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Soviet occupiers of Donetsk offer free buckwheat to those who vote for Putin

January 12, 2024

Residents of occupied Donetsk receive SMS messages urging them to vote for Putin in the upcoming "elections" and receive a "food kit" for this.

This was reported in the Mariupol city council , Censor.NET informs .

It follows from the SMS that you can sign up to receive the products "at the reception desk of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the DPR".

"The agitation does not work, in Mariupol it is simply thrown into the trash. So now they decided to "buy" votes.

In particular, SMS messages are sent with an appeal to cast your vote for the "product set". Residents of Donetsk have already received such text messages," the message reads.

The city council stressed that at first the invaders brought people to the brink of survival and despair, and now they are ready to give "help" if only they put a tick in front of the name of the Russian dictator.

The occupiers of Donetsk region offer to vote for Putin for buckwheat 01