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Russian Jewish Chabad praises implantable microchips and genetic engineering as harbingers of messiah that are 'correcting the world'

Neurotechnology and Moshiach's progress

And let's imagine what can be done with an implanted small neurochip, with which a person will live, like with a standard pacemaker, which will not surprise anyone. It's really a revolution!

Most recently, Elon Musk's Neurotechnology Corporation Neuralink has performed a revolutionary medical procedure - the implantation of a chip into the human brain. The other day, Musk said that the patient with a chip implanted in his brain recovered from surgery and learned to move the mouse cursor...

"Progress is good. The patient seems to have fully recovered, and as far as we know, there are no side effects. The patient is able to move the mouse around the screen just thinking," Musk said.

Neuralink Corporation was established in 2016. According to the idea of the creators of the project, this will help to treat severe neurodegerative pathologies in the near future. It can be assumed that in the future the technology will actually be used in the treatment of absolutely any deviations in the functioning of the CNS.





The use of electricity in medicine is extremely promising. The gold standard of this can be safely called electroconvulsive therapy, which was invented in the last century, but even now it is recognized as an evidence-based method of treating mental illnesses that cannot be treated with drugs. But EST is a rather radical choice, albeit effective. Science did not stop and began to look for more sparing ones.

It is already known that mild electrical stimulation can be treated, for example, anxiety-depressive disorders. During the experiments, the electrodes were installed on the outer surface of the skull, without invasive intervention. Pharmacocorrcistant diseases were subject to successful therapy.

But if we talk about the invasion, the well-known in medicine and science surgical procedure of deep brain stimulation (DBS) has shown excellent results in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, tremor, chronic pain, dystonia. It is important to note that DBS is controlled by medical personnel - it is a full-fledged neurosurgical intervention.

And let's imagine what can be done with an implanted small neurochip, with which a person will live, like with a standard pacemaker, which will not surprise anyone. It's really a revolution!

And as you might expect, not Musk alone. After the announced success of the Neuralink corporation, the news came that China also implanted the Neural Electronic Opportunity neurochip. It happened more safely and less invasively. The Chinese chip is not injected directly into the brain tissue, but is localized between the brain and the skull - in the epidural space.

This suggests that the Moshiach Era is coming, of course, not in one part of the world, but on the whole planet.

Let's now look at the religious aspects of the neuroengineering revolution. Any adequate conservative-minded person perceives such radical inventions with a skepticism and suspicion. Of course, this is not surprising in the era of aggressive liberalism. However, we should not forget that Elon Musk supports the Republican forces in the United States, which are still a stronghold of conservatism and oppose left-liberal hegemony. It's a little wrong to suspect Mask in an attempt to implant a chip to establish total control over people. Although it is worth noting that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos decided to compete with Musk, supporting the neuroresearch of the Synchron campaign. Whether they hide behind good intentions for something darker or not - we don't know. Of course, people will find a million reasons to accuse and suspect.

Musk, of course, is not a conservative, no matter how much we like his adequate views on some situations. He is far from religion. Rather, a typical right-wing liberal who wants to save the United States from internal neoliberal apologists, whose hobbies are to change their children's gender, support LGBTists and sponsor universities whose campuses are supported by love for Hamas and apologizing to African Americans, it is unclear why.

But let's leave Musk, Bezos with Gates and even Chairman C alone. They are all puppets of the Creator and will not be able to do anything without His permission. As well as the states and the processes they influence or manage (see Michel 21:1).

We know that any scientist is a vessel for sending information from above at the right time and in the right place. When the Creator needs it, He puts in people's heads what will help to generate a new invention in the material world. This is clearly and clearly stated by the Rebbe King Moshiach in "Likutei Sihot" (volume 15, p. 42-8). After all, it should be remembered that according to the teachings of Hasidism, absolutely all material things were created in the first 6 days of the creation of the world. And throughout history, the Almighty has materialized them through people.


The purpose of any invention is to contribute to the fulfillment of the main task of mankind, namely, to build a home for the Almighty in the "lower worlds", that is, in our material world. The emerging opportunities to cure a person of a serious illness or at least alleviate his condition are a sign of the Creator's greatest mercy towards the "wreath of creation" - man.

According to Kabbalistic interpretations, one of the causes of serious physical suffering of a person in the material world may be sins committed in a past life. If, God forbid, and it is not said about us, a person was affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy... then we will reason why the Almighty punished him or will we look for ways to relieve and cure? If the first option is an extreme degree of cynicism and cruelty, which will not go unpunished from Above. If the second option is, then we were honored to live in the Moshiach Era, when more and more souls are already being purified through reincarnations, and the Creator is launching new knowledge into the world to improve and correct it. Previously, a person had to suffer all his life, and then, it turns out, and society has become kinder, and the soul of the person himself has completed the process of purification to receive a reduction in suffering.

We can say with confidence that biomedical engineering, like genetic engineering, like other scientific breakthroughs, is one of the tools for the great process of correcting the world. At the same time, humanity should be corrected spiritually and ask the Almighty for the early disclosure of the righteous Moshiach and the final Liberation.