Infowars photo op at Stratfor?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
August 24, 2013 Anno Domini

While surfing the net for photos of Alex Jones tonight, I came across a photo on his Infowars donation page that immediately reminded me of a photo of Israeli intelligence director for Stratfor George Friedman published in a news article in The Daily Telegraph February 28, 2012.

The wall maps behind the two characters look identical, except for a small set of red lines, which appear to have been drawn in by felt markers, located through South Africa on the Friedman photo. The Jones photo appears older, as Jones is slightly younger looking than he appears today. The WayBack Machine’s web archive shows a screen capture of the Jones photo as far back as July 2011; although, the photo is probably older than that. While the Telegraph photo caption doesn’t specify the location of the Friedman photo, it’s safe to assume that it was taken at Stratfor’s downtown Austin, Texas office located at 221 West 6th Street, Suite 400.

Here are the photos separated:

Stratfor’s Zionist chief executive George Friedman.
Alex Jones in front of an identical map.


And here is how the photo appears on Jones’ donate page as of August 24, 2013:

Connecting the dots
For years, many have speculated that the charismatic alternative radio host  Jones was a Zionist shill working for Israeli intelligence. Since both Stratfor, an Israeli intelligence operation, and Infowars are located just blocks apart in Austin, Texas, could this be proof that Jones is indeed working for Stratfor? As I wrote in The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli connections, an observant patriot who goes by the name of Sherrie Lea, revealed in a Youtube video last November that Infowars had hired a former Stratfor intern named Molly Maroney. She is now editor of Infowars magazine. Investigative journalist David Chase Taylor was the first to connect the dots between Alex Jones and Stratfor in an article posted at his blog on February 12, 2012—two weeks before The Telegraph posted its article exposing Stratfor and the CIA—as well as an article in May 2012.

Too many coincidences!

Photo Illustration By Timothy Fitzpatrick



  1. It’s very simple. As I told a friend of mine who was a Jone’s fan (Jones tells the truth, he mentions jews all the time on his program!) You simply do not get FCC licensing to run a media outlet the size of Jones unless you are working for the jews.

  2. Australia is the same heights of jones head in his pic, in the other it’s tiny. Are you saying jones head is tinyier than that guys?

    1. Actually, Australia looks pretty close in size in both pics, considering the depth of field is different and Jones is sitting and Friedman is standing and closer to the camera. This isn’t rocket science.

  3. Alex Jones: “Only Game In Town”
    Fitz: I suspect u miss the pt. Demonstrable fact is Jews have won–they’ve long since swept the field. Christians/Christianity hardly exist any longer but for remnant. For note a Christian worships truth = Christ (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to “Kingdom of God” (happiness).
    But now, given the Jew victory (ho ho ho), observe there’s “NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES,” and we see they’re falling-out w. one another–this falling-out of the victors being our ONLY chance to be able to pick-up the pieces when things definitively collapse–as w. the absolutely CERTAIN and imminent currency/economic collapse.
    For example: (a) there’s the “leftist” “atheist” faction of Jews, esp. the topmost bankers who want to exterminate humanity according to AGENDA-21 policy and “green” worship of the earth. (b) Then there’s the same old MYSTIC faction of Jews, pretending to be “rightist”/”conservative” who consider it dangerous thing to exterminate all the goyim they’re so used to parasitizing off of.
    And of course there are (c) the “neo-cons” who seem to bridge the two above factions.
    FInally (I think) there are (d) the lower-level Jews, sociologically–who are still amazingly rich–who can be pretty mystic themselves, but who also don’t feel comfortable offing the gentiles, much like faction (b), these then led by such as Alex Jones and Ron & Rand Paul.
    I’ve been listening to Alex now for 3 solid yrs and I’m sure he’s honest so far as he goes–he follows his dad who’s also in w. Jews, I understand. Alex is really fairly typical–he believes in “good-evil” fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism), insisting he has “free” will, etc. So as a Christian who’s hunkered down, I merely follow Alex Jones upon principle he’s the “only game in town” for resistance against the real satanists, say faction (a), as I note above.
    At some pt. I look for a St. Constantine the Great sort of figure to rally and lead the Christian remnant to resurge fm present abysmal “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–like times of early 4th cent. Roman empire.

  4. damn. what is the likeliness that they both have the same exact wall maps? it is VERY unlikely, yet these photos either say, ‘we have the same wall maps’ or it says, ‘we used the same wall map for a photo op’ And them living close either means they got it from the same shop or alex drove over to strafor. and since you can see the cut above jones’s head, where it should be, pretty sure it’s the same map. What is stratfor though? is it officially a israeli intelligence operation or that’s what you suspect? time2research

  5. Notice where in the donations page they ask you to give money with your credit card or send a personal check.Don’t make the check out to infowars just make it payable to Free Speech Systems?Also any product like tangy tangerine claiming to have vitamin C please just bite off a little bit of skin inside your lips and then bite into any kind of citrus fruit. You’ll notice a tingling sensation happening which is the vitamin C at work.This effect doesn’t occur when using any synthetic form of ascorbic acid,vitamin C.

  6. That map is on the wall at the old West Mary location, I know because I put it up. Alex Jones is a control freak sociopath, yes, but he’s not run by Mossad.

    1. And who might you be? Do you have some evidence that this photo was taken at Infowars? If you can prove that it was taken there, I would be more than willing to correct this supposed mistake.

  7. Definitely aged and added markings on the second photo, which as the older one is consistent. More interesting is the joins on the map, which is identical in position on them both. Of course the same set of maps will be joined at the same points, but not in exactly the same way, which is stapled at the same measured intervals as these are.

  8. You have some interesting dots here, but I’m not sure you have a clear connection between them all. If a person is buying a world map that is either wallpaper or for installation on a wall, I’m sure the outlets for buying such a map are limited, and since the world is the world and all the continents are the continents, it could be likely that it was purchased from the same vendor, which makes similarity or sameness of no account.
    Just giving a fair comparison here.

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