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'The strategic goal of pederasts in Russia is the complete seizure of power—total pederastic fascism': Glazunov

Russia's first pederast mayor

Anatoly Glazunov (Blockade). "Sexual freaks in Russia".

Expansion of pederasts.

RUSSIA'S FIRST PEDERAST MAYOR Maxim Kosenkov, mayor of the city of Tambov. Russia's first pederast mayor. United Russia Party In the spring of 2008, there was a big fag scandal all over Russia. It turned out that not only in the "decaying West" there are pederast mayors (the mayor of Berlin, the mayor of Paris, for example), but we also already have our own homegrown pederast mayor in Russia.

But if thousands of normal Russian people experienced shame, thousands of pederasts experienced joyful excitement. Of course, the pederasts said, he is not the mayor of Moscow or St. Petersburg. Just the mayor of provincial Tambov. But still, it is not in vain that we, homosexuals in Russia, are also tense. And we, the homosexuals of Russia, are now not so ashamed in front of the "civilized West."

Of course, this pederast did not stay the mayor of Tambov for a long time, the pederasts could not keep him in power, but the fact remains: for three years there was a pederast mayor in Tambov. And, according to the concepts of pederasts, this is a very progressive fact. Of course, most of the pederasts in Russia did not know about this "progressive fact" until the spring of 2008. But the Tambov pederasts and some of the significant people who patronized the mayor of Tambov knew. They knew that they had a pederast mayor, and many ordinary residents of the city of Tambov. The population of this city was so "tolerant of pederasts" that the mayor especially did not hide his sexual orientation. There were no mutinies and attempts on the pederast mayor.

“And he was the youngest mayor of Russia,” the pederasts lisped. And the prettiest. So there was an article in Komsomolskaya Pravda - "Gay scandal in Tambov: The city was deprived of a "pretty" mayor." Pederasts wrote on their forums: “I would like to have this mayor as my spouse!” “How I would like to have this mayor as my wife!” "Pretty" mayor-bugger of the city of Tambov

Tambov, indeed, will go down in the history of pederasty in Russia. No pincers can pull this fact out of the history of the city. How can you not pull out the famous Tambov wolf and the Tambov criminal gang that operated in St. Petersburg and other cities. By the way, the pederast mayor Maxim Kosenkov planned to erect a sculpture of the Tambov wolf in the square, and was even chosen to chair the competition jury after the authorities ordered the removal of the monument to the Tambov wolf from the square, which had been erected without asking by informal sculptors.

And in the future, if the decline in the consciousness and morality of Tambov residents continues, the pederasts of Tambov will certainly erect in this city a monument to the first pederast mayor of Russia, the mayor of the city of Tambov - Maxim Kosenkov.

One local resident who loves his city boasted to a visiting journalist about the origin of the word Tambov. He said that when the Tatars could not take the city, they declared: “God is there!” But this is a cheap legend. The city of Tambov appeared on the map in 1636, almost 100 years after Ivan the Terrible conquered and subjugated the Tatar Khanate of Kazan. And if there was God in Tambov, the pederasts would not have multiplied there, the pederast would not have become the mayor of the city, and if the local Duma had appointed him mayor, the inhabitants of the city, armed with clubs, stakes and pitchforks, would have quickly finished with him, they would have planted a pederast -mayor per count.

And many modern residents of Tambov answered journalists like this: “We don’t care what color it is, blue, or red, or green, it is important that the mayor is good.”

These zombified idiots, lackeys of pederasts, are not able to understand the elementary truth: a gay mayor by nature cannot be a good mayor. He can pave the streets, make tiled sidewalks, install dozens of fountains, order tulips from Holland for dozens of flower beds, etc., which was what the pederast mayor Maxim Kosenkov did, but he did not make normal people out of Tambov residents, but zombies and serfs, not servants of God, but servants of the Devil, not those who are concerned about the fate of the Russian people and Russia, but small, cheap inhabitants.

On the example of Tambov, one can well trace the expansion of pedophiles and pederasts. They began to multiply there even under the CPSU. Journalist Vladimir Vorsobin, who visited this city after the arrest of Maxim Kosenkov and sniffed out something, in the article “Gay Scandal in Tambov: The City Got Rid of the “Pretty Mayor” wrote:

“The Tambov authorities have always been surprisingly unlucky in love. The first secretary of the district committee of the party, Shvyndin, for example, almost went to jail for seducing a minor. Second Secretary Vladimir Nesterov was fired from the party for attempting to rape a colleague right after the session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. The local “Makarenko” (one of the gymnasiums was named after him) was killed by his own students, according to persistent rumors, for molesting boys ... ”But the gymnasium continues to be called the name of the molester of Tambov children ... And after Yeltsin removed the article from the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, punishment for pederasty, pederasty in Tambov began to flourish openly, like tulips from Holland, which began to be planted in the flowerbeds of Tambov by the pederast mayor Maxim Kosenkov. Tambov residents became more and more "tolerant of pederasts", that is, their consciousness became pederast.

What is the origin of this pederast? I mean - not when Maxim Yuryevich Kosenkov was born, who his parents are, etc. I don’t even mean his nationality, although when we talk about pederasty of this or that creature, the question of nationality is very important. Of the hundreds of articles about the first pederast mayor in Russia, I did not find a single one where his nationality would be indicated. His mother's maiden name is not given. From newspapers and the Internet, it is only known that her name is Margarita Lvovna. Her name, patronymic and manner, style of speech suggest that she may be a Jew.
When I ask what is the origin of this pederast, I mean how and when he became a pederast. Maybe the teacher raped the “pretty” boy, or school friends raped him, or some Tambov official raped him. Maybe he's seen enough of a pederastic video. Maybe bought, seduced by something. How did he become interested in "this occupation" ... what is the number of contacts and with whom? What is the degree of influence of the pederastic factor on his very successful, even "enchanting" career?

Someday Maxim Kosenkov himself will tell about all this better. His book will become a bestseller for the rotten part of the Russian population. And maybe very useful for sexologists. But maybe Tambov local historians will write a book about the first pederast mayor of Russia...

Stupid, zombified by the Jewish and pederastic education system and the media, thousands and thousands of "Russians", or rather millions, do not realize the danger from pederasts. “Well, what does it matter who sleeps with whom?”

Zombies do not understand absolutely on the question - what are the goals of the buggers? But the goals of pederasts, like any creature in the physical world, on planet Earth, are survival, maximum distribution and domination. The strategic goal of pederasts in Russia is the complete seizure of power. Total pederastic fascism. Read articles and books of pederasts. It is full of ideas about the superiority of pederasts over "naturals". Pederasts despise "straights". The world should be ruled by pederasts, and "naturals" should be in their complete subordination. Therefore, in many countries of the planet, pederasts are eager or quietly and cunningly penetrate into power. And teach normal people to be under the control of pederasts. Unfortunately, there is not yet a single sci-fi and futurological book on this topic.

And don’t giggle like an idiot, don’t wave your hand, don’t stupidly say that “I don’t care who the mayor sleeps with, with a woman or a man” ...
After all, the whole Russian culture will change. The whole system of upbringing and education will change. For example, the Bible, where there is a condemnation of pederasts, will be burned. In the Qur'an, all attacks against pederasts will be cut out. New books and textbooks will glorify pederasts and belittle heroes and politicians whom normal Russians consider to be Russia's golden fund. Children under the new system of upbringing and education will either become pederasts if they want to make a successful career, or obedient lackeys of pederasts. Pederasts will have every right to use any man, youth and child of any age to satisfy their lust. Who resists the power and desires of pederasts - to prisons and concentration camps!

Poor, dark zombies, poor millions of "Russians", they absolutely do not understand what is the very probable future of Russia. Unless, of course, power in Russia is seized by Muslims or the Chinese, who, after the subjugation of the Russian people, will massacre or castrate all pederasts without anesthesia.

Of course, the pederastic "golden age" is still far away. But normal Russian people should try to realize that the situation of normal people of the white race in Europe and Russia is already very bad. From 1991-1993, the expansion of pedophiles and pederasts in Russia has greatly accelerated. Pedophiles and pederasts quickly went into power, into the system of upbringing and education. There are a lot of pedophiles and pederasts in the media. The country is defiled, godless, petty individualism flourishes. The old Christian morality no longer holds back the corruption of the people, the new morality of the cosmic evolutionists has not yet gathered its supporters. After all, already now in many institutions, firms and enterprises there is discrimination against "straight people".

The stage is already full of jumping, grimacing and singing homosexuals, dozens of which no longer hide their “sexual orientation”. In politics, however, they still disguise themselves, but not very much. An example of this is the Tambov mayor.

And we note that after 2005, when Maxim Kosenkov was appointed mayor, the change in the consciousness of the city's inhabitants immediately quickly went in the direction of "tolerance to pederasty." In 2007, the "greens" staged a survey on the attitude of Tambov residents towards pederasts in power. And what? Tambov took third place in Russia after Moscow and Kaliningrad. 22% of voters already agreed to elect pederasts to power and live under bugger-rulers, in Moscow - 27%, in Kaliningrad - 26%.

Maxim Yurievich Kosenkov was born on December 28, 1975 in Tambov. He graduated from secondary school No. 23. When the pederasts completely seize power in this city, they will name this school after Maxim Kosenkov, hang a memorial plaque with his last name.

He managed to become mayor in 2005, when he was only 30 years old.
“And this, by the way, is not the most interesting thing in the enchanting biography of Kosenkov,” wrote Vorsobin. "Judge for yourself. While still a schoolboy, he studies at the Institute of Parliamentary Culture at the Political Science Institute in St. Petersburg. Then - the Northwestern Academy of Public Administration ... "

“Then he met Sobchak,” recalls Kosenkov’s grandfather Vladimir Vasilyevich, whom I found in the mayor’s home yard basking on a bench under the spring sun. - And he, an 18-year-old boy, was offered a post in the St. Petersburg Committee on Youth Affairs. But we decided - it’s too early for him to travel around the capitals ... "

“At the age of 19, Maxim is an employee of the city hall. At 20 - head of the department. At 21 - chairman of the committee. At 22 - the head of the mayor's office. At 25 - vice-mayor of Tambov. (2000 - 2004). At the age of 29 - the vice-governor of the region (!). At the age of 30 - the mayor of Tambov. “Well, if we add to this that Boris Yeltsin himself appointed Kosenkov at the time of innocent youth as the head of the “amusing” youth government, the biography becomes completely frightening” (Vladimir Vorsobin. Gay scandal in Tambov: The city was deprived of a “pretty” mayor. Komsomolskaya true, May 16, 2008).

Kosenkov himself wrote about his career: “The then mayor took me to the administration of the city of Tambov at the age of 18, and here I was considered the son of a regiment. At the age of 20, I was already the head of the apparatus ... In general, I went to power early. But he didn't taste it. In the 4th grade, he was the chairman of the council of friends of October. In the 7th grade, I was elected chairman of the council of the Gaidar squad. In 1990, he joined the Soviet delegation to Cuba to meet with Castro. Then "Artek". There I was made chairman of the organizing committee for the creation of children's organizations in Russia.

“In 1993, it was planned to create a federal children's government under the President of Russia. I was pulled to Moscow, it was planned that I would become its head. We had to prepare young active youth for social work. It was supposed to form a reserve in the regions, to forge personnel ... A decree of President Yeltsin was already ready, the reverse side of which was endorsed by Filatov, Chubais. I was sitting in the first entrance to the Old Square. But the events at the White House got in the way. I have had invaluable experience. At the age of 18, I could safely enter the Kremlin. I could have stayed in Moscow, but I didn't want to. I returned to Tambov.

(Ekaterina Sazhneva. “Young, but early. “At the age of 18, I freely entered the Kremlin.” Moskovsky Komsomolets, April 18, 2008).

Did the pederastic factor contribute to the career of Maxim Kosenkov? Let us recall General Korzhakov's book about Yeltsin. There is a whole chapter about pederasts in the Kremlin, about pederasts even in the administration of President Yeltsin.

At the mayor's office, Kosenkov, already at the beginning of his career, served as chairman of the committee for children and youth. He was awarded the title of "Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation". It was reported that he constantly worked with young people and initiated the creation of the "Union of Children and Teenagers" in the Tambov region. This is typical, creatures prone to pederasty often strive to be closer to other people's children .

Note that there were two mayors in Tambov. In 2005, Tambov became the first regional center in the Chernozem region, where a new scheme for electing a mayor was tested. The official head of the city is elected by deputies from the city Duma, so that he has the rank of head of the city and heads the Duma. And for the post of real mayor, head of the city administration, a “city manager” is appointed, who is hired under a contract.

Since June 2005, Kosenkov has been acting mayor of Tambov for the period until the appointment of the head of the city administration. In August of the same year, deputies of the Tambov City Duma of the fourth convocation approved the decision taken by the competition commission to appoint Kosenkov to the post of head of the Tambov administration. According to the charter of the city, the head of the city, Ilyin, signed a contract with Kosenkov for a period of 5 years. Kosenkov thus turned out to be the first contract mayor.
But Mr. Kosenkov spent only three years as mayor.

Acquaintance with the homosexual Vitaly.

In one of the nightclubs in Moscow, Kosenkov met a 19-year-old (born in 1988), either a ready-made pederast, or already ready to start performing pederast services. His name was Vitaly, surname Babiy, a citizen of Ukraine. He pretended to be an orphan. No money, no work. Vitaly very quickly agreed to the mayor's offer to go to Tambov and live in his house. The mayor promised him a prosperous life for pederastic services, for pleasures.

Mr. Kosenkov was married and had a child, but his wife and child lived permanently in St. Petersburg and came very rarely. Mr. Kosenkov did not bring Tambov young ladies and ladies to his place. There was no need, although many local young ladies and ladies looked at the "pretty mayor".

Vitaly for about 2 years fulfilled all the whims of the mayor of Tambov. I also helped the housekeeper a little with taking care of the animals. The mayor loved animals. Cats, a dog, a goat parrot and even a monkey lived in his house. The mayor gave Vitaly pocket money, took him to expensive stores where he bought clothes and shoes, took him to restaurants and nightclubs, even invited him to official events ... They were called - "sweet couple". The mayor even tried to arrange for Vitaly to study, to “ennoble” him, to suppress his craving for drugs and wine.

“The mayor was naughty in clubs (according to rumors, sometimes even in a woman's dress), strange types swarmed around him ...”

“I somehow watch a concert in honor of the City Day,” giggles a neighbor in Kosenkov’s mansion (where, according to investigators, the mayor imprisoned his “sex slave”). - And in the TV close-up is the same Ukrainian, for whom Maxim was later imprisoned! He sits in the front row, next to the mayor ... Well, like doves! I was still surprised - a brave guy, this Kosenkov!

- That is, the mayor did not hold anyone in captivity?

- Yes you! They lived in perfect harmony for two years. This guy himself climbed over the fence to the mayor when he lost the keys! On weekends they sorted out tackle, went fishing ...

But I always did not like Vitaly. All in tattoos, on his own mind ... ”(V. Vorsobin. ibid.). Mayor Maxim Kosenkov's house, where he lived with Mayor Vitaly for two years.

It should be noted that although many residents of Tambov guessed that their mayor was a pederast, Mr. Kosenkov's rating was more than 70%, like that of President Putin.

But a strange story happened in Tambov. For some reason, someone sawed off the head of a Tambov peasant (a symbol of the city), who was standing in the square. Tambov man. This was a very bad sign. And a month later, the mayor of the city of Tambov, Mr. Kosenkov, was arrested in Moscow for kidnapping a pederast. The kidnapping of the pederast Vitaly.

And it all started with the fact that Mr. Kosenkov did not look after his lover. Vitaly became close to the long-term cohabitant of the driver, the mayor. Nadezhda Shevtsova was 25 years old by this time, she had lived with the mayor's driver Viktor Sychev for many years, but the young lover Vitaly turned out to be more interesting, stronger and more diverse in sex than her cohabitant. Maybe she fell in love with Vitaly, and he fell in love with her. They began to meet secretly.

This opened up, Mr. Kotenkov and his driver began to apply more stringent measures to Vitaly, restricting his freedom.

Then Nadezhda and Vitaly decided to escape. Vitaly was able to find the documents taken from him and hidden. Finally, they also robbed the mayor, and then first they left for Ukraine, then for St. Petersburg, but they didn’t get a job anywhere and moved to Moscow.

Understandably, Mr. Kosenkov was very angry.

"Find Vitaly and bring him to Tambov!" - the mayor ordered his two faithful servants - the driver Sychev and the unemployed Mironov from Belarus, who was with him like a security guard and carried out various assignments.

Due to the stupidity of those who escaped, it was not very difficult to find them. They settled in Moscow in the house where Sychev and Nadezhda often stayed when they came to Moscow. Sychev called Nadezhda on the phone, insisted on a meeting "to discuss everything." Vitaly and Nadezhda (March 25, 2008) left the house, but the driver and Mironov did not discuss anything with them. On Borisovskie Prudy Street, at house number 6, Vitaly was pushed into a car. They told her to “behave properly,” otherwise we would rape Nadezhda, or even kill and bury her, or plant drugs. They gave Vitaly a mobile phone. Mr. Kotenkov also ordered not to fool around and urgently return to Tambov.

Nadezhda stood in front of the car, but Mironov roughly pulled the girl aside.

Vitaly was taken to Tambov, to the mayor's house. The documents were taken away again, and this time Kosenkov hid the documents in a safe. Vitaly was forced to fulfill the sexual whims of Mr. Kotenkov, to please him in every possible way.

The arrest of the Tambov mayor

But the kidnappers weren't too smart either. Or the mayor was very self-confident, hoping for high patrons. Or all his attention was focused only on getting Vitaly back into his hands. If they had already decided on the kidnapping, it was necessary to resolve the issue with Nadezhda. Or bribe and equip it in Moscow, or really intimidate, or bury. But they only scared her a little.

She was left alone in Moscow without money, without an apartment, without work, without a lover, without any help, a gray, 25-year-old provincial. The one she loved is forced to satisfy the sexual fantasies of the mayor of Tambov. Be a sex slave.

You need to somehow help Vitaly, her silence is a betrayal, you need to take revenge, you need to help yourself. And she did not immediately, she was afraid of the consequences, but nevertheless wrote a statement to the police about the abduction of Vitaly Bokiy, which happened in front of her eyes in Moscow on March 25, 2008.

Moscow made a request to Tambov

Meanwhile, a congress of the ruling United Russia party was to be held in Moscow. Mr. Kosenkov was invited to the congress as a delegate. Mr. Kosenkov, of course, went to Moscow.

He attended the opening of the congress. V. Putin spoke. Hall fertilized. It's good that he is Kosenkov of such a party. There are many pederasts and advocates of pederasty in it.

The next day, April 16, 2008, early in the morning I had a tasty meal in a cafe, I had to rush to the congress. But on Tsvetnoy Boulevard the police detained Mr. Kosenkov. mayor. During the arrest, just in case, 25 police officers were present.

And instead of meeting the congress in the Kremlin, the mayor ended up in a pre-trial detention center. On charges of kidnapping. As the sponsor of the kidnapping.

The mayor was shocked. Detention could not have been without authorization from above. Did the party betray him. Indeed, in this pariah there were many pederasts and defenders of pederasts.

When some enemies tried to push through the law prohibiting buggers Plant pederasts. Pratia United Russia overwhelmingly rejected this proposal.
And now from one shitty pederast Vitaly for a long time permission for his loyal party mayor Yes, and what a kidnapping. Not tied up, not euthanized. They didn't beat. They pressed a little - and he agreed.

The arrest of the mayor of the city of Tambov

On April 14 and 15, 2008, the 9th congress of the ruling United Russia party was to be held in Moscow. Mr. Kosenkov was a delegate to the congress and, of course, he came to Moscow. The congress is important and interesting. For 7 years, United Russia tried to persuade Putin to become the chairman of the party, but he kicked back. He is a people's leader, and not the leader of any one party, which, moreover, although ruling, was not in authority with the people. But now he has agreed to become both the Chairman of the United Russia party (but not to join this party) and the head of government. At the first meeting, the charter of the party was changed for this purpose. At the second meeting, Putin was elected Chairman of the party. And in his second speech, already as Chairman, Putin announced the need to purge the ranks of the United Russia party.

And the next day, April 16, 2008, on the street, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Mr. Kosenkov and his driver were detained by Moscow police. During the arrest, just in case, 15 police officers were present. Mr. Kosenkov was not arrested before the party congress, probably because this interesting topic would not be discussed by the delegates at the congress. But who gave permission from above to bring down the mayor of Tambov? Did Putin, Medvedev and Gryzlov agree? Much is still not very clear. One of the versions was given in the press: supporters of the governor Oleg Betin decided to fill up mayor Kosenkov, since Kotenkov began to apply for the post of governor. And they decided to take advantage of the favorable combination of circumstances and inflated the scandalous event. And, perhaps, the Kremlin patrons of Kosenkov and the defenders of pederasty for this reason no longer dared to save the pederast mayor. In addition, Putin spoke clearly about the need for a purge in the party. In addition, they knew that Putin, although he tolerates the existence of pederasts in Russia, does not want to appear in the eyes of the Russian people as the protector and patron of pederasts. And it turned out to be a very big scandal ... The mayor of Tambov is not only a pederast himself, but also orders the kidnapping of a pederast in Moscow, and then keeps a sex slave in his house ...

Also arrested were Viktor Sychev and Mironov

April 16, 2008 is the day of despondency and sorrow for the pederasts of Russia.

On April 17, 2008, a criminal case was opened against Kosenkov. Already on April 18, the Simonovsky Court of Moscow authorized the arrest of the head of the administration of Tambov and his driver, choosing a preventive measure for them in the form of detention.

On April 24, Mr. Kosenkov was formally charged under paragraphs "a, c" of Part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abduction of a person by a group of persons using violence dangerous to life and health, or with the threat of its use). The article provides for punishment from 6 to 15 years. Measure of restraint - in custody. The charge in the final version was brought against Kosenkov later, in June 2008: he was accused of kidnapping a person committed by a group of persons by prior agreement, as well as of abuse of power by a person holding a public position (part 2 of article 126 and part 2 of article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). He used a service bus for personal purposes, etc.

The accusation of sexual violence was not officially brought forward.

During a search of the former mayor's house, they found a large collection of gold watches and one million dollars of money. In the safe, when the FSB officers opened it, they found an album. Opened and viewed with interest. We saw a lot of interesting porno pictures of Vitaly Babiy. These porno photographs confirmed the testimony of Vitaly Babiy that the mayor of Tambov and Vitaly Babiy were pederast partners.

The passport of this pederast Babiy and his birth certificate were also found in the safe. These findings confirmed the version of the abduction and forcible retention of a young pederast by the mayor of Tambov.

Without documents and cash where to go? And in the event of a complaint to the Tambov police, he would simply be handed over to the mayor or drugs would be planted.

Opening the Tambov Mayor's safe Some photos from the Tambov Mayor's safe On April 21, 2008, at an extraordinary meeting of the Tambov City Duma, the contract with Mr. Kosenkov was terminated. Mr. Kosenkov is no longer the mayor of the city of Tambov. Vice-Governor of the Tambov Region Pyotr Chernoivanov was appointed Acting Head of Tambov Administration

Mr. Kosenkov was not only a member of the United Russia party, but also deputy secretary of the Tambov branch of this party. Now the cutting operation has been carried out here as well. On April 24, 2007, by the decision of the Oktyabrsky district branch of the United Russia party "for discrediting the party," Mr. Kosenkov was unanimously expelled from the ranks of United Russia. The party was now Chairman V. Putin, who announced the need to clean up the party, and no one dared to defend Mr. Kosenkov. Too self-confident gentleman got dirty. Could not keep a secret from the people that he has a sex slave-pederast in his house. Would put him on a chain. There are more open pederasts who do not know how or do not want to keep secret sex slaves in their house cannot be saved.

And the governor of the Tambov region, Oleg Ivanovich Betin, who himself supported Kosenkov before, now at the conference said that it was urgent to “disperse the gay viper” surrounded by the former mayor. And he spoke even sharper later to the journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda, Vorsobin, when he hinted at “tolerance for pederasts.

- What?! - Flashed Betin and somehow unkindly walked towards me through the entire spacious governor's office. - Tolerance?! To hell! Homosexuals need to be torn. And throw their pieces in the wind!

First, after his arrest, Mr. Kosenkov was transferred to one gloomy district pre-trial detention center, but then, given that he was a pederast, and besides, from the United Russia party, given that he is the former mayor of Tambov, he was transferred to the privileged building of the Matrosskaya Detention Center Silence". Camera for three, TV, fresh newspapers, good food. And no one will try to rape him here, force him to oral or anal sex.

He, of course, fell first into a black depression. Career seemed to be irreversibly broken. Because of one ungrateful bugger lover. You just had to keep him in the basement of the house on a chain. And Hope had to be buried. And the pederasts from the United Russia party, bitches, did not help ... But he, Maxim Kotenkov, could become both the governor of the Tambov region and the president of Russia.

And the governor not only did not help, but became an extremist in relation to the pederasts.

“Fagies must be torn apart and their pieces scattered in the wind!”

And Mr. Kosenkov, when employees from the FSB came to the cell “to visit”, he began to pour compromising information on the governor with pleasure.

The case was transferred to the Nagatinsky District Court of Moscow. On July 29, the trial began. At the request of lawyers, the court is closed. For more than four months, the judicial rigmarole has been dragging on. Attempts by lawyers to get Mr. Kosenkov out of the detention center to freedom before trial on bail did not end in success. He will sit in Matrosskaya Tishina, the judge said.

Mr. Kosenkov himself does not confess to anything. He didn’t pederast, and didn’t kidnap, he just took pity on an orphan from Ukraine and warmed him up in his house.
At the beginning of December, when I write this essay, there is still no verdict. The final court hearing was promised sometime in December. The former mayor of Tambov in the courtroom behind armored glass and bars.