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Chabad of Russia declares that in Ukraine, 'the Noahide Declaration has the opportunity to become a state document', speaks of centralized rabbinic authority

Appeal to rabbis and Noahids

You can start implementing each of the items at any time. There would only be the will of those who can really start and continue.

Feb. 25, 2024
The war in Ukraine has become a test of faith for all Bnei Noah communities. And not all of this test has passed. Unfortunately, it is necessary to state the fact that the movement is in a state of stagnation, and it is not known when it will leave it. The efforts of a few comrades with individual initiative are not even enough to maintain the current situation.

Before the war, although there was no particularly rapid development of the Noahid movement, the activity took place smoothly, calmly and gradually. No one took into account situations that could lead to a crisis. The outbreak of war caused such a crisis.


Noachid lesson in Zaporozhye



During the war, the Ukrainian communities of Bnei Noah tried not to fade away. Jewish-Noahid volunteer programs to help the affected civilian population were deployed. Rabbis and teachers continued to give Torah lessons. The Noahid Declaration, various Ukrainian-language projects were created, a Russian-language translation of the book "Divine Code" was brought to Ukraine from Israel, etc.


Noachid lesson in Zaporozhye



Yes, it all helped to resist the Bnei Noah movement, thank God. But that's not enough. It is necessary to start thinking about making strategic decisions aimed at reviving the adequate pace of the movement's activities. So, what do we need?

1. Official state registration

The Bnei Noah tradition is part of the Judaism religion. The stay of the Noahid communities under the common jurisdiction with the official Orthodox Jewish communities will help to consolidate and defend our rights and our position. The state and civil society should know that there is "Judaism for non-Jews."

By the way, in this way, the Noahid Declaration has the opportunity to become a state document.

2. Centralized management

All communities of Bnei Noah should coordinate with the chief rabbi of the country and the chief rabbis of the regions to unite into a single structure, choose a leader and create a prototype of the parliament (an association of leaders and activists of regional communities). The chief rabbis should officially approve and support the rabbis and teachers who oversee the current communities.

It is important to note that the autonomy of the communities will continue. But you need to have a single regulatory structure.

3. A single information resource

Its purpose is to post information about all important information BN resources scattered on the Internet, communities, the history of the movement, political and geopolitical events, etc. All the necessary information for community development, the necessary contact details should be provided. It will be extremely useful to create a universal chat for the exchange of educational information with strict administration.


4. Financing not only external, but also internal

One of the current reasons for the decline of communities is the lack of funding. An extremely strange reason. At this rate, you can't rake it far. Of course, rich sponsors are necessary, but no one has canceled voluntary donations. This indicates that the rabbis and the Noahids themselves should involve middle-income people in the Bnei Noah tradition as much as possible: to have enough money to maintain the financial stability of the community and to help those who demand it. Ideally, to work intensively among high-income people. Let's not hide that many Jewish communities have the tools to do this.

5. The predominance of live communication over network communication

The Covid pandemic dealt a hard blow to live communication, but the communities withstood and developed normally. The war struck a much tougher blow. Many BN communities now have an online format. It needs to be cleaned and conducted live lessons. Where possible, in synagogues. The online format destroys everything you can.

6. Bet on young people

There's nothing to explain. It's a collapse with it! Somehow only the community of the city of Dnipro copes. I can't incomprehensible. The Rebbe has repeatedly reiterated that it is necessary to work intensively and thoroughly with young people. In our case, we are not talking about Jewish youth, but about non-Jewish. The future, both religious and political, depends on it. Why do Christians work with young people and noahida? Why do liberals and the ultra-right recruit for their power and we don't do anything? It's sad.

7. Formation of a mutual promotion community

This point is essential for the survival and functioning of any community that wants to become strong. The Noahids should adopt the historical Jewish practice of mutual assistance. The more of us, the better. But we can only become strong in unity. If you have the opportunity, help someone else!

You can start implementing each of the items at any time. There would only be the will of those who can really start and continue.

Published: 25.02.2024