Alternative media continues to ignore Alex Jones’ Stratfor connections

Austin Texas Zionist Terror Cell Infowars

Photo Illustration By Timothy Fitzpatrick

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
February 4, 2014 Anno Domini

We are over a year now into the revelation that popular alternative radio show host Alex Jones is a Zionist agent working for Israel’s intelligence front Stratfor, yet virtually none of the alternative media outlets are exposing this much less even mentioning it.

The only people that have talked about it are Mike Rivero of and an obscure character named Pete Santilli, who appears to be cointelpro. Rivero has done no followup on the issue. Santilli was recently outed as an FBI operative. So where in the world is Jeff Rense? He has been feuding with Jones since his departure from GCN a few years ago, perhaps he is too afraid to open that can of worms, or perhaps he is afraid of being implicated in the whole mess. For all we know, Rense could be an operative as well. Did the alternative media just miss this gem of a story or are they complicit in the coverup and, quite possibly, tied to Stratfor and/or Israeli intelligence themselves?

Let’s look at the Stratfor connections to Alex Jones:

Stratfor’s West 6th Street building in Alex Jones’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Notice that Stratfor shares the building with usurist Zionist bank JP Morgan Chase.

There is a Youtube video circulating that claims an Infowars server leads to Stratfor. However, the video is listed as private and I have not been able to confirm if this is true. If it is, it certainly just adds to the overwhelming evidence now that Jones is what people have been saying for years: that he is a Zionist agent misdirecting the patriot movement—a controlled opposition tactic used by the Soviets.

To those who say this article is an unfair attack on Alex Jones employing the use of argumentum ad hominem (guilt by association) fallacies, it certainly isn’t. If there were only one, maybe two, Stratfor connections to Alex Jones, I might agree with them. But clearly, there is an overwhelming number of connections—too many to ignore. Then you have his many Jewish associations and his on-air confession of being a Zionist.

A shot of Alex Jones’ Dogwood Creek Drive home in Austin, Texas.. Looks like he has a nice pool in his back yard. The pool is covered by trees, but you can see the outline of it.. This is a gated community. Apparently, Stratfor takes good care of Jones
The Infowars Magazine editorial team slug with Maroney as it appeared during her tenure as managing editor and graphics contributor. She left Infowars in August 2013, at least officially. John McEntire replaced her as editor.

While researching this article, I came across a clip of Jones doing a poor job deflecting the Stratfor accusations. In the video below, a caller brings up the Stratfor connection to Molly Maroney, but says her name incorrectly as “Mallory Mahoney.”
Strangely, Alex Jones does not correct the caller about the obvious error and instead repeats the incorrect name as a lie saying “Mallory Mahoney is one of our graphics people that works here at the office.” Jones also lies by omitting on air that “Mahoney” (Maroney) is much more than just a graphics person; she is the managing editor. Is he lying about her name so that anyone who checks it out will run into a wall? He must not think too highly of his listeners if he thinks they will fall for that. He then goes on a tirade about how normal it is for Texans to intern at Stratfor and how the caller was “mentally ill” for daring to question him as the supposed benevolent researcher he is. This isn’t the first time Jones has called his detractors mentally ill. Then he contracts himself by saying he understand why people are suspecting him of being possible disinfo. So we are all mentally ill, yet he understands?

Jones claims that a third of journalism students at the University of Texas at Austin intern at Stratfor. Is Jones accidentally telling us that Stratfor grooms its cointelpro agents at UT? This also raises the question of how many more Stratfor interns have or are currently working for Infowars. I am sure Alex Jones’ many Jewish advertisers are happy with this arrangement. This video clip shows that Alex Jones is fully aware of the accusations that he is a Stratfor operative. He doesn’t bother to ask the caller to explain the question; he immediately goes into attack mode as soon as he hears “Stratfor”. Then he diverts the discussion to strawman arguments, insinuating that all his detractors accuse him of being Bill Hicks or a reptilian (ridiculous claims purposely planted to muddy the water). One last important point about this video clip, Jones provides himself with a weak alibi by saying that in his opinion, “Stratfor puts out propaganda”. Look at his face when he says this. Even he knows it comes off as disingenuous. We are not buying it, Alex, but nice try.

After searching extensively through the Stratfor emails from 2005-2011 as released by Wikileaks, it becomes clear that the emails are really only those by the rank and file employees, with the ones from the higher ups having little to no significance. Therefore, when speaking of Jones, the emails appear detached from Jones and Infowars. Jones’ Stratfor mission must be known by only a select few or by only Stratfor head George Friedman himself.


  1. I am beginning to think that so-called “alternative media” is not so alternative …. if so, it is their “alternative” deception method for those who are tired of mainstream deceivers. …. BTW … Thank you for your great work!

  2. Tim: I saw ur excellent post yest. and took a day to think about it. I must admit I’m an Alex fan who listens everyday–though I it isn’t always too easy to listen to Alex ranting away. But I do think Alex is pretty honest, overall, considering things–he’s just horribly weak on the Jew subject.
    Alex has been getting money–big money–fm these Jews, and he comes fm a Jew-friendly family too, so it’s hard to blame him too much except when he lies and says Hitler had syphilis and that Hitler liked to get up on the front lines and watch towns and villages be bombed and bombarded. At least he doesn’t push the holohoax, at least too much.
    Alex is no friend of the establishment–he just won’t go far enough to say the Jews head the establishment as Jews run the Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, thus controlling everything. Alex also does good when he pt.s out how ZOG (though he calls them “globalists”) is trying to kill everyone w. poison vaccines and food additives, GMO foods, forced drugging, radiation poisoning, “chem-trail” poisoning, etc.
    So overall, when one considers everything, I’d have to say Alex does more good than bad. Alex just fails as he doesn’t go all the way to admit the central place Jews occupy for the great conspiracy against TRUTH, humanity, and Christ–he merely says some Jews are among those who are responsible for the problems.
    Anyone w. serious brains and genuine interest in full truth knows Alex is a half-baked fool, sucking-up to Jews as he does, but Alex still has his uses for the patriot cause as he defends gun-rights, and holds out against legalizing the foreign invaders, etc.

    1. Fair enough, but do you really think Alex’s Zionist handlers would allow him to go on if he were really doing more good than harm? And what has Alex done in over a dozen years of leading the patriot movement? What have any of Alex’s listeners done? Nothing has been accomplished other than all of us being made subconsciously comfortable with tyranny.

      1. Alex Jones: Hero Of Lower-Level Jews
        That’s excellent question, indubitably. And remember Jews are quite psycho, so it isn’t too easy analyzing how their minds work. Note Jews–not only “Zionists”–control the money-machine/-weapon/-instrument, the Fed, and thus both “left” (homosexuals, et al.) and “right” (the neo-cons and Judeo-Christian hereticalists). Further yet, observe some Jews & zionists also want to “influence” such as Rand Paul and the Libertarians, don’t forget–Jews got ALL THE MONEY, it seems, unfortunately.
        JOnes could well be thought-of as “limited-hangout,” but there’s no doubt in my mind that Jones himself is sincere–he’s an idiot, in a certain way, for this brainless Jew-worship on which he’s been weaned fm early age by his Judeo-Christian family, don’t doubt.
        My guess is Jews–at least some or enough of them–are satisfied Jones pt.s away fm Jews and never fails to idolize Jews, vilifying Nazis, etc.
        Remember another thing: Jones is always and seriously (he genuinely believes in it) pushing this “good-evil” prop.–which is part of Jews’ necessary rationale and mentality–don’t u want to be “good,” and so thought of by others?–well then, u should be “tolerant” and not “anti-Semitic.” So all Jews, including the master-minds, appreciate Jones for this Pharisaist prop. regarding “good-evil.”
        So Jones provides a significant cultural appeal which is quasi-religious for the “good-evil” proposition which would otherwise be laughed-at if it was pushed by outright religious and Judeo-Christians.
        Thus “harm and good” needs to be understood regarding (a) Jews, specifically, and (b) the more general situation regarding what we’d call “big-bro.” Regarding (a), Jones is surely immaculate and outstanding, but regarding (b), Jews consider it’s quite expedient that Jones deflects fm the Jews, as if there are other significant powers responsible.
        Remember Jews–esp. the lower-level ones (sociologically)–actually believe it is someone else doing the dirty-work (like “Islamics,” and “anti-semites”), and these Jews got money–they’re ones pushing Ron and Rand Paul, pretending they (Jews) are thus loyal to people in general–fellow American citizens, etc. Top Jews surely consider and calculate if they clamped-down too much on the lower-level Jews, it wouldn’t work nearly as well as things are working so far–that’s how Alex gets by like he does (I think).
        So it seems weird, perhaps, but Alex is sincere, and does creditably warning against the “globalists”–he just leaves-out the Jews–only the top-level Jews don’t like the part about “globalists” and are made nervous thereby. Lower-level Jews love Alex–even though Alex does such good job (as he does) against globalists. I hope this analysis makes sense.

        1. Make no mistake, my objection to Jones as the patriot leader is not merely because he doesn’t finger the Jew for heading the NWO, although that is a big part of it. He is proactively hindering resistance and, thereby, aiding the conspirators. He is not sincere. His tough guy act is fake. His Texas redneck act is fake. His father is a dentist, not some gun-slinging cowboy. He is nothing more than a Hollywoodish used car salesman who would probably sellout his own mother for a handful of pocket change. I have just become aware of his use of subliminal messaging in his documentaries, as I point out in my article on learned helplessness (see updated info). As I show in my article about him externalizing the hierarchy, he also promotes new age concepts. All of this, coupled with his opposition to the Illuminati (black magicians), seems to indicate that he is a white magician of some sort, perhaps a Freemason. I would have to say that Jeff Rense is a white magician too. White magicians are opposed to the Illuminati (“globalists”) whom they consider “evil” in the dualistic sense of the term. But of course, white magicians are still magicians and the other side of the same black magic coin.

      2. Well, to me, the very CRUX and essence of the problem is the fraudulent money-making instrument, the Fed–no one would have any significant power without such Fed fraud. Alex understands this Fed problem, though he doesn’t identify it specifically as legalized COUNTERFEITING, but he does second Ron Paul who does understand the Fed.
        I’ve been listening to Alex for over 3 yrs, every day, the full 3 hr broad-cast, and I have to dis-agree he’s not sincere. Ur analysis seems a little complicated, so I guess I’ll have to re-read ur article.
        Reason I like Alex is his command of & keeping-up on the various details and then ability to put it all together–PLUS his analysis of these things–by which I consider I do get useful, worthwhile info. Of course, I also make it a pt. to ck ur own info, along w. others, like Rivero’s at, some others too.

        1. End the Fed is a dead end. Auditing or abolishing the fed will not hinder the money changers. A gold standard is not the answer, especially considering who owns most of the world’s gold. Do you see why Alex Jones has made this half-baked pursuit his ultimate goal? It creates the illusion that he is doing something, and that his listeners’ monetary support is helping him achieve this end. Ron Paul is false opposition as well. Alex Jones is a master hypnotist…an extremely intelligent man who puts up the pretense of being a willful commoner just trying to help humanity. I’ve been monitoring Alex Jones since the 1990s. These are my observations through careful study. He perfects his craft through an extremely controlled environment. Why do you think he doesn’t speak in public as much as he used to? He knows people are on to him. He got shown up at the gun rally in Austin big time. Since then, he has gone out of his way to avoid public demonstrations.

  3. Do you think the banksters don’t already have a replacement for the dollar? You minimize Alex Jones’s treachery by making statements about patriots having to “agree with perfect exactitude.” This isn’t an insignificant issue. You, of all people, know that there is either 100 percent truth or lies. Jones is the half-truth movement game in town. There is nothing Aristotelian about making excuses for his lies. What is the common link between Jones, Paul, and Ventura? The mainstream media promotes all of them, but not enough that they become bigger than the establishment line—just enough to make it seem like we have a choice. Controlled oppoisition, apollonian. Jew butcher Lenin said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” The book the girl refers to in that video is Hoffman’s Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. In it, Hoffman eloquently explains how merely exposing the Illuminati conspiracy is not productive but is often counter-productive. Hoffman is explaining liars just like Jones. Your Infotainment hero has starred in two Jew Hollywood trash movies (A Scanner Darkly and Walking Life). Looks like you have a lot of homework to do on Judas Goat Jones.

    1. Alex Jones: “Useful Idiot”?–Or Conscious, Deliberate Traitor?
      Tim: I’ll say it again, Jews have ALREADY won–they sweep the field–why do u ignore this? Our only hope now is (a) to survive, (b) to come-back–IF POSSIBLE–and it is possible w. coming currency-collapse. Jones is presently much the “only game in town” (of practical nature) to opposing the top powers in control–this is all I’m saying, don’t forget.
      Do u doubt Jones opposes the “globalists” (as he puts it, he always leaving out Jews)? I think Jones DOES oppose the top masterminds, as he’s explicitly said, the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers–this isn’t lies or dis-info. JOnes is against AGENDA-21 and ObamaCare death-panels; he’s also against fluoride-poisoning in water-supplies, GMO foods, “chem-trails,” etc.–this is a net plus for patriots, even though patriots need to go further to seeing the full anti-Christ program.
      Most of all, Jones opposes the US Federal Reserve Bank which is PRIMARY WEAPON (of practical nature) of Jews, satanists, anti-Christs, et al.
      U’re overlooking, I suspect, gravity of the situation regarding US Dollar–if and when it collapses, it will be like Humpty-dumpty–they will TRY to replace it, perhaps, but the replacement will NOT have the same status as “reserve-currency,” used for international trans-actions, esp. for oil (the “petro-dollar”).
      Currency-collapse will be EPOCHAL–it (US Dollar as “reserve currency”) cannot and will not be “replaced.” All the king’s horses and all the king’s men will not be able to (fully) replace the Dollar. Coming collapse is serious business, and it’s why ZOG is arming to teeth, buying-up all the ammo, militarizing local police, etc.–they’re scared, for good reason.
      And this Dollar collapse will be fatal–millions are going to die because of, if nothing else, food-shortages, civil un-rest, etc. Question is what will ensue?–will there be full-blown martial-law?–calling in UN troops (esp. Muslims who will gladly kill Americans)? There are horrific things ZOG can do–like a huge EMP strike, for example, which will wipe-out electric-grid, which could kill HUNDREDS of millions.
      So u see, I’m “fan” of Jones, and I provisionally defend him, but I KNOW Jones has serious problems, much as u’ve pt’d out, BUT if u want to say Jones is total satanic-type liar who’s consciously working for the satanists behind the Fed, u need to supply more and better details, not merely asserting.
      I’ve never seen (or even hrd of) “Scanner Darkly” or “Walking Life”–perhaps u can tell us something about them, what the pt. to them is. When I ck Jones site, I don’t see Jones selling these afore-mentioned movies, Jones rather having many of his own vids he tries to sell.
      Tim, did u know Hoffman was on the Jones show?–I think even Hoffman would agree w. my own appraisal of Jones, a “useful idiot,” perhaps, at worst, but not a conscious traitor.
      Don’t doubt I take ur info seriously, but so far, I don’t believe u’ve made a solid, detailed case for Jones being a deliberate, conscious anti-Christ traitor to US Constitution.

      1. CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Globalists, GLobal Elite, Shadow Government, ad nauseum. Nothing but a bunch of ghosts he has you chasing endlessly.
        How can you defeat an enemy whom you can’t identify?
        How can you survive the attacks of an enemy you can’t see for what it really is?
        How will ending the Fed reverse 70 years of Jewish cultural Marxist social engineering?
        How will ending the Fed strip away the Jewish monopoly over the press?
        How will ending the Fed stop AIPAC?
        How will ending the Fed stop usury?
        How will ending the Fed stop fractional reserve banking?
        ….and this is all assuming Jones and his Zionist terror cell in Austin, Texas can actually end the Fed. There is little or no evidence that it can.
        Why do you so willingly rush towards a dead end? If and when the dollar collapses, it will be because the Jewish banksters planned it. And don’t think for one minute that they do not already have a much worse replacement for the dollar or the Federal Reserve, should it be abolished. It’s naive to think otherwise. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion specifically warned us of controlled opposition like Jones, Ventura, and Paul. What part of that didn’t you understand? What made you think you could compromise?

  4. I guess his 19 Jewish advertizers, Jewish wife, working for Israeli intelligence Stratfor, admitting he’s a Zionist that supports the state of Israel, his obsession with blaming everything under the sun on Hitler and the Nazis, his vague speech, NLP techniques, subliminal messaging, fear mongering, Hollywood/Scientology connections, and tangy tangerine aren’t enough for you. You ask for specific details that have already been provided and ignore the self-evident truths about Jones….the logical conclusions one should be making.
    I thought you were Aristotelian? I am afraid there is not much more I can do for you. Jones has a firm spell cast over you that is no different than Peter Jennings’ spell over the mainstream audience.

    1. Jones Sucks–BUT It Doesn’t Make Him Traitor
      Well, his wife claims to be Christian, though yes, u’re right, she is racially Jew. “Working for MOSSAD”?–dupes do that too, am I right?–I already conceded he’s dupe. Zionist and supporting Israel?–well, he seems to have moved away fm the Zionist part, if he ever said he was actually, outright Zionist, and he also protests he criticizes Israel, a little bit, sometimes–at least once, ho ho ho ho ho–dupes do this too. And yes, he sucks up by blaming Hitler, Nazis, just as u say–but dupes do that too. Rest of ur details are even more vague, though he does do some fear-mongering, I guess, but dupes do that too, don’t they? Don’t know what u mean about Tangy Tangerine.
      What do I “ignore”?–tell me again.
      Logical conclusion is he could be dupe, surely is–esp. when u consider the huge money he gets–he’s paid to be a dupe, u see, NOT NOT NOT a traitor, which he doesn’t consider he is, surely doesn’t say he is. Jones is un-questionably a very poor Christian (advocate of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any), though he won’t admit this–typical, pathetic dupe as he is.
      “Spell over [me]”?–no, I watch and observe like a careful Aristotelian scientist. Tim, u just, simply fail to present solid evidence Jones is knowing, conscious traitor–he’s for USA which he considers is consistent w. Jews. And he REFUSES to see what Jews really, truly are, how they’re anti-Christ–there’s lots of stupid “Judeo-Christians” who go along w. there being “good” Jews. Remember, it’s not a matter of knowing one way or another–Jones is just another of those who “goes along.”
      Besides, as I’ve noted several times for us, Jones is much the “only game in town,” Jews having essentially won the cultural battle, sweeping the field, it being expedient to use Jones against the incumbent master-minds and controllers, always remembering Jones is such a dupe as we know.

      1. You keeping asking for evidence yet you are obviously not reading my articles or doing your own research on the matter. I have links throughout my many articles on Jones, the least of which is video footage of him admitting to being a Zionist. Yes, I am aware Jones sometimes mildly criticizes Israel, but it is obviously just for the purpose of an alibi for him. Jones is too intelligent to be a dupe. You know that. A dupe would not be taking photos of himself in the Stratfor office or hiring an Illuminati Jewish lawyer (Bronfman). Plus, he has admitted to having family that worked for the CIA. Jones is too smart to just “go along.” No way, not a valid excuse. All the evidence indicates him being an intelligence operative, or, more specifically, cointelpro (counter-intelligence program [propaganda]). Did you think the Protocols of Zion talking about cointelpro was something to be taken lightly? Violet Nichols a Christian? According to whom, Jones? She was a PETA activist before. She is a Jewish revolutionary, through and through.

    2. You’re obviously not ready to give up the Kool Aid. His entertainment value, and that’s the only value he has, means too much to you. In a few years, when the novelty has worn off and you can’t stand his lying anymore (this happens to many people), feel free to come back with an open mind. Your defeatist attitude “Jews have already won” is something that can only have been reaffirmed to you by Jones and his hypnotism.

  5. Fitz,
    Don’t waste your time- apollonian is obviously hasbara.
    Yo apollonian, go play with your friends:
    More on Rabbi Alex Jone$tein’s Blatant Disinfo, Nefarious Jewish Connections, and Texas-Based Jewish Spy Operations:
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    “If you want to harm the Jews you’ll have to go through me”
       — Alex Jones
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    Patriotard Lies About Hitler (Audio Version)
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    Zion On the Run: New DVD of ZCF Video Work
    Eternal Whore of Zion Alex Jone$tein Slanders Hitler on CNN With Jew Mouthpiece Piers Morgan
    After Jone$tein Gets Promoted to Jew-Media Darling, Pathetically Claims “Armed Mafia are stalking me!”
    Infowhores Camp Launches New Show: “Nightly Jews with Alex Jone$tein!”

  6. I would like to subscribe to a geopolitical News Service called Stratfor (it is pro Israel BUT the research on other countries is superb) and purchase some important research materials and books but have had to hold off due to all of the huge expenses and low numbers of donation.
       — “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner, September 20th, 2010

      In reference to Kapner’s rather disturbing Stratfor comment mentioned above…
      The present [1960] Russian-Orthodox Church is only a secret tool of the [Judeo] Communist regime and its representatives abroad, just as the Russian-Orthodox Bishops in North America, Paris and Jerusalem are members of the Soviet secret service and are just as dangerous as the Soviet spies who come to the West as diplomats.
        — Traian Romanescu, the Romanian academician, in his Spanish-Mexican work La Gran Conspiración Judia aka The Great Jewish Conspiracy ©1961 wherein he revealed how the Russian Jews at first mass murdered the true Christian Bishops so as to then be able to hand over, with militaristic like force, the Russian-Orthodox Church into the devilish hands of the all-subversive “Jewish Fifth Column.” The above quoted excerpt of Romanescu’s work was taken from the 2006 English translation (by Timothy Peter Johnson of the UK) of the original 1962 scholarly Spanish masterpiece, Complot contra la Iglesia or The Plot Against The Church written by Maurice Pinay (pseudonym). Click Here to Read/Download that Book…

  7. I don’t understand why people think that if Jones doesn’t push their own ideas and their own agendas that he is somehow a secret agent for some government agenda. I don’t agree with everything anyone says, on or off the media. Jones must be on target about some things because I have a lot of faith in my fellow Americans…and a lot of them do go to Jones site. No media has all the news, no person has all the answers.

    1. If Jews really do head the NWO conspiracy and the Jewish Kabbalah is at the heart of all mystery religions, then isn’t Jones doing his audience a disservice by ignoring this and suggesting that long-dead Nazis or “Luciferians” are behind it instead? If true, it is not merely one “pushing their own ideas and their own agendas.” Truth is not an agenda. It is self-evident. There is little doubt that Jones is helping the NWO. Too much evidence to suggest otherwise.

  8. Alex has repeatedly said that Christians should not attend churches as they are entirely infiltrated by the government. Never have heard him say Jews should never attend synagog. Perhaps because they are the government

  9. @Timothy Fitzpatrick, I read your article and I read most of if not all of your conversation with Apollonian but as there is alot of novel sized comments I haven’t read everybodies.
    Firstly I do understand your points and I do understand the information you have produced, and even though some of the connections you have made are logical, I don’t think you understand how systemic and completely integrated the Zionist NWO is in EVERYTHING. Especially anything to do with media, politics and economics. Whether someone is real or inducted into Zionism they are always no more than 1 or 2 degrees of separation from any one person or group of people involved in the take over. It’s like me saying you have links to liking you on Facebook and Twitter so you are involved in and enabling the data mining of the world population.
    Secondly, by saying that he has been on mainstream media multiple times and therefore he is a shill disinfo operative is at best naivety and at worst knowingly disregarding something in order to prove a point to smear Alex Jones. Mainstream media have people like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Icke, George Osbourne (look him up, British politician who speaks out about Israel and western controlled colour revolutions) so they can attack them to get them to react angrily and then basically turn around and say “look he’s crazy, don’t believe him or you’re crazy too”. I’ve only seen 1 interview of Alex Jones on Mainstream and that was Piers Morgan but I’m sure there has been more and I’m also sure the others have done the same thing to him. I’m sure the only reason he, and the other names I mentioned, go on these shows (I’m sure knowing he/they will be attacked) is just to use the medium in order to get the message out to a bigger audience. The vast majority of this audience being asleep aswell, so I think his reasoning is if he (or any of them) can get just a couple people to look at what he’s saying objectively and look at what is happening in the world then it is worth it. Mainly because 2 will tell 2 who will tell 2 who will tell 2 and just from those original 2 you have 16, which can continue to expand exponentially.
    Thirdly, even though he doesn’t go after Jews (which I know why and understand it, which I’ll get to) he informs everyone who will listen about the spying, the poison in food and water, the hidden agenda within wars, the sly political policies passed at 3am that get no Mainstream coverage and alot of other things. I would say Americans, and partially the world, are far more informed because of him and not in spite of him. Many people will survive because of what they have learned from Alex Jones and various other that speak out about all of this, so to say he’s in on it sounds like you are the shill who just wants to discredit him. There are 2 reasons he doesn’t go after Jews, 1, the second he does he will be branded an ‘anti-semite’ all over Mainstream media and therefore he will be less able to get the message out to wake more people up and that’s why most governments pull the racist/anti-semite card on anyone who goes against Obama or the controlling Jews. 2, I’m sure he knows Jews that are good people, that are nothing to do with the Zionist NWO agenda and knows it would be unfair to tar everyone with the same brush ignorantly. There are many Zionists that aren’t Jews, fair enough alot of Zionists are Jews but Zionist doesn’t mean Jew and Jew doesn’t mean Zionist. From the points you made and what you wrote you seem to be an intelligent man but with your supposed ‘levels of Jewery’ which is basically saying all Jews are in on it (which sounds like ignorance to me), are you honestly saying Jews are inducted at birth?
    Just to finish, 1 point you made which you give as evidence Alex Jones is in on everything to go with your Mainstream media evidence. Alex Jones in A Scanner Darkly, if you’ve seen the movie or researched it in any depth you would know that it wasn’t exactly a mainstream movie and the main producer, Tommy Pallotta, isn’t a Zionist or a Jew and produces what can be described as vanity projects. Not mainstream trash just to make money but ideas and movies that he actually likes. Now Alex Jones plays a street preacher who uses a megaphone to scream accusations about the government to do with them orchestrating the drugs epidemic, then at the end is beaten up and taken by the government. Sound familiar, I wonder why Alex Jones was cast in that role? Maybe because the aforementioned producer is from Austin and is probably friends with Alex Jones or maybe because the character in the movie is actually just an old Alex Jones from the future. Either way it wasn’t before his radio shows (released in 06) so it weren’t like he was an actor before and now does radio doing all the work he does as some shill because he couldn’t be a Hollywood Puppet.
    Like I said, you do seem like an intelligent man and I do honestly respect the amount of time and effort you have put in to write what you wrote. But it’s a psychological fact and a statistical one, if you look for something hard enough you will find it. Not because proof of it will magically appear out of thin air but invariably you will find enough things that link together within your mind that create the illusion of finding the proof you desired.

    1. You have cherry picked one of the weaker, less significant arguments I made against Alex Jones, and one that was made in a mere comment. Try reading the vast amount of articles I have written about Jones and see if you can refute them.

  10. Has alex or anybody else in the alternative media released Geiger counter readings from their own equipment?If so we can deduce if the situation is getting worse,better or leveling off.Their silence says everything you need to know.Think about it Noory,Jones,Rense,Icke,Savage,Limbaugh,Stern and all the rest, no history of cpm radiation has been kept by any of these shills.Go to for some current readings of the contamination in the air.Any count past 25 cpm should be concerning.

    Listen to Milton William “Bill” Cooper’s radio show, The Hour of the Time, on January 1st 2000 – the day after New Years Eve and the “Global Y2K Scare.”
    Bill Cooper totally exposes and discredits Rabbi Jone$tein aka “Alex Jones” during that entire 1 hour broadcast. It’s totally hilarious.
    Bill plays clips of Rabbi Jone$tein’s Info Wars radio show from New Years Eve just the night before (12/31/1999) as well as clips of Alex later after his “performance” over on Michael Trudeau’s The Midas Report radio show.
    Jone$tein is lying like a raving Jewish lunatic- possibly trying to scare the American public into rioting/destabilization as a pretext to invoke martial law for the establishment of the Jew World Order.
    Paraphrasing some of Rabbi Jone$tein that night: machines are failing all over Europe...we are seeing the NWO coming out in full force...more wars are going on right now than in the last 50 years- hundreds of thousands are dying...Unguided rocket attacks- absolutely out of control! PA nuclear plant has been shut down. Shelves are empty of water- gas stations are out of fuel. Short wave radio is shut down. Police and military are on high alert...Trains of military equipment are moving into Austin...It's 6 to 7 reactors across the country...Globalist Forces...dictator of Russia...6,200 mile missiles deployed across Russia- they are deploying these nuke us...pointing missiles at us...Boris Yeltsin at 4am resigned and Putin has now taken the reigns of power in Russia...their threatening to nuke us every week...dictator of China...the pound is plunging...same thing is developing here in America...FBI says 'terrorism is eminent'...entire 9400 band - 9.9...military traffic scrambled...cold war radar out...we're now off the internet...

    Basically he wanted American’s to panic, and hysterically believe that Russia was about to nuke them.
    This show should be in everyone’s archives:
    (How to Archive: Right Click link, select Save Target As, hit Save)
    It really helps to wake up brainwashed fans of Alex Jone$tein.
    P.S. Anybody notice that Daryl Bradford Smith copied/used the same “bumper/intro” music that the late Bill Cooper once used in his radio shows?

    Listen to Rabid “Rabbi” Alex Jone$tein grumble on about (pseudo-blame) Israel when he calls into Michael Collins Piper’s radio show, The Piper Report, on May 25th 2006.
    Listen/Download the 7 minute (839.3 KB) MP3 File Here:
    Instead of that “Alex” his listeners hear the Kosher PolterZeitgeististic “Germanic Death Cult Alex” 99% of the time.
    Don’t be fooled- Rabbi Alex Jone$tein is NOT an American!

    Speaking of Alex’s alleged “Germanic Death Cults”…
    Where exactly are they?
    Find Out Here:
    Deanna Spingola Radio Show — September 22nd 2012
    Unjustified Nazi & Vatican Bashing and other Disinfo in the Alternative Media
    Hey, somebody tell Lang that his link above is broken.
    MP3 file is no longer found- What gives?
    If anybody finds an archived link to it, how about link it under this post as a reply…

    Calling all duped InfoWarriors!
    Calling all duped InfoWarriors!
    Looking for some really interesting Alex Jones bedtime reading material?
    Check out the links below (look for “Alex Jones” within the Article)…
    That intelligence, [Dr. Leonard G.] Horowitz [Jew] contends and [Sherri] Kane [Jewess] evidences, is the financial reason why the “cause stalkers” targeted him [Horowitz], and engaged high profile media personalities, including Britain’s David Icke and America’s Alex Jones, in an all out “Infowar” against the humanitarian scholar.
    …[Rabbi Alex] Jones perjured himself in his opening “Declaration” in an attempt to use Hawaii’s “long-arm statute” to dismiss the case against him. He wrote, “I do not have…
    Don’t donate to get Alex Jones’ answer to their legal complaint etc. (see left column of their site) as it’s all FREE open public record.
    Fitz, can you score a copy to put up here on the Fitzpatrick Informer for the whole world to see?
    (Original URL Above Now No longer Active – See Proxy Links Below)
    Link 1 – Archived
    Link 2 – New URL
    It looks to be another Jew vs. Jew Tag-Team match/distraction as usual…
    Perhaps this comment would belong better over here instead:
    J-B ! ! !
    J-B ! ! !
    J-B ! ! !
    Oh my folks! It’s JB Campbell and he’s quickly approaching the ring ! ! !
    [Blasting JB’s Intro Music as he belly slides under the lower rope to get a piece of the action/spoil the fight]
    Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz / Sherri Kane
    P.O. Box 75104
    Honolulu, HI 96836
    Tel: (808) 965-2112
    Cel: (310) 877-3002

  15. Tortügan,
    Speaking of Russia, Putin, Alex Jones, and other un-American Jewish COINTEL agents trying to stir-up/start World War III…
    You might find this particular comment to be of interest which incidentally, was banned/censored by Nathaniel Kapner as a reply to one of his articles to be found here:
    The reply to the article above, which was banned/censored on September 11th, 2013 by “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner, read as follows:
    *   *   *   *
    The Jew, like rust, never sleeps…
    The Russian as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under [Organized World Jewry’s] control, and offer no objections to war, but we [the Jews] must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany [WWII].
    We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to whip up indignation in the United States, and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power. Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their largest cities. This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which can then be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit.
    Within five years, this program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all of the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the gentiles. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white will be the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We will embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.

    ‘Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War?’
    There will be no more religions. Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an afterlife would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us. We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside of our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us.
    We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace. I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay.
    To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the white man into weapons against him. His printing presses and radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him. Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four program for developing industry in backward areas of the world so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the whites can offer no resistance against the larger masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.
    And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israel will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World!”

      — Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, in a speech delivered before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12th, 1952 (Translated from the original Yiddish into English by a concerned Jew, Henry H. Klein. Note: Klein later died mysteriously in New York, after a man visited him from the Central Intelligence Agency. The original of this document is in CIA files in Washington DC.)
    A double agent, P____________, who had infiltrated the inner circle of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, told this writer in 1956 that the publication and circulation of Rabbi Rabinovich’s speech in 1952 by a handful of American patriots had caused the Jews to postpone all their plans, and had averted the horrors of a Third World War. The CIA also reported that the Rabbi’s Speech had indirectly caused the death of Stalin. Stalin had been so angered when he was brought a copy of it by the secret police that he ordered strong measures taken against important Jews in the Soviet Communist leadership. Before these measures could be carried out, the Jews administered knockout drops to him in a glass of tea, and nine Jewish doctors were called in to take care of him. They saw to it that he never regained consciousness.
    In 1958, the London Times reported the death of Rabbi Rabinovich, but made no reference to the famous speech, although it had been translated into many languages and was known in every country in Europe.
    The appearance of the Rabbi’s Speech in 1952 and its subsequent circulation, causing the Jews to postpone the horrors of World War III, can only be attributed to the benevolent presence of Jesus Christ. The careful tracing of the history of the Jews in this book proves that Christians still have the opportunity to save themselves. In the presence of absolute evil, as typified by the Jews, only absolute good can save us. Only the most absolute sincerity can effect any change whatsoever under Heaven. When we see a Jew like Arthur Goldberg in charge of our foreign policy, and then we walk into the Oriental Institute and see a terra cotta statue of a Sumerian of five thousand years ago with the same hook nose and bulging eyes as Goldberg, the face distorted by the same evil hatred for all gentile human beings, we can only conclude that God has marked this people for a purpose. That purpose is to call upon the deepest resources of good within our hearts, to obey Jesus Christ’s words, “Take up the Cross and follow Me.” Faith, hope, and charity, to live with love and grace abounding in obedience to the Message of Jesus Christ, this is the choice which we WILL make because the presence of the Jew challenges us to make it.
    As President of the International Institute of Jewish Studies, and having spent thirty-six years of constant research on the Jewish problem, I state with certainty that to be Jew-wise is to survive. To accept Jewish domination not only means that one abandons all precepts of human civilization which have accreted over five thousand years of recorded history: it also means that one accepts a zombie mode of existence, a life in death which excludes all of the glory and honor of living in Christ.

    — Eustace Mullins, famous author of The Secrets of The Federal Reserve ©1952, in one of his later books entitled Mullins’ New History of the Jews ©1968
    We are opposed around the world by a monolithic ruthless conspiracy.
    — President John F. Kennedy in a speech given at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel New York City, April 27th, 1961
    *   *   *   *

    1. May 5th 2014
      Russia Makes Holocaust Denial Illegal

      (JTA) — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law making Holocaust denial illegal.
      The law signed Monday [5-5-2014] makes denial of Nazi crimes or misrepresentation of the Soviet Union’s role in World War II punishable by up to five years in jail or a $14,000 fine.
      Both houses of Russia’s parliament approved the legislation last month.
      Russia already bans public display of Nazi symbols.
      Comparisons with Nazi Germany have arisen in recent months amid Russia’s conflict with Ukrainian nationalists.

      Article Source:

    …the Jews at that time had a very wise Rabbi leader, a world leader, and his advice was respected throughout the world. He said that the Jews [throughout Europe] must pretend to become Christians and bide their time and make real sacrifices if necessary. We [Jews] have always been ready to sacrifice a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership. It is a small price and there is nothing wrong with that. I [Harold Wallace Rosenthal] was taught that we Jews must become lawyers so we could control and strangle the courts, and even the judges, unless they were Jews. We [Jews] should become doctors and teachers and leaders in all the churches — and this goal has almost been fully accomplished.
    I said it before and I’ll say it now — that we will have complete, I say complete control, throughout the entire world possibly before I die. We are very successful in keeping you Gentiles confused. We create confusion.
    …Our people [Jews] continue to show a dramatic educational advancement. Our kids’ success doesn’t depend entirely on schools but on the family and we are damn proud of these accomplishments. You [non Jews] can’t compete! More than 12,000 doctors are graduated from medical schools in the United States every year [1970s] and almost 10,000 of them are Jews. Among the law students the Jewish percentage is even higher. Jews are on such a solid foundation here in the United States that any kind of opposition to our control would only be temporary. You know we [Jews] laugh about the, six million story just like the story that Christ was a Jew and the “God’s Chosen People” story.

      —Harold Wallace Rosenthal (29 Year Old Self-Professed Zionist Jew), then Administrative Assistant to the United States Jewish/Zionist Senator Jacob K. Javits of New York, in an interview with a concerned American- Walter White Jr. (Then Director and Editor of the monthly conservative publication Western Front), concerning the Jewish involvement in, and cause of, the major problems that America was facing that day ©1976. Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the “inner invisible world of Jewry,” revealed the modes and tactics Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and covertly attaining control over their lives and governments. The result has been a “hidden tyranny” among the non-Jews of the world. Note: On August 12th of 1976, weeks after the above quoted interview/excerpt, Rosenthal was murdered in a skyjacking of an Israeli jetliner at the Istanbul (Constantinople) Airport, Turkey. Though 30 people were wounded and three others were killed by stray/random bullets, Rosenthal appeared to be the intended sole target.

  17. I was talking to an acquaintance of mine the other day- one who still actually listens to Alex Jones. Anyway, the conversation inevitably rolled around to the usual, but entirely vague, “Kosher” Suspects such as the: “European Bankers,” “Nazi Globalists,” “Build-a-Better-Cheese-Burgers” blah blah blah etc..
    I tried to wake them up again about Alex’s connections (as mentioned above) but didn’t have any luck breaking them from his spell. Then the conversation rolled around as to why I still (like Warrior) was not on Jewish-controlled FaceBook.
    So naturally, I had to give them the lowdown on FaceBook.
    More on Jew-controlled FaceBook:
    Do you know what my acquaintance said?
    They said, “Oh, FaceBook’s gone Fascist anyway, that’s why I use the open source alternative to FaceBook instead.”
    I asked, “Oh yeah, what’s that?”
    They replied- and I kid you not:
    “I’m now mostly using Diaspora instead of FaceBook. Go Look it up (just like Alex says it)- it’s pretty cool”
    Diaspora? You’ve got to be kidding me” I said.
    “No YOU go ‘look it up’!” I said.
    (meaning the dictionary instead).
    Here it goes:
    Diaspora — 1. The dispersion of the Jews among the Gentiles after the Babylonian exile. 2. The Jews or Jewish communities so dispersed. 3. In the New Testament, the Jewish Christians [blasphemy – no such thing] living outside Palestine.
    Well this got me thinking about something….
    Another acquaintance of mine with a strong interest in computers was always going on-and-on about how it just never made any sense that the most popular open-sourced FREE software out there was usually the most riddled with spyware/viruses/backdoors etc. While unheard of FREE open-sourced software often times was “pretty good” and did not. They could never figure it out.
    What if the Judeo-Masonic establishment is perhaps doing this:
    Setting up FREE but really not-so-open “open-sourced” software for non-Jews to go and download. This could serve at least 2 purposes:
    1. Provide a false opposition based upon a “communist/socialist” model of software to seemingly “oppose” their giant monopolies.
    2. Allow for huge SpyOps (surveillance) that could be easily integrated into their NSA PRISM platform, COINTEL, etc. (adding new meaning to Open Source!)
    Fitzpatrick could probably do a killer article on something along that theme if it is in fact going on- which it certainly appears to be.
    Just thought I’d throw that out there.
    By the way, has anybody ever heard Alex Jones plug a non-JudeoMasonically controlled Software, Search Engine, Telecommunication System, Computer Platform, Business Model, Government, Person/Inventor, etc.? How about anybody or anything that’s “Jew-wise?”

      @ Alex JonesBurger Builds A Bigger & Better COINTEL Burger
      Regarding your link above to the copy of the June 2009 article originally written by Freedom Research (now banished from net) titled:
      The Jewish Hand Behind The Internet: Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…
      The above mentioned article, written 5 years ago, has stirred up a lot of controversy recently. Many are probably asking themselves- But why now?
      The reason is that many people (mostly Americans) are starting to truly wake up- that is, they are becoming what is called Jew-wise.
      Check out this recent article published on March 1st 2014:
      [copy link, go to favorite proxy, paste link, remove all *’s in http]
      [cause Timothy doesn’t need any more Jewish Spys/Trolls here]
      A perfect example of how the Jew will use “humor” to outright lie- or most often, to lie subtly by omission. Either way, it’s a great example of the Jews doing what they do best- keeping the wool over the non-Jews’ eyes.
      Don’t be fooled, that article is typical Judeo-Masonic “Damage Control.”
      And so are these:
      BTW, notice this line in ALL of the above year 2014 Jewish articles:
      “The [controversial] article, written in 2009 by the California-based Freedom Research Foundation…”
      “California-based” and “Foundation” were possibly added to send researchers “off scent” down the 1980s Iran-Contra affair worm-hole. If cornered, the Jewish article writers would probably all reply that it was simply a harmless typo that was inadvertently “copied” from one Jewish reporter to the other.
      So keep researching the FACTS, and get acquainted with their methods of deception. So that next time, you won’t ever be “fooled again”…

  18. Fitz,
    This will lead to your LARGEST STORY yet- GUARANTEED!
    Be ready to take a full screen shot/image (100%) of the following webpage(s) and have credible witnesses with you while you do it:
    Search the archived page above for the word “Brewster Kahle” but without the quotation marks.
    Pay particular close attention to the comment by Anonymous dated August 22, 2013 at 3:29 pm
    The ZCF/J3133/JamesLafrey/EndofZion/MarkGlenn/Etc Cabal has already scrubbed the above comment…
    See, look for “Brewster Kahle” again- it’s now been censored/removed from their current “live” site:
 will be next to scrub it- as they’ve been moving very fast lately.
    For example, alone, appears to have completely erased about 60% of the comments by Anonymous on zioncrimefactory (before erasing it completely under robot.txt file pretext), therealzcf, and mastersofdeception. Anyone that used to follow Anonymous, and would archive their comments etc knows this to be true.
    For example…
    In the link above one will see a comment by someone named mchawe dated July 24, 2013 at 7:27 am
    Once again however, what one WILL NOT see is the reply to mchawe by Anonymous dated August 26, 2013- either in the current site or the archive…
    Here goes Anonymous’ reply to mchawe dated August 26, 2013…
    #   #   #   #
    mchawe surmised:
    Very likely Lenin was one [a Jew] too since he could speak Yiddish.
    Yes, you’re presumption is correct- Lenin was in fact a Jew, his mother was a Jewess…
    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was Lenin’s real name…he adopted the name “Lenin” in 1901. His father’s name was Nikolayevich Ulyanov. His mother’s name was Maria Aleksandrovna Blank, she was the daughter of a doctor, and was highly educated. Lenin inherited his looks/features from his father. Lenin’s wife’s name is often spelled Nadezhda Konstantinova Krupskaya.
    MEMBERS OF THE FIRST COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF MOSCOW (1918) (Council of Peoples Commissars)…Ilich Ulin (Vladimir Ilich Ulianov or Nikolaus Lenin). President of the Supreme Soviet, Jew on mother’s side. His [Lenin’s] mother was called Blank [Blank was her maiden name], a Jewess of German origin.
    As far as Lenin’s wife, she too was also a Jewess just like his mother…
    PROFESSORS OF THE ‘SOCIALIST’ ACADEMY OF MOSCOW 1. Skentenberg, Jew; 2. Nadezda Krupp (Krupskaya, i.e. the wife of Lenin, likewise Jewess not Russian as generally asserted), Jewess; 3. …
    Quotes above were from the following Author/Book:
    Maurice Pinay (pseudonym), Complot contra la Iglesia aka The Plot Against The Church ©1962 (Translated from the original Spanish edition into English by Timothy Peter Johnson- UK) ©2006
    Click Here to Read/Download that Book…
    #   #   #   #
    By the way, the Jews for whatever reason always censored/removed anything that Anonymous said regarding Lenin’s heritage/Jewishness- so they’re apparently very touchy about that particular topic.
    They’ve already scrubbed the entire original archives. All those historical links proving shilling across the board have now been destroyed.
    Check this out…
    All of the “archived” links in this particular comment on your site (in reference to Alex Jones) were fine when it posted on February 13th, 2014:
    Now they too are also gone.
    While you’re at it, take a screen snap shot of these pages as well:
    Search the page for the words “NEVER get” but without the quotation marks.
    Pay particular close attention to the comment by Anonymous dated June 11, 2013 at 9:46 pm
    Now take a look at this recent comment:
    Assuming EOZ is not an anti-Christ shill/front for the Jews, which of course it is- “Ben” would logically be wrong in jumping to conclusions that Dig This is “a vicious liar.” Especially if one were to know how vulnerable Judeo-Masonically controlled WordPress is. In other words, he and Dig This could theoretically both be telling the truth!
    Fitz- Get off of WordPress…
    Before Alex Jones’ brother, Winston, puts a hellacious PRISM hold on you!
    TAG BROTHER ! ! !

  19. NSA with tens of thousands of employees. Not one person thinks they can display this tripe and subvert everything? Question everything, trust no one. Amateurs.

  20. Alex Jones is nothing more than a pawn of the John Birch society, as he has spoken out that, and I quote, that “EVERYONE should join up”. My parents were charter members in the fifties and sixties until they realized that they were being conned. Paranoia, fear, and propaganda were the game back then, with the “pinko-commie-reds” that were infiltrating every facet of American life from the White House right on down to your local school PTA. 50 years later, the enemies have all changed and THEY HAVE MULTIPLIED AND WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!! Does this game sound familiar, folks? Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. Guess who was one of the founding financial members and leaders of the JBS? Answer—Frederick Koch, the father of Charles and David Koch. When old Fred died in the late sixties, the boys took over the JBS and ran it until Reagan got elected, and then proceeded to amass the $100 BILLION fortune that they have today. Would you like to know who Alex Jones is? Answer—He is a talented manipulator and carnival barker, and the Alex Jones solar system—prison planet, info wars, and all the people he ever interviews—all have a direct straight line back to the John Birch society and Charles and David Koch. Alex Jones is nothing more than a lackey of the one tenth of one tenth of one percent. All of these facts can be authenticated.

  21. he point of cointelpro is to point you in all possible directions except the system that the politically active members of the owning classes thrive in.
    If we for example start trying to “round up the Jew”, this will create just the right chaos for them to take away human rights so they can enforce order and “protect” the people.  Even the Zionists will be laughing. There are bigger war criminals then the Zionists. Washington!!!
    Or if we believe Islam is the reason the East is still poor and full of extremists, not because the North-West exploit the shit out of them and fund their dictators and extremists to suppress democracy; we might support their wars. As capitalism self destructs cointelpro will up the anti.

  22. There are undoubtedly many other questions surrounding the whole Snowden story but these in of themselves are enough to indicate that Snowden is probably another phony hero created by the intelligence and media circles. His claims about NSA surveillance and spying are certainly true but it isn’t exactly breaking news considering how long people have been talking about this.

  23. i have a question for the writer of this article. please explain to me why exactly are the jews responsible for everything bad in this world?? and are you a christian believer in God and Jesus? If not explain to me exactly why you don’t believe. These answers will help me to understand why you are so passionate about this. Thanks.

  24. why do people always point the finger at a type of class or a type of nationality as the culprit of evil when it lives in everyone big and small black or white any nationality?? Individuals who have power and groups who hold power are multi national from the beginning . Those who side with there mind sets or beliefs and who hold the same evil anger and malice toward others are also the very poor and unaware that they too hold the same evil within themselves. in the end most people will agree with them and bow to them. It seams that you who point the finger does not understand where evil comes from.

    1. I don’t know. Ask the author of the Bible.

      The Jews…who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men;

      —1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

    2. In 2002, I concluded Alex Jones was a Fake Patriot when he wanted me to buy advertising in order to get on his show with the Texas solution to the JQ. Almost two decades later, I now suspect the whole damn “pay-triot movement” to be FO (false opposition).

      N.B. I am a native Texian currently residing in west #Texit and running for Governor against Greg Abbott, a Fake Catholic and flaming supporter of the terrorist state of Counterfeit Israel. I founded We The People for President (WTPP) as a movement to restore power to the People and enforce “the supreme Law of the Land” on the Fake Jews and other antichrists. The focus of WTPP is on Texas, and we are looking to form alliances with Christians and groups who are willing to work with us in publicly advocating legal, armed resistance. We want Texas to be the prototype for a Christian State.

      For more information on how you can help, contact me by filling out the short form at our website. For a quicker response Christians can call 432.934.6338 and leave a vmail. I will return your call via Skype.

      “Viva Cristo Rey!”

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