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Putin is a pedophile—here is what the KGB wrote

By Ksenia Zhukova
September 14, 2015

Alexander Litvinenko:

“It turned out that Putin was not taken into foreign intelligence due to the fact that it was established that he suffers from pedophilia. As knowledgeable people said, they did not learn about this sexual ailment immediately, but shortly before graduating from KAI. Naturally, there was not enough time to study Putin, and the KAI leadership was afraid to report to the very top that the personnel officers had overlooked and a pedophile had wound up in the depths of Soviet intelligence. As is customary in the special services, under a plausible pretext from a business trip to the FRG, Putin was taken away and returned to where he came from - to the Leningrad KGB, as they say, that's the end of it.

Immediately after Putin was appointed director of the FSB, he began to seek out compromising material collected on him in the special services and destroy it, thereby preparing himself for the future presidency. It is clear that the director of the FSB did not have any special problems with the destruction of compromising evidence on himself. At that time, Putin found videos in the FSB's own security department, where the Chekists managed to record their future boss while he was having sex with underage boys. Moreover, Putin was recorded in the same safe house on Polyanka Street, in which the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Skuratov was recorded with two prostitutes.

Later, when Putin, on the orders of Abramovich, removed Skuratov from the post of Prosecutor General, blackmailing and persuading him to voluntarily leave his post, he complained to Skuratov in his hearts that he, Putin, had also been filmed in the same bed, while he, however, kept silent about that his Chekists were caught engaging in pedophilia. Skuratov wrote in his book “Dragon Option” on pages 153-154 that Putin showed up in the same apartment in Polyanka. In addition, Colonel General Anatoly Trofimov, deputy director of the FSB, who was shot at the entrance to his house, knew about the video recording of Putin with the boys, who often lamented that the FSB fell into the hands of pedophiles in a narrow circle of trusted persons. That Putin suffers from sexual perversion,

We know what happened to Litvinenko himself after these statements.