Masonic fingerprints on George Floyd psyop

By Icaros
June 2, 2020 Anno Domini

Readers have been writing to tell us the riots and uprisings we had predicted seem to be occurring in the USA. Even though there is little doubt such violence was catalyzed by the frustration involved in weeks of house arrest, we believe there is still something missing; the story hasn’t fully taken shape yet.

Indeed these riots are still very one-sided in terms of dialectic; they correspond to the “thesis”. The antithesis were the armed protests against the lockdowns a few weeks back. While this destruction is happening, one that is clearly being fueled and exaggerated by the legacy propaganda, the “other side” (i.e. Trump and the “right”) is condemning it.

What we are waiting for is some kind of amalgamation of the thesis and antithesis: in other words we are waiting for a synthesis to form. To use the former archetypes, Occupy needs to be fighting alongside the Tea Party; in today’s jargon, BLM needs to be fighting alongside the “three percenters”. If this ever happens (more specifically: if the MSM ever starts saying it is), that would be a powerful sign that something historic is indeed happening.

This is the kind of story we are keeping an eye out for (archive 1, archive 2). When this kind of narrative becomes mainstream, when propaganda officers start saying the people are “uniting”, is when we’ll know we’re dealing with a “season finale” rather than an episodic story arc.

We continue to think things will play out in France before the USA. In that country we are waiting for the “Gilets Jaunes” to be rioting alongside the “banlieusards”; two seemingly opposing sides of the same dialectic need to reconcile for a synthesis to start forming. In the USA, it will probably have to wait until after Trump’s reelection.

Let us be clear: we are not prescient. We don’t know how things will play out in detail, or when and how the narrative will shape exactly. We are spectators of what we realize to be a reality TV show, trying to anticipate how the showrunners may have decided to play out the story. Just as you may be able to tell early in a movie that the woman will end-up kissing the hero, that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be surprises in the scenario; and indeed good movies often involve surprises.

About the George Floyd death video itself, it seems to us like a cinematic production. Our assessment is it’s fake and that nobody died; at the very least it was a staged execution. Of course that doesn’t mean the modern USA isn’t a carceral society and violent police State; indeed it is. It’s just the truth isn’t featured on the telescreens.

The reason we arrive at this conclusion is we know central planners are obsessed with symbols, words and numbers; we thus recognize these aspects in the narration. The villain’s first name is Derek: it is derived from a Germanic name meaning“people ruler”. It’s the perfect first name for a cop. His last name is “Chauvin”, which designates an extreme form of nationalism. In other words Derek Chauvin has the perfect name for the role he is playing, a racist costume-wearing thug symbolizing “white oppression”.

George Floyd was given a very archetypal African American name, which reduces to 119 in simple gematria. That number (and its direct equivalent 911) is extremely significant for the central planners, as it represents the mythological date on which both Solomon’s temples were destroyed (9th day of the 11th month). It symbolizes catastrophe; that’s why the attacks in NYC happened on 9/11, why the emergency number is 911, why the Nice massacre happened 911 days after Lagarde’s famous numerology speech (archive), why breaking ground for the Pentagon’s construction happened on 9/11/41 (60 years before 9/11), why George HW Bush’s infamous “new world order” speech occurred on 9/11/90 (11 years before 9/11), etc. etc.

Other details comfort our hypothesis the event is a hoax or staged:

  • The scene quality, i.e. camera angle, Flyod’s pleas, passers-by’s comments, license plate, etc. are just too perfect. There is no explanation as to what the police were doing keeping him on the ground and waiting; the whole ordeal is very strange.
  • The episode happened in Powderhorn, Minneapolis; a powder horn of course being small powder keg.
  • “Floyd” and “Chauvin” apparently knew each other (archive).
  • The TV-star doctor who testified Floyd died of asphyxia is the same one (archive) who investigated the deaths of the Ferguson teenager and Jeffrey Epstein, and who chaired the investigations into the deaths of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.
  • The EMTs were not real EMTs as they appear to have been wearing bullet proof vests (archive).
  • A similar narrative is being deployed in Japan (archive). This time with a “33-year old” victim who was arrested “at 3:30pm”, was choked and screamed “I can’t breathe”.
  • A similar story has been circulating (archive) on Spanish social media (video archive).
  • A similar story is happening in France (archive, video), and the unrest has been simmering as we’ve already discussed.

It’s a big joke. Welcome to the circus. Welcome to kayfabe.

The riots themselves are of course, and this is much less controversial, being fueled. Bricks are being left at strategic places; agent provocateurs have been proven to be taking part in the riots (archive, archive); the scene of CNN’s black reporter “getting arrested” (archive) live on air was evidently scripted; the media is doing everything in its power to enrage the people, etc.

Then there’s the context: the manufactured outrage surrounding this other scripted story, that of “Ahmaud Arbrery”having happened just recently (or perhaps it’s a coincidence his name sounds like “armed robbery”).

We realize all this must sound crazy to people who aren’t fully familiar with the scripted nature of “reality”. We sincerely believe it to be the truth however, so we spell it out as best we understand it, regardless of how it makes us look. Of course nothing is peremptory, and there is always room left for doubt.

We can promise one thing: we will keep trying to falsify this understanding. If we ever reach the conclusion we are wrong, we will admit it, and we will present our sincerest apologies.


  1. Police car license plate = POLICE (ohh please, im old n this is insulting, there isnt a real police car in this country with a plate POLICE. Pythagorean numerology of “police” = 33. 33 = (((their))) master prime. 33 on rothschild family coat of arms.

    Police car number on driver side rear panel = 320 ie 32 signalling, 32 levels of freemasonry.

    Actor playing cop not the real cop. Arrest pic doesnt match actor on scene. Hair lines completely diff. Also look at his lame arm, thats not a cop.

    Black actor allegedly dead has the double headed eagle tattooed on his chest. Double headed eagle is Rothschild coat of arms.

    Black guy has acting experience, porn. They always use actors.

    Black guy’s 27 yr old son’s middle name is Mason.

    (((Freemasons))) overplayed their hand with the Rona n this pathetic theatre. I know so many people that are no longer on the fence. Freemasons just put a bullseye on themselves.

  2. Yeah it’s amazing that most people, brought up on tv and pop(jew) culture, have no idea of the manipulation and synthetic nature of all this. From communist literature and tactics to the Protocols of Zion it’s all pretty much there. Masonry is just a tool of the talmudists/kabbalists. There seems to be no REAL bulwark against this antichrist spirit today, with the Catholic Church being clearly infiltrated by jews(which includes communists) we can see its, at least pastoral, complete agreement with all sorts of JWO doctrines from “climate change” paganism to worship of the racist “chosen people” of the Talmud/kabbalah and beyond, there are whole websites dedicated to that. We must remember the persecution by the Church itself of even Church Fathers like St Cyril, St Athanasius, St John Chrysostom and others. It took hundreds of years to get the Arian Heresy defeated. Today they would be defrocked and silenced and in some cases even committed to mkultra communist style mind control in sanitariums. The Vatican II church also turned its back on persecuted clergy behind the iron curtain, only to promote dialecticians like JP2. Now they even have their own faux saints like Paul 6, 66, John 23(the second one, the first one was a deposed heretic), JP2 the tv pope of the shameful Assisi ecumenism. We’ve suffered from modern Popes like Benedict 16 the coward and likely conspirator and now Francis the Jesuit Rabbi. I can see it in modern parish priests who preach scientism and “chosen people” worship in their homilies. Totally indoctrinated in blasphemy in the Roman colleges of today.

    ——–I’m reading the Perestroika Deception now and it’s great, other than the author is clearly clueless, at least in the book, to the jewish-masonic backing of all this. Even going so far as to use the wicked mind control term of “anti-semitism” which makes no sense. Palestinians are Semites, a huge swath of the arab and surrounding world are Semites, BUT the vast majority of modern “jews” are NOT SEMITES! What a total fraud and ruse for the stupid and complicit. The vast majority of Russian jews are NOT SEMITES, the leaders of the state of israel are and were russian jews. The Rothschilds are descended from russian jews, they were jews living in Germany when their syndicate was raised up which includes many other bankster class families. The name means RED SHIELD in english, very telling. The author never mentions the Talmud or Kabbalah so he never gets to the bottom. I strongly suspect the ruling elite of Chinese Communism are crypto ethnic jews as well. They never give nominal public facing power to gentiles.
    —The author never really delves into the reality of so called western banksters full support of Communism and why they would support it. Clearly they would support the GOD-STATE both from a talmudic POV and from the fact that they pretty much own the western states, they also staff it in all executive positions if one bothers to research it. For instance I was only half surprised that the communist mayor of Los Angeles, Garcetti, is actually a jew. Sure they have collaborators like Reagan, who might have been a crypto, who was a crappy actor and head of SAG(a corrupt mafia). He was also honored by the Freemasons and the communist destabilizer Larouche was a part of his administration. It’s interesting to point out that the jew Martin Sheen was also the SAG president and played the POTUS on TV as well. Some subliminal messaging going on there I think. The California state flag has had a bear under a red star as well, how blatant is that? But most state flags have some sort of illuminati imaging to them. On and on.

    1. Yes, Golitsyn’s revelations need to be understood through the context of the Jewish question, which researchers like Jeff Nyquist and Cliff Kincaid can’t understand (or refuse). But once you do that, geopolitics suddenly makes sense.

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