Chabad three-roosters prediction has Jewry defeating Russia and U.S.A. using Red China

By Rav Yaakov Bak

March 26, 2022 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

The following is a transcript (translated from Hebrew) of a video by venerable Rav Yitzhak-David Grossman of the Migdal Or organization in Israel, published a few weeks before the Russian attack on Ukraine:

When I was a child and stood next to my father in the synagogue… a certain person had the honor of sitting next to my father. I don’t remember who it was, but he told my father a story, and it stuck in my head for all the years.

He said that he once visited the Rabbi of Stolin, Rabbi Yisrael Perlov (1868-1921), who said to those present:

“Do you know what will happen before the arrival of Moshiach? Two roosters will fight each other, and the third rooster will come and strike both. But the Jewish people, thanks to their faith in the Most High, the God of Israel, will survive.”

People asked him what he was talking about, who were those roosters? Listen to what he said: “The two roosters are America and Russia. The third rooster is China.

It seems to me that the comments made by the Rebbe of Stolin a hundred years ago are connected with the following verse of the prophet Yeshayahu (27:1): , the serpent that coils, and will kill the monster that is in the sea.”

The commentators explain that these three beings (the straight serpent, the crooked serpent and the sea dragon) represent the three peoples who will be defeated in the war of Gog and Magog (RADAK), the “day of vengeance” (MAlbim). Among the comments we find:

1. RASHI (d. 1105): Pharaoh, king of Egypt, Sancherib, king of Ashura, and Esau, ancestor of Edom (Romans);

2. RADAK (d. 1235): Edom, Ishmael, India;

3. “Metsudat David” (d. 1769): Edom, Ishmael, other peoples on the sea islands;

4. MALBIM (d. 1879): A nation protected by its mountainous geography, a nation protected by its vast size and population, a strong and powerful nation.

This prophecy follows the words (26:21): “For, behold, the Lord comes out of his place to punish the inhabitant of the earth for his sinfulness; and the earth will reveal the blood (swallowed up) by it, and will no longer cover its slain.”

Commentators explain that this also refers to the war of Gog and Magog, which will be a time of disaster for Israel for a short time, until Divine Justice avenges the blood of Israel shed by the peoples of the world.



    WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE JEWS – must always be the primary consideration.
    1. Regardless of who wins, abundant sales and eventual replenishment of arms stocks for the Arms Industries which have largely jewish stockholders.
    2. Regardless of who wins, white Christians and Muslims are killing each other in the thousands.
    3. Regardless of who wins, the last bastion of white nationalism will be destroyed by Russia, and the Azov and other Nazi Battalions will eventually be turned on and demonized by their own current Ukrainian-Jewish leadership.
    4. The creation of the Petro-Ruble will devalue the US dollar and the EURO, thus devaluing the billions in debt created at the lowest interest for largely Jewish firms that have been accumulating the best assets around the world with cheap debt. The reset will happen on Jewish terms.
    5. Millions of Ukrainians have left the Ukraine never to return. This opens the opportunities for Jews:
    a. Before the dollar is completely devalued, Jewish investors will buy up the best vacated and distressed Ukrainian real estate for development.
    b. They can now ramp up their Middle East aggressions to create a larger Eretz Israel, by funneling the fleeing Muslim immigrants into the Ukraine as a disposable work force.
    c. Clearing of a large portion of the Ukrainian population will facilitate the re-establishment of the Jewish Kazarian empire to its historical location in the Ukraine.
    6. Jews have been invested in the thousands of new apartment complexes, hundreds still under construction, in the United States. Much of these remain unrented. The millions of Ukrainians immigrants will immediately be funneled, with government vouchers and subsidies from US taxpayers, into these brand new homes.
    7. Ukrainian immigrants will provide an abundance of skilled and semi-skilled workforce for Jewish businesses.
    8. Ukrainian immigrants will provide an abundance of new and sorely needed consumers for Jewish retail and entertainment.

    1. Death and destruction.
    2. Inflation and high prices.
    3. More suppression of privacy and freedom an further empowered Jewish controlled media, government and security/surveillance state.

  2. Kazar j. Zelensky bought his mom & dad a nice house in the slc – sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean a raison of 8 million dollars / plus body guards 12.000 dollar per month / Igor Kolomoisky the Kijev multi bilionair mafia don who launched Z. lives close by….

    (will the people & their MP’s in the “free” West still support Ukraine or are they already completely zombified by the j. jabs ? )

  3. Russia has been giving away land to China and Azerbaijan..

    Translation of June 24th comment 12:40 am.

    After Putin, the “collector of Russian lands,” came to power, the free distribution of territories to the Chinese and other “friendly” states began. Thus, in 2005, the Chinese were given Tarabarov Island, half of Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy Island and Bolshoi Island on the Amur and Ussuri rivers.

    In 2010 Dmitry Medvedev became involved in the process of distribution of historical lands in Russia and signed a treaty with Azerbaijan on demarcation of the Russian-Azerbaijani borders as a result of which 7.295 square km of Dagestan territories were annexed to Azerbaijan. Apart from this half of the Samur River watershed, i.e. another 3,665 sq. km, was annexed to Azerbaijan.

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