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Russian Orthodox Church said that it is impossible to justify the refusal of vaccination by religious beliefs

The Russian Orthodox Church believes that it is unacceptable to justify the refusal of vaccination, arguing their choice on religious grounds. This is reported by TASSwith reference to the chairman of the synodal department for relations between the church, society and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda.

“A person cannot justify his refusal to vaccinate with the Orthodox faith ... But we believe that a person should independently, freely make a decision,” he said.

Legoyda also recalled that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia was vaccinated against COVID-19.

Earlier, Legoyda said that the Russian Orthodox Church has never opposed vaccination, but the Russian Orthodox Church is confident that vaccination against COVID-19 should be done on a voluntary basis.

The ROC called the use of contraceptives a sin , and also proposed to legally prohibit doctors from offering abortions to pregnant women.

What God does he does perfectly. Manipulation of human RNA is contrary to Gods perfection and reeks of black magic, ticking olam.  Intuitively obvious to people with more than one brain cell, there is no invincible ignorance for clergy on this.