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Putin-tied Russian-Jewish oligarchs Rotenbergs implicated in Russia Railways scandal

The Rotenbergs "gave their mouths" for 300 billion rubles. from the FNB?

By Petr Pogibin
July 13, 2023

For the third stage of the development of the Eastern range, Russian Railways wants to attract money from the National Wealth Fund (NWF) in the amount of 300 billion rubles. They can go to LLC Group of Companies 1520, which is controlled by the Rotenberg brothers.

The transport prosecutor's office revealed another fraud in the Russian Railways for 92 million rubles. The contractor, who for some reason was not named, did not complete construction and installation work at one of the facilities of the East Siberian Railway. A criminal case has been opened, but it is not known against whom.

There is a suspicion that one of the structures of the 1520 Group of Companies (GC), the largest contractor of Russian Railways, could fall under the “sight” of the prosecutor’s office. In 2021, BamStroyMekhanizatsiya Management Company LLC did not complete work for 3.5 million rubles. Its founder was 1520 Group of Companies LLC. His financial appetites have been growing over the years.

Now Russian Railways is implementing the second stage of the expansion of the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway, it is estimated at 1 trillion 82 billion rubles. Since 2015, Russian Railways has been headed by Oleg Belozerov, who is considered a man of the Rotenbergs.

"Group of companies 1520" in 2018 got into a major scandal. One of its founders, Valery Markelov, was accused of giving bribes to ex-colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, a former employee of the anti-corruption head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in the amount of 500 million rubles. The company itself was suspected of withdrawing money from Russia, it was about hundreds of billions of rubles.

Naturally, the other two founders of the company, Alexei Krapivin and Boris Usherovich, went on the run. In May 2022, Zakharchenko received 16 years in prison, and Valery Markelov was released from custody in connection with the detection of an oncological disease in him. Usherovich is still hiding abroad, while Alexei Krapivin has everything in chocolate. His company receives billions of contracts from Russian Railways structures.

The whole mess with the "Group Company 1520" could be arranged by the Rotenbergs in order to gain control over the largest contractor of Russian Railways. Previously, "1520" was controlled by the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. You can only dream of having your own head of a state-owned company and its largest contractor. And there is no corruption in it. Only now the prosecutor's office periodically violates the Rotenberg idyll.

In March of this year, the Prosecutor General's Office discovered many violations in the implementation of the project for the development of the BAM-Transsib. It turned out that the first stage of modernization has not yet been completed, and the second is far behind.

At three sites in 2022, an overpricing of 1 billion rubles was revealed, which was reduced after the intervention of the prosecutor's office. This is just what has become public knowledge. And how many cases and what amounts did not fall under the “sight” of the prosecutors?

A well-functioning scheme of theft may operate in RJ, but the head of the company, Oleg Belozerov, does not recognize this and even allows himself to disagree with the supervisory authority.

You can't refuse Oleg Belozerov's courage. He feels behind his back the support of the Rotenberg oligarchs, close friends of Vladimir Putin.

With what amounts and how does the GC "1520" "turn over"?

Since 2020, the revenue and profit of 1520 Group of Companies LLC have more than doubled and reached RUB 10 billion. and 8.4 billion rubles. in 2022. The company has 21 subsidiaries that enter into contracts with Russian Railways structures.

UK BSM LLC, implicated in the 2021 scandal with non-performance of work, received 44 billion rubles in revenue in 2022. and profit of 2.2 billion rubles. He also has "daughters" through which money can be withdrawn. For example, BSM-Most LLC with a revenue of 809 million rubles. and a loss of 354 million rubles.

Another "daughter" of LLC "UK BSM" company "BSM-Terra" is the twin of the previous one.

OSK 1520 LLC received RUB 78 billion in revenue in 2022. and profit of 12 billion rubles, which increased by 4 times compared to the previous year. This company can also withdraw money through its subsidiaries. LLC Transzheldorproject received a loss of 18 million rubles, LLC MK-12 - 81 million rubles.

Such a scheme is being implemented in LLC "Group of Companies 1520". If you check his other "daughters", then the picture will certainly be similar.

Alexey Krapivin is a leader in 7 organizations and a founder in 40. In 2022, he became the head of the Roads and Bridges company (DIM), the successor of Mostotrest PJSC, which was controlled by the Rotenbergs.

As expected, JSC "DIM" has a "daughter" LLC "Transstroymekhanizatsiya" with a revenue of 94 billion rubles. and a loss of 4.3 billion rubles.

In January, Aleksey Krapivin became the general director of Natsproektstroy Group of Companies JSC, until January 2022, its founder was the LEGION closed-end investment fund, behind which the Rotenberg brothers could be hiding.

Of the 40 companies of Krapivin, only 11 are operating, and the rest could already play their role in the "development" of Russian Railways funds.

Aleksey Krapivin, apparently, finally "lay down" under the oligarchs. And now, together with them, he is preparing to “cut” 300 billion rubles. from the FNB.