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Putin's controlled opposition Nikolai Kharitonov - Tsar from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: mistress, corruption, expensive “tchotchkes”

In the photo: Nikolai Kharitonov
Published by: Vladimir Platov


The Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation supported the nomination of Nikolai Kharitonov as a candidate for the presidency of Russia from the Communist Party. The theses of the new candidate are typical communist: socialism, education, progressive taxation scale. Peace to the huts, war to the palaces, land to the peasants, and a prison cell to the oligarchs . But Kharitonov himself, despite the appearance of a typical communist “from the plow,” now refers more to the oligarchs than to the peasants.

Say NO to chaos!

His entire lifestyle speaks to this: he officially earns more than six million rubles, drives a luxurious German BMW car , and owns two hundred-meter apartments in Moscow and on the Black Sea. At the same time, he lives in the elite village of Barvikha on the notorious Rublyovka, and Kharitonov uses his wife, who went with him all the way from collective farm director to State Duma deputy, exclusively for cover.

The communist Kharitonov prefers to live and have children with his mistress, who also lives on Barvikha. This information is not published anywhere and is carefully erased from search results. She really doesn’t fit with the image of presidential candidate Kharitonov, a family man and ascetic. However, official documents indicate that in 2020-2021, the communist Kharitonov had three minor children. The official wife of the Communist Party candidate Nina Kharitonova is 73 years old; it is unlikely that she could give birth to the communist’s offspring in 2020.

However, Kharitonov also has four daughters from his “official” wife. In terms of age, they roughly correspond to the mistress of the presidential candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. All are married (some twice), all have children. In general, in terms of demographics, Kharitonov can only be praised. But for the budget, Kharitonov’s large family is an additional burden. The deputy himself is obliged to provide income declarations. The information there, although it will surprise an ordinary member of the Communist Party or a sympathizer, will not shock.

Another thing is that Kharitonov, the father of many children, wisely transferred part of his earnings to his daughters, their husbands, grandchildren and granddaughters. In this text we will try to reveal all the secrets of the collective farm emperor Nikolai Kharitonov, find out the real size of his assets and invite the reader to determine for himself how worthy the communist Kharitonov is to represent the party with the hammer and sickle, the cause of Lenin and Stalin. How similar is his lifestyle to that of a real builder of communism?

Kharitonov’s rear: wife in Ochakovo, mistress in Barvikha

Back in 2007, Nikolai Kharitonov’s ex-wife, Nina, gave a lengthy interview to the Profile publication. In it, she says that she laid down her whole life for her husband. Nina was unlucky: at the age of 18 she married a well-spoken collective farmer athlete and thought that now life would sparkle with new colors. Instead, Nina received what in modern times is called “abuse” and “domestic terrorism.” Nikolai Kharitonov completely suppressed his wife’s will and turned her into a robot for servicing his beloved.

Of course, I want to feel sorry for Nina Evgenievna Kharitonova. In an interview with Profile, she claims that “in solving household matters, the last word remains with Nikolai Mikhailovich. As he sometimes says, “even though it’s wrong, it’s in my opinion!” I'm used to it." Probably a peasant man, a former athlete, actively involved in home life? Not at all! Nina Kharitonova says that they have no servants, and she goes to the shops herself. “This is not the tsar’s business!” his ex-wife quotes communist Nikolai Kharitonov.

When Kharitonov still lived with his wife in a five-room apartment in the center of Moscow, the entire household was in the hands of his wife. She was also responsible for raising four daughters. After work, Nikolai Kharitonov, according to his ex-wife, sat down at the TV and watched sports programs. The abuser Kharitonov strictly forbade his wife to even hint at helping him around the house.

How did the communist Kharitonov thank his wife? In 2020, minor children “suddenly” appeared in his parliamentary declarations. And in 2021, the wife herself disappeared from the declaration. The children remained. In 2020, Nina Kharitonova was 70 years old; it is almost impossible to give birth to a child either at this age or 10 years younger. It is obvious that the children of the communist Kharitonov were born not from Nina, but from another woman, clearly younger. And in 2021, the homewrecker insisted on a divorce - and, having given her whole life for Kharitonov, Nina Evgenievna was left with nothing.

The deputy’s new house is located in the village of Barvikha - probably the most expensive village in the country. There is no information about him in any declaration. But one of Kharitonov’s eldest and “official” daughters, also Nina, regularly posts photos with her father and the geotag Barvikha on her  Instagram (the social network is banned in Russia).

Houses and apartments of Nikolai Kharitonov: elite ones in Moscow and a whole residential complex in Anapa

According to the official declaration, Nikolai Kharitonov has two personal apartments. The first, with an area of ​​94 square meters, is located in Anapa, on Gorky Street 2a. Kharitonov’s apartment costs about 14 million rubles, it is one of the most “modest” in this residential complex. Another apartment of Kharitonov is in Moscow, in the Ochakovo district, 10 minutes from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. The apartment is also spacious: 102.4 meters. Approximately the same apartment is sold for 39 million rubles.

In addition, the communist Kharitonov has a house and a plot of land in the Novosibirsk region - apparently the same one in which he once lived as the director of a collective farm. However, information leak aggregators report that Nikolai Kharitonov also has another land plot with cadastral number 23:37:0102003:83, area - 1934 sq.m. in Anapa. The public cadastral map estimates the value of this land plot alone at 50 million rubles. But this is the bare minimum estimate.

There is a house on this site - but not an ordinary hut or even a luxurious cottage, but an elite twelve-story apartment building with a closed area. On Avito there are six advertisements for the sale of real estate in this building - and the cheapest apartment now costs 19 million rubles. Considering that there are only 77 apartments in the building, it can be assumed that Kharitonov has assets worth an astronomical 1.5 billion rubles. Here's a modest communist-ascetic for you!

However, we cannot accurately verify whether Nikolai Kharitonov is the owner of an entire residential complex in Anapa or not. But we can say for sure that another apartment in Moscow, which, according to the declaration, is in use by the children of the communist Kharitonov, somehow quietly became the property of the politician back in 1999. We are talking about the apartment on Veernaya, 30, bldg. 2. This is also the elite South-West of Moscow.

“At first we lived on Academician Korolev Street, and in 1999 Nikolai Mikhailovich somehow found an opportunity, and he was given this five-room apartment,” said Nina Kharitonova in an interview with Profile. There she confirms that the apartment is owned. It is noteworthy that in 2004, Komsomolskaya Pravda was indignant that Kharitonov had been living in a “state apartment” in a house on Veernaya for five years. And already in 2007, Nina Kharitonova called this apartment her own.

There are no apartments for sale in the building on Veernaya. But in neighboring houses a square meter costs about 250 thousand rubles. It turns out that Kharitonov’s “mink” with an area of ​​152 square meters, stolen from the state, costs about 40 million. Let’s finalize: the communist Kharitonov owns real estate in Moscow and Anapa, by smaller standards, worth 143 million rubles, plus a small house in the Novosibirsk village. And perhaps a huge residential complex for one and a half billion in Anapa.
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In the real estate list, we did not indicate the address where Nikolai Kharitonov himself lives with his young mistress. This data is hidden, and the house and plot are registered precisely in the name of the young passion of the elderly communist. However, OSINTanalysts who analyzed the movements of Kharitonov’s official car, records on his children’s social networks and a number of other data sets came to the conclusion: candidate Kharitonov’s new love lives on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway.

Communist MP Nikolai Kharitonov boycotts domestic cars

“We’ll do without Lexuses.” State Duma deputy Nikolai Kharitonov said that Russians can easily live without expensive Western cars - such sanctions will not affect the lives of citizens in any way,” in March 2022, Kharitonov called for a ban on foreign cars for Russians. And first of all – for deputies. Let's leave aside the fact that Lexus is a division of the Japanese Toyota; it is difficult to call it a Western car.

But, the reader will decide, such a mistake is excusable for Kharitonov. Since he wants to ban Russians from driving foreign cars, then he himself probably drives a Lada Grant or, in extreme cases, a UAZ. Alas. Kharitonov’s company car is a Western BMW fifth series with EKR series numbers and an “all-terrain vehicle” pass. Perhaps, sitting in the back seat of the Bavarian “five”, Kharitonov dreams of switching to cars from Tolyatti or Ulyanovsk?

Past again. Kharitonov has a UAZ with Krasnoyarsk license plates, but judging by the license plate database, the car is practically not used. Probably, like his first wife, Kharitonov needs the UAZ solely for his image.

Kharitonov personally bought a Japanese SUV “Honda CR - V ” back in 2008 and, together with his daughter Nina, successfully drove it until 2023. There are quite a lot of photographs of the car moving on the Internet. In the summer of 2023, the Honda was sold. But Kharitonov did not lose the opportunity to ride the “Japanese”. A more recent (2013 model) car of the same brand is owned by the same Nina Kharitonova.

Other relatives of Nikolai Kharitonov are also not fans of the domestic automobile industry. Kharitonov’s other daughter, Marina Svortsevich (married name), together with her husband… exactly “Lexus”. They tried to sell the car twice - in Novosibirsk and Anapa. However, both advertisements remain open - the deal did not take place. It is noteworthy that Kharitonov’s daughter wants to exchange the Lexus not for a UAZ, but for... a Western BMW X 6.

Another daughter of Kharitonov, Vera, also owns a car together with her husband. They also have a jeep and also not a Russian one, but an American Chevrolet Tahoe. It is obvious that the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation believes that his family is an exception to the rule. And if his dream comes true and Russians start driving Russian cars, he and his relatives will still be able to drive American and German cars.

Apartments and flights of Nikolai Kharitonov at a budget expense
We have already written that in 1999, Nikolai Kharitonov somehow “wrested” a five-room apartment in the southwest of Moscow from the state. Back in 2007, his wife called this home her home. However, this is not the only bonus that Kharitonov received from the state. Kharitonov considers the principle “everything to go to the house, everything to the family” to be almost fundamental. And Kharitonov’s family is large and not without its oddities. But more on that below.

More than traveling on land, Kharitonov loves to fly through the air. Moreover, it’s free. In the air travel database, more than 20 tickets were issued to Nikolai Kharitonov, which he received as a State Duma deputy. For free. Most of these flights to SVO were to the airports of Krasnodar, Anapa and Sochi. Now only Sochi remains. At the same time, let us recall that Nikolai Kharitonov is in the State Duma Committee for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic.

However, Anapa is not the Arctic at all. The reason is simple - two daughters of Nikolai Kharitonov moved to Kuban and he, like a caring father, regularly visits them. Moreover, at the expense of taxpayers who pay for his business class flights. The economic communist does not like Kharitonov. Let us remember the words of his wife: “This is not the king’s business!”

But it didn’t work out with free food: Deputy Kharitonov has to feed himself at his own expense. This does not suit him at all: in 2021, he said that there is no normal food in the State Duma. And the assortment is not like in restaurants, and you have to eat with the staff “on top of each other.” Not a royal thing, not a royal thing at all! They laughed at the news in telegram channels. By the way, it’s a curious coincidence that it was in 2021 that Kharitonov divorced his wife. Obviously, the young mistress is not eager to pack breakfast containers for the deputy.

The royal habits of the family of communist Nikolai Kharitonov

Information about Kharitonov’s family is carefully hidden. It is known that the husbands of his daughters almost automatically ended up in the government of the Novosibirsk region. Marina’s husband, Vasily Svortsevich, worked in the government itself, and Vera’s husband was deputy general director of the Housing Construction Development Agency of the Novosibirsk Region. Whether they could occupy these positions without the patronage of their father-in-law is a big question.

But such nepotism is very much in Kharitonov’s style. For example, almost from the first day of Kharitonov’s work in the State Duma, his first wife Nina worked as his assistant. This help, obviously, was in the form of “kitchen slavery”, which we talked about earlier. What can we talk about if the consultant of the Department of International Cooperation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation is the granddaughter of Nikolai Kharitonov, Ksenia Svortsevich. Everything would be fine, but Ksenia has been living in China for a long time and appears in Russia extremely rarely.

Nikolai Kharitonov - Tsar from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: mistress, corruption, expensive “tchotchkes”

But the most interesting member of the Kharitonov family is the youngest daughter Nina. Unlike the others, she is active on social networks: she has an account and public page on VKontakte, a Telegram channel and a personal profile on the banned Instagram . That’s because Nina Kharitonova is a fashion trends reviewer, fashion designer and fashion art teacher.

The daughter of a communist strongly recommends getting a mink coat in the 2024 season. Last season, Nina Nikolaevna Kharitonova wore pearls: “I bought my own string of pearls at the beginning of summer, sometimes wore it paired with a large chain, and now I’m thinking about buying a set.

Nowadays it’s very stylish to wear pearl strands or multi-layered pearl necklaces not with something elegant, but on the contrary, with the most sporty or relaxed outfits,” wrote the daughter of Russian presidential candidate Nikolai Kharitonov in her Telegram channel.

On Instagram (still banned) Nina Kharitonova photographs from walks along the beaches of the Maldives, the narrow streets of Italian cities, and the jungles of Thailand. But the greatest love of Kharitonov’s granddaughter is Israel. She not only traveled to Jerusalem, but also subscribed to numerous communities describing entertainment in this city, the Sokhnut agency for the relocation of Jews, and even attended Jerusalem Days in Moscow.

Friendship of Nikolai Kharitonov’s family with enemies and foreign agents

It is noteworthy that the Russian presidential candidate has never criticized Russian oppositionists or foreign agents. But he called for the Belarusians to be treated as harshly as possible: “We must suppress what is aimed at destroying the country,” said Nikolai Kharitonov, commenting on the protests in Belarus in 2020. At the same time, he is more loyal to the Russian oppositionists. And his relatives even support the non-systemic opposition.

For example, the same Nina Nikolaevna Kharitonova is subscribed to Ksenia Sobchak and the Dozhd TV channel (recognized as a foreign agent). In the same row is the singer who condemned Russia, Semyon Slepakov (recognized as a foreign agent). Another Nina, Filimonova (Vasilieva), the daughter of Vera Kharitonova, is a member of the opposition group “Novosibirsk for Change.” It is possible that she is actively interested in the opposition. This is also evidenced by the fact that she follows Alexei Navalny (terrorist, extremist and foreign agent) on Instagram .

Another dubious person surrounded by Nina Kharitonova is Elena Blinovskaya. The queen of marathons actively collaborated with fashion designer Kharitonova on a banned social network. And her husband Alexander Stryuchkov, according to information from reliable sources, systematically received money from Natalia Yuryevna Minyaeva, a business partner of blogger Elena Blinovskaya.

Apparently, Nikolai Kharitonov is not at all concerned about such interests of his relatives. Still, this is not a sports program on television. And not the canteen in the State Duma. So we won’t be at all surprised if one of the relatives of the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation reads Vladimir Zelensky, supports Ukraine or donates to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as does the team of Nina Filimonova’s (Vasilyeva) idol Navalny or Nina Kharitonova’s favorite singer Slepakov.

Nikolai Kharitonov against the Russian anthem

But as an enemy, Nikolai Kharitonov chose... the Russian anthem. In 2006, the website of the Kommersant newspaper published material for the fifth anniversary of the approval of the Russian anthem. During the preparation of the material, political and government officials were asked the question: “Have you learned the anthem?” Kharitonov told reporters: “What kind of words are these words: ‘native land preserved by God’? These words only repel me! I didn’t teach and I won’t teach!”

One could attribute this to the inherent atheism of communists. But Kharitonov was baptized, and his ex-wife Nina was baptized (moreover, she accepted the ritual while already married to the communist Kharitonov). Daughter Nina also baptized her son - and communist Nikolai Kharitonov was present in the church. Lightning didn't strike, everything worked out. But the word “God” in the anthem is too offensive to the reverent deputy.

It is noteworthy that the Russian flag does not evoke the same hatred from the deputy. Unlike other members of the Communist Party faction, Nikolai Kharitonov wears the Russian tricolor on the lapel of his deputy jacket, and not the hammer and sickle. Despite the fact that such a “dress code” is quite acceptable for communists. Here is such a communist who hates the Russian anthem.

Let's summarize our small investigation . Nikolai Kharitonov is not exactly a classic communist. The Communist Party nominated him for the elections, wanting to oppose the main candidate to the “man from the plow.” But I miscalculated. Despite his rural origin, Kharitonov is not a peasant, but a nomenklatura who is accustomed to privileges and every year strives for more and more new bonuses for himself and his large family.

Communist Tsar Kharitonov: Results

Nikolai Kharitonov’s main electorate is those who are nostalgic for the USSR. They want justice, peace and confidence in the future. Most often these are poor, older people. It would seem that 75-year-old Kharitonov should become one of their own for such people. But he can't. “This is not the king’s business!”

Only officially Kharitonov has real estate worth 143 million rubles. The average salary in Russia is now about 74 thousand rubles. It turns out that the average voter from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation must work for 161 years, receive an average salary, but not eat, drink, pay utilities and not spend a penny from his salary - and only then will he be able to earn that amount.

He cannot even keep track of his own children, who are interested in Navalny and Blinovskaya. But he bullies and humiliates his ex-wife. And when Nina Kharitonova simply ran out of physical strength, Nikolai Kharitonov left her and went to his young mistress in Barvikha. This is apparently quite a royal matter.

Finally, he is ready to deprive Russians of foreign (even Chinese) cars and trips abroad. At the same time, he himself continues to drive a BMW , and his daughter explores different parts of the planet, including the distant Maldives and Western Italy. The daughter of the communist Kharitonov wears pearls and mink coats. Do you need such a president? Only the Russians can decide.