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Vladimir Putin loves Judaism and Jews: Chabad

December 29, 2005

Today the Messiah will die

In these tumultuous days when the world is noisy and turbulent, Islam is trying to conquer Europe and imposes its death on the whole world, European countries are becoming Muslim countries at a dizzying pace - the people of Israel feel the near redemption and long for it more than ever, with the words I did but for you… humble, it is time for your redemption…

We were privileged to live in a unique time. The world is getting small, and every new piece of news immediately reaches everyone through the extensive network of media, so no one misses.

And in the network of algae run prophecies of the great men of Israel who rely on the Midrashic prophets and of course, on the Zohar, such as: redemption is related to the conquest of Damascus, that "Damascus" are the letters "Temple". Redemption will come when Russia enters Syria. When Russia passes the Bosphorus Egypt and fights Turkey, one can already wear the Sabbath clothes and the clothes of redemption and more and more.

And here our eyes see how all the prophecies are fulfilled. Everything happens before our eyes. Russia as an ally of Iran and Syria is helping Syria against its rebels and against all terrorists who terrorize the entire world, yet maintains good relations with Israel.

And who is behind this leadership of this power?…

The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who also has a good relationship with the Jews of his country, and especially with the Hasidic rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar. Putin who testifies that he loves Jews and loves Judaism and holds four Jewish advisers. And while in Israel he visited the Western Wall and prayed for the building of the Temple. Is not this an important detail in the redemption of the days of Messiah ?!

The wonders of the ways of the Supreme Providence

As early as 50 years ago, the Blessed Sacrament has been marching on a man, the leader of the Russians, to get to know the Jews and to know how to appreciate them. And as Vladimir Putin himself said at a conference of a Jewish organization held in Russia before the election, so was the act, and that is his language:

I want to tell you a little story that happened in St. Petersburg about 50 years ago, a story about a non-Jewish boy who grew up in a very poor family.

At that time most of the families lived in shared apartments, in each apartment there were rooms, and in each room lived one family, with the kitchen and the comfort rooms being shared.

Well, the parents of this poor boy spent all his time making a living and the boy was left alone most of the time at home. However, the Supreme Court ensured that a family of compassionate Jews lived in the apartment he lived in. When the family members saw that the child was left alone most of the time, they invited him to their apartment. The father of the family, who was a teacher, helped him with homework, and also hosted Shabbat meals with them. This child remembers that on Shabbat the family used to take an old book from which they read after the meal.

There the boy saw a warm Jewish family in all its exclusivity, he admired the good atmosphere in the family, the respect of the parents and the peace of the home. And the main thing was to find a family warmth there, which he was so lacking.

In time, the boy grew up to become the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. One day, about 19 years ago, he heard that the city administration refused to open a Jewish school. He turned to the Deputy Minister of Education and asked for an explanation for the delay in opening the school. The Deputy Minister of Education replied: I am a Jew, and I do not want them to say that because I was a Jew, I approved the opening of the school. The deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, without hesitation and without permission, took the documents and signed them himself, even though it was not his responsibility. This is how Vladimir Putin helped open the first Jewish school in St. Petersburg.

Do you know who this child is? פוט Putin asked,

This kid is me! Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

Indeed, it is Putin who to this day has Jewish friends and advisers, and he is assisting Russian Jews in their fight against anti-Semitism, and he is trying to enact a law that will ban Holocaust denial. In this respect there is no one like him among the leaders of the world. Interestingly, in a meeting he had with the late Sharon while he served as Israeli prime minister, he made sure that Sharon ate a kosher meal.

Vladimir Putin's Jewish teacher says

Here is another very moving story that testifies to Putin's character:

Mina Yuditskaya Berliner, 93, born in Ukraine and now living in Tel Aviv, was Vladimir Putin's German teacher 45 years ago, when he was a high school student in St. Petersburg. She tells of Putin being a disciplined and serious quiet boy. And though he missed classes because of his wrestling training, he was versed in the material he learned. Years later, Putin left and Mina Yuditskaya immigrated to Israel. One day in the late 1990s, Mina identified Putin on television, and after a while they met in Israel.

And how did they meet?

Mina Yuditskaya Berliner says about this:

When I heard in April 2005 that Putin was coming to Israel, I went to the Russian consulate, and asked to see Putin, so I left my details… When Putin arrived, they sent me a taxi to take me to the embassy and from there I joined World War II veterans who went to meet him. When we arrived at the lobby of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, I arrived last, and suddenly I saw that all the lights were on me. All the journalists surrounded me and all the war veterans applauded me.

Then we sat down around a long table and I got to sit in front of Putin. It was exciting I was getting older and he was growing up. After the big meal he invited me for a tea. I sat with him in private. In the long conversation that took place between us, I conducted most of the conversation. At that time I lived in a modest apartment with a key fee on Pioneer Street in Florence, but following the meeting I began to receive gifts from him: a watch in a box and his autobiographical book with his signature. It was just a huge gift promo sent to me by Putin.

One day Putin's representative came to me and told me that Putin wanted to buy me an apartment. He asked me to choose between two apartments he offered me. One is new and large on Sheinkin Street and the other, smaller, in the same area. I chose the small one. Within a few months, movers arrived, packed my apartment in Florence, and with great joy I moved into an apartment that Putin bought me. When I got the apartment I cried with excitement. Undoubtedly Putin is a decent man who has gratitude.

These stories suggest that the hand of the Supreme Providence has turned things around, to the point where it is impossible not to marvel at how vertebrae in history communicate with each other and benefit individuals and the entire world.

May all good deeds be intensified, united and united and bring true and complete redemption to the people of Israel and to the whole world.