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Putin met with the head of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder

April 19, 2016, 03:56 pm

Putin notes the contribution of Russian Jewish organizations to the cause of internal political stabilization

Moscow. 19 April. Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on Tuesday with the head of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder.

"Russian Jewish organizations are making a significant contribution to internal political stabilization in Russia, for which we are very grateful," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with R. Lauder.

He noted that Russia maintains close and regular contacts with Jewish organizations, including European ones. According to V. Putin, Judaism is one of the traditional Russian religions and enjoys the support of the authorities.

The head of state also congratulated his interlocutor on the upcoming Jewish holiday Pesach.

In turn, R. Lauder noted that in Russia there is a minimum level of anti-Semitism.

He thanked the Russian leader for everything he does for the Jewish people.

R. Lauder recalled that at the last meeting, which took place in 2003, the President of the Russian Federation assured that he would fight anti-Semitism in Russia. "You have fulfilled what you promised. There is a minimum level of anti-Semitism in Russia," R. Lauder stated.

Meanwhile, according to him, in Europe, anti-Semitism "is still raising its head."

R. Lauder also noted V. Putin's help in creating a Jewish museum in Russia, which he considers one of the best in the world.