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Dugin runs Eurasian end-of-the-world training camp based in Jewish, Hindu, Russian, ethno/mythodrama

Doesn't Dugin want to organize the Apocalypse through confrontation in Novorossia?


In my last article, I proposed three possible scenarios for the development of the big game around Novorossia, based on the participation in the process of the oligarch-monarchist Malofeev, his subordinates Strelkov and Boroday, his friend and partner, the occult fascist Dugin, and others. But it seems to me that a fourth scenario is also possible, the most extravagant, but in principle acceptable, given the occult-gnostic views of Alexander Dugin.

In general, Dugin's participation in the anti-fascist movement of the DPR cannot but raise questions, since Dugin himself has been a consistent and deep ideologist and practitioner of occult gnosticism and esoteric fascism since the 80s (see my article on this ). For decades, Dugin has been writing articles and books glorifying the most flamboyant and bloody fascists such as Carnelio Codreanu, Himmler and their Iron Guard and Wafen SS organizations as structures of " intellectual freedom and pluralism " and " new heroic humanism ".". Throughout the 90s, Dugin was a member of various organizations and movements (NBP, the Old Believer community) and imposed occult Gnosticism on them as the true content of their ideology. Dugin's behavior in the 2000s (creating the Eurasian Movement, teaching at Moscow State University, pro-Putin patriotic journalism) gave the impression that Dugin had moved away from his views of political youth. Many did not know anything at all about the previous fascist activities of the "patriotic philosopher." Now Dugin is involved in the information campaign around Novorossia, but his emissaries are directly involved in the political process of Donbass. So Alexander Proselkov - Dugin's assistant and leaderThe southern coordinating center of the International Eurasian Movement in Rostov-on-Don, led by Dugin, entered the headquarters of Pavel Gubarev and even coordinates armed provocations, most likely conceived by Dugin himself. In May, Dugin met in Vienna with the "black international" - the elite of neo-fascists, leaders of neo-fascist parties, princes, princes and barons, and discussed the rise of the fascists to power simultaneously in Europe and Russia. The closed congress was chaired by an old friend of Dugin, the oligarch-raider Konstantin Malofeev, who is the head of Borodai and Strelkov .

As a demonstration of the fact that Dugin has not departed from occult Gnosticism even now, and as an adherent of this teaching, he sets very sinister goals, I suggest watching a film made by Dugin's Eurasian Movement in 2011. The film is dedicated to the training camp of the Eurasian Youth Union (ESM), called "Finis Mundi" (End of the World) and held on May 7-9 in the Moscow region. Video at the top of the article.

Regarding the event itself, a wonderful description is given on the website of the Eurasians : “ The eschatological mobilization of the Eurasians is announced!Everything is nearing completion and resolution. FINIS MUNDI. End of the World. ..a camp of the Eurasian Youth Union dedicated to eschatology. The theme of the End of the World will be considered from the point of view of mythoanalysis, ethnosociology and sociology of imagination. For three days the Eurasians will plunge into the world of dreams, myths and prophecies. Using the methods of mythodrama and ethnodrama, Hindu, Jewish, Russian and other eschatological models will be studied in detail. Based on the results of the camp, the composition of the Laboratory of the Radical Subject will be formed. » The impressions of the participants who passed the camp

are very indicative : The end of the world has become closer.Absolutely everyone was included in the process of the apocalypse, directly, by living it in one or another tradition. Hindu, Jewish and, of course, Russian eschatology became the core of the camp. The Eurasianists embodied all the indicated traditions in the theatrical performance, captivating the viewer and blurring the lines between the real and the transcendent. Rehearsals went on day and night, in a dream and in reality, with complete immersion in the world that will come to us. <..> Hindu eschatology... Beautiful and cruel, it ended with the burning of the world - the apparent destruction of the globe, truly bewitching and merciless.

The film itself begins with the words of Dugin: “We wanted to focus specifically on the problems of the end of the world <..>The theater is one of the most sacred and ancient institutions of society in terms of its functions. Thanks to the theater, there is an understanding of human existence .”

Says one of the participants in the training performance: “I do not think that we need to wait for the end of the world, which, according to Rene Guenon, is nothing but the end of illusions. We need to bring the end of the world closer <..> Antonin Artaud said that the disease of the world is cured by the only means - by burning the world, which I demonstrated in the final scene of the play, where the burning of the universe takes place .

Hindu eschatology... it ended with the burning of the world - the apparent destruction of the globe

Another participant: “ In the final scene, the scene of self-immolation, I no longer understood who was the spectator and who was the actor. I felt how I was really burning and how my eyelids, face, eyes, hands were burning. I felt some sort of release.” A nasty and ominous voice from the stage: “ Rus is baptized by fire! Burn out in the fire and save your diamond from the black furnace! "

Comment of the director of one of the performances, staged according to the story of the teacher Dugin Yu. Mamleev - the first leader of the Yuzhinsky circle, then called the " Black Order of the SS ", where young Dugin learned the esotericism of occult fascism: " Our plot is decay and there is no goal for which we come after this disintegration .” Voice from the stage:Soon, soon the end will come! How he loved to fly over the city, destroying it with his urine! »

From a performance based on the story of teacher Dugin Y. Mamleev

The film ends with Dugin's parting words: “ We lived three days of our life towards death. I think that these plots that you staged do not need to be deciphered. The hermeneutics of the end of the world is what you yourself have to do .”

I will draw your attention to the fact that the performances were held on May 9 - the day of the Great Victory over fascism, the occult-gnostic content of which Dugin plays out with his students, which gives an additional color to the performances, which are at least psychological training, and at most occult mysteries, actually black masses.

I think, for a better understanding, one should give a brief description of the philosophy of Gnosticism, of which he is an adherent, incl. Dugin. If everything is presented in the form of a simple diagram, then the storynext : The creator of the world, the Demiurge, extremely ineptly created our world, wresting a piece of space from the Eternal Darkness (they also say the Other or the Absolute) along with the ideal souls living there. In this hastily created world by the Demiurge-apprentice, the souls suffer, and therefore, the task of those who hear the voice of the Absolute, as a result of which they understand the inferiority of the created world, is to destroy this world, releasing the souls associated with matter.The main servants of the Demiurge-Yahweh are the people of Jews created by him, who, in fact, are not people, but programmed golems, whose goal is to develop the world. But since the development of this initially vicious world only exacerbates its viciousness and moves it farther and farther from the Primordial (original, before the creation of the world) point, then development must be stopped, or even better reversed. Another important idea of ​​Gnosticism is the anthropological inequality of people, caused by the fact that parts of the Absolute, unequal in quantity and quality, were placed in the material bodies of people (there are higher ones - pneumatics - people of the spirit, psychics - people of the soul, and the lowest - chiliki - people of the body and lower needs). From this arises the politics of Nazism and racism of fascist regimes. Approximately on this, only much more complicated esotericism, the ideology of fascism was built, more precisely, its core - those organizations that held power in countries with a fascist regime: "SS", "Iron Guard", "phalangists" and others. It is precisely this that Dugin professes, setting himself and the movement he created as the goal of destroying this imperfect world of the Demiurge.

I have already cited the following video in the article “ Can the SS-sheep fight with Bandera?” but let's look at it again.

Dugin: "... It becomes clear that amazing, enigmatic phrase that I have been thinking over throughout my life once uttered by Evgeny Vsevolodovich Golovin. He said: "Where we are - there is the center of hell." We are not in the center of hell, it would be nothing else, but where we are, there is the center of hell. So where is the Kali Yuga, when where is the Kali Yuga? Kali Yuga is when we begin to suspect that we are inside an illusion. And we are coming to the end of the existence of this illusion, becoming more and more aware of its illusory nature. But how to get over? How to end the Kali Yuga? How to put an end to the world? In fact, we need to think not about whether the end of the world will come or not, we need to think about how to bring it about. This is our task. It won't come by itself. Nothing will fall on your head. We ourselves must make this decision. Moreover, we must find a way to close this story. And this is not a very simple thing. We usually say: “How can humanity survive? How to prevent global warming? In fact, people with a heightened philosophy think how to do something in the spirit of global warming, so that it finally floods or burns. It just ceased to exist. Because the value of all this, in fact, has not yet been proven, demonstrated, or argued by anyone. There are not even dissertations defended correctly on why humanity needs to survive. Nobody thinks about it. No arguments. Like any vision, it is pure deception. Therefore, the question of how to end the world, how to get rid of illusions ... for it to finally flood or burn. It just ceased to exist. Because the value of all this, in fact, has not yet been proven, demonstrated, or argued by anyone. There are not even dissertations defended correctly on why humanity needs to survive. Nobody thinks about it. No arguments. Like any vision, it is pure deception. Therefore, the question of how to end the world, how to get rid of illusions ... for it to finally flood or burn. It just ceased to exist. Because the value of all this, in fact, has not yet been proven, demonstrated, or argued by anyone. There are not even dissertations defended correctly on why humanity needs to survive. Nobody thinks about it. No arguments. Like any vision, it is pure deception. Therefore, the question of how to end the world, how to get rid of illusions ...(The video breaks off at this point.)

Let me explain that the aforementioned Evgeny Golovin is Dugin's teacher , who heads the Yuzhinsky circle of lovers of Nazi esotericism, which included Dugin. The circle was called the " Black Order of the SS ", and Golovin was called the "Reichfuehrer" there. Kali Yuga is a term taken from Hinduism, denoting the most vicious and imperfect state of the world.

One of the main ideas promoted by Dugin in his information company is the speedy intervention of the Russian armed forces in the conflict. He does this by whipping up hysteria, in fact blackmailing the authorities and Putin personally with a catastrophic drop in ratings, which Dugin himself organizes, accusing the authorities of surrendering Novorossia. At the same time, the Vlasov nationalist Yegor Prosvirnin (editor-in-chief of the Sputnik and Pogrom website) and the endless statements of Igor Strelkov with a request to send in Russian troops are working for the same. Moreover, independent resistance of New Russia, supported by military equipment from Russia, to the troops of the Kiev junta Dugin and figures associated with him are constantly trying to disrupt. So sung by Dugin Strelkov , who until recently was the head of securityDugin’s friend and partner , the oligarch-monarchist Malofeev, for no apparent reason surrenders the well-fortified Slavyansk, and after him half the territory of the DPR, opening the way for the junta to Donetsk and its surroundings. This brings the resistance to the brink of disaster. The PR man Malofeeva, who became the prime minister of the DPR, in addition to supporting Strelkov in every possible way in the surrender of cities, had previously declared the largest militia group led by Bezler to be rebels and called for an anti-terrorist operation against them, which would mean a bloody massacre in the rear of the DPR and again the end anti-fascist resistance. Dugin is constantly trying to discredit one of the field commanders of the DPR - Khodakovsky, at a time when it was he who organizedthe most successful military operation to defend and hold the Saur-Mogila strategic height, unlike Karachun, which was immediately surrendered by Strelkov.

Russia really cannot lose Novorossiya. Because the loss means the introduction of NATO troops into Ukraine, including the installation of missile defense systems and nuclear missiles on our borders. Such a disposition will actually mean the absolute defeat of Russia, in fact, its surrender. But the United States cannot concede. Their defeat is both a loss of face and a catastrophic loss of geopolitical positions and the collapse of the entire previously developed strategy for the future. That is why the NATO and US troops are being strengthened in Europe and on the border with Russia and Ukraine, and the newest ships carrying nuclear weapons and the latest missile defense systems are entering the Black Sea. If Russia sends troops, NATO will have the full right to send troops to Western and Central Ukraine and will somehow oppose us. Tell, And what if someone's nerves can't stand it? Someone will be led to some kind of provocation? Can this provoke a strike of something heavy on the troops of Russia or the United States, which will be retaliated against? Those. will this not provoke a nuclear catastrophe for the world and its “burning, bringing about the end of the world How does Dugin dream about this?

By the way, it is likely that other participants in the game (Malofeev, Boroday, Strelkov, etc.) have no such plans, but Dugin can play his own double game precisely to finally put an end to the Kali Yuga of this world.

PS About the occult fascist Dugin, I recommend my article Can SS-sheep fight Bandera?
As well as the Great Game of the Black International of the Nazis around Novorossia