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Russian mother killed her 7-year-old daughter because she caught her cheating with her lover and was afraid she would tell her dad everything

November 21, 2023

Seven-year-old Milana disappeared on the evening of November 17. The girl's 34-year-old mother reported her missing to the police. According to the woman, her daughter ran away from home because she did not want to go with her and other children to her father, who worked on a farm.

At first, the mother, as she stated, looked for Milana herself, visiting all her friends and acquaintances. After 9 pm the woman decided to contact the police.
Police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, dog handlers, divers and volunteers began searching for the girl. A total of 320 people joined the search.

On November 19, Milana was found dead. They began interrogating the mother again, and she admitted that she had killed her. It turned out that the girl found the woman in bed with another man and threatened to tell her dad everything.

The mother got scared, killed her daughter, and her lover hid the girl’s body in the trash.