Putin’s rabbi ‘very good friends’ with Nathaniel Rothschild, met at World Economic Forum

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (left) speaks alongside Russia’s chief rabbi Berel Lazar (right of Rothschild) at a Chabad lecture at Oxford University  in England, 2008.

By Oxford Chabad Society
March 2008 Anno Domini

The Second Annual Joseph Graham Memorial Lecture Presents

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar

Welcome and tribute: Rabbi Eli Brackman

Director of Oxford University Chabad Society

Good evening! I would like to welcome everyone here tonight to the Oxford University Chabad Society’s second Joseph Graham memorial lecture. Tonight’s lecture is hosted in memory of Joseph Graham, the grandfather of Elliot Shear. We are very grateful to Elliot and his parents for joining us tonight and for sponsoring tonight’s lecture.

Joseph Graham is someone who came to England from Germany in 1939, leaving behind his entire family who perished in the Holocaust. This is part of a series of lectures we host in memory of people who died in the Holocaust and it is in these lectures and the general perpetuation of Jewish life that the memory of these people live on and we dedicate tonight’s lecture to Joseph Graham.

Tonight’s lecture will be delivered by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. We are honoured to be hosting him and we thank him for coming out to Oxford despite his extremely busy schedule. His lecture is the second Joseph Graham memorial lecture which follows the previous lecture given by former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.

Tonight we are also honoured to be hosting the Honourable Nathaniel Rothschild, who is here with us tonight as Guest of Honour. We thank him very much for coming.

We are also honoured to be hosting the Head of the Russian Studies Centre at St Antony’s College, Professor of Russian Studies at Oxford University, Professor Robert Service.

We are also hosting the Honourable president of the Oxford University Chabad Society, Melissa Friedman, and all the esteemed guests who are with us tonight.

The subject of tonight’s lecture is “Jewish life in Russia: Yesterday and Today”. We will proceed with an introduction by Professor of Russian Studies, Professor Robert Service, who has agreed to offer some introductory remarks on behalf of the university.

Introduction: Professor Robert Service

Director of the Russian Studies Centre, St Antony’s college

It is a great pleasure to have been invited to help to introduce Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar.

It is impossible to understand the history of Russia, the USSR and Russia again, without understanding the relation between Russians and Jews, Russians and Ukrainians and Ukrainians and Jews. It was complex and tormented. For most of the 20th century it was extremely tormented.

Prince Harry looks on as Lady Serena Rothschild and Nat Rothschild hold the winners trophies after Lady Rothschild’s horse Nathaniel won the King George IV and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot Racecourse on July 23, 2011 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Indigo/Getty Images)

Often we think of the years of the 1930’s as being the nadir of Jewish religious life, Christian religious life, Muslim religious life and all religious life. But in fact, one of the greatest persecutors of religious faith in the USSR was the successor to Stalin, namely Nikita Khrushchev.

In other words, the decades of religious persecution, the decades in attempt to eradicate religious belief, religious organisation, religious practice, were very long indeed and then vastly outlived Joseph Stalin.

We are talking about a theme that is now possible to talk of as historical. There is now something like religious tolerance in Russia but it is contested religious tolerance in Russia. It is not completely simple matter to be a religious believer in the Russian federation today. All sorts of political, cultural, social, as well as religious questions are involved. It gives me really much pleasure in introducing the speaker tonight. He is Chief Rabbi of Russia, recognised by President Vladimir Putin. It is a great honour to have the pleasure to help introduce Rabbi Lazar, our speaker, tonight.

Guest of Honour: The Honourable Mr. Nathaniel Rothschild

My only qualification for speaking tonight is that I am very good friends with Rabbi Lazar. I thank Elliot Shear for sponsoring this event and I thank my friend and business partner David Slager for sponsoring this centre and making it a reality.

I have been going to Russia since 1992, when I was still a student in Oxford. When I began visiting Russia regularly around 2001, I didn’t have much idea about the resurgence of Jewish life. However, I met Rabbi Lazar in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum in Davos and I was struck by watching this figure and we eventually connected and started talking, and from there began a friendship and I started visiting his centre in Russia, many times a year.

For me it was an incredible experience to watch it grow and his efforts in this. It has over 140,000 members, serves over 1,000 meals a day and helps 15,000 elderly people. It is a place where Jews and non-Jews visit. It has a synagogue and swimming pool and there is work a foot to build a Jewish museum. At the same time Rabbi Lazar is a great unifying force in Russia. I have met some important people at his centre, including a leading Muslim businessman n Russia, who is now a close friend.

I have only wonderful things to say and I am very honoured to introduce him here tonight.

Lecture: Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar

My call to fame is actually being Mr. Rothschild’s friend and it is a pleasure to honour Mr. Rothschild and David Slager for what they have done here in Oxford for the Oxford University Chabad Society, with the opening of the Slager Chabad Centre, under the leadership of Rabbi Brackman. It should be a lesson for many of us not to forget ones Alma-Ata. Not to forget what one received and remember to give back. Another reason I am here is in honour of Elliot Shear who has sponsored tonight’s lecture in memory of his grandfather, Joseph Graham.

We will be celebrating in a few weeks the holiday of Purim, when we read the scroll of Esther. The story begins with a big feast, divorcing his wife, remarrying and goes on and on until finally arrives at the point, when the Jews were saved from the wicked Haman during the Persian of the Jewish people in 5th century BCE. Most of the narrative, however, has nothing to do with actual point of the story. Many people have asked why it’s necessary all the details, aside from the fact that Jews are good story tellers.

Full lecture.


  1. Best site on the World Wide Web!!
    God Bless!!
    You have shown what they so desperately try to hide..

  2. Regarding international “Jewish” conspiracies: if the “Jewish” elite is behind the so-called “COVID-19,” why are Israelis among the most immunised people in the world?

    After all, Israel’s vaccination rate vs. “COVID-19” has long been the highest in the world. In Israel “ultra”-Orthodox Jews (Haredim), who also refuse to serve in the Zionist army, have proven to be the most reluctant to be “jabbed,” compared to secular Jews and non-Jews. Even so, as Zionism is a largely secular ideology, one would not suspect “Jewish” Zionists of poisoning their own.

    At this point calling “COVID-19” a “Jewish” conspiracy ignores the evidence that the elite’s underlying motive is not Judaism but Satanism.

    After all, the “Jewish” elites who have done so much to undermine the West and East alike are not promoting Orthodox Judaism among the “goyim,” but various flavours of Satanism instead. A truly “Jewish” elite would be expected to promote Orthodox Judaism among non-Jews rather than abortion, feminism, one-world syncretism, New-Age ideology, Trotskyism, and so on.

    1. Because Israelis are just as much cannon fodder as everyone else. Judaism is Satanism. That’s what you don’t realize. Judaism is first and foremost a Satanic conspiracy against Jews, and then against gentiles. Judaism has told Jews to forsake the Old Testament in favour of the pornographic, Satanic Babylonian Talmud. They are promoting Judaism among gentiles, via freemasonry and Noahidism.

  3. Serious Question.
    How do you really know ANYONE let alone a bunch of Israelis have died from COVID?
    You are assuming an awful lot.

  4. It’s mentioned in Apocalypse that they will give power to the beast, which is to say all types of people will give their support to the antichrist people and antichrist spirit which is much more to the point. Talmudics/Kabbalists of all stripes are antichrists, and their proxies freemasons, communists and many many other movements are also antichrists. Maybe many of them are unconscious of it but that’s really their fault or their nature, being of worldly mindset and loving the world and being a grasping greedy bunch whose god is their belly and ultimately themselves. Talmudics/Kabbalists include a HUGE contingent of cryptos of ALL ethnicities, this is a huge blindspot on a worldwide scale. Talmudics/K are the inner core leadership of satanism in all forms under many names.

    The many jews I’ve ever come into contact with over several industries and in personal interaction are very much materialist/crime oriented, enough to conclude that their is both a biological basis(DNA passed down) and also a learned basis to it. Ok you can be comfortable and get your reward in kind here, mostly through crime against others, but that’s a losing bet in eternity. Lack of belief in God is central to this. These are criminals both materially and spiritually, first spiritually since at least what the Holy Prophets described in their books. The spirit either evil or good is first, everything else flows from that. You can read the Song of Moses in the last book of the Torah for more, inf act it’s all over the OT.

    As to covid, how do we know that the vaxx given to whole chosen populations is not just a saline dummy? At a minimum the rich/famous who have a lot to lose by not complying in public are probably given a dummy. Most of all of this is an orchestrated faux emergency for furthering the JWO slave empire. There is no reality to this in daily life, as I’ve said over and over the FLU, pneumonia and other ailments were almost completely ZERO during all this. THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN. So to conclude the FLU was simply reclassified as something else is logical. The CDC lumps it all together in PIC, Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID, there is no difference to them whatsoever. Hospitals get boatloads of MORE money for a COVID diagnosis, hmm ok. So every death regardless of real causes is classified as COVID, PROFIT. Drs of all types are slaves via license-to-practice blackmail, and many are just salesmen for cut test burn medicate, all very profitable. The jew owned media is a tool of terrorism, especially against those billions who think it’s real and accurate and make decisions that effect themselves and whole populations, believing lies images by the beast, the great voice of satan and his allies. They believe satan, they cooperate with satan, they are satanists. Modern media and the jew matrix is a huge health disaster and a cause of devastating mental illness and it’s effects such as drug/alcohol use, sexual perversion etc Who owns all that and profits from it? Who has the greater responsibility the drug user or the drug dealer?

    These variants are nothing more than a reaction/side effect of the poison jab. Population control mass murder, along with abortion murder etc etc etc,, is a central tenet of these maniacs, SO IS VAXX. HMMMM. We are being run into the ground on all fronts, employment, health, housing, transportation, it’s all just trying to suck as much wealth/health away from individuals as possible by criminal means that are disguised as the fake, programmed “market forces” , “darwinian forces” invented by evil people to self justify it. And people believe it by and large and cooperate and even take part in it. The greed that is so widespread and the contempt for others by so many so called normal people is horrendous. I’m not even including jews, freemasons, protestants, communists in there. Perversion and mental illness are held up as virtues in this sick point in time. Satanic reversals. In reality all this is orchestrated including arbitrary price increases across the board, there is no basis in reality to them. Increased slavery by marxist governments, which are all of them today.

  5. As to the leading banner today I really wish fitz woud at least put a little mini article about it so we can comment here. This trans sickness(among legion others today) is just another extremely rare perversion sponsored by jews to pervert and enslave mostly non jews. Using counterfeit virtue of satan dressed up in his lucifer role but many believe it’s Christian. It’s another abuse and misuse of Christian values, another planned and deliberate subversion and undermining of it. This is both mental and spiritual illness by these people.

    Now if my friend had a broken arm or some other ailment I wouldn’t hate him for it, but I also would not celebrate it and call it a virtue. Especially if it’s a sick perversion. These people need to be treated in mental and spiritual ways, and if they reject it then they are solely responsible for it and it’s effects and those that go along with it and support it and portray it as a virtue are complicit in misery and suffering, criminals. These perverts of all stripes are portrayed as so happy and content but that’s just false. These are deeply unhappy people and twisted and the more they embrace sickness the sicker they will become. If I had a sick friend and helped his sickness I would be a criminal. Even worse is that children are targeted by them and those who assist them. Sexual abuse of children is endemic with these people and that sort of abuse just leads to other forms of abuse up to torture and murder etc Drug/alcohol use is also endemic in those groups and you can bet that children that come into contact with them are abused with that too. Now the satanic marxist state along satanic masonic/jew principles actually enforces this criminality. This is all a danger to all of humanity who otherwise have the potential to be truly children of God.

    From a reactionary standpoint the solution to the sports conundrum is just a separate trans category of competition. All records by trans competitors retroactively can be classified there and expunged from mens/womens sports. It would probably die on the vine if there was not a minimum amount of competitors, similar to womens football. The manipulators would have no recourse whatsoever. The vast majority would not watch or support professional level trans divisions and so it would not have any private leagues due to lack of profits. Of course the way around this is if the satanic state wastes everyone elses money for it, just like all modern wars/profiteering/jwo, vaxx, sports arenas, self serving porkbarrels(vaxx here too) and marxist objectives of all types.

  6. [Sorry, I posted the other entry in wrong place, not seeing the proper “reply” button]

    Key To Satanic-Complex, By Which Jews Rule, Is SUBJECTIVISM

    I wouldn’t say Jews are “promoting Judaism,” at least not among gentiles, as they don’t really want goyim to know or understand too much about Talmud or their satanic ways. What they really promote is SUBJECTIVISM, which is good enough for them–all they really need–and for this subjectivism, they simply work upon the false premises already latent within the psyche, ESPECIALLY in the way of “good-evil” delusion/fallacy/heresy.

    For “good-evil” is part of Pelagian heresy by which the British monk, Pelagius held one could achieve heavenly salvation on one’s own merits, and by means of “good deeds,” etc.–which heresy St. Augustine demolished, though Augustine went overboard going the other way, insisting humans were hopelessly “evil.” But as I noted, in the hist. of philosophy and ethics, there’s NEVER been any solid premise or criterion discovered that founds and serves any such “good-evil” in objective manner. To say “good” is synonymous w. obedience is obviously inadequate and false.

    “Good-evil” is meaningless, only effective for intimidation of someone w. inferiority-complex, for purpose of obedience, these sort of pliable weaklings and inferiors now legion and over-populated in present “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler.

    And the “sinfulness” of “original sin” merely refers to the necessary self-interest of the individual possessed of will, though a perfectly “free” will is impossible for the human, only God having such perfection. For humans, this self-interest must always be tempered w. reason, but can and always gets out of hand on so many occasions, reason always requiring utmost effort, even then too often failing–hence the idea of sin, which isn’t necessarily “evil,” just an out-of-hand proclivity of nature, but not sufficiently tempered. Instead of “good-evil,” there’s really only reason and rationality vs. insanity–and insanity isn’t “evil.”

    I would agree that free masonry is a way, though not the only way, Jews use, and “Noahidism”?–ho ho, but hardly anyone knows what u’re talking about, using that utterly obscure sort of jargon.

    What Jews cultivate is what I call the “satanic-complex,” as within socio-biology, which is made up of Jew Satanists, who always lead and dominate, due to their collectivistic mentality, lacking in most gentiles who tend more to individualism and isolation fm one another in contrast to Jews. But there are, undoubtedly, many Satanists (extreme subjectivists) among gentiles, not to mention huge masses of subjectivists, though these wouldn’t count themselves as outright Satanists, like “liberals” and “leftists.” The common denominator, so to speak, for this large sociologic “complex,” is subjectivism, the leaders being most satanistic–these are the ones most heavily involved in child-sacrifice, for example.

    There’s yet another significant faction of the population, called “Judeo-Christians” (or “Christian-Zionists”) who imagine “Jew” is same as Judean, that Christ was Jew, etc. Of course “Jew” is defined as Talmudist or related genetically therewith (if they pretend they’re “not religious,” for subjectivism is their real “religion” which they all practice to whatever degree).

    The satanic-complex grows within a culture/civilization/society which, like the Romans of old, and the Jew S A of present day, originated fm healthy, vigorous, productive and hard-working forbears, who began as honest and given to the strict objective reality, even determinism (absolute cause-effect; no perfectly “free” will), but which following generations, enjoying the fruits of the original founders, have become smug, corrupt, and stricken now in HUBRIS and subjectivism, in contrast w. forbears, especially the followers including the idea now that they’re “good,” which “good” the more virtuous forbears would have rejected, rather considering was presumptuous, forbears merely holding they simply did their best, happening then to succeed by the grace of God, that’s all.

    Thus Jews make use of (a) subjectivism and then (b) the satanic-complex, including “liberals,” leftists, anti-fa, et al., within the society to intimidate and terrorize that society for purpose of Jew rulership and domination.

  7. Doctors such as Robert Malone and Peter McCullough plus popular promoters like Mike Adams and Joe Rogan keep harping on Hitler as the greatest threat humanity ever faced, when in actuality it was the Jewish leaders Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin who erased the only country that ever tried to escape the worldwide grip of the Jewish money monsters now engineering this Big Pharma plague now massacring the entire planet.

    Now under siege from this multilevel attack on human freedom, humans’ failure to realize this upside down manipulation of historical fact continues to be the main threat to today’s survival of the confused and conflicted peoples of the world, most of whom amble aimlessly along while whistling past the graveyard of their own ignorance.

  8. Usury was forbidden in Europe, during the Medieval Era. But there was no mechanism to provide interest-free credit. As a result, there was credit scarcity. This was a very real problem, hindering economic expansion. And this was the rationale for letting the Money Lenders back in.

    1500 Europe was a burgeoning Civilization, that was seeing growing urbanization and specialization in the economy.

    Because of Usury prohibition, there was no Banking. There was an economy based on the understanding that men share the common fate of having to wrest a living from the Earth, and that brotherly love, and not money grabbing, was the basis of the economy.

    It’s hard to even fathom such enlightenment now, and certainly things will not have been all roses. But this was how they thought and operated.

    However, the economy was stalling because of a bottleneck: there was insufficient credit.

    The key problem was that the Powers that Be, the Aristocracy and the Church, were not developing interest-free lending. What should have been done is organizing collective savings, and using those for both mutual credit, and mutual guarantees.

    It could have been done, but the rich and powerful are typically not too concerned with the needs of the masses, and usually see them as a herd to be exploited, and this was definitely ongoing in Europe at the time too.

    Be that as it may, the key economic issue is that businesses needed credit for further expansion, and it was hard to come by. And this was stifling economic development.

    And this, then, was the key rationale for ‘rational’ people saying that Usury must again be permitted, to entice the rich to lend.

    Greetings from finland: sauli niinisto on homo33

  9. Tim, not sure if you can comment, I am noticing something very inconsistent within the Uyghur (East Turkistan) ethnic community. The Uyghur (East Turkistan) ethnic community even though oppose Chinese communism but do not really oppose Russian Communism nor the Russian control of East Turkistan. I have begun to notice this pattern within some Twitter accounts run by people who call themselves ‘Uyghurs’.

    1. Interesting, A21. Seems like a good cop-vs.-bad cop routine of sorts. “China bad, Russia good”, at least to certain demographics. If this trend continues, it might be a sign that Russia will be the dominant force under Eurasianism and the Belt and Road. China may be rebranded, much like I suspect Israel will be.

      1. Tim, not sure if you can comment, not sure if a article can be done on the subject on the inconsistencies on the Uyghur ethnic community including the Uyghur World Congress and Uyghur activists when they say that they oppose Chinese communism but not Russian communism. Also it is well known, during the 1930’s the Uyghur’s were very pro-Soviet, this is a fact when the Soviets went into East Turkistan (Xinjiang) in 1934:


        Also Rebiya Kadeer, one of the activists who oppose Chinese communism but not Russian communism also admitted her father was very pro-Soviet as well:


        Another organization called the World Uyghur Congress based in Germany only opposes Chinese Communism but when it comes to Russian Communism, they do not oppose it at all:


        The inconsistency of the Uyghur’s opposing Chinese Communism but not Russian Communism can also be seen within the Tibet Buddhism community as well. Also it is well known the Tibet Buddhism monks have some kind of a secret relationship with the Russian communists and there is even a book written on the subject as well:


  10. Tim, not sure if you can comment, another inconsistency that I have found which is very similar to the Uyghur’s opposing Chinese Communism but not Russian Communism also extends to a group called the World Uyghur Congress which is based in Germany which calls itself a Uyghur advocacy and activism group and the same inconsistency can be seen within the Tibet Buddhism community also share the same inconsistency with the Uyghur community, both do not oppose Russian Communism but oppose Chinese communism, also during the 1950’s it is well known the Dalai Lama himself had ties with the Russian NKVD and KGB as well, there is even a book written about it called Soviet Russia and Tibet: A Debacle of Secret Diplomacy by Alexandre Andreyev. The same inconsistency where the Uyghur’s and Tibet Buddhist monks who oppose the Chinese Communists but not Russian Communists also exists within many Anti Chinese Communist groups as well, this include the Falun Gong and also many anti Chinese Communist groups based in facebook (Meta) where some of them have actual groups set up in Australia, US and etc. I think a article on the Anti Chinese Communist groups, Uyghur’s and Tibet Buddhist opposing Chinese Communism but not Russian communism needs to be written.

  11. Putin’s Rabbi Berel Lazar: “Russia has known many revolutions, but the most peaceful, quietest and most effective is the revolution created by the Chabad envoys.”


    “What helps us (Jews) a lot are the connections that CHABAD Rabbi Berel Lazar and his assistants have with President Putin and various people in the government.”


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