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Vertical lie: Putin replicates fakes about his pectoral cross (expert opinion)

Having lied once, who will believe you?

The Great and Saving Feast of the Nativity of Christ is approaching , and the official media are trying with might and main to stuff the poor fellow citizens with another batch of fakes about their "Orthodox president." So, RIA Novosti launched a project dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Putin as head of the Russian Federation.

The German international journalist Alexander Rahr, known for his closeness to Putin, in response to a question from RIA Novosti about which of the episodes of Putin's life described in his biography characterizes him most accurately, gave an example with a pectoral cross: “For me, for example, in this In a sense, the story about the fire in his house is interesting (we are talking about the fire at the Putins' dacha near Leningrad in 1996, described in Rahr's book). I personally asked him if it was TRUE, and he CONFIRMED it. He was with friends in the sauna when the house started to burn. He ran to the second floor, where his daughters were sleeping, and carried them out, threw them down into the arms of his friends. He saved their lives . And then he remembered that all the savings were kept in the “diplomat” house, and he once again ran into the burning house and saw that all the money had burned down, and onlyhis pectoral cross lay untouched . This is such a personal story that was HONESTLY told”)))

Let us remind you that in 2000 , Alexander Rahr’s book “Wladimir Putin. „Der Deutsche“ im Kreml ”(Universitas-Verlag. München, 2000), where Rahr first reported that Putin had problems: “his wife was in a car accident”:

As it has already been noted more than once, no one has yet paid attention to the obvious inconsistencies in the available information about the pectoral cross of Vladimir Putin, not to mention the date of his baptism. For the first time, news about Putin's cross spread around the world after his first meeting with Bush Jr. on June 16, Ljubljana (Slovenia), i.e. after the publication of the book “Wladimir Putin. "Der Deutsche" im Kremlin". In his memoir Decision Points, George W. Bush recalls the story of Vladimir Putin's pectoral cross: “He seemed somewhat tense and began to speak, glancing at the records. A few minutes later, I interrupted his monologue with a question: “Is it true that your mother gave you the cross that you consecrated in Jerusalem?”... From Putin’s expression, I saw that he was shocked when Peter, the translator, translated my question. I explained that I read about it somewhere and would like to know the details. I did not tell him that I learned about this from intelligence sources.. Putin quickly came to his senses and told this story. His expression and voice became softer as he recalled how he hung a cross in the country house , which subsequently burned down. When the firemen arrived, he told them that the only thing that was dear to him was the cross . He spoke with feeling about how the fireman opened his palm , and there was a cross. And he said, "That's the way it should have been."

As George W. Bush admitted to the journalistic corps, he saw the "soul" of Putin, looking into the eyes of the new Russian president: "I looked him straight in the eyes and could catch the movement of his soul" (Ian Traynor. Bush and Putin: the end of the affair ? // The Guardian, 08/16/2001). True, the psychic abilities of the American president provoked sarcastic grins from Hillary Clinton, who quipped that "President Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw a kindred spirit there, however, I would like to remind you that Putin was a KGB officer, and he has no soul by definition" )))

Even earlier, Putin told the story of his pectoral cross in an interview with CNN host Larry King in September 2000 : “A curious story after which I decided to always wear this cross on myself. I have a dacha near St. Petersburg, and there was a fire there, something shorted out in the sauna. Before entering the sauna, I took off the cross, and when the fire started, I jumped out with my comrades, practically naked, because everything happened unexpectedly. I must say that the cross was very dear to me. My mother gave it to me , and the fire was very serious. I thought there would not even be a trace of the cross, it was, you know, such a simple aluminum cross . My surprise was boundless when the worker came, rummaged through what was left of the house, unclenched his fist , and there was a cross. The house burned down completely. It was amazing. Now I will not part with him "...
And Bush Jr. probably learned additional details of the story with Putin's cross from the book “From the First Person”, which Vladimir Putin personally dictated to Natalya Timakova, Natalya Gevorkyan and Andrei Kolesnikov as soon as he became president of Russia. The original electronic version of the text of this book with photographs first appeared on the website of the Vagrius publishing house on March 13, 2000 , marking the beginning of world putinism:

Published in the book "From the first person » The first "version" of Putin's biography, "cast" by him personally, is also posted on the Kremlin website, where only a few lines are allotted for the story with the pectoral cross: “The neighbor woman Anya was a devout person, she went to church, and when I was born, she and her mother secretly from her father, party member, secretary of the party organization of the workshop , baptized me. In 1993, when I was already working in the Leningrad City Council, I went to Israel as part of an official delegation. And my mother gave me my baptismal cross so that I could consecrate it on the Holy Sepulcher. I complied with her request, then I put on this cross and have not taken it off since then ":

The same fire in 1996 at Putin's dacha (according to him," years"), which Viktor Zubkov helped Putin acquire, in the notorious cooperative " LAKE"(Established on November 11, 1996) on the shores of Lake Komsomolskoye, 120 km from St. Petersburg, is also mentioned in the book "From the First Person" in 2000, but there is no mention of a cross miraculously surviving in a fire there , as well as about daughters allegedly saved by Putin personally, and only the eldest daughter Maria and Marina Yentaltseva are mentioned ( video ) :

listeners to whom Putin personally told all this sentimental story with his pectoral cross, which later spread widely around the world ...

The second "Putin's" edition of the story with the pectoral cross was brought to the attention of the general Russian reader in December 2001 by the same Natalya Timakova ( video ), who by that time had become the first deputy. Head of the Office of the Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation. The journalists of the popular weekly "Sobesednik" A. Levin, M. Yakovlev and N. Guzheva, according to her words, told their readership that during the fire on August 12, 1996, "Putin thought that there was not a trace of a simple aluminum cross - before to go to the sauna, he always took it off and left it with his clothes in the locker room. But when the worker who came to clean up the rubble, delved into what was left of the house, and unclenched his fist, the surprise of the future president knew no bounds. In the outstretched hand, Vladimir Vladimirovich saw his cross, whole and unharmed. Since then,Putin has not parted with him .”

The publication in Sobesednik ( December 12, 2001 ) appeared just before Putin's visit as president of Russia, together with his wife Lyudmila, to the UK, on ​​the eve of Catholic Christmas, December 21, 2001: html

It is hardly a coincidence that the main topic of the article “Putin was baptized in secret” for the first time was Putin’s attitude to faith and the Church, and his former classmates assured the Sobesednik that they never noticed their school friend, not only looking into the church, but also wearing a cross?! The article cites the words of a classmate of the president, Iosif Dolnikov: “I can safely say: Putin did not attend church . And I have never seen a pectoral cross on him either. Lyubov Shelomova, the president's cousin, repeated the same thing to journalists: “I don't remember that Volodya's parents were believers. Vladimir's father was a staunch communist, his mother also did not show any particular inclination towards the church.

However, Natalya Timakova(see photo) decided to refute these eyewitness accounts, referring to the following Putin’s revelation: “as Vladimir Vladimirovich said, they had a pensioner neighbor, Baba Anya, a very pious woman in a communal apartment in Baskovy Lane. And then one day she and Maria Ivanovna (Vladimir Vladimirovich's mother - ed.) secretly took him to the church and christened him. The president does not remember the temple - he was then 5 months old " Putin was born on October 7, 1952, therefore, the baptism took place on March 7, 1953 , during the days of national mourning for Stalin, but in the church calendar on this day there is no memory of Vladimir ... Manager of affairs President Vladimir Kozhin and Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov were caught lying:

It is easy to see that the original version of Vladimir Putin about his pectoral cross, told by him personally to Alexander Rahr in 2000, “the story of a fire in his house. I personally asked him if it was TRUE, and he CONFIRMED it , "is completely at odds with other versions, also lit by Putin personally! Raru Putin said that “I was with friends in the sauna when the house started to burn. He ran to the second floor, where his daughters were sleeping, and carried them out, threw them down into the arms of his friends. He saved their lives . And then he remembered that all the savings were kept in the house in the "diplomat", and he once again ran into the burning house and saw that all the money had burned down, and only his pectoral cross lay untouched . This is such a personal storyHONESTLY told"))) And the version of Putin's pool after tearful outpourings in the United States acquired a completely different meaning: instead of Putin, his pectoral cross is found either by a firefighter or a worker, "digging" in the place of the conflagration.

By the way, Putin’s typical jargon “as if out of the gate” slipped through at his recent 15th press conference on 12/19/2019, when a journalist from the BBC Russian Service asked (4:24 pm) the question of when Putin admits that Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova are his daughters. And the fact that they are doing business, contrary to his earlier words. Putin again shied away from answering this direct question: “You mentioned one woman, another. They mentioned their personal shares, the volume of business. Just stating a fact. When you dig into it, you will understand what kind of business is there, whether it is there, who owns it, who helps there.” At the same time, Putin did not answer anything about his relationship with them)))

Heeding Putin’s call to “dig into this”, our editors revealed not only striking discrepancies in his littered versions about his pectoral cross, but also a complete contradiction to the testimonies of his relatives, first of all , his first wife, Lyudmila Putina, whom Putin deleted from his biography and even his tax return:

Putin's daughters also refute Putin's special propaganda : html

Maria Putina (Faassen),born in 1985:

Maria Putina (Faassen) was born on April 28, 1985 in Leningrad during her father's absence. The fact is that in 1984, having received the rank of major, Vladimir Putin was sent to the one-year faculty of the Moscow Red Banner Institute (KI) named after Yu.A. Andropov (former School 101, now the Academy of Foreign Intelligence (a closed object "Jurmala" in Zvenigorod near Moscow, which was located deep in the forest and was surrounded by a high fence. Putin was there 24 hours a day, seven days a week for almost a year) Putin studied at CI from July 1984 to July 1985 under the pseudonym "Platov"

After graduating from the CI, Putin was sent to the territorial bodies - the KGB department for Leningrad and the Leningrad Region, from where in August 1985 he was sent to the representative office of the KGB SSR in the GDR, where he worked as director of the USSR-GDR Friendship House in Dresden.

Thus, the "cellist" Sergei Roldugin could not be the "godfather" of Putin's eldest daughter Maria (Faasen) - this is a complete fake))) Exactly the same as the "frank confessions" of S.P. Roldugin in 2014 in an interview with Evening Kazan that allegedly his “goddaughter” Maria Putina “lives in Russia”: putine.html

In fact, according to the media and eyewitnesses, Maria Putina (Faassen), together with her common-law husband Jorrit Joost Faassen, permanently resided in the Netherlandsin Vorschoten is located in the microdistrict "Krimwijk" (in translation - " Crimean Quarter "!) At the corner of Annie MG Schmidt and Harry Mulisch streets:

Exclusive: Putin's daughters live abroad under the protection of the FSO (eyewitness account ) :

Putin's eldest daughter Maria refutes Russian propaganda (exclusive photos and video): Katerina Putina ( " Tikhonova " ) Born August 31, 1986: https://www.opentown. org/news/180227 By the way, both daughters of “Orthodox Putin” are not baptized, which Putin’s special propaganda is carefully silent about))) In the comments on the museum Blog, we complain that “ Rosreestr deletes all information about Putin, his wives and daughters”: “

Speaking of "Putin's secret wealth", the Kremlin constantly emphasizes that there is no evidence of the existence of such. And where can they come from, when even the mention of obvious and relatively modest wealth is carefully hidden from the people! And where is the guarantee that yachts, planes and palaces are not masked in the same way? At the same time, the apartment of Maria Faassen, who is identified as "Putin's eldest daughter", not far from the American embassy, ​​just a few minutes walk, immediately disappeared from the Unified State Register of Real Estate - and not just a name, but in general the entire apartment disappeared from open databases. After a journalistic investigation about the new name of Lyudmila Putina, information was corrected in Rosreestr and about her. Somewhere without a trace from official documents, the former dacha of Putin near St. Petersburg has evaporated ... ":

Lyudmila Putina outlined her truth about the fire on August 12, 1996 at Putin's dacha in the infamous LAKE cooperative (established on November 11, 1996) in the sensational film Kiss Not for the Press, filmed according to her personal script. By a strange coincidence, the film about Putin, which was filmed at the end of 2002 , was not released and lay on the shelf for five whole years. And only in 2008 , when sensational facts about Putin’s adultery with Kabaeva became public, that “ May 19, 2008on the plane of Mr. Timchenko, Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Kozhin, Dmitry Gorelov, Nikolai Shamalov flew to Vladimir Putin in Sochi", the film "A Kiss Not for the Press" was released on DVD, and on the cover of the cassette Putin stands with his back to the people (see photo): https : :// "Emseralda" by Kabaev like Gella - remember Bulgakov: "Gella flew like night, flying into the night." It remains to add - in Sochi))) By the way, on the TV show "One Hundred Questions for an Adult" ( 03-22-2008 ), Alina Kabaeva herself confirmed that she already has a boyfriend, to whom she recently presented a jacket - "Alaska", and to the question of the children's audience, could she take someone else's husband out of the family, Kabaeva laughingly answered that " since a man looks at another woman, then this is no longer a family " ...

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, in the summer of 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin stripped to the waist in front of television cameras for the sake of Alina Kabaeva. The Daily Telegraph, commenting on the issue of Vogue with Kabaeva on the cover, warned its readers that in this way this magazine could cause serious irritation to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin ... As it is known from informed sources, when Putin first watched the film “Kiss not for the

press ”, filmed in 2002 according to the script by Lyudmila Putina, a real hysteria happened to him. He stated that the film with Andrei Paninin the lead role is no good, and demanded to re-shoot the film with another actor, whom he himself, personally, would approve for the role. The coordination lasted several months, all the stars of Russian cinema were nominated for the role, from Kharatyan to Zhigunov and from Bondarchuk to Porechenkov, then a number of little-known but promising provincial actors. However, all of them were rejected by Putin.

When the list of candidates for the role was completely exhausted, Putin proposed his candidacy: Vladimir Turchinsky. The filmmakers were somewhat shocked by this proposal, however, not daring to argue, they went with him to Turchinsky. Vladimir at first took this offer as a joke, but realizing that it was serious, he ridiculed the intercessors and refused to appear in this film in a rather harsh form. Probably, Putin was immediately informed about this. The mysterious and inexplicable death of Turchinsky soon followed, followed by Andrey Panin ...

By the way, Patriarch Alexy II found out thoroughly that Vladimir Putin was never baptized, either secretly or openly, whether he was killed for this:

Recall that Vladimir Putin officially stated that was born in the year of the Dragon, therefore “Dragon will not offend the Dragon,” for which Fr. Andrei Kuraev nicknamed Putin “dragon seed” 🙂

However, the famous Russian writer Vladimir Krupin expressed angry indignation at such a shameless speech by Putin: “ With this statement, Vladimir Putin demonstrated, if not maliciousness, then complete ignorance. It is not clear who writes these speeches to him, and why he himself is not aware of what he says to his fellow citizens?!It is extremely strange that the man whom we have seen so many times praying and being baptized in the temple of God, called to help us not God, but the Dragon, that is, Satan. This is some kind of wild paganism, some kind of complete occultism "...

In turn, the rector of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Assumption Vrazhek, priest Vladimir Lapshin admitted that he was not at all surprised by Putin's congratulations to the citizens of Russia on the Year of the Dragon. “ He was never an Orthodox person. The fact that he appeared in an Orthodox church says nothing about his Christianity ,” the priest noted.

Putin, who called himself a "black dragon", in international isolation: the boycott of Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin):

Putin, who compared himself to the "black dragon", can be "burned" by the stars:

Vladimir Putin called for help ... Satan: https://rublev-museum.livejournal .com/272869.html

In addition, the film "A Kiss Not for the Press" shows a car accident with his wife, which was mentioned by Putin's biographer Alexander Rahr, and a fire on August 12, 1996 at Putin's dacha, where his pectoral cross allegedly survived. However, Lyudmila Putina completely refutes the lie of her ex-husband, that allegedly Putin “ran into the second floor, where his daughters were sleeping, and carried them out, threw them down into the arms of friends. He saved their lives. And then he remembered that all the savings were stored in the “diplomat” house, and he once again ran into the burning house and saw that all the money had burned down, and only his pectoral cross lay untouched ”?!

In fact, as stated in the script by Lyudmila Putina, filmed in the film “A Kiss Not for the Press”, Putin DID NOT DISCHARGE his daughters into the arms of friends, saving their lives, and he DID NOT HAVE ANY BODY CROSS , but in the notorious “diplomat” he kept compromising documents, which he tried to take out - ONLY THEM - from the fire!

As for the alleged baptism of Putin on March 7 , 1953 , during the days of nationwide mourning for Stalin, he, as an unchurched person, is not even aware thatfor the baptism of boys, according to the charters of the Church (!) a male godfather was needed (“In the explanation of the Ribbon before the baptism, it is said that when performing the sacrament of Baptism, only one of the recipients (godparents) is needed, namely: during the Baptism of a male person - a recipient » : ), so that no “pensioner neighbor, Baba Anya, with Maria Ivanovna” could in any way “secretly baptize” him in the Transfiguration Cathedral ( see. video ), where there is not even any information about this:

Archpriest Nikolai Bryndin from the clergy of the Transfiguration Cathedral denied Vladimir Putin's words about his baptism in their church!

Putin began to tell him that when he was a month old, his mother brought him here: “It was the day of Archangel Michael, and the priest offered to call me Mikhail, but my mother said: “No, we have already chosen the name - Vladimir.” Then - said the priest - there will be Prince Vladimir. And he pointed out to the mother of Vladimir Vladimirovich the image of Prince Vladimir. At the same time, Putin himself pointed out to the cleric of the Transfiguration Cathedral the image on the right at the very top of the temple iconostasis .

However, Prot. Nikolai Bryndin refuted Putin: "This image appeared in the temple only recently "!

narusova putin1 (2) — copy.jpg

In the article ““Putin was baptized secretly” (“Interlocutor”, December 12, 2001.) published the testimony of hegumen Feofan (Lukyanov), deputy head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem ( since 1999 ), that during Sobchak’s trip to Israel in 1993, “Vladimir Putin ... expressed a desire to consecrate his pectoral cross on the Holy Sepulcher. He said that his mother asked him to . During the service, he put a cross on the stone of the Coffin, and took it after the service ":

Sobchak's widow Lyudmila Narusova immediately after her expulsion from the Federation Council in an interview with Novaya Gazeta on November 8, 2012 . reported sensational news, which was missed by the vast majority of the media. According to Narusova, Putin was unbaptized andbaptized only in Jerusalem , when they went there with Anatoly Sobchak in 1993 : “ before that, he said that he could not be baptized , and, as far as I remember, he always wore a simple cross”!

And the pectoral cross of Vladimir Putin, which he likes to demonstrate on his naked body (see photo), according to the stavrographic examination, firstly, cannot be dated to the 1950s, but only to the 1990s, and secondly, not at all not "plain aluminium", but cast silver . Recall that in the Soviet years, the production of pectoral crosses in our country was very limited. The “Workshops for the production of icons and church utensils” of the Moscow Patriarchate (since 1980, the Sofrino art and production enterprise) created in 1949 used aluminum and plastic to make crosses, and aluminum crosses in the 1950s. were made with a non-soldered ring for gaitan!Only in the 1990s. the production of cast silver crosses and scapulars was revived in the Moscow workshops "Kavida" and "Kalezh", the jewelry workshops of Krasnoe Selo in the Kostroma region and in several villages of the Nizhny Novgorod province.

So, to the constant question of our friends and colleagues, why our world-famous Museum, to the shame of the entire museum community, is illegally headed by the thief and fraudster Mikhail Mindlin (Article 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), size as part of an organized criminal group, one can only refer to the current "vertical of power", more precisely, the vertical of lies! The guarantor of the Constitution lies shamelessly:

He is echoed by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, who appointed M.B. Mindlin:

No wonder the RAS states that " Medinsky is a scoundrel , his dissertation is an abomination":

Vladimir Medinsky is exposed by historians as a charlatan: https: //

At the bottom of Putin's vertical of lies is criminal Mikhail Borisovich Mindlin, who has been convicted of brazen lies and deceit more than once : congratulations on TV to the discouraging fact that the guarantor of the Constitution himself is far from being honest with them, and even in such a sensitive area as religion?!

Instead of an afterword. Vladimir Putin confirmed the information of the Andrei Rublev Museum Blog (video):

For many years of embezzlement of budgetary funds, Vladimir Putin PERSONALLY awarded criminal Mikhail Mindlin (Article 159 Part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) with a certificate of honor, and his deputy Gennady Popov PERSONALLY made him an "asshole" (as museum workers call "honored workers of culture" among themselves): https : //

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