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Laitman says the result of Soviet-Western convergence will be 'kabbalistic'

Conflict of civilizations - to cure the world

43_100_wp.gifThe emerging confrontation between Russia and the West will lead the world to a spiritual order. Today, economic ties destroy state borders, political relations of states are reduced to solving economic issues. The war is not about conquering territories and power over the population, but about imposing its form of economy, since state borders do not play a role in the modern world.
The world is divided into two types of peoples and economies:

- The West is a public people, a liberal-democratic civil society, the need to expand production (otherwise the crisis) pushes to develop new sources and markets, but a high quality of life can be provided to no more than the Golden Billion.
- Russia (East) - state peoples, the state subjugates society, self-sufficiency of production, there are no incentives for development, the quality of life does not grow, there are no funds for public spentrunce - it is necessary to sell weapons, fossils. Russia cannot master the Western economy, the Russians want to live like in the West, but to work like in the East - without initiative, without responsibility, under the command of the authorities.

And if we add to Russia the Muslim world, India, China - the desire to live well while maintaining its identity - the intractability of the problem is obvious, how incompatible are capitalist production and simple reproduction.

Solution: In principle, this contradiction is the basis of the world - in the confrontation between the Creator and creation, the division of the world into two poles. The solution to this is to combine these two opposite civilizations to their third, Kabbalistic - force of love for one's neighbor. Then they harmoniously complement each other: any production is organized for
1. satisfaction of what is necessary for one's own existence,
2. to meet the needs of all mankind.