Right-wing Catholic media—gatekeepers for masonic anti-Catholic hate industry

By Jude Duffy
Dec. 9, 2018 Anno Domini

In 2007, Cardinal George of Chicago responded to calls from organised Jewry for the Catholic Church to abandon  its prayer for the conversion of the Jews, by suggesting that the Jews themselves might consider removing anti-Christian passages from the Talmud (I). A short time later, Cardinal George found himself accused of “covering up” sexual abuse in his diocese. As coincidences go, this is right up there with former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook dying suddenly weeks after writing in the Guardian that “Al Qaeda” was just another name for the CIA’s Arab assets (2).

Predictably, right-wing traditional Catholics saw nothing fishy about the timing of the accusations against Cardinal George. Traditional Catholics, you see, are avid tinfoil hat coincidence theorists, and never see anything fishy about media targeting of Catholics. Like these media, they long ago abandoned the very traditionally Catholic principle of innocent until proved guilty, and are more than happy to play the role of Judas goats leading committed Catholics to the New World Order slaughter.

But hang on, I hear you say, surely the traditional Catholics are right to blast the Church over its cover-ups of heinous crimes? Well, yes, when the crimes have been proven in a court of law – not, as in the case of the recent Pennsylvania hysteria – when most of the cases have never been tried at all.

There’s an absurd contradiction at the heart of traditionalist denunciations of bishops and the “Catholic establishment” over the clerical scandals: in many of the cases they condemn the bishops for “covering up”, it is the bishops and their bureaucrats who have summarily found priests – living and deceased – guilty, without a proper investigation – much less a trial – ever having taken place. Thus, on the one hand, the trad Catholics unquestioningly accept the utter nonsense of men and women who have no authority or expertise whatsoever to adjudicate on criminal matters, pronouncing the guilt of priests who have never been tried in a court of law. Then the same trads hysterically chimp out about the bishops and bureaucrats “covering up” the crimes of priests – when the only authority they have to substantiate these priests’ guilt is the word of this same Catholic bureaucracy.

So which is it? Are the bishops and Catholic bureaucrats corrupt enablers or not? And if they are corrupt enablers, why do trads take their completely unqualified pronouncements of priests’ criminal guilt as the legal equivalent of holy writ?

It’s safe to say that most folk, including most Catholics, know nothing, and couldn’t care less about the “Catholic traditionalist movement”. But that doesn’t stop this “movement” exerting a subtle, defeatist influence on the wider Catholic culture. Indeed it’s not going too far to say that if the Catholic trad movement didn’t exist, the globalists would have had to invent it. Then again perhaps they did.

Take Malachi Martin, a great hero to Catholic traditionalists in the 1980s and 1990s. An Irish Jesuit, Martin wrote a series of books decrying the modernist takeover of contemporary Catholicism. Surprisingly, given their radical right-wing conspiracist content, these books always found mainstream corporate publishers.

Maybe though it wasn’t such a surprise after all. Though he modestly kept it to himself throughout his latter day career as a super-trad Catholic, Martin, knew the anti-Catholic conspiracy from the inside. According to Robert Keiser, Time magazine’s correspondent at the Vatican Council in the early 1960s,  Martin received large sums of money from  the American Jewish Committee to use his influence to get the Council to alter Catholic teaching on the Jews – teachings which up to that point had held the Jews (the religion, not the race) culpable for Christ’s crucifixion. Keiser also alleged that Martin seduced Keiser’s wife, using the funds he received from the AJC (3) .

Martin still has his defenders within Catholic traditionalism, but no one seriously disputes that during the Council, writing under the name ‘Michael Serafian’, he laid the blame for historical anti-semitism directly at the door of the Catholic Church – thus echoing the anti-Catholic discourse of the Judeo-Masonic establishment of B’nai Brith and its offshoot, the ADL (4).

In the 1970s and 1980s, Martin re-invented himself as a fierce traditionalist Catholic critic of post Vatican II liberalism in the Church, but even in this role, he often hinted at distinctly un-Catholic facets to his character. The Canadian Catholic traditionalist, Bernard Janzen, conducted a series of taped interviews with Martin in the mid 1990s, in one of which Martin claimed to be personally acquainted with elite New York Satanists, whom he extolled as highly respectable men “whose word was their bond” ( see ‘The Deep Descent’: Malachi Martin interviewed by Bernard Janzen: Triumph Communications). Maybe Martin was indulging in Mitty-esque fantasies, or maybe he really did hobnob with Satanists, but either way his statements should have led Catholic trads to treat his narratives about the Church and the world with caution.

Not a bit of it. Far from shunning Martin, trads exalted him to the status of a modern prophet – the more lurid his tales of Satanism and rampant homosexuality in the higher echelons of the Church the more they lapped it up.

What was Martin’s game? Surely a Zionist/Masonic anti-Catholic agent in the Church would espouse liberal modernism rather than traditionalism? Not necessarily. In truth, the Church’s enemies viewed the capture of the conservative and traditionalist wings of the Church as the grandest prize of them all, since they knew that many practicing Catholics saw liberal-left Catholics as CINOs – Catholics in name only. A Judas goat can’t lead the lambs to the slaughter if they know he’s a Judas goat. Just as crypto-Trotskyist Neocons took over the right-wing political parties of most western nations by posing as hardline anti-communists, Neocon Catholics took over both the conservative and tradtionalist wings of the Catholic Church by posing as old-school anti-modernists.

Hence in the 1990s, Zionist oligarchs bought up conservative Catholic publications such as Crisis in Catholicism (renamed ‘Crisis‘ at the oligarchs’ insistence), and turned them into Neocon propaganda journals (5). In 2005, the former editor of the Catholic New Oxford Review, Dale Vree, revealed that a Jewish businessman had offered to fund his publication on condition that it promoted Neocon foreign policy and neo-liberal economics (6). Even in Ireland, the right-wing Catholic magazine, The Brandsma Review, mixed articles promoting the Latin Mass and conservative social policies with arguments in favour of mass immigration, support for the Iraq War, sanctions on Iran, and Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon. By the early ‘90s, so called conservative Catholic journalism had become Neocon occupied territory.

By the same token, EWTN, the Catholic religious TV network, has close ties to Freemasonry via the Knights of Columbus (7) – ties reflected in the station’s de facto ban on any criticism of either Protestantism or Masonry.

The Neocon Catholics  and the Remnant style trads had their differences – mostly over Pope John Paul II (the Neocons loved him, the trads were less than keen) but tellingly the one thing they always agreed on was that dissent from the media’s version of the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandals was forbidden.

Indeed if anything defines the modern right-wing Catholic media, it is the unswerving principle that Catholics must never even imply that Zio-media coverage of the scandals is in any way anti-Catholic or disproportionate. How very fortuitous for those who hate the Church, to have the most ostensibly hardcore Catholics of them all singing from the same Masonic anti-Catholic songbook as the Southern Poverty Law Centre and the New York Times. What greater example of full spectrum dominance could one find in the modern world?

Significantly, in recent years the trads and the Catholic neocons have drawn much closer together. Thus, Austin Ruse, a Catholic convert and arch-Neocon, who once called the Zionist war criminal George W.Bush, “America’s first Catholic President” (8), recently expressed strong support for traditionalist attacks on the Catholic hierarchy.

Another raving Neocon, Elizabeth Yore, writes hysterical tirades attacking the Church over the clerical scandals for traditionalist Catholic outlets like The Remnant, and regularly appears in similar Catholic bashing vein on EWTN’s current affairs show “The World Over’, hosted by Raymond Arroyo. Yore, it should be noted, boasts of being a former “children’s advisor” to pro-abortion New Ager Oprah Winfrey, and used to work for the UN – an organisation not renowned for a blameless record when it comes to the exploitation of children.

Like Yore, Raymond Arroyo – in the company of his fellow Neocons Fr Gerard Murray and Robert Royal – habitually denounces the Church over the clerical scandals, but slavers like the proverbial lovesick puppy in the presence of trashy Hollywood celebs – which, if nothing else, indicates that his outrage over institutional tolerance of sexual abuse is rather selective. An unabashed Israel Firster, he has also outspokenly defended British and U.S.  torture of War on Terror prisoners, and vitriolically denounced the Obama administration’s lifting of sanctions on Iran.

As with their Neocon political counterparts, the pioneers of Neocon Catholicism often turn out to have distinctly left-wing pasts: The late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, a convert form Lutheranism, and advisor to war criminal George W Bush, was a left-wing activist in the 1960s, while the late Michael Novak, another EWTN favourite, led the American liberal left Catholic dissent against Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul’s 1968 encyclical condemning contraception.
EWTN these days spends much of its time urging Catholics to masochistically cheer on the secular media’s anti-Catholic hate campaign, but no one on the network ever mentions, much less condemns the MSM’s longstanding cover-up of paedophile rings in the secular establishment and Hollywood, just as no one queries why these corporate outlets suppress all news about sexual abuse among rabbis and clerics of mainline Masonic Protestant denominations.

When the British police stated that accusations of sexual abuse against late former British Prime Minister Ted Heath and other U.K. political big-wigs were highly credible, the same media that portray every accusation against Catholic clerics as self-evidently true ferociously attacked Heath’s accusers as paranoid fantasists. Quite incredibly some right-wing “Catholic” outlets joined in the smear campaign (9).

Anyone who believes sexual abuse is a predominantly Catholic problem lives on Planet Zog. In his memoir of his childhood, ‘Surprised By Joy’, C.S. Lewis recalled that at the English Protestant boarding school he attended in the early 1900s, sodomy of pre-pubescent boys by adult males was insitutionalised – and the chief topic of conversation in the school (10). After his death, Lewis’s brother, Warnie, who attended the same school, posthumously rebuked C.S. for blackening their school’s reputation – not because he denied that sodomy of children described by C.S Lewis went on there, but rather because he had discovered in conversations with officer colleagues in the British army, that most British boarding schools were much of a muchness in this regard (11) .

Don’t, however, hold your breath waiting for the MSM – or indeed the curiously philo-Protestant Catholic right – to call for inquiries into historical sexual abuse at Anglo-Protestant schools or institutions.

As for the trads themselves, they have shown themselves to be very quick learners when it comes to regurgitating the Neocon anti-Catholic script. Not so long ago The Remnant regularly published pieces championing the writings of Fr. Denis Fahey and Fr. Edward Cahill, two 20th century priests famous for their critiques of Judeo-Masonry and Anglo-Protestant Masonry. Even though both men insisted that racial hatred against Jews was gravely sinful, and that ordinary Jews were themselves victims of the machinations of Judeo-Masonry, the modern liberal elite have long excoriated these priests as raving anti-semites.

In 2007, the Southern Poverty Law Centre put The Remnant on a hate map of the US (12), after which The Remnant never mentioned Fr Fahey and Fr Cahill again, and its editor Michael Matt had a $20,000 security system installed in his home to protect against attacks from Antifa. A prudent precaution on his part no doubt, but notice how the trads – with just cause – fear the thuggery of the rabidly anti-Catholic far left, but yet actively collaborate with these thugs and their globalist sponsors to reduce the Catholic Church’s name to mud. If that isn’t religious Stockholm Syndrome, what is?

A couple of years after the SPLC debacle, Matt and his lawyer sidekick Christopher Ferrara both wrote articles excluding those who had any truck with “wacky conspiracy theories” about things like 9/11 and the JFK’ murder, from membership of “the traditionalist movement” (13) – thus formalising Catholic trads’ role as right-wing gatekeepers for the anti-Catholic Zio-establishment. Apparently, anti-Catholic conspiracy theories are the only conspiracy theories trads will tolerate these days.

Not to be outdone, the once very radical traditionalist critic of modern globalism, Robert Sungenis, deleted all conspiracy and anti-Zionist content from his site a few years ago, in response to pressure from Zionists; In an exchange with Dr. E. Michael Jones in Culture Wars magazine, he argued that given the scandalous behaviour of Catholic clerics in recent times, Catholics no longer had any right to point the finger at Jewish tribalists or other non-Catholics over the state of the world (14).

How very convenient: if you can’t beat the globalists, join them in bashing the Church. After all, unlike the globalists, the Church doesn’t lock you up for hate crimes and doesn’t send Antifa goons to hurl bags of urine and HIV infected shit at you. To paraphrase Stalin, how many divisions of masked thugs armed with mace and diy flame-throwers does the Pope have?

It’s one thing to refrain from telling the whole truth for reasons of worldly prudence—a stance which may or may not be justified depending on circumstances—but quite another to side with the sworn enemies of the Church as a form of displacement activity.
The Remnant regularly bans contributors from its forum’s comments who take issue with the unrelenting psychic driving media hate campaign against the Catholic Church over the clerical scandals but happily publishes on the same forums the most lurid anti-Catholic smears imaginable – stuff that makes 19th century crazed Papist bashing of the Masonic Know Nothings and the Ku Klux Klan seem mild by comparison. But once again, the robot-like trad punters lap it up – gaslighted as they are to believe that the authenticity of one’s Catholic traditionalism is measured by how relentlessly one hammers the post-conciliar Catholic Church.

As the Welsh Protestant academic Philip Jenkins noted in his book ‘Paedophiles And Priests’, 19th Century crypto-Masonic sects such as the Know Nothings, the Klan, the Orange Order, and the American Protective Association, sought to portray the Catholic Church as a den of perverts in much they same way as the media and liberal establishment do today (15); the crucial difference these days being that Catholics on left and right noisily collaborate in this relentless black propaganda war against their own religion.

The trads and the Neocon Catholics endlessly whine about the ghastliness of the Francis papacy (if papacy it be) but it never seems to occur to them that their own adolescent scorched earth approach to “cleansing the Church” might be to blame for the weakness of modern popes and bishops. After all, why should any pope or any prelate fight the Zio-globalists when they know for a certain fact that to do so will place them in the firing line of the MI5/Mossad hatchet men – folk who have an impressive facility to conjure from nowhere scandals implicating enemies of the NWO? They also know for a certain fact that when this happens, the armchair counter-revolutionaries of the trad movement will be the first to throw them under the bus, a la Cardinal George.

Much of the old-school traditionalist critique of the modern Church – as articulated by the late Archbishop Lefebvre and lay activists such as the late Hamish Fraser – had great merit. The problem is that today’s generation of Catholic trads often behave like half-baked teenage punks, yearning for the modern Church to be destroyed in pursuit of some juvenile idea of “purification”. They never get around to explaining how this much smaller “purified” Church they claim to be fighting for will escape the same relentless secular onslaught that is laying waste to great swathes of the Catholic world right now. After all, their own less-than-heroic antics today don’t fill one with optimism that they will be a match for the forces of the NWO.

Another late great Catholic traditionalist writer, Solange Hertz, once observed that modern Catholic traditionalists tend to suffer from a virulent form of lay clericalism, devoting most of their energies to issues they have no authority to resolve- such as Church governance – while declining to engage with their true province – secular politics. In other words, trads don’t know how to mind their own business.

Alternative types may not like hearing it, but it is far from happenstance that the massive intensification of the cultural revolution in the last two decades has coincided with the huge loss of authority the Catholic Church has suffered on foot of the abuse scandals. Everything, from the rise of transgenderism to Neocon wars to immigrant invasions of the West can be traced back to this spiritual and cultural calamity. Like it or not, the Catholic Church is the locus of moral authority in the world.

Maybe, therefore, it is time both the trads and David Icke style Catholic bashers tried for once to honestly answer the key question in all of this: why, if the Church is such a corrupt and powerful arm of the establishment, do the globalists devote so much of their energy to seeking to destroy its standing?

Notes available on request.


  1. Interesting article by Duffy, boy it hit the nail right on the head ,I only have a few comments from a old man, first I am a Roman Catholic trying to follow with love of God all traditional teachings of the true church ,I am not a so called traditional catholic .Next I have understood after twenty’s years there is no true traditional movement but a mixture of many different beliefs from the poor souls mentioned in the article ,one was left out TRADITIO there very bold and will never debate with you and at times never give you there answer on topics ,I was personally dismissed by them for a article about Putin they showed him with his wife and stated he was a Christian of good standards . This is completely false I sent them the proof they got upset with me ,so be it with them I was excommunicated .Lets continue on this topic of diabolical disorientation on a mass scale being orchestrated by Lucifer and his minions , those mentioned in the article has some how became theologians over night they pick and choice there topics and charge into battle professions there beliefs , and also attack each other that he said she said battle. First those mentioned do not believe right do and act right in all things as the church has stated instead they pick and choice ,one hot topic is no salvation outside the church defined by three true popes , touchy subject here yes but it is a dogma .i can go on with more but will stop , I will express a person that heaven has sent in our time his name is Father Luigi Villa personally promoted by Pope Pius XII and Padre Pio, and was given a mission expose the enemy’s of the church and yes he completed his mission before his death , read his bio read and look up his articles read about the eight times they tried to assacinate him you wanna talk about a brave heart priest that was personally in the enemy’s camp and surrounded by them this should of been a movie and why it was true , but there’s the but again the so called traditional groups and clergy started to discredit him in many ways I asked myself why only one thought came up what he exposed was really evil and they could not handle it or it is because heaven did not pick them .So Pride sets in and Brings out the bitterness in others that there articles are more true and important then the ones sent from heaven. It is time to close I suggest this to all who think there Catholic you better get on board now believing right do and acting right in all things, using your eyes and ears to see the signs of times turning knowledge into wisdom and love of God, You never know when it was your last confession ,mass,communion, and remember that no one mentions Few Are Saved look it up maybe you just might take salvation more serious and the true faith ,Rome has lost the faith and has become the seat of the Antichrist and also Lucifer has entered into the trad chapels .
    Mary Please come with your Triumph

  2. Thank you very much, shedding much needed light on this subject. The utterly destructive and savage rampage took a new turn right after WWII.
    On October Tenth, 1954, former Jew, and Zionist darling Benjamin H. Freedman (convert to Catholicism years before) in Boston, Mass, addressed a long letter with special delivery through the Post Office to a Dr. David Goldstein, LL.D., of New York City
    I would like to quote the following from the first page:
    “The historic facts revealed here for the first time provide incontestable evidence that their continued suppression will prove inimical to the security of the nation, the peace of the world, the welfare of humanity, and the progress of civilization.
    Knowledge is a collection of facts. Wisdom is the use of knowledge. Without facts there is no knowledge. Without knowledge there is no wisdom. Facts prevent what nothing can cure. Facts are Man’s best defense mechanism.Without them men fumble, falter and fail. Without them nations decline and fall. Wisdom wins wars before they start. Knowledge aborts national hostilities. Wisdom obviates racial antipathies. Knowledge effaces religious animosities. Emancipation from bigotry prefaces peace. Intolerance takes all and gives nothing. Peace rewards reciprocal respect and regard. To all Men of Good Will,
    “Pax Vobiscum!” Benjamin, H. Freedman
    A facsimile reproduction was reprinted and typeset to meet the many requests for a copy of the letter addressed to Dr. David Goldstein.
    The contents of the letter puts everything in its proper place, and will without a doubt open the horizon of those who have for so long unconsciously participated in the never ending warfare on all levels together with our mutual enemy on their very own way to self-destruction.
    I acquired a copy of ‘Facts are Facts’ in 1985 in California, and after reading it recommended it to many individual people and indeed many clergies of churches. It is unfortunate to confirm that our presently worldwide Geo-political situation is on the brink of the unthinkable, because the warnings have been cast aside.
    …” Am I Therefore Become Your Enemy, Because I tell You The Truth?”…..
    Pax et Bonum

    1. I was able to obtain a free download pdf copy of Facts Are Facts here…
      You can also read and download for free this at…
      Regarding this article…
      Right-wing Catholic media—gatekeepers for masonic anti-Catholic hate industry
      By Jude Duffy
      Dec. 9, 2018 Anno Domini
      I do not know who “Jude Duffy” is or if that is the real name of the author of this article.
      There were many interesting points made, but I generally felt it was scatter-shot, multi-directional rant without any clear direction or point to be made.
      All of the words and phrases within the title were off putting from the beginning. They are loaded terms and each has multiple manipulated meanings.
      Right-wing Catholic
      Catholic media
      masonic (I think articles of this nature ought ALWAYS to use the term Judeo-Masonic, not simply masonic. The origin of the Freemasons is one hundred percent Judaic of the Luciferian kind.)
      hate – the word hate is the favorite term of the destroyers of souls. “Hate crimes” etc. Followers of Christ strive all their lives to not let hate take hold of their hearts and minds and souls.
      Media is something that is of this wicked world system. Media of any kind is a temptation to the soul. It is easy to use media not to inform but to manipulate and cause factions and discord and to gain power in this world for personal gain, especially gain of the filthy lucre kind.
      Romans 12:2
      And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.
      Forget about what is being peddled to us in the way of truth and “church” these days.
      Take care of your soul and follow truth in your every thought, word and deed in worship of the One Who is Truth.

      1. Dachsielady,
        I think Duffy’s message is that the Catholic Church should be defended against lies, even though she be in apostasy. With this, I agree. To draw a parallel, Trump supporters and conservatives alike are all too willing to believe any damning accusation thrown at the Democrats or liberals. They will believe anything, without verifying the veracity of claims, merely because it suits their position. Obviously, this is dishonest. It’s a cognitive bias that is going on in the traditional Catholic movement, as Duffy illustrates. The result of this cognitive bias is that the waters get muddied with truths, half truths, and outright lies. Clarity soon disappears, and with it, truth eventually.
        Traditional Catholics seem frothing-of-the-mouth ready to pounce on any accusation against the Catholic Church dished out by the mainstream media. How ironic since the mainstream media is hostile to the traditional Catholic worldview.
        The same thing is taking place with the Russia cucking going on in the Right. Pro-Kremlin Western conservatives will pounce on any and all Russian mainstream media reports that cast the West in a negative light, without checking the accuracy of the reporting. It just suits their position, so they go with it, like the cowboys that they are.
        Subsequently, the degradation of both the Catholic Church and the West is furthered by its respective shallow-thinking would-be defenders. How twisted is that?

        1. The indefectibility of the Catholic Church is a Dogma. How then can it be in apostasy? The only reasonable explanation I can see is that the organisation currently operating out of the Vatican is a counterfeit, since this organisation does not hold or teach the Deposit of Faith. It does not possess the Four Marks, and is incapable of acquiring them.

  3. Very needed addition about Ben Freedman but do not tell any one why no one cares any more there busy with sports politics that are all controlled and lets not forget what Our Lady said entertainment . Every is also so busy they do not even look up and see the spraying upon us we have become the bugs , we are really dumbed down and its going to get even worse. Mary please come soon

  4. I think that Duffy underestimates the extent to which the Catholic Church has been undermined from within by the homosexual/pedophile “Lavender Mafia.” These are the same people pushing feminism and the LGBT agenda within the church, and subverting it both theologically and morally. If you notice, it is the liberals- like the current Pope himself- who are downplaying the prevalence of sex abuse within the church, while the solid conservatives are the ones exposing it. The ultimate goal of the NWO is not necessarily to obliterate the Roman Catholic Church- it is more probable that the goal is to capture it and turn it into just another arm of the Antichrist system. At this point, purifying the Church is much more important than “defending” its corrupt system from criticism.

  5. My last comment on this subject after reading comments I clearly see many think and act like Protestants not Catholics ,the devils hard work is paying he is catching many in his nets Hell will be full few of us will make heaven and even fewer care about what Our Lord said himself about salvation the narrow gate has gotten redone now it’s bigger then ever, and the militant church videos by norvus order voris who talks out of both dudes of his mouth and promotes Lenten cruises as penance is a fraud also , Lucifer prince of this world is honored thru out the world but the Holy Fsmily Jesus,Mary and Joseph eliminated with extreme prejudice .

    1. I am going to require notes automatically from now on from contributing writers.
      E. Michael Jones has written extensively on “father” Malachi Martin and his treachery. He is a controlled opposition agent in the employ of the American Jewish Committee. That is well documented, as is his adultery.

      1. Not to get too far off topic but I do not really know what the topic is.
        (First, one very important piece of information I gleaned from this original posting by Duffy is the information about Robert Sungenis, another person whom I have always respected and followed for many years. I hope and pray Dr. Sungenis’s scrubbing of all of his very faith building truths on the correct way for a Catholic to approach Holy Scripture will not be Judged by the Judge in the general or the particular judgment as not fighting the good fight and not persevering until the end and not working out his salvation in fear and trembling. Dr. Sungenis has eleven children and I guess he feels he has to provide a rationale for a very questionable action of his, even though that rationale appears very injurious to The Faith. I understand many of his old great articles can still be accessed via the “wayback machine” Archive.org Thankfully I copied and pasted quite a few of them into Word files and saved them on my computer.)
        Here I my notes about Malachi Martin and as explained by Bishop Daniel Dolan of the sedevacantist group of priests with no group name based in Ohio.
        Member Supported Restoration Radio
        S2, Flagship Show, Ep29: Malachi Martin
        copy and paste the full URL above to access this free one hour and 45 minute audio by Bishop Dolan.
        Bishop Dolan describes so clearly the duplicitous scheming malicious Malichi Martin.
        Regarding Fatima,
        Some sedevacantists believe promises of Fatima can still be fulfilled and some believe these promises are “time sensitive” and the time frame for their fulfillment is over with. E. Michael Jones holds the time expired view.
        Someone whom I respect very much, Hugh Owen of KolbeCenter.org , and to whom I addressed this very question in an email, replied to me as follows…
        “Pax Christi!
        Thank you for your note.
        I consider E. Michael Jones a friend, but in this case he is wrong.
        God is quite willing to wait hundreds of years, if necessary, for His commands to be fulfilled before He will give the promised blessings.
        In the case of the Consecration of Russia, we know that it WILL be done, because Our Lady said “In the end . . . the Holy Father will consecrate RUSSIA to Me.”
        In 1931 Jesus told Sister Lucia that the Church leadership would do the consecration but that it would be “late.” He said they would “follow the example of the King of France.”
        Jesus through St. Margaret Mary Alacoque asked the King of France to consecrate Russia to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1689. Just over a hundred years later Louis XVI tried to fulfill the request when he was awaiting execution. It was too late. But Jesus never promised that the Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart would take place. Our Lady asked for the consecration in 1929. It has been LESS than a hundred years. It is not too late. And it will happen. We have Our Lady’s word for it.
        Please keep the Kolbe Center in your prayers. ”
        All I know is that God is still on His throne and our prayers changes things.
        I want there to be sovereign nation states and I want Christ the King to rule in this world as He will in the next.
        Posted 15 days ago15 days
        Apostate priest
        Bishop Daniel Dolan Weschester Ohio St Gertrude the Great Church tells the real truth about Malachi Martin
        A Jesuit
        A paid agent of the Jews for Vatican II
        Martin was Irish and Jewish according to himself
        Martin was a conspirator agitator the facts prove that
        A triple agent
        Worked in the pay of American Jewish Committee
        The Gugenheims
        Jules Isaacs
        As well as Catholic subversives
        Cardinal Bea
        Cardinal Bernadin
        Bill Buckley
        In 1973 Martin claimed he was of Jewish blood
        We do not know the facts on that. Martin may have used that ploy as he was a crafty constant liar.
        The Jewish Question according to Bishop Dolan, which none of us were ever taught
        You cannot understand Catholic truth if you do not get “the Jewish Question” straight
        There was a conspiracy against the Church and they were successful
        We Christians do have a right to defend ourselves against the Jews and their actions. They always persecuted the Church.
        Read. Read. Read.
        A Holy Ghost Father Dennis Fahey several books are great
        Organized forces of naturalism
        “The Jewish Nation”
        “The freemasonic conspiracy”
        St. Vincent Ferrah converted thousands of Jews – he actually preached in the synagogs
        Modern day Judaism Jews practice very little Old Testment religion.
        They practice “Babylonian Talmudism”
        Remain calm and carry on.
        Study Read Pray
        Do not let this organized naturalism destroy your faith and your soul.
        Martin is a sociopathic liar
        Nostra Aetate Vat II document on the Jews
        In Our Age
        Michael Hoffman had dinner with Martin –
        The Windswept House – would use some truth in his books but mainly books were bunch of lies
        The Novus Ordo is a “new religion”
        MM is the main destroyer of the Catholic Church
        RCC was subverted by MM and Jewish Money Quite true
        The Fatima Issue
        MM went toward Father Gruner Fatima industry.
        Father Gruner spun big myth
        Bp Dolan’s ideas Time conditioned demands from Our Lady
        The two popes assigned to do the consecration did not do it so Russian communism came upon the whole world
        Third Secret destruction of the Church and the papacy
        Pius XI was
        Pius Xii were naïve, politically oriented, so did not do consecration
        1958 was the end the bad things did happen all has been fulfilled
        Malachi Martin read his Wikimedia bio
        His gravestone in Hawthorne New York Kakia Levanos the date of this greek womans birth and death with whom he lived until he died. This woman was married but lived with Malachi Martin
        Father Wickins West Orange New Jersey traditional priest buried Martin but not say the seat was vacant
        The blindness of the Jews.
        To resist the known truth is also a sin against the Holy Ghost God can send blindness to any of us, not only the Jews
        Maurice Pinay forum
        Angel Fire forum
        Michael Martin pseudonyms Seraphiam Pushkin
        Look magazine article How the Jews changed Catholic thinking
        Bp Dolan said only research the cold writings.
        Do not go back to Martin’s own recorded voice and Martin’s writings. You are exposing yourself to master mind controllers and the occasion of sin.

          1. Yes, listen to the audio link I provided and especially there is a direct quote from Michael Hoffman at the very end of this video about this visit.

              1. I used to listen to Radio Liberty for many years with Protestant evangelical Zionist Dr. Stan Monteith when I was in my conservative patriot phase. Protestant evangelicals really were fans of Malachi Martin and all his sensational novels and at the time I was thinking Martin was telling some real truth.
                I still think there are some dark things that have been going on in the Vatican for a very long time, as well as many real conspiracies going on all around us, but as Bishop Dolan recommends, the right way to is to stay calm and read and objectively pursue the important things that are being diverted from by Martin and his ilk.
                One Lord. One Faith. One Baptism.
                I liked the observation that Martin had the ability to “size up” people and then use and capitalize upon the weaknesses he perceived in the person. This is how some very smart, but people totally without consciences, become very rich, influential and powerful.
                In my old age I can see when I am around a sly manipulative person like that, but all I can do is get myself away from them pronto.
                But this interview of Bishop Dolan gave me an insight into how these very smart Jew-controlled Church insiders like Martin and William F. Buckley etc. were able to deceive so many so craftily. They are able to take advantage of our own lower-self weaknesses and spirit of this wicked world system.

                1. Yeah, I remember Monteith. I read one of his books and saw a documentary or two of his. Was a great kosher konservative konspiracist.
                  Malachi Martin definitely sounds like he was a sociopath.

        1. Catholic prophecies regarding the so called consecration of Russia don’t really make a lot of sense within the context of both the Bible and world affairs. The Bible explains that in the lasts days (arguably right now), only a remnant of believers would exist in the world due to apostasy (again, arguably right now). If Russia were to “join the fold” of Roman Catholicism, that would contradict the Bible’s remnant statement, because in order for Russia to return, it stands to reason that the Catholic world overall would also have to return from its current Vatican II, modernist apostasy. Again, this is not harmonious with a “remnant”, for Russia and the Catholic world are massive.
          Also, it seems to me that Catholics are under the impression that Russia fell into communist hands due to it allegedly being schismatic (by the way, I subscribe to Eastern Orthodoxy). But how can said Catholics ignore the same thing happening in revolutionary France and the paradoxical ramifications resulting from it? Did France fall into masonic hands due to French Catholicism being schismatic, too? The logic doesn’t seem to follow.
          To the Judeo-masonic conspirators, both Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy are equal threats. This is why they created revolutions within both theocratic kingdoms. If our enemies don’t discriminate between Orthodox and Catholic, why do Orthodox and Catholic discriminate against each other? The pre-schismatic Church was united and neither completely Roman Catholic nor completely Eastern. But I don’t see any return to the good old days. It appears, as I mentioned, that we are in the last days where only a remnant of true believers remain, be they in traditional Catholicism or traditional Eastern Orthodoxy.

          1. I always assumed that you were once a traditional Roman Catholic.
            ” If our enemies don’t discriminate between Orthodox and Catholic, why do Orthodox and Catholic discriminate against each other? The pre-schismatic Church was united and neither completely Roman Catholic nor completely Eastern. But I don’t see any return to the good old days. It appears, as I mentioned, that we are in the last days where only a remnant of true believers remain, be they in traditional Catholicism or traditional Eastern Orthodoxy.”
            I do not know enough to “unpack” those statements but will say the following.
            Remember today one has to many categories of Catholics so just using the term “Catholics” is not helpful at all toward clarity and truth.
            There are traditional Catholics of the sedevacantist kind, such as Bishop Daniel Dolan and his religious group which never gave themselves a name. The Chair of Peter is vacant and has been since the death of Pope Pius XII.
            There are traditional Catholics who, in practice only but not by name, are sedevacantists such as Bishop Clarence Kelly and Father William Jenkins. They say we ordinary Catholics do not have to right to say who is a true pope and who is not a true pope. ‘who are they to judge?” So we are not to label ourselves as “sedevacantist” but they SSPV still have “reasonable doubt” regarding all those individuals who claimed to be popes.
            There are conservative traditionalist such as the R&R group – Recognize and Resist Vatican II errors but still seek to be accepted and in communion with the “Pope” such as the Society of Saint Pius X and followers of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre..
            There are Novus Ordites or “Catholics” who fully accept all the new things taught and practiced as a result of the actions within Vatican II.
            Many of the SSPV followers are now moving to sedevacantist position.
            Sedevacantist is a word that was used, up until the 1980s just to describe the interregnum, the time between the death of a pope and the election of a new pope. But now it is loosely used to generally describe those who openly call themselves sedevacantist in that believe the current person calling themself “Pope” is not a Catholic and therefore cannot be Pope.
            Vatican II is identified as the straw that broke the camels back as “evil” documents were promulgated and then were accepted and taught and practiced by all of the Church hierarchy. The true Catholic Church is indefectible and cannot promulgate evil teachings so all of Vatican II is to be rejected because it is not from the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, and the “popes” after that were just the fallout.
            Unfortunately many of the traditionalist priests did not immediately quit there positions where they were ministering when Vatican II documents were signed, sealed and put into practice. Most of them came to realize and recognize that it was Vatican II that was the evil seed explaining the destruction of the visible Catholic Church.
            The regular ignorant Catholics around during the time of Vatican II knew that something big had happened and that the changes in the Mass were “seriously not right” but we were not given help to understand what was happening.
            I remember at the time that the main boys Catholic high school in my town after Vatican II changed it school’s official charter to remove Catholic and substitute Christian. Now that same school is about to close its doors.
            The Judeo-Masonic evildoers over all the centuries, who are all working for Lucifer, the father of lies, took the Antonio Gramsci approach in destroying the Church. They did it very gradually from within and from top down. They “democratized” the Church.”
            While I believe this destruction was very gradual I can see why Vatican II needs to be identified as the turning point in time.
            I do not know how God will sort all of this out. I do know that the true Church of Christ will exist until Christ returns and the gates of Hell will never prevail against it.
            The Judeo-Masonic destroyers have always had as their number 1 target the truth Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ.
            Quote Michael Hofman on Malachi Martin.
            “Triple Agent. Double Agent is too modest a term to describe him. Malachi Martin was according to the Cincinnati Enquirer
            The descendant of Judaic bankers who somehow ended up in Ireland. After he announced his alleged Traditionalist credentials he told Art Bell in the course of an interview for a liberal radio audience the state had no business regarding abortions. He is still a hero on the Traditionalist scene, thank in part of a Canadian based audio recorder who for years marketed his interviews with Malachi Martin.
            Malachi Martin was Cardinal Bea’s peritus or expert, for Vatican II and for Nostra Aetate. He is the architect of it. A guy who was pretty much a crypto rabbi landed on his feet in middle age as a traditional Catholic and most bought it. A very wealthy and adroit scam artist.
            I had dinner with him once in New York, 1978, and at that time gave him some of my research into conspiracies and Satanism. It ended up in The Windswept House, unattributed of course.
            I will say this for him, for a slender guy of small stature, he could drink anybody in the room under the table and remain as lucid as ever, a very sharp intellect. Imagine what he might have accomplished for good had he been actually a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ and an honest man. Instead, he betrayed God and advanced the rabbinic agenda inside the twentieth century Church to a degree that is truly astonishing and he never owned up to it.”
            Full text of “Malachi Martin File triple agent traitor nwo illuminati freemasons”

  6. The Catholic League certainly defends the rights of the accused in these investigations and trials of sexual abuse in the Catholic clergy. The League, however, has consistently pointed out that no other institution, religious or secular, has been the subject of the controlled media frenzy on this subject – especially with regard to old allegations and orchestrated demands for investigation.
    The Royal Commission in Australia has been investigating sexual abuse of minors and the biggest critics are the victim groups which consistently point out the tendency to focus on the Catholic Church. One of the most outspoken victims, Fiona Barnett has claimed that child trafficking and abuse is rife – across the top echelon of all institutions of social influence – especially the political ones.https://www.smh.com.au/national/political-elite-were-part-of-paedophile-ring-alleged-victim-fiona-barnett-claims-20151023-gkgwx8.html

    1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9nhB7OUIjXfeDfGfZruuQ/videos
      Liz Crokin has done several videos and especially recently and they can be found on the Speaking the Truth YouTube channel. Unfortunately she seems connected to the Mark Taylor, Israel First religionist factions.
      I believe she is telling the truth.
      Supposedly there is video footage of the goings on in the tunnels on Little Saint James Island where Jeffrey Epstein hosts his extortion and blackmail operation indicating ceremonies for child sacrifice and cannibalism. There are several different YT channels that are commenting on these horrific matters. What has been released is deliberately blurred and just shows outlines – Q often asks the question…
      Could you sleep if you knew the truth about everything ?
      Skip to 30:03 to End 37:27 or 42:15
      This is what is being covered up by all and has to do with the Evil Infiltrators and destroyers of all Christian cultures.

      1. Dachsielady, Q is total disinfo/psyop, probably run out of Russia’s troll factory. As for underground tunnels at Epstein’s, it reminds me of the fantastical fiction Pizzagate. Of course, the author has to tie it all back to the Clintons. But what does all this have to do with Jude Duffy’s article? We have enough on Epstein without the diversionary Satanic-panic-like 4 chan sensationalism.

  7. Shades of the BEEB and Jimmy Savile. The Catholic League hits one out of the park on CBS ‘lack of transparency’. Where is the report on the ‘sexual recklessness’ of the CBS Big Schmuck : Chairman and CEO? Where is the media kevtch? They aren’t going to release that report. They are going to keep the collective tushi covered and subpoena all the parish records going back to the year dot when the next Catholic parish attempts to co-operate with the law on transparency. Disgusting. Beyond disgusting. The entire Jew network is boiling in excrement.

  8. Dachsielady
    Q is hasbara disinfo, it seems you lack critical thinking, judging by the not so much (but enough) i have read from you.

  9. My comments/opinions are meaningless. I challenge everyone to get hold of old unrevised volumes of Dom Gueranger’s Liturgical Year and read it faithfully every day. It will put all these shenanigans into crystal clear perspective. If one becomes familiar and thoroughly acquainted with pre-Vatican II teaching, one can never be taken by the myriad of gate-keepers for the Roman Counterfeit church.

  10. Finally someone who sees through the media onslaught against the church..while so many are quick to get on board fighting the agendas against the unborn, profaning of the marriage rite, conservatives, sovereignty, etc., so many Catholics are quick to embrace the mere allegations against the prelates, many of which are against priest who have been dead for decades. Our diocese lost lawsuits totaling $20 million and the entire state has less than 1 million inhabitants. I have been studying the exploits of the well intentioned group called SNAP, and its dictator David Clohessy, a coterie of police, lawyers and judges, and believe me, it looks more like Nazi Germany than the Land of the Free. It’s an old trick. The only thing missing is an encyclical, like ‘Mit brennender Sorge,’ warning the parishioners to resist Obama. It’s exasperation when Catholic friends start to believe the media about this one issue, even thought they admit it’s all controlled by the enemy.

    1. Thank you for great article link. The Jewish revolutionaries make up both the NAZIs and the Bolsheviks and they know how to inject the corruption of homosexual practice into seminaries. It is a metastatic phenomenon that destroys all in its path.
      The way Michael Voris is handling this current epidemic in some ways is honorable and looks necessary but he never acknowledges the J influence in this destructive behavior.
      I read a book, The Pink Swastika, a long time ago and there was a whole military group in NAZI Germany that was all homosexual soldiers.

  11. I don’t know how you can seriously publish this after everything that has just come out about ex-Cardinal McCarrick, Wuerl, et al.

  12. The Jewish Canadian researcher, Dr Henry Makow has done Catholics and non Catholics alike a great service in his excellent work of exposing to the wider audience the Communist Revolution in the Roman Catholic Church and the MO of the Comintern. Former member of the CPUSA executive Bella Dodd testified about this before the McCarthy Hearings and she wrote about it in her work : School of Darkness which deserves a careful reading. Infiltration, subversion, deception, double and triple agents , cover stories within cover stories, controlled opposition – the entire bag of dirty tricks come out of the Communist playbook. https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/09/How-Communists-Subverted-the-Catholic-Church.html

      1. Just wanted to say that one needs to get one’s knowledge of what exactly a “Jew” is and what this term means in terms of DNA ethnicity and religious belief system.
        Ran across this today and it seems important even though Fitz would probably deem this source, Michael Voris, to be “Right-wing Catholic media.”
        I have not yet found a YouTube “Catholic” channel that I consider properly provides truthful balanced commentary regarding “the Jews.” One of those channel recently exchanged emails with me and the channel host admitted his education and career plans would go down the toilet if he ever talked about the problems all pointing to Israel on his videos.
        Seriously do not like terms Right Wing, Left Wing, liberal, conservative and the entire dialectic right / left paradigm games. Agree that Makow is NOT helpful to understanding for traditional Catholics. Even for many Jews who claim to be “messianic Christians” I see a weird aversion to even saying the name of Jesus the Christ in all that they do and say.
        5 minute video by Michael Voris done in 2010.
        Good simple explanation of Judaism of today and original “Jewish” religion.
        The Jews
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        ChurchMilitant Archives
        Published on Aug 16, 2010
        Is the Old Covenant still in effect? Here’s a clue: there’s a new covenant.

  13. Always the progressives, Israel is now resorting to DNA tests to determine who and who is not a Jew.
    The Pharisaic sect within the Old Covenant is Rabbinic Judaism and it continues with the Talmud which was the oral ‘tradition of the elders’ at the time of our Lord. Student of the Talmud, Yossi Gurvitz makes the same point as Voris in terms of his assertion that Judaism is actually younger than the New Covenant. And he shoots down all the cover stories of Judaism that it is the continuation of the Old Covenant. It merely uses the Law and the Prophets as window dressing. Now, as in the time of our Lord – Pharisaism voids the Law of Moses.
    When Israel is Mighty

    1. In all this there are two problems ( sorry for my english )
      1 jewish is an universaliatic religion. U can se reading the bible and watching about judaic proselitism until the rise of christianity
      2 matrilinearity in talmud is clear. Is about births from a true and legal union which can’t be with different religion. Read the bible to see about foreigners/strangers be parts of Israle.
      Infact we have 3 main group genetical and ethnically different with 3 different liturgies ( sefardic, askhenazi, mizhrai ) but also we have italikim which has also their different cult style. And falashà are congoid generally. Chinese and crimen jews ( generally “caraites” ) are mongoloids.
      Jewish is about old covenant. But the problem is Christ! The Zohar is a subversion of mystical Haikalot and Merkavà, and in 1800 you have Sionism. It was critized and foughted by real jews in the biginning, and don’t forget Gaon da Vilna against chassidims with their connection with sabbatean-frankist way.
      Now we can’t see al this thibgs but we can say with paceful heart that a hebrew who likes zohar and go on with zionism is an enemy.

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