Red China rebuilds nine-story Chabad tower in Manila, Fillipinos said to be good noahides awaiting Moshiach

Nine-floor Beit Chabad building in Manila, Phillipines built by China.

By Guela #42 (
August 28, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

A banquet in honor of the new future Chabad location in Manila was held on a special pleasure yacht off the coast of Manhattan. They also started raising funds for writing a Torah Scroll for the new Beit-Chabad. Big ship – big voyage!

At that time, there was no permanent Chabad mission in the Philippines. We decided to test the waters first, because everyone is doing it – first the husband goes, then only the wife … But fate decreed otherwise. He arrived with his pregnant wife, left her there at the hotel, he began to wander everywhere in search of livelihood, and Tiphareth gave birth alone, without support, in a foreign country. Everything worked out! Since then, everything has worked out! Glory to Gd – my daughter is already 12 years old, and she herself is a teacher of the younger group of a kindergarten in their 9-storey Chabad skyscraper complex.

The ambassador of the rebbe in the Phillipines R. Yosef-Itzhak Levi.

But wait, are we telling the tale of Aladdin? Or a thousand and one nights? Where did the 9-storey building in one of the brilliant capitals of the world come from for a poor couple who did not know where to lay their heads? Was it a jinn who built this building for them in the shape of a “770” – modeled on the building in New York?

Calm, only calm! Stories need to be able to tell! And if the reader-master will allow, the narrator will continue her humble narration!

… The genie, if he did exist, he worked on a Chinese contract, within the framework of the reality of the 21st century.

A couple from China did not emerge by chance, not by themselves. This was preceded by months of lessons and Saturday activities in the capital of the Philippines. Gradually, each new rented space became cramped. Particularly successful was the lesson on the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah: up to a hundred people came there. And among these students there was a couple from China, whom they met through mutual friends, big business owners. Meanwhile, the Rebbe’s answers constantly pointed to the need to look for a loan, a large loan for the construction of Beit Chabad.

  • Who will give me such a loan !? Sometimes I am not even able to pay for rent, where will they entrust me with money for construction? – such thoughts rushed through the head of the young envoy.

… But a couple from China continued to study the 7 commandments and regularly attend lessons. He made up his mind and asked them for a very large loan for the construction of Beit Chabad in the form of an exact copy of “770”. They agreed! The payments were supposed to be made within 10 years.

The loan took place, now they began to look for a land plot. They found him too. They began to buy land, draw up documents. Last negotiations before signing, p. Levy again stresses how and when exactly he will make payments on loan repayment. But a couple from China exchanged glances and said, “You know, let this be our donation. You don’t have to return anything. We can afford it. ”

… More than half a million dollars were simply donated for the construction of the facility. Jin scratched himself inside the bottle and materialized – finally, they say! He was bored for a long time! Began to cheerfully build the long-awaited palace!

And now – wipe your eyes, Ostap Bender! This is not Rio de Janeiro! This is Manila, Philippines! Everyone here is wearing white pants! And here there are now not one, but as many as 4 Beit-Chabad, according to the needs of the archipelago and its population.

On 9 floors of the central capital of Beit Chabad, there are: a kindergarten, a canteen, a restaurant, rooms for guests, guests, a conference room, a mikvah and everything else that such an institution needs.

We wish further success to the family of messengers (by the way, the number of children in it is 6, and it will increase in the future) …

In the form of a personal interview:

  • Yosef-Yitzchak, what does your working day look like?

  • I get up at 5.30. I am conducting a telephone lesson with a friend – p. Luzon from neighboring Beit Chabad in the Philippines.

Prayer, lessons with children – their own and all those who come. Office activities. Observation of kosher technological lines at food industry enterprises. Meetings, business dates. Lesson on the Rebbe’s talks on Saturday. Lots of farbrengens on Saturdays and holidays. Preparation for all important calendar dates.

Personal Talmudic study is a fresh decision recently made. Hasidism has long been a priority. The wife has her own tasks and plans, her own female kingdom, where she directs activities for girls and women.

What to add? Ready for Moshiach! And without excesses, without six-point earthquakes and other fireworks … Filipinos are nice and kind people, they honor the 7 laws of Noah and wait for the Rebbe with all their hearts!

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