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How Russian oligarch Usmanov crawled on all fours in Putin's waiting room

By Oleg Krapivin 
March 19, 2023

A source familiar with the situation said that ordinary flattery and admiration did not work on Putin. Putin in terms of flattery should be surprised with something.

According to the recollections of the interlocutor, Alisher Usmanov especially succeeded. Putin did not want to meet with him for a long time, with the exception of various general events. Usmanov, on the other hand, had a goal of at least two minutes, but talk to Putin one on one. It cost him a lot of effort to achieve such a meeting. He waited sooo long in the waiting room. And when his turn finally came, an amazing picture occurred. “This huge man fell on all fours and literally crawled towards Putin. He was really amazed, he said to get up. But Usmanov was adamant and repeated that Putin was something more for him than an ordinary earthly person .... Usmanov left, backing away so as to be facing Putin, as someone told him that Putin did not like when they turn their backs to him ", - said the interlocutor.

According to him, Ramzan Kadyrov repeats to Putin at every opportunity that although his father died, he has a father - and this is Putin. And for his father, he will kill anyone, even the closest relative.

A special case Prigogine. As the interlocutor notes, Putin has always sympathized with the “boy-thieves” theme, and Prigogine is just a walking embodiment of all that. In life, he communicates, as well as on his videos. At the same time, he also repeats to Putin that he himself and his entire PMC will give their lives for Putin without hesitation.

Putin likes all this very much. And first of all, in such people and their armies, he sees his “support” and the support of his power.