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Georgian Orthodox Archbishop declares EU and NATO a "road to hell", and praises Stalin and Putin | VIDEO

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Archbishop of Shalt Spiridon (Abuladze) of the Georgian Patriarchate attacked the West and the rights of LGBTQ people, and said that Georgia's integration into the EU and NATO was "the way to hell " for the Georgian state.

And all this happens during a sermon in God's temple.

He claims that the EU and the United States are " poisoning and corrupting " Georgia with their diplomatic missions. " Nothing can help Georgia while these nasty, dirty embassies are operating in our country, " Spyridon said on July 24, 2021.

Video: ღმერთი სამშობლო ადამიანი

According to , the archbishop had previously praised Stalin and Putin.

Abuladze claims that Western embassies and 15 opposition parties have allowed themselves to defend the rights of LGBTQ people, " although the Church and the Government have warned them not to show their immorality and depravity, and not to anger people."

Unfortunately, such a phenomenon - hierarchs to pursue politics during a sermon in the house of God and to make hateful and anti-Christian statements - is not unique to Georgia. We remind you that in Bulgaria Metropolitan Nikolay of Plovdiv from the pulpit of the church stated that Pope Francis is the forerunner of the antichrist, and that believers should vote for Boyko Borissov and the GERB political party.

From Doxologia Infonews call the US Embassy in Georgia held accountable Spyridon Abuladze and urges the Georgian Patriarchate that he be deposed from san. We also call on all LGBTQ people, incl. and the faithful to seek judicial accountability from the archbishop in question for his extremely hateful statements, unacceptable to his rank.

It is important to recall that the Georgian Patriarchate was responsible for the violence perpetrated by clergy and believers against gay people during the Gay Pride in Tbilisi on July 5, 2021 . At the time, the Georgian Patriarch and Georgian metropolitans urged clerics and believers to protest violently against the gay parade and beat participants. It was then that a TV operator was attacked and later died of his wounds.

Doxologia Infonews strongly condemns the violence and hatred of the Georgian Patriarchate against LGBTQ citizens, the West, the European Union and NATO.