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Russian Noahide: 'Jewish comrades, get ready! You will be teachers for all the people.'


The Torah contains a message not only for the Jews, but for all the peoples of the world. It is a universal source of knowledge and wisdom. According to the views of Judaism, in order to fulfill the will of the Creator, non-Jews are not required to convert to Judaism, but they are obliged to observe the "Seven Laws of the descendants of Noah."

The Moscow Jewish Community Center has been holding lessons for Bnei Noah for several years now. Their goal is to help the peoples of the world in their spiritual development and keeping the Seven Commandments. We continue a series of interviews with those who have already embarked on this righteous path to share their experience with you and help you cross this line.

Tell us a little about yourself, what is your name, what do you do?

My name is Freddy Cadena, I am from South America, from the country of Ecuador. He came to Russia back in 1984 to study. He entered the school, then the conservatory, studied with excellent teachers. Survived the change of systems, watched the collapse of the Soviet Union. I remember the putsch of 1991, I remember how the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989. In September, I was just in Berlin, and I have the latest photos of the Berlin Wall. After that, I returned to Russia and continued my studies. In Moscow, I met my future wife and now we have three wonderful children. 

I am a musician by profession. I am a conductor of the Opera Symphony Department, which I graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. I am a classical musician. At the moment I work in the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yuri Bashmet, he is the leader and chief conductor, and I am his assistant. I also work as a teacher at the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts, where I teach singers and stage opera scenes. In addition, I have my students in conducting.


How did you come to attend Torah Bnei Noah classes? What prompted you to do this?  

This path was long enough, we can say that it lasted a lifetime. I have always looked for answers to questions that any person asks to one degree or another. What am I doing in this world? What was I born for? Where am I from? Why does this vast universe exist? Who created it? What is the meaning of my life? These questions have haunted me since childhood. Because of my mindset, I have always been extremely persistent in seeking answers. Indeed, why is this so and not otherwise?

We have such a concept in music as "urtext", which means "original text" in German. This is when you learn a work, it has many editions that are distorted over time. And it's always great when you can find exactly the original text without distortion, as, for example, in future editions. This is a very interesting phenomenon. This moment prompted me to always look for the source.

Since I am originally from Ecuador, I grew up in a completely different culture of spiritual development due to Catholicism. As a child, I went to church on Sundays, we listened to the service, prayed, and no one understood anything. Where are the texts from? Who is Jesus? Why was he crucified? Why should we worship him, and not the ancient Incas or Aztecs? What are the peoples of Israel? All the time I wanted to find a source, that very “urtext”.

In Moscow, I realized that the Jewish people were the problem and that the Jews were hiding something, since the Torah was embodied in all cultures, but in some distorted form. I had classmates of different nationalities, including Jews. I noticed a strange attitude towards them. Why specifically to the Jews? In America, this was not the case, on the contrary. I wanted to find out why. My mother-in-law is half Jewish, her parents emigrated to Israel in the 90s. After the wedding, my wife and I flew to Israel to visit them. There I found a Kabbalistic sect and began to delve into this topic, gained knowledge, learned to read Hebrew. Then, when I realized that it was a sect, I left, but took with me a whole baggage of unsystematized knowledge. After that, I found the lessons of various rabbis on the Internet, listened and read a lot. I even found Spanish Kabbalists in Madrid! Gained wisdom. At some point, I began to feel like a second-class person, because the Jews are the chosen people, and I, it turns out, is not. But it all ended when I found lessons for Bnei Noah. It was a great discovery for me that, being a non-Jew, you can observe and live according to general laws.  

How did you hear about the lessons?

I started looking for materials. First I found in Spanish that there are these seven laws, and that it is not necessary to be a Jew in order to feel like a creator. Each of us on this Earth has its own function, like every organ of our body. It is not necessary that the liver perform the function of the heart or the lungs replace the brain. It would seem simple, but a great thing.

Then I found the site , started watching videos. Then I shared them with my acquaintances and friends. I was delighted that one could simply study and pass these laws. It was an amazing discovery. I learned more about the group and people, I wanted to make sure that I would not fall into a sect. I began to listen to various rabbis, including in Spanish. Finally everything started to make sense. I was worried that I was a non-Jew, but the girl on the phone assured me that there were no problems. So I began to study and systematize my knowledge with our wonderful rabbi Mikhoel Pikovsky and, of course, Aaron Aharonov, the soul and activist of the Bnei Noah movement in Russia. 

Has your life changed with the acquisition of spirituality? If so, how?

Changed drastically. You come to an understanding and feeling that there is a universal power and a Creator who arranged it all. If you do not take this force into account, then everything turns out to be meaningless, but here, on the contrary, everything becomes meaningful. We all know that one cannot steal, one cannot kill, but when you understand the true reason why this is so and, most importantly, Who ordered this to you, that the Creator himself ordered this to you, then everything changes. I began to feel that everything around me was one. Everything good and bad is part of some grand plan.

Relationships with people change. You accept all misfortunes with gratitude, because you know that the Creator gives you a special test. The whole goal is that you must change inside, you must reach complete harmony. The feeling that everything makes sense is certainly pleasant. We are moving within a vast ocean of energy. This knowledge gives peace and joy within. I am extremely happy. I never cease to be amazed at the wisdom and depth of these lessons. I regret not coming to this earlier. 


What are your wishes for those who are just at the beginning of their journey or who do not dare to come to the lesson yet?

Go ahead and fear nothing, but make sure you are in good hands with good rabbis. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish or non-Jewish. Clear your consciousness, your mind and brain. Everyone has their own background, their own idea of ​​​​everything, and this must be cleared. Attend online classes, but if possible, it is better to attend them live. Pass the acquired knowledge through yourself, like pure water, which cleanses you and puts everything in its place. 

Lots of things to comment and say. All people are looking for happiness, love and well-being. This is a normal desire, but in order to be truly happy, one must understand the significance of the entire spiritual world. After all, our world is an illusion. Open your heart and mind, study Torah and Tehillim, and then you will feel the touch of our Creator. If you do your work from below, they will answer from above. But you must definitely study, practice and make efforts to receive this higher wisdom. So, if anyone else has doubts, don't hesitate! 


Jewish comrades, get ready! You will be teachers for all the people. You must be prepared for the fact that all the peoples of the world will come and demand to be taught. You must be ready to fulfill your mission, with your help we will hasten the coming of Moshiach. Be Izrat Hashem! Thanks to all!


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