Are American evangelical organizations Illuminati fronts?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
January 9, 2013 Anno Domini

With the initial turn to apostasy by the Church through Kabbalism in the 15th and 16 centuries, it’s no surprise that churches today, particularly the American evangelical movement, are continuing this anti-Christ tradition.

Following the Jewish subversion of the Universal Church in the 15th century and the ensuing Protestant movement, which was a direct result, Kabbalism became the fiery pit between sound doctrine and full on heresy and apostasy that gripped Christendom.

Today, this Kabbalistic-Illuminati tradition has been championed by evangelical organizations in the United States of America, which have been deceiving and thieving in the name of Christ since the 1960s cultural revolution, when the Illuminati decided to step up its revolutionary activities under the guise of Christian revivalism and Jesus-rock.

It’s not hard to spot this Illuminist infiltration of Christianity. It basically works on the foundation of Christian Zionism (dispensationalism) under seductive doctrines promising riches and rewards (prosperity gospel or word of faith movement) to lure sleeping and unwitting masses to disappointment, and ultimately to heresy and apostasy.

The other dead giveaway is the charismatic movement’s emphasis  on signs and wonders, which is nothing more than the serpent spirit of the Kabbalistic Kundalini parading around as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

There are currently hundreds, perhaps thousands, of evangelical organizations operating in the world. I am not claiming that all of them are agents of the Illuminati, but certainly the big players are.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, an international television broadcaster founded in 1973 by the wealthy Paul Crouch, is the largest of these evangelical organizations. With a roster of Judaizing, Masonic, money-grubbing swindlers who dupe their audience through charismatic tales of receiving riches and rewards if only they give their money to the ministry, TBN has found the perfect avenue for removing the true doctrine of Jesus Christ from the hearts of Americans and those around the world while raking in millions of dollars from its victims. In 2010 alone, TBN received $92 million in donations from viewers as well $175 million in tax-free revenue.

Whether it’s Zionist heretics like Perry Stone or dispensational king Hal Lindsey instructing their faithful with the same doctrines of demons that deluded the Hussites, Taborites, and Calvinists centuries ago, or prosperity preachers like T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen robbing the sick, elderly, and poor of their money, Satan is alive and well in the growing American evangelical movement. John Hagee, perhaps the most notorious Zionist zealot in the evangelical movement today, epitomizes the anti-Christ character of all of the TBN personalities; although, his ministry is less prosperity-based than the others and more doctrine-focused.  He has successfully merged the evangelical movement to American foreign policy through his outspoken support of the state of Israel and his fables of Islamic hegemony in the world.

Unsurprisingly, TBN has been at the center of financial and sexual scandals. In 1994, the Los Angeles Times reported that founder Crouch paid his limo driver, Enoch Lonnie Ford, $425,000 hush money over his homosexual affair with the man, presumably funded by the donations of viewers. In March 2012, two former TBN staffers accused the network of defrauding tens of millions of dollars from its donors. What’s more, the claimants are related to the defendants, Paul Sr. and Jan Crouch. And let’s not forget about the scandals involving Jimmy Swaggart (caught sleeping with a prostitute) or Zionist-funded Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who, like the Crouch family, defrauded their followers.

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker—when their “PTL” broadcasting empire fell, it turned out that a Jewish Orthodox billionaire in Canada secretly owned all the PTL assets and property. In prison, convict Jim Bakker, ordained by the Assembly of God denomination, reportedly went to a Catholic priest to confess his sins. (Source)

Jim Bakker was also accused of raping staffer Jessica Hahn, whom he allegedly paid off to keep quiet.

The Christian Broadcasting Network, a sister of TBN founded by Zionist Pat Robertson in 1961, is more of the same Judaeo-Masonic subversion of the Church. Its cast of characters is second-rate compared to TBN’s larger roster of saboteurs but no less deceptive. Robertson is an interesting character. His book, New World Order (1991), indicates that he, like fellow evangelists Stanley Monteith (Radio Liberty) and Jack Van Impe, is a gatekeeper who conceals the true nature of the New World Order while externalizing the hierarchy to his audience. The ministry’s dispensational prophetical view, like that of TBN’s, only further exploits its followers to New World Order initiatives and Illuminati politics (Zionism), particularly through its teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture heresy. One TBN production, the movie Left Behind and its sequels (written by  Tim Lahaye, who sports the Knights Templar crown and cross logo in his works), landed mainstream promotion in Zionist-run Hollywood. Hollywood obviously only supports Illuminati-run Christian organizations like TBN and its cohorts and opposes non-Kosher productions, like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which fielded extensive opposition and even threats from Hollywood’s Jewish elite. Lahaye, who has connections to the occultist Moonies and the CIA, together with fellow Zionist Paul Lalonde, produced his heretical movies in conjunction with the high occult holidays.

Charisma Magazine, an American Pentecostal revivalist publication owned by Charisma Media, incorporates both the Kabbalah eternal flame and Masonic OTO downward dove in its logos. Charisma Media CEO Steve Strang is a Zionist. His Twitter page shows him attending a Chanukah celebration with members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Kabbalah and Freemasonry
Robert Schuler, Billy Graham, and Kenneth Copeland—all high-ranking Freemasons—are veteran preachers at TBN.
Freemasonry, which is based on the Jewish Kabbalah, is Judaism for gentiles and functions as the assembling mechanism for the WASP establishment, as it was in 16th century England. With Masonic symbols like the Ordo Templi Orientis’ downward dove featured in the TBN logo and that of Calvary Chapel, it’s likely that the Evangelical movement is crawling with Freemasons. Masonic affiliation is likely a prerequisite to making it in the big-money world of televangelism.  TBN’s logo is characterized by a coat of arms bearing a strong resemblance to that of the Jewish-Illuminati Rothschild’s, but that is hardly a surprise with emphasis on Zionist dispensationalism throughout their ministries. TBN also features The Omega Code, which teaches Jewish magic, particularly gematria, to its audience, despite the fact that Kabbalism and Christianity are polar opposites. One is the teachings of men and demons while the other is the Word of the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ.

The Kabbalah eternal flame depicted as representing the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, asIDF the Pentecostal church is as Zionist and dispensational as they come.

The late ex-Illuminatus John Todd went on the record in the 1970s and 1980s to state that the charismatic movement, which evolved into the Jesus rock movement on the U.S. west coast, was directly financed by the Illuminati. Todd claimed to have personally handed a cheque to Calvary Chapel, headed by Chuck Smith. Smith’s protégé, Chuck Missler, is a staunch Zionist who advocates Kabbalah through such teachings as the Bible codes theory and covert gematria (See my article exposing Chuck Missler and Calvary Chapel).
Several other ministries, including Charisma Magazine, present gematria and even the Zodiac as Holy.

It’s in the their logos!
Almost all of the aforementioned evangelical organizations and personalities use some kind of Illuminati symbolism, whether it’s the downward dove of the OTO (TBN, Calvary Chapel, Charisma Magazine) pointing to the hellish place to where their doctrines lead, the Kabbalah eternal flame (TBN, CBN, The 700 Club, Charisma Magazine, Jack Van Impe Ministries, Koinonia House) or the Jewish-Babylonian hexagram (Perry Stone and most Messianic Jewish organizations). The logos are a manifestation of the occult’s language of symbolism and probably invoke all kinds of demonic entities that surround the ministries and their staffers.

The hermetics tell us the following about the “Holy Flame”:

The five letters of the flame is the key Name of the mysteries, it is the name of the Redeemer. In the Flame are the secrets of Alchemy and transmutation, and this flame burns eternally.

The Kabbalah eternal flame’s occult meaning.

The illustration at the top of this article shows how each ministry logo depicts a flame divided into three parts, similar to the multiple-meanings of the Kabbalah eternal flame.

The ministry logos, the Illuminist doctrines, and the largely masonic composition of personalities within the American evangelical movement—all reveal the true nature of this Kabbalistic pseudo-Christian entity.


  1. FYI: Perry Stone is not a JR. He is the son of Fred Stone. Although he is certainly a Zionist, he has done a lot to expose the New World Order, not unlike Alex Jones, who gives a lot of good info while diverting us away from Zionism as being the root cause.

    1. Alex Jones is illuminati himself and is still in their employ as a disinformation agent to sow the seed of division among the people to try to incite civil unrest so his bosses can declare martial law! They they can start filling those coffins in those FEMA camps with christians! He is completely in on it, where else do you think he gets all the info?! If he was truly exposing them he would’ve been dead years ago! The prince of this world is leaving nothing to chance and killing whoever steps in his way! With the truly elect however he has no power and does not dare approach us unless God allows it! Alex Jones has been a major reason too for stirring anti Israel sentiment among the US people saying they are the ones responsible for the twin towers coming down! To a degree this is true but only as some of the Israeli government are also freemasons exactly like those in power of every nation’s government on Earth! The actual people of Israel are mostly oblivious to the truth with exception of all the kabbalist talmudic Jews who God calls the false Jews in the Bible, these also currently rule the world elites. They will all bow the knee eventually but this is just to warn you not to trust man but only trust God! (Jeremiah 17:5  Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. ) Do NOT take your teaching from man as man is a liar(Romans 3:4) but only accept it from the Holy Spirit as only He will teach us All Truth(John 14:26, 16:13-15, 1John 2:27, 2Peter 1:20-21)

  2. The problem with articles like yours, which are repeated incessantly across the internet, is you, like the others, insist on throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
    Dispensations are a Pauline doctrine, not a Zionist doctrine.
    The harpazo is a Pauline doctrine, not a Zionist doctrine.
    So please, yes, expose & throw out the modern Judaized “dirty bathwater” heresies that Paul himself also fought so vehemently against (ie, adding OT “works” as “requirements” on top of Christ’s sacrifice, such as we repeatedly hear on “Christian TV,” feast days, tithing, sabbath-keeping, “messianic judaism,” etc.) but leave the foundational Pauline doctrines of Christianity intact (the “dispensations & harpazo baby” that does NOT need to be thrown out with the Judaized bathwater).
    That is, unless you reject Paul, as many similar sites do, claiming he was “one of them,” a perpetual Talmudic Pharisee-Faker. Let’s hope not since it is only in Paul’s writings that we find the “body of Christ”, the “blessed hope,” the harpazo, & the dispensations of “separation” of God’s dealings with the believing-remnant of Israel & that of the mostly-Gentile “body of Christ.”
    Does it ever occur to dispensation-&-harpazo-bashers that before Christ returns there has to be:
    –A fake Israel (set up by Rothschild, not God)
    –To deceive & cause Jews to receive “The Stranger” who “comes in his own name” (the Antichrist)
    –which ultimately brings on the Great Tribulation, the False Prophet, the Beast, the Mark of the Beast (not a microchip!), God’s Wrath, etc.
    –which culminates in Christ returning to earth as He repeatedly promised to do, to salvage a 1/3 remnant of Hebrews (2/3 will die), whoever & wherever they are He knows.
    –It will NOT be “Zionism/Zionists” ruling the world but Christ Himself who will come again & shepherd the NATIONS (plural) with a “rod of iron.”
    –Those saved (Gentile & Jew) during the current Pauline-described dispensation — or administration — of God’s 100%-grace, have a heavenly calling, not a future earthly assignment as was promised to the twelve.
    Well, I don’t expect you to agree. Like Texe Marrs & others who expose the Zionist-NWO (a good thing), seem not to understand the Pauline “line of demarcation” between God’s heavenly plan vs His earthly plan, & continue to lump them all together as bad news & throw out the “blessed hope baby” with the Zionist-NWO-bathwater (a bad thing). Paul often gets “splashed” in the process.
    A believer in the Christ-given Pauline dispensational promises does NOT automatically mean they believe the fake-Zionist NWO-agenda. It IS possible to understand the difference! Harpazo-haters cut off their own nose to spite their face. It makes no good biblical sense to continually ASS-U-ME they (Pauline Promises & Zionist goals) are one & the same thing.
    Great job on the logos, just the same!

    1. A scholarly ‘sourced’ and ‘researched’ lie…is still a lie (in reference to ‘rapture’). Evolution is one keen example of this.
      God can summon “church fathers” out of the stones in my back yard. The rapture is a lie from satan meant to deceive the gullible & trusting.

  3. All great stuff. Logos are terribly important yet those of us on the outside tend to think that a logo is just something that someone doodled together one rainy afternoon – these aren’t logos for a fish and chip shop, but logos for ”Christ”. Therefore what’s included in the logos gives away the thought behind the entity.
    I’m really excited today as I, for the first time ever, think more and more people are waking up or at least recognizing nothing is as it seems. MANY Americans seriously question the Newtown School story… MORE Americans question that story today than questioned 9/11 a few weeks after it occurred.
    So expect MAJOR doses of disinformation in the coming weeks and months and years. It is more important than ever that we develop our own intuition and trust it and recognize there’s 1 specific ‘people’ who whether actively or inactively, are working for Satan’s rule on Earth.

  4. There is only one superintendant of the true church . The Holy Spirit of God . He and He alone can lead you into ALL TRUTH . When we try to replace Him we end up with another Jesus. Attacking the working of the Holy Spirit will get you nowhere but I know that the enemy uses counterfit signs and wonders to give glory to men . the main focus should be on the giver and never on the gifts . God is not on a carismatic leash .I have studied and been a part of the word of faith as an observer and can tell you that many are decieved by the selfish occult that caters to the flesh and makes The Lord Jesus Christ a super Santa Claus not the Sacrafice for Sin that was set fourth before time. He is complete and we are complete in Him ,It’s really all him and faith in Him

  5. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    😯 😮 What devils they are.. but most people just give into this and keep giving their money. The preachers we listen too do not have an audience and all their literature is free but some of what they say I begin to think MAN!! they definitely do not know it all especially all the diabolical manipulation going on ❗
    [quote]The late ex-Illuminatus John Todd went on the record in the 1970s and 1980s to state that the charismatic movement, which evolved into the Jesus rock movement on the U.S. west coast, was directly financed by the Illuminati. Todd claimed to have personally handed a cheque to Calvary Chapel, headed by Chuck Smith.[/quote]
    I remember him saying this in one of his tapes while in prison while trying to expose this heresy. They take every master tape to a ritual chamber and perform black magic on it. To bring in the sales amongst other things. What I did not know was about Chuck Missler and many you tubers listen to him.
    [code][align=center]It’s in the their logos![/align][/code]
    Oh yes just take any logo and you can see this stuff going on. It is every where :8O:

  6. I do know that Pat Robertson and Ted Turner were roommates and close friends in college. They are also 33 degree masons. While Robertson claims Turner lost his religious faith the truth is neither did but chose to promote their cause in two different broadcasting arenas

  7. kabbalists changed the name of God and inserted it into every bible and they get everyone worshiping their kabbalah god. I had this hunch from the Holy Ghost and then found this guy rastapresident made a video online showing a book from the kaballah with all the names christians and jews and muslims know for god.

  8. God TV is just another channel , channeling freemasonry, freemasonry has its base in Gnosticism, Gnosticism to the Occult & occult to “The strange Fire” , the Abomination unto God. The God before whom the Patriarchs, Prophets etc trembled at & to this we have the co-founder of god tV’s Wendy Alex sitting in his lap & tee tatting , to false unbiblical visions in writings, money making events unto the harlotry of Plymouth episodes, through false prophets, kundalani preachers, Prosperity/Socio-Physiologlcal gospels, word of faith etc., ear pleasings to twisting of priorities all but to the Prophesied Apostasy.
    Freemasonry come of that ‘ole iniquity by the masonic corruptions, off the words of God unto the Prince of Tyre to the satanic attributes, manifested in the modern time as freemasonry established at the time of QE I after the rebellion in the Church is but to see the Anglican & its Episcopals fall, deceiving its laity, unto falling into Sodom is no wonder even by – The Vision of the Visionary who standing in a building saw 3 persons discussing among themselves when one of them a woman noticing the visionary suddenly pounced upon him in attack when out of the Visionary came the Lord’s Prayer in the Spirit to which the woman fled on all four as a demon swearing & cursing to a lawless one. The woman was identified as the spirit of QE1 by the spirit of this world , the place westminister abbey wherein are buried the Royals & that closed discussion to hatching the Freemasonic Conspiracy. All but indicating the kingdoms of this world that sit against the Kingdom of God by His Christ. LO, British freemasonry the mother of the harlots..
    The rainbow portrait of QE1 holding a fiddle hole pipe denote the Sodomic Agendas of the day by its false multicoloured sign, against the Bow of God.

  9. Regarding the topic, what immediately comes to mind is Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia whose very logo/athletic name are The Flames. I find this very peculiar, hmm. Nevertheless, I do pray for the school as the university continues to slide down the slippery slope of political correctness or, worse perhaps, toward “apostasy” at this rate (much in the way Fuller Seminary did in the late ’70s) if it continues to reject and move away from the essentials truths and genuine articles of the Christian faith (“hard sayings” and all).
    — Eric

  10. Zionism is the work of Freemasonry off that ‘ole iniquity unto the Biblical words in the OT “There is seen a conspiracy among her Princes”. Hitler the face of fascism which payed the way for the Zionist gathering, is but to know that nothing happens by chance but to the Prophecy “For one of the heads of the beast that received a deadly wound is seen healing” is the reemergence of Fascism with a vengeance, is also to know that it was Russia that finally surrounded Hitler ,with the Beast rising with a vengeance against it, for it was one of its head that received the wound , against Russia to dividing the country unto separating Ukraine by its sorceries, Ukraine itself a symbol of Fascism, a false flag used to bringing in Economic hardships etc. Fascism is in the process of being brought back to the original seat of satan from where it is reemerging in the land of what Daniel says a strange god , a god of forces, the god of Obama, the land of Spiritual Babylon off the three parts that Babylon is spiritually divided, which he visited with a strong Military contingent in his first term stating Economic reasons to Bombay(riding his beast down town) part of greater Gujarat wherein was an ancient kingdom of Krisna that went under the sea, highly Occultic though, even as Daniel says a king who has understanding of dark sentences, which but amounted to trading the soul of America for profit & immediately on return hurriedly inducts the Sodomic Agenda into the US Military first, is but to know the origin of Sodom itself , incidentally his god & its god are the alters figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court “Vishnu” even unto its avatars- the seat of fascism unto its final making.
    The Philosophy behind this is the so called channeled theosophy( the biblical false prophet having its head symbol as the OM) through Freemasonry its arm, to this it is interesting to know a peeled Portrait of QEi revealed a serpent drawn over her arm as also another portrait known as the rainbow portrait of her holding a fiddle-hole pipe is but denoting the colored flag of Sodom, incidentally she who was excommunicated by St. Pope Pius V, speaks much to it & to this are a great many, even preachers, deluded into thinking that the Catholic Church is the false Prophet etc. propagated through Protestantism seemingly created for such a work is but to see the Anglican & its Episcopals fallen into own pit lead the Prophesied Apostasy , the Hierarchy deceiving its ordinary through its Marker “Sodom” , inc. a great no of Christian Zionists a whoring after a people, instead of seeking God.
    For, In the word Sodom is packaged all the thesis & mechanisms against the human family structure in turn based upon the First Holy Family of God. Satan, his minions & their slaves, all but created ones, must be such fools to think against the Most High, who has no beginning or end. The Life.

  11. There are many ways to God as per Oprah & her likes, alternative life styles according to Obama, & his likes ear pleasers & ear pleasings like the Joel Osteens to having best life here. They are right for everything comes from God & everything likewise goes back to Him. But the truth is that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in him may have eternal life, by picking up ones own cross to follow him so as to equate with his suffering unto God, ’cause Christ’s suffering is but relaying God’s own suffering unto the words “God is long suffering” come out of his Love, the appointed way for the fallen man.
    But for them who reject this way through alternate life styles etc the appointed way is through the lake of fire where there is no Christ which again is suffering called the karma denoted by the many alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court -the golden calf unto its gods except that that way is endless which can go into thousands/millions or even trillion years of our time, & since unto God there is no time either way is the same for Him & both these ways come from God, one through Christ & the other through the lake of fire.’cause Sin cannot withstand suffering. So the choice is man’s either to Equating with Christ’s suffering which is Gods own for our sakes through picking up ones cross to follow him or through the sufferings in the lake of fire . On this it is noteworthy to retrospect the words “Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” as none deceive others but themselves.

  12. I believe all religions became part of Satan’s network today , only through repentance through through Jesus to god might we be saved during judgment.Satan decievith all mankind . so come out of her. Keep the commandments for I think we will be judged by them.

  13. While most of your paper is true, your confused about the “universal church” there is no such entity according to the word of GOD. NO POPES NO CARDINALS. ONLY THE “BODY OF CHRIST” CATHOLOCISM IS AGAINST THE WORD, AND WAS CREATED BY UNSAVED JEWS

    1. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. The Eucharist is the True Body of Christ.
      Nobody is “saved” in this world. What we all are is redeemed, but we are only saved when we die and are judged worthy of Eternal Life.

    2. Mark, it is you who is confused. The Church is the vehicle founded by Christ, by which He desired that we effect our salvation.
      Nobody is “saved” in this life. What we all are is redeemed. We are only saved after death when we are judged worthy of Eternal Life.

  14. Even though the Catholic Church is commonly faulted especially by the Protestants, egged on by the Zionists in their Enmity against the Christ, for the Inquisition ,it should be known that the inquisition by itself was to the prophecy against the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of fornication especially to the sexual corruptions unto its core- sodom, the spirit of rebellion that of witchcraft, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft , she who married to a spineless king in her time engineered an inquisition to grabbing the vineyard of a simple man through causing his death, come many fold unto her & her children through the Catholic Inquisition even unto the Prophecy of the Son of God unto the Church of Thyatira “You suffer the woman Jezebel who calls herself a Prophetess, I will cast her into the bed & them that commit adultery with her into great tribulations( the term bed denotes sexual corruptions) & i will kill her children with death–.’ How ever she repented not , even unto the Protestant rebellion & its twists, today seen falling like a pack of cards unto sodom, its core led by the Anglicans & its episcopals, trying to drag the Catholic Church into its compromises.
    To the Inquisition the excommunication of QE1 by the Saint Pope Pius V is significant to the continuation of the said Prophecy unto its final fullfillment, for it was at the time of QE1 that freemasonry come off that ‘ole iniquity was established such that Freemasonry by Theosophy is that which rules the Kingdoms of the World to the Prophecy of Zech 5 the curse of the flying scroll & the wickedness in an Ephah that governs it, unto the kingdoms that sit against the Kingdom of God by His Christ.
    The spirit of Jezebel is its god & its ‘ess denoted today by the many alters figured through the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court by a people gathered unto themselves through violence unto this day, not to God & is no wonder the law that comes out of its court, influencing & deceiving the world is but the law that is cursed as the Bible states, the law leavened, exemplified by the sodomic agendas out of these leavens of the Law, brought in through sodom itself.

  15. entertrainment industry is being used for satanic social engineering. I am 66 and have known many of them since 23 after being drugged and gang raped by them. They never left me alone. Of course it is hard for people to believe, because it is supposed to be me stalking them not them salking me in the throes of peoples social engineering

  16. Very informative article. Not forgetting Joyce Meyer with her ‘we are all little gods’ and ‘the all seeing eye is constantly watching you’. Being brought up in the Assembly of God I know all about the heresies of the charismatic movement and used to feel evil presences in that church with all their ‘holy laughter’ and writing about – utter blasphemy. I no longer attend any church but just believe in God and trust in Him.

  17. Where the whole of the Gospel can be summed up as follows: “Pick up your crosses daily & follow me, for only then can you be my disciples” & this comes through following his two commandments 1)Love thy God 2) Love thy brethren, in spirit wherein is the truth, for in these two hang all of the OT law & Prophets as nothing that God brought about is taken away except that is to be understood in the spirit & truth of it, which the synagogues of satan has so utterly corrupted through all the leavens. . Protestantism never preach this & rare to the Catholics today beguiled by the “Faith Only” stuff when in the truth it is Grace through Faith wherein is all the works except that works be in the spirit.
    The so called invitation of the Pope to address the heavily compromised US Congress as an institution, & subsequent address of the UN (The Biblical beast(for who can make war with it) & The false Prophet resp,) is but Caesar seeking that which is to God, specifically the complacency unto sodom, the marker veiled against the family, through much of Sorcery like saying “Marriage is between a man & a woman” except that these words would remain only in letter & not in Spirit . The recent hand in hand march of the US cardinal Dolan with the sodomites & the Pope’s silence on it says much of so called reformation & to saying “If the Catholic church does not reform it will fall like a pack of cards is but a lie”, considering its history. This whole can be seen as following the Anglican come through the rebellion ,deceiving its faithful by the Hierarchy ,like of ‘ole, reflecting the “synagogues of satan”. .

  18. Please explain what you mean by pre-tribulation rapture heresy. Is this not what most Christians believe. Thank u for clarification and Godbless

  19. Who can make war with the Beast? AMERICA born off Protestant England whose SODOMIC character recently revealed by its courts, comes as the very MARKER unto the Prophecy of the “Mark of the Beast” without which can neither buy or sell(Trade), is today reflected through the “Economic Sanctions” imposed by America/Nato on Russia even though stating Ukraine, but spiritually because Russia by its Orthodox Church stands against The Sodomic Agenda of the west. This Agenda in course of time will be seen extended unto the whole of Earth restricting trade for those who do not accept “Sodom through its Mark” even to come about individually, into fulfilling the prophecy..
    Now to the Mystery of the Harlot riding the Beast – The Beast identified as America in its sodomic Character & the harlot which rides it decked in riches & royalty is none else than PROTESTANTISM which the Beast tramples upon today -its religion, even unto the words of the Pharaoh “America is no more a Christian country”, the fool who thinks Christianity is Protestantism, Protestantism itself established out of a rebellion against the Parent Church caused by none else than by Royal harlotry then, mixed cleverly with “Faith only” heresy by Martin Luther extended unto its Episcopals etc. to form PROTESTANTISM that rides/rode America, even by its prophets, the prophets of Babylon.
    The Beast in turn ruled by the False Prophet “Freemasonry by Theosophy” Zech 5 theosophy with its head symbol the hindu ‘OM” unto the sodomic symbol ,established in the UN prayer hall , points to the many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court (in the absence of the temple). For that “Conspiracy” of the princes of Judah stated by Jeremiah before the dispersion in the OT is indeed come up in gigantic proportions effecting the whole world, even through a people gathered in violence in the continuation of the said “Conspiracy”, unto revealing the Biblical reality. It is any wonder the Warnings of Jesus “Beware of the leavens of Herod & the Pharisees” even the warning unto the days of Lot “Remember Lots wife” against the Complacency towards “Sodom” the very factor that critically comes against the human family based on the First Holy Family of God, against the very Throne.

  20. –and here is the challenge from God through the Bible, on the long haul – As stated, when finally The Beast, False Prophet & satan (all that goes with it) find themselves in the Lake of Fire & as a testimony to this truth come by a visionary, who in the spirit heard his name being called from a far off, to which the Holy Spirit prompts him to head the call , by then one of the Cherubs from the Ark of the Covenant – The Throne (which Apostle John in Rev. witnessed in the temple in heaven, not the one made by Moses, for that was a copy of the Original) is but to know that unto God there is only one Covenant, even as the Cherub was then by the visionary’s side, eyes as of fire, with a book in hand asking him to look for his name in it – he did find himself in the Book of Life & beside him also stood a lake “Death still”, the prophesied lake of fire for those whose names are not found in the book, The Lamb’s book of Life.

  21. I wish to warn readers of the entity calling him/herself, “Multicultural Treason”. Upon visiting this individual’s website, I discovered that he/she is a virulently anti-Catholic, White Supremacist Protestant who feeds off supposed “Jesuit conspiracies”. This person seems to be influenced by the British Israel/Christian Identity heresy since he is obsessed with Christ’s bloodline and refers to Him as “Yashua” rather than Jesus.
    It appears that his only beef with Jews is that they have usurped the “rightful” place of the White man as “Yahweh’s Chosen People”.

  22. For a behind-the-scenes look at leading traffickers of the 185-year-old “pretribulation rapture” view, Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy,” and “Evangelicals Use Occult Deception.”

  23. Zionism & the “Rapture Belief” are but of the same source come through the British Nelson Darby’s & Scofield references , to say if one is true than the other also true, so invariably if one is false the other also false. Now this so called rapture belief is derived from the Bible specifically in 1 Thessalonians 4 to the words “—caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air—” . As a hint, The true revelation of this is denoted through the event at the Mount of Transfiguration which is but Jesus himself caught up in the spirit to’ Them” Moses & Elijah, representing the Law & the Prophets, to meet the Father, thus to his Glorious transformation, revealing himself as the Lord from Heaven & by Him are we set to be caught up, to the Prophecy .Is but to note that he did not ‘Run away” to the Father, until he bodily completed his tour of duty, was resurrected & then went up to the Father. Of such manner is the truth of them that are ‘Caught up to him”. But Lo, how have the Evangelicals out of Protestantism undermined the truth of this Prophecy, the false teaching that has led multitudes of Christians to Complacency instead of the Contention, falling into the Apostasy seen today, thus manifesting the Sodom as the very marker ,the platforms that the likes of the Clintons stand upon, Which but invariably goes on to say the Zionism is false, for as mentioned earlier, one complements the other.
    And Lo they “Figured” a golden calf, to make a feast unto the Lord, ending in the worship of the holy cow then & now, instead of The Lord, defined by the many hindu(Egypt) alters ‘Figured” in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court.

  24. A few years ago I came across a blog by a Northern Irish Protestant called Jim Cairns, who apparently was hounded out of Northern Ireland by British loyalist (Protestant) terrorists (groups with very strong links to both freemasonry and “Rothschild Zionism”) in Antrim – the north-eastern most county of Northern Ireland, and who then settled in Kilkenny, a very rural county in southeast Ireland. To cut a long story short this guy claimed to have uncovered evidence of satanic paedophile rings in Kilkenny, involving self-styled “born again Christians” and leading figures in the Irish media, politicians, judges, and clerics from all the churches. I found it hard to believe all the stuff he alleged, but since I’ve started reading your very well researched and documented articles on born again evangelicals and their links to the illuminati, (as well as material on the same subject on some other blogs – e.g. Makow) I’ve begun to wonder if Cairns wasn’t on to something.
    For me the jury is still out on some of Cairns’ allegations, but there can be no doubt that claiming to be born again is no proof of virtue. For instance plenty of those US (and British) soldiers who took part in vile ritualistic torture of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere were evangelicals. Ditto many of the sadistic loyalist terrorists of Northern Ireland, e.g. Billy Wright. The British secret state actively promoted Satanism in Northern Ireland in the 1970s – as admitted by some of its own operatives, e.g, Colin Wallace.

  25. The queen of Freemasonry/Protestantism, QE 2 was last witnessed in the spirit with her hat on , going up a lift wearing shoes , except that the shoes had no soles, read soul.

    1. I’m sure plenty of Fitzinfo readers have seen the footage/pictures of QE2 leaving hospital in March 2013, accompanied by a nurse wearing a Masonic belt buckle – proof, if it were needed, of the very close relationship between British royalty and the Brotherhood – a reality some traditionalist Catholics of a strong monarchist persuasion prefer to ignore. For me the real question is never, monarchy or republic? but rather, what kind of monarchy? what kind of republic?

  26. There still is no New Testament substantiation by God, Jesus, Apostles for Israel’s right to return to the promised land in 1948 after God himself made Israel, Jerusalem desolate and dispersed them world wide in 70 ad.
    Matthew 23;38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.
    Luke 13;35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
    Acts 1;20 For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.

  27. I am shocked that all those pastors are so deceiving while looking so innocence
    I’ll spread the words

  28. Timothy Fitzpatrick, you are obviously a Catholic and view Protestantism as a threat to Catholic control over the world. As a student of God’s Word for more than thirty years, I can assure your readers that most of your claims are false and inconsistent with the Bible.
    I’ve been involved in churches as a layman and do not head-up a ministry, so I was not in it for personal gain. I assure you, my salvation from the Revivalist Movement was genuine, I’ve been ministered to abundantly through “Jesus Rock” and the people who were healed and demons cast-out through my ministry were genuine. Jesus Himself said, “How can Satan cast out Satan?” There’s is no demonic spirit behind New Covenant miracles, I don’t care what name you give it.
    The Catholic church shrouds the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in tradition and ritual so that many of it’s adherents trust their salvation to the church instead of a relationship with our Savior. This is why they become so uncomfortable when someone mentions being “born again.”
    Timothy, you seem to be a very intelligent and studious person. I encourage you to study the simple Gospel of salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I pray the Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth.

    1. Steve, do you realise how smug and passive – aggressive you sound? Neither Tim nor Anybody else here is concerned about Protestantism’s “threat to Catholicisms control over the world”, (Catholicism has no control over the world). We are concerned about Jewish subversion of the Church and the world and how “Christian” Zionist Evangelicals are aiding and abetting this by their unconditional support of Israel. Aren’t you more concerned about Islam and Catholicism while giving Jews a pass as God’s “Chosen People”?
      So, you have been a “student of God’s Word for more than thirty years” and now reckon you have all the answers. I suppose you know much more than the great Doctors of the Church could ever do!
      It sounds to me that you are involved in the the Charismatic movement, which I’m convinced is a device of Satan. We are not supposed to seek after sign and wonders.
      You go on to ignorantly “inform” us what the Catholic Church, allegedly, does and infer that Tim lacks a personal relationship with Christ. After which you presume to “psychoanalyse” us. I don’t become “uncomfortable” when people mention being born again. I simply reject the false, Protestant Fundamentalist interpretation of born again.

      1. Mary, as you probably know, Protestants are highly—most times completely—ignorant of the Early Church and the Fathers. They aren’t taught about it at all because their leaders fear that if the flock become exposed to that knowledge, they would leave their current church, seeing how obviously inconsistent their church’s teachings are with the Early Church. Atheists and other heretics could also benefit from learning about the Early Church and Fathers. For example, what did seven ecumenical Church councils spanning hundreds of years fail to discover regarding Christ’s divinity that atheists and subordinationists think they did discover in their short time on earth?

  29. Jeremiah 3:16, of the manner: The Ark of the Covenant (that made by Moses) shall not be thought off, nor another one made” However the Ark made by Moses, was based on the Ark of the Covenant that the beloved Apostle witnessed in the temple in heaven, the original, indicating that God has only One Covenant for the whole of heaven & earth. The old Ark of Moses is unto inheritance of land, that has been put off to the Ark in heaven as inheritance unto God himself , is the difference between the Old Covenant with the New Covenant, the original, or the Old testament to the New, for unto God all things are to eternal.
    The Revelation of the Ark from heaven, comes by the Prophecy of Jeremiah, also called as the Prophet of the New Covenant, in 2 Macabees2, 4-8, which is THE gathering, individually in the Spirit, taken to the said Cave, in Horeb, wherein is seen the Ark of the Covenant from heaven, the Rock of our Salvation, witnessing the Glory of God, unto an eternal inheritance unto him, just as Moses saw the inheritance upon the Mount, except that it is not to any land, but unto God Himself.
    To this it would be prudent for a Jew, even the protestant in the same rebellion following the synagogues of satan,,to remember the words from ‘ole of God “Ye shall not enter into my rest” true unto this day, even the words of wrath “I will carry you beyond Babylon” to Spiritual Babylon, America as a step to—-.

    1. This again comes as the revelation of the Prophecy of Jesus of the manner “Ye know not the Father, neither the Son but them unto whom the Son pleases to reveal”

  30. I was the guy that was on stage with John Todd at Disneyland as like his body gard . He John had given me a bible to put his tith in . He had cut it out and had a gun in it . I would like to talk to Hal .

  31. I agree that American evangelicalism is corrupt, but don’t think it’s all a Jewish-Zionist plot. Paul Crouch actually had ties to Palestine Liberation Organization (don’t remember where I read that, but Google “TBN ties to PLO” and you’ll find some interesting stuff). Very corrupt, but it wasn’t all Jewish related- some of it was on the Palestinian-Islamic side as well.

  32. Protestantism (sunk.on Sodom & Divorce ) itself out of a rebellion, even a royal harlotry , has as it’s fundamental error the leaven of the word “Only ” added to Faith, to not giving into God what is to God , even as Martin Luther dared to call James :Faith without works is dead ” ( one of the three constituting the inner circle of Jesus Christ ) “Straw ” cause it did not fit his kind of philosophy, changing the whole concept of salvation ) , Negating James amounts to msinterpreting Paul since they cannot contradict each other.
    Jesus came & took up man’s sins, how then can ones individual sins be imputed upon him without EQUATING with him on the cross other than through Faith , to which are works , James ‘Fsith without works is dead ” through keeping the two commandments in the spirit & truth of it, amounts to picking up ones cross daily to following him as commanded results in Daily Sacrifices, which daily sacrifices would be TAKEN AWAY to the prophecy of Daniel , come through the Protestant Philosophy in the leavens of the Faith , for faith leavened is faith corrupted to No Faith, theologically to a Salvation by grace minus faith but to the occult denotes Gnosticism. .Martin Luther himself off the Augustinian Order echoes St.Augustines earlier belief of Gnosticism though in the abstract reveals EGYPT into the prophecy of spiritually Sodom & Egypt.
    Even as this Errant philosophy enters the Catholic Church , the smoke of Satan, as the Tojsn horse off late through the likes of the Swiss based Gallen Gangs , as the source of the prophesied Apostasy.
    The Ex-Communication of QE1 by Pope St.Pius V back then, prophetic to the cause of the falling away from the the Apostasy.
    The significance of the appearance of Our Lady at Medjuorge specifically at St.Jsmes Church indicative of the source of the prophesied Apostasy. through Violation of the book of James.
    Saved by Grace through Faith where the emphasis is on the Grave not the faith, however faith within itself has its works which works is to keeping the Two Commandments (The universal Doctrine of the Church ) amounts to picking up ones cross daily to following him as Commanded ——-.

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