nation states and all religions.
    My reasoning tells me the whole “it’s the Jews” meme is something quite useable by the evildoers who want a one world death and slavery system for all.

  17. A well done piece of reporting.
    It’s been years now since I gave Jones any of my attention, so, curiosity piqued, I just this moment checked out his info wars site.
    A few current headlines:
    Obama is a devout, practicing Muslim.
    Not only has Obama declared War on Christianity, Infowars will tell me Why. (I think I already know though, considering the top headline)
    Isis leader admits American funding (This one I clicked on, thinking the story would give at least partial detail to birth of Tel Aviv’s & D.C.’s creation colloquially known as ISIS… it doesn’t. It does say Muslims in America have been raising funds and transferring the money to various ISIS outfits around the Mideast).
    Infiltrating the Black Lives Matter cult.
    The Federal Reserve just repeated the same mistake it made in 1927.
    I can take issue with all those headlines and, easily I believe, prove each and every story above to be at best, misleading and at worst, patently false.
    I do give Jones some credit on a personal level. He was one among many I listened to and/or read when I was in the initial stages of my ‘conversion’ to reality. But after 6 or so months, I moved on. I think it’s essential to have no sacred cows and therefore be willing to alter opinions and ‘beliefs’ in the search for truth. Evolutionary thought is a good thing.
    That being said, between the headlines listed above and your article, in which I learned Jones endorsed/approves of Sarah Palin (!?!?), called for the deportation of Muslims (fwiw the abject hatred and vitriol Muslims worldwide, but particularly in America are subjected to must be suffocating… my heart is with true Muslims everywhere) and that ISIS is a product of those big bad Muslims…. well… there will be no evolution in my opinion regarding Jones. It’s an old maxim: one is known by the company one keeps. Jones is, at best, a whore for jewish interests, a whore for the neocon wing of the ruling cabal, and a sower of hatred and division. In short, another pied piper blowing a mind-warping psychodelic tune of trance music on his bullhorn.
    Those who refuse to speak of the jewish elephant in the room are either uneducated or intentionally misleading. Jones ain’t stupid. And he’s had plenty of time and opportunities to educate himself. Thus it is obvious that Alex Jones intentionally leads his followers into dead-ends and dark alleys.
    I came across your blog a few months back.
    I’m glad I did. I hope you continue to learn and write.

  18. HI
    You may be right or may not
    Its so hard to know without knowing these people who is for real and who isn’t.
    However there are so many opinions a to how to make the world a better place. As a scientist and having looked at the research evidence on the climate for example I have completely changed my mind and no longer believe in global warming as a man made event. The only way to tell is to look at the science as that cannot lie. Perhpas none of us really know who is right and maybe there are many shades of grey with everyone divided into camps and not trusting each other.
    If you want to understand climate then watch this documentary by spce scientist Prof Henrik Svensmark who ahs been quietly conducting his research for many years. Its veyr interesting.

  19. without out a doubt, Jones’ focus on “Jade Helm” this year was to “shake the tree” to get patriot types to expose themselves to the computer system that was set up to track such activity (probably in conjunction with the NSA). Him and Ron Paul, who Jones endorses, are entirely co-opted. Anyone in the alternative media or politics who cannot speak truthfully about 9-11 specifics is hiding something.

  20. Dude all l the “evil” principles alex jones stands for is the definition of america and why we were the greatest nation for a long time. Since we strayed from that is when all the trouble started back in the early 1900’s when we started letting government control more aspects of out lives. If you like socialism I’m more than sure China or North Korea will take you. Come on dude you really think freedom to stand a chance in business is evil? You’re the reason our whole society is broke down.

  21. Does this article start with the same Montel that stated he wanted to roll in with guns blazing and murder all the peaceful protestors at the Oregon wildlife refuge? How he could compare them to those who pillage and plunder and set entire towns on fire, yet I heard no call for murder then, could it be because they were white? Or maybe Montel is one who works for the powerful elite? Maybe Montel is the one working to take from all the commoners who try to stand up and protest for their lives and property. It amazes me the double standard. These people chose a place far from town in a remote area where no one would be bothered or hurt if things did go bad to make their voice heard. They even cleaned the place up while there and did not destroy any property or damage any businesses or homes and Montel wanted to roll in and murder them. Who cares what Montel thinks? He has proven what kind of monster he is.

    1. Montel’s admission is important because, despite that he is an establishment man, they do, from time to time, go after their own. Both Jones and Montel are establishment men. When they turn on each other, it is often true. The establishment is not so organized and powerful that it can protect the public image of everyone at all times. Jones being implicated in Sheen’s sexcapades is another example. All the establishment can do is hope that people forget about these kinds of revelations and move on to the next distraction. And it has worked. Jones is still taking people’s money and still the self-appointed patriot leader.

  22. Even Phyllis Schlafly is a neocon? Please. To date I believe you’ve condemned every conservative I have ever heard of. And you have a problem with deporting all Muslims?

    1. Tim doesn’t condemn genuine conservatives. These so-called conservatives think that conservatism involves embarking on endless wars for the benefit of Israel.

      1.  Will the “genuine conservative” please stand up?
         “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

  23. “For his new movement, which aimed to empower ultraconservatives like himself and radically change the way the U.S. government worked, he analyzed and then copied what he saw as the strengths of the John Birch Society, the extreme, right-wing anti-communist group to which he, his brother David and their father, Fred Koch, had belonged. Charles Koch might claim that his entry into politics is new, but from its secrecy to its methods of courting donors and recruiting students, the blueprint for the vast and powerful Koch donor network that we see today was drafted four decades ago.”
    —Charles Koch Started Plotting 40 Years Ago

  24. Tim .. I’m truly amazed. How do you know so much? You are amazingly extremely well informed. What kind of life did you have?

  25. Alex was a complete liar. On New Years Eve Y2K, he reported that Russia was preparing to launch nukes at us, and the Canadian and Mexican troops were on the borders ready to invade us. If you haven’t heard it, here’s William Cooper broadcast about it. [Skip the first 60 seconds of sound effects]

    1. Alex Jones was on the Joe Rogan Show. AJ did have a credible excuse for his Y2K show. He says the advertisers pushed the radio owners to make AJ say Y2K was true, and that he didn’t believe it earlier.
      AJ also openly drinks and smokes pot on the show, like he’s a regular toker.

  26. Someone, on Utube I think, suggested that Alex Jones “Get on TV Moneybomb” for $1 million came at the same time as his $ millions divorce. I never heard of what became of the TV results.

    1. Yes, I remember reading about that too. There is no transparency with Infowars’ finances, not that there needs to be, as it’s a private company. But it behaves more like a public service. Jones is free to do what he wants with all that money he is making. Unfortunately, naive people continue to give him money and buy his questionable products.

  27. Alex Jones is in the mainstream news today. A court battle over part time custody of his children. His divorced jew wife claims he’s unstable. I agree with that. Jones lawyer claims he is a performance actor. Maybe Jones was mainly about making money, all along.

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