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Person of interest

Person of interest to pay attention to and possible Anti-christ candidate Nayib Bukele

The guy just popped on my radar but he checks a lot of boxes. He is young, Good looking, has had a meteoric rise to fame, is the president of El Salvadore (ie "The Savior") he is an authoritarian type who battling the street gangs and winning, but comes across not as a dictator.

Interesting to note his background is Palestinian Christian, and Greek orthodox (how many Palestinians are in Latin America come on) however his father converted to Islam and became an Imam and his wife is Jewish. Thus Bukele represents the synthesis of the three monotheistic faiths. Bukele furthermore states that he believes in God more than religion meaning he his essentially a good noahide new ager.

Furthermore Bukele is heavily involved in digital currencies making El salvadore the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender

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Timothy Fitzpatrick

Definitely keep an eye on this guy.

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Ryan Augustine

Looks like Bukele is going to try and set up El Salvadore as the tech AI capital of Latin America. If there is a ww3 then EL salvadore will have unique positioning as it is doubtful it will be a target and thus the AI/technocracy infrastructure will be in place for Bukele's ascendancy.

El Salvador President To Eliminate All Taxes on Technology Innovations