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'Great Eurasian Khazar Kaganate' to be brought about by common border between Eurasian, Israel empires: rabbi

May 30, 2005

Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich

The Lord will take care of his own.
Maxim Rudometkin

What will the world be like in the twenty-first century?

Interview with Abraham Shmulevich, Chairman of the International Hyperzionist Movement "Bead Artseinu" ("For the Motherland!"), rabbi and political scientist, and Alexander Rybalka, Secretary of "Bead Artseinu". Alexander Rybalka,

secretary of the International Hyperzionist Movement "Bead Artseinu" (<For the Motherland!>), answers the questions . - Tell us about the history of the origin of your movement. In a sense, our movement has existed for more than five thousand years - as long as the Jewish people have existed. "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is, of course, a fake, and a fake

untalented, its unreliability is clear at first glance to anyone who
is familiar with the issue. However, the Jewish people have a strategy.

- What are these real "Protocols", where the matrix of Jewish and
world history is recorded? Do they exist?

Of course have! Tanakh, or, as these protocols are called in Europe and
Russia - the Bible. Read the Book of Genesis, the prophets Ezekiel, Zechariah,
Jeremiah, Isaiah - you will understand everything.
Horror stories about conspiracies are almost always nonsense. As a person
who has been involved in real conspiracies in my life, I know for sure that
a conspiracy of several hundred years is an impossible thing, it will inevitably
degenerate. In "ordinary" periods of history, life goes on as usual,
patterns deeply rooted in culture are realized. But at a moment of crisis, when
the old landmarks are lost - or someone contributes to
their being forgotten, then "correcters" enter the stage of world history.

Recently, the situation - not only among the Jews - has gone somewhere wrong, there
have been serious disproportions in world development, what is called
"globalization" has taken unhealthy forms. Some not particularly smart observers often believe that Jews are
behind these processes -
but this is an extremely wrong view, this is part of
"smokescreen" that the true "masters of discourse" let in. For Jews,
such tendencies cause concern in the first place - after all, the Jewish people
were appointed by the Almighty to the role of "guardian of the world" - this is exactly what washed away the commands of
Gd to the Jews "You will be my chosen people, a holy people."
These processes, where the modern world is heading, cause concern not
only among traditional Jews, but among many spiritual forces, the forces of Tradition. I
am a member of several world occult organizations,
representing the interests of some of them in Israel. And when I was at
the headquarters of one of them, I was offered upon arrival in Israel
establish contact with Rav Avraham Shmulevich.
However, I no longer needed this instruction . The fact is that for many years, under the guidance of leading
Israeli Kabbalists, I have been studying Kabbalah, moreover, I have
permission to popularize it in Russian. I maintain a section on
Jewish mysticism on the website of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEROR, this is where
Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar is), translated into Russian one of the three main
books of Kabbalah, Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation), and I am the author of the Encyclopedia Jewish
demonology" and so on. So, before I went to my
tour abroad, several of my teachers, major Israeli
Kabbalists, introduced me to Rav Shmulevich for my help in the work of
the Movement headed by him. The names of these people say nothing not only to
the general public, but also to most of those who meet with them every day,
but, nevertheless, detailed instructions are carried out unquestioningly.
By that time, "Bead Artzeinu" already existed and began to score points on
the public stage. As far as I know, the Movement was formed a few years
before, but the first years it existed as a closed society, recruiting and
selecting people, honing its public ideology. About Abraham Shmulevich I,
Of course, I heard it before, we even met in Kabbalistic yeshivot.
He is a very famous person, religious and public figure, historian,
political scientist and philosopher. But now it is time for action under his leadership.
I can say that I am Rav's right hand, we
speak on the phone several times a day, we see each other weekly.

- Tell us about the structure of the organization.

Its official name is the International Hyperzionist Movement "Bead
Artzeinu" ("For the Motherland!").
The well-known definition: "The Order of the Sword" - is quite suitable for us.
The structure of the Movement can be compared to a Damascus blade - extremely rigid,
but also extremely flexible.
The Movement is led by Rav Avraham Shmulevich. He cannot be removed
by vote, and his decisions are carried out unquestioningly.
Members of the movement also undergo spiritual training. You will understand a lot in our
organization if you study the experience of Sufi orders, first of all,
the great Imam Shamil, who belonged to the
Naqshbandiyya tariqat (order), all his warriors were at the same time Sufi murids, the Corps of
the Janissaries, which was a branch of the Bektashiyya Sufi tariqa,
the Spiritual Knights orders of the European Middle Ages, the Order of the Jesuits. Speech
it's not that we borrow something from them - just, as I said,
we feed on the existing Spiritual Tradition, ancient and forever young,
rooted in the times of Moshe (Moses) and Yehoshua-bin-Nun (Jesus Nun), to the heroes of King
Solomon. This tradition manifests itself at different stages of history, sometimes without the knowledge of the people
directly performing it.

We have our own Emblem, Coat of Arms, Banner (it does not resemble the rag banners
of modern profane states, but the banner of Genghis Khan. Our banner
is double-sided, the images on its left and right sides are different).
Members of the movement have uniforms - these are black trousers, a burgundy shirt, and
maroon tie, the color of hellfire or gore. This
Form (with the exception of the tie) is the form of Garibaldi, but there is also a deep Kabbalistic symbolism behind it
In addition to people associated with the spiritual tradition, scientists, businessmen,
financiers, current politicians, musicians, artists, journalists,
we also have a lot of young people, mostly demobilized soldiers and officers.
Almost all are combat veterans, some were injured during the fighting, because the
Israel Army is active.
Our people are by no means only Jews, and geographically we are not limited
to the borders of Israel.
We also maintain constant working contacts with many structures
outside Israel, political and not only.

And now questions to Abraham Shmulevich, Chairman of the "Movement"

- What are your goals?

The world is entering a new era - the era of Knowledge. That which in Islamic tradition
is designated as "elm". "Ilm" is the second most common word in the Qur'an, after
the word "Allah". And our goal is to ensure this transition.

- Can you be more specific? What does the ideology
of Hyperzionism suggest, for example, regarding the political organization of society?

We know that the coming century will be the century of the revival of the monarchical idea,
"people's monarchy", but on a new level.
The main problem of the modern political system is that it
brings people to the top according to the principle of dullness. And no dramatic
changes, no turning of the state ship to a new course is possible. When
swimming in a swamp, this is quite tolerable. But at such moments as now, when
humanity is faced with new challenges, and our ship is rapidly
rushing to the reefs, it is fraught with death. In addition, in the modern world, with the development of electronic media and the sciences of human behavior, money has acquired
tremendous power .
It became possible to manipulate the masses, as
dolls, direct the behavior of entire nations, the level of efficiency in this
matter is a matter of investment. Those who have concentrated in their hands
the money, the international bureaucracy and the super-big business merging with it in the first place, have the opportunity
to impose their will on others. The era of total alienation is coming.

By appealing to the idea of ​​monarchy, to the idea sitting in the genetic memory of all
mankind, it is easiest to break the congealing fetters of the "society of the spectacle",
the bourgeois-industrial pseudo-liberal system that has exhausted itself.
And it is Israel, the mystical center of the world, the point where
Adam the first man is the only place from which
the impulse to legitimize the new social order in the eyes
of all mankind can and must come out.

The model form of monarchical government is the system
prescribed by the Tanakh (Bible). Under this system, the King has enormous power,
but within strictly defined limits, he is limited by the commandments of the Torah, the Supreme
Law, practically the constitution. Thus, the tsar, except in conditions of war, cannot
encroach on the private property of citizens. The judicial power is separated from
the royal one, the king cannot interfere either in the activities of the courts or in
appointment of judges. The king himself is also guided by a higher Law, and therefore
he is also subject to jurisdiction. A separate autonomous center of influence, primarily
spiritual and economic, is the Temple. Legislative and executive
power is exercised by the King in conjunction with the Sanhedrin
- the Council of Sages and the Supreme Court. When appointing to
the Sanhedrin, the opinion of the population is taken into account, however, not everyone can be a member
- but only one who has outstanding knowledge in Divine
Law and worldly affairs and impeccable personal qualities. The selection system
is specified in detail in order to exclude (as far as it is in human
forces) abuse and provide "feedback" to the people. Thus
, the king rules jointly with the aristocracy, but not hereditary
landed, or financial-oligarchic, but spiritual. The ideal king is
Moshe Rabbeinu (Prophet Moses) and King David.
This is an important principle - the "principle of two centers", and it can be embodied already at
the present stage, in any society, even before the introduction of the monarchy.
At the level of local government, in economic and cultural life,
the intervention of the central government should be minimal. Our goal is
to liberate every person to the utmost, to give him the opportunity to manifest in himself
the image of God. But the twentieth century has well shown that without a solid foundation
and without a limiting frame, freedom quickly leads to Sodom. With one foot we are
all already standing there.
"People's monarchy" gives enough political will and concentration
of forces to ensure the transition to a new, post-industrial era.
But in no case should other nations automatically copy
the Jewish system, each nation is unique, has its own characteristics, and in
accordance with them, it must organize its public life,
"sit under its own fig tree," as the Bible says.

But the question arises: in recent centuries, the monarchical form of government has been greatly discredited. There are no ideal and eternal social institutions in the world of mortals, at some point any, even the best, system begins to falter. The French, Russian and other revolutions did not arise from scratch. So how can new or old royal houses regain their right to the throne in the eyes of the nations?
The source of legitimacy for ascension to the throne can be proximity to the "Root of David" - after all, it was David, as the majority of mankind now recognizes, that the Almighty chose as his anointed.
Many of the ruling dynasties in recent centuries are "self-appointed",
they either seized the throne by force, or were raised to it in violation
of the law. But most of the old, ancient, world dynasties are erected to
the "root of David" or to Jewish roots - these are the Merovingians, the Stuarts,
the Bagratids, the dynasty of Ethiopia, the Afghan Royal House. The Imperial House of Japan, the oldest of
the currently ruling dynasties, the "elder", is also, according to Japanese
tradition, associated with the tribes of Israel. And even the Rurikoviches - after all, Vladimir the Red Sun, perhaps, was of Jewish origin,)
In the book of Genesis (ch.17., Art. 6) the words of the Almighty to Abraham are quoted: "And
kings will come from you." And the words of the Living God are always fulfilled.

The problem is that some of the old royal dynasties have either degenerated
or simply lost their legitimacy. This slows down our work, creates
unnecessary difficulties.
The most probable now seems to us to be a "system of Empires". At its center
is Imperial Israel, which controls the space within the boundaries
defined by Gd (promised boundaries), from the Nile to the Euphrates (they are also
the natural geographical and geopolitical boundaries of the region), and
exerts a decisive influence on the surrounding territories. It is from Israel,
as has already been said, that the impulse for the legitimacy of the new order comes.
Now too often in the countries of dispersion, Jews are cut off from their roots,
playing into the hands of the forces of alienation. Only on their own land is the spiritual
rebirth of the Jewish people possible. The State of Israel is obliged to occupy a place on
the physical and spiritual map of the world, proportional to the role that
the Jewish people played in the history of mankind. It is only necessary to gather
the economic and intellectual power of the Jewish people into a single fist - and
Israel will turn into a world center for the development of new technologies and
humanitarian models. Actually, even now humanity lives off
the spiritual capital accumulated by our prophets in biblical times. And
this level is coming back to us.

As for Russia, we know the opinion of many Russian monarchists that the Romanov dynasty in Russia apparently lost its legitimacy due to unequal marriages, however, this is generally a new dynasty, and with the accession to the throne of Peter III, Holstein-Gottorp reigned in Russia
. The Oldenburg
Dynasty, which took the name of the Romanovs and became the Russian Imperial
House. Therefore, now the right to head the Russian Dynasty has passed to the
next line of the Holstein-Gottorp Oldenburg Dynasty -
the Grand Duke Oldenburg House. And in 1997 Archduke Georg
The Austrian (son of the Head of the House of Habsburg, the elderly Otto von Habsburg)
married Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg, and the
two crowns were unified. This question is a purely internal Russian affair, our Movement does not express any opinion on it.
However, there is an interesting prospect here - the Habsburgs also have the title of King
of Galicia and Duke of Bukovina, that is, almost all of Western Ukraine. And
as the head of the Russian imperial house (if and when they are
implemented) - the rights to Eastern Ukraine. This opens up
the possibility of uniting the two parts of Ukraine, each of which
Separately, strive in the opposite direction from the other side. Moreover, under
this scepter, both Ukraine and Russia can again enter a single
space, uniting all of Eastern and Central
Europe into a single whole.
However, who exactly will lead these global geopolitical projects
depends on how old European families, the Habsburgs in the first
place, as well as the Bourbons, Stuarts and the House of Windsor, have not lost their dynamics
and political perspective, retained their connection with the root of life. So far, our
contacts in this direction are not very comforting, but there are prospects.
Moreover, in any case, this western project must be brought
into line with the eastern one that is going to meet it.
The wind of the West and the wind of the East have always met precisely in the expanses of Eurasia.

It is highly probable and desirable that the Chinggisid Empire be revived. The empire of
the House of Genghis Khan consisted of autonomously controlled parts and included
almost the entire territory of the USSR, as well as India, China and Iran. That
is, all of Eurasia. Re-entry into a single political and legal
space is beneficial for everyone. The confrontation between India and China is removed.
The growing power of China, economic and human, is not directed to
confrontation with the rest of the world, but harmonizes, enters into a
positive resonance.
For Russia, this is almost the only way to avoid becoming a
province dependent on the United States or Western Europe, the consequences of a fall in
industrial and technical potential, a catastrophic negative
population growth, multiplied by the immensity of Russian territories -
because otherwise Russia will simply be flooded with the flow of Chinese and southern migration.
Joint Russian-Chinese-Indian scientific and industrial potential,
the resources of the Turkic world will once again raise the Eurasia of Genghisides to an all-time
high level. And the common border with the Israeli Empire makes it possible to build
the "Great Eurasian Khazar Kaganate" - an entity that will confidently
take a leading position on a planetary scale.
As for the Arabs, both within the borders of the Promised Israel and outside them, then,
in principle, it is possible to talk about the restoration of the true Caliphate. However,
how this project will be concretely realized depends on the behavior of the Arab masses and
regimes. Now, the most probable and desirable
scenario seems to us, according to which the central position in the Islamic world, including
control over Mecca will pass from the Arabs to the Turks, as, in fact, it has been
in recent centuries. The place of the Shiites and Ismailis is also to be determined in
the process of implementing this scenario.

- How realistic are all these projects?

It is completely unrealistic to expect that the world will not change. A realist is one
who understands that in thirty years our world will become unrecognizably different. The foundations
of the future are being laid now, and it is still in our power to influence what
tomorrow that is emerging today will become. All you need is
audacity, vision and will. We have it. Who will be late for this work - will be
reap the remnants of fruits not grown by him from someone else's table.

- Mister Shmulevich! Hyperzionism is a kind of cult movement. Don't
you feel like a leader-liberator, even, I'm not afraid of the word, a king?

- To paraphrase Churchill's words, I will say that there are many politicians - but not everyone
can become a Leader ... When the time of battle comes, the main thing for people
of duty is to get involved in the battle. And then the Lord will sort out his own.