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Netanyahu's Likud party put up a poster with Putin in Tel Aviv


In Tel Aviv, the Likud party, led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a huge poster on its headquarters building showing Netanyahu shaking hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The photo of the building was published by the press service of the party on Twitter .

Two more posters are hung on the headquarters building - they show Netanyahu shaking hands with US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The photographs say: "Netanyahu is a different league."

Under this slogan, Likud has already won the Israeli parliamentary elections on April 9. But then he was unable to form a government coalition. On May 29, the period of 42 days allotted to him by law for the creation of a government expired, and the Prime Minister himself initiated and achieved approval in the early hours of May 30 of the law on the self-dissolution of the Knesset and the holding of the first repeat parliamentary elections in Israeli history, which were scheduled for September 17.