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Putin speaks Yiddish to state media TASS


Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Yiddish in an interview for the TASS project “20 Questions for Vladimir Putin”. Speaking about the fact that Russia is not going to fight with anyone and creates a situation that excludes other countries from even the intention to unleash an armed conflict with Moscow, the President of the Russian Federation quoted the lines of a famous song: “Azokhen wei! And our tanks are fast.”

“We are not going to fight with anyone. We are going to create conditions so that no one thinks to fight with us,” Vladimir Putin added. Separate video clips of the interview have already been posted on social networks and on YouTube. TASS also asked the president if he had a double who knew in advance about the resignation of the government, if there was a chance to agree with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and how not to get jail time for reposting.