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I wouldn't rule out that Putin is gay, says former Putin crony Pugachev

January 1, 2024

Pugachev: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Putin is gay
Photo: EPA


The President of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, probably has a non-traditional sexual orientation. Sergei Pugachev, a businessman living in France and a former friend of the President of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, spoke about this in an interview with the founder of the GORDON online publication Dmitry Gordon, the video was published on Telegram.

Gordon asked whether there are many homosexuals in power in the Russian Federation.“We know this only from some open sources, from various journalistic accusations and so on. But it seems that yes,” Pugachev answered.

Regarding the possible homosexual orientation of Putin himself, the businessman said: “I don’t know this. I don’t have such information. But I wouldn’t rule it out.”

In a two-hour interview, Pugachev also spoke about what awaits Ukraine in 2024, what the owner of the Russian private military company Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, would have done if he had reached Moscow during the riot in June 2023, for which Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev despises Putin , why Patriarch Kirill patronizes gay bishops.

The full interview will be released at 18.00 on the YouTube channel "Visiting Gordon."


Putin, who has been in power in Russia since 2000, hides information about his personal life. It is known that from his first marriage with Shkrebneva he has two daughters - Maria (born in 1985) and Katerina (born in 1986). According to Russian media, they are now using the surnames Vorontsov and Tikhonov. The lives of Putin’s daughters,  as Bloomberg notes, are “shrouded in mystery”  - the Kremlin has never published photographs of them as adults, and the official biography of the Russian president  contains  only the names and dates of birth of the women.

Russian and Western tabloids wrote that  Putin is in a relationship  with former Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva and that they have children together . She is under US sanctions as a person who  "has close relations with Putin .  "

In addition, in 2020, Russian media reported that  Putin has an illegitimate daughter,  Elizaveta , who was born in 2003 (Putin and Shkrebneva officially announced their divorce in 2013). The girl’s mother is Svetlana Krivonogikh, a resident of St. Petersburg, who is a minority shareholder of Rossiya Bank.

Former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, businessman Ilya Ponomarev claims that Kabaeva and Putin  do not have a personal relationship and that Putin is allegedly bisexual . “Many people suspected that Putin was quietly fucking Medvedev in the corner. And this, in fact, is the factor of loyalty. But I don’t know... I’ll tell you straight out that I didn’t hold a candle,” Ponomarev said.