Why both the Jewish press and neo-Nazis ignore Hitler’s sexuality

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 16, 2015 Anno Domini

The Jewish-controlled media and neo-Nazis alike have kept a tight lid on Hitler’s sexuality.  If the overwhelming evidence that Hitler was a homosexual were ever made known to the general public, the result could have disastrous effects for both sides.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Hitler and leading Nazis like deputy Führer Rudolf Hess were homosexuals, despite the perception that National Socialism in Germany was the solution to the plague of decadence in the Weimar Republic and that the Nazis were vicious persecutors of homosexuals. I am sure the white nationalists that frequent this blog are going to bitterly attack me for this piece. Their typical excuse is that rumours of Hitler’s alleged homosexuality are all from Jewish sources trying to demonize the poor Nazis. I will show how this argument is absolutely impossible in light of the greater agenda of the Jewish Kahal.

Jewish motive for covering up Hitler’s homosexuality

The motive for the Jewish community to coverup Hitler’s homosexuality is deeply rooted in the cultural warfare waged by elite Jews against Western Civilization through the Frankfurt School and the Jewish-dominated intellectual movements in America during the early 20th century through to present time. Jews have argued, especially through the American Jewish Committee and its magnum opus propaganda piece The Authoritarian Personality (Adorno), that sexual repression inevitably leads to authoritarianism (a euphemism for the Catholic Church), repressive regimes, and, ultimately, Holocausts. In other words, Hitler and the Nazis rose to power as a result of reversing the decadent slide of the Weimar Republic and repressing everyone’s libidos. Therefore, sexual liberation is the only solution to world peace (and more specifically, the safety of Jews). Can you see the contradiction yet? If Hitler and leading Nazis were closeted, yet active homosexuals, how would that theory stand? If Adorno and the AJC were correct, the sexually liberated Hitler and the Nazis should have brought the most peaceful regime known to man, not the opposite. Obviously, then, public knowledge of Hitler’s apparent homosexuality would have imploded the authoritarian theory, upon which much of the Frankfurt school’s propaganda rests.

“Homosexualists Johansson and Percy promote the use of ‘outing’ (exposing public figures, past and present as ‘gay’) to influence public opinion about homosexuality and the ‘gay’ agenda. They advise that ‘[a]ctivists should clearly not out a notorious criminal or mass murderer as they would a famed medical missionary or celebrated inventor’ (Johansson and Percy:284). They acknowledge that ‘[a]pologists generally prefer to deny that homosexuality was widespread among Nazi leaders after the purge of Roehm and his associates….[although Italian ‘gay’ activist] Massimo Consoli has reversed this tendency by dwelling at length on the homosexuality of the early followers of the NSDAP (National Socialist Party). (Consoli is, however, a leading proponent of the ‘Gay Holocaust’ public relations ploy — Grau:5).'” —The Pink Swastika, pg. 74, chapter 5.


White nationalists are correct that Jews demonize Hitler at every opportunity. So, why don’t they do it in this case? Discussion of Hitler’s sexuality is not allowed in the media or academia. It is almost as taboo as Holocaust revisionism.

A more proximate motive for Jews covering up Hitler’s homosexuality is the deliberate and systematic escalation in the homosexualization of Christian society. How would the squeaky-clean, peaceful, loving, and caring image of homosexuals portrayed by the media look if everyone knew that homosexuals were capable of becoming Hitlers? Worse yet, how would it look if homosexuality contributed to the rise of mad men? Jews have spent far too long creating and polishing the homosexual lobby to mess it up by letting an inconvenient truth like Hitler’s homosexuality get in the way. In makes absolutely no sense for them to do this. There are hundreds of other ways to demonize Hitler, warranted or unwarranted. The homosexual agenda is the top priority right now. Hitler and the Holocaust dogma have been demoted, for the time being.

Neo-Nazi motive for covering up Hitler’s homosexuality
Neo-Nazis are typically socially conservative, at least in official policy, so it’s understandable why neo-Nazis would reject any notion that their leader were a closeted queer. National Socialism captivated Germany at a time when sexual excess rivaled Sodom and Gomorrah. Today, neo-Nazis view National Socialism as the quintessential bulwark against liberalism, multiculturalism, and especially homosexuality and its Jewish-controlled LGBTQ movement. To admit that you had been deceived by a homosexual conman is just too much for neo-Nazis. It would bring down their small world. And what identity would they adopt without Nazism?

Can’t join the Catholic Church, after all, it’s a Jewish creation, according to many neo-Nazis. So, denial becomes the party response.

Like the Holocaust dogma of Judaism, we can’t get a healthy public debate going to determine the truth of the matter. If Hitler and his leading Nazis were not homosexuals, truth should not fear investigation and we should be allowed to investigate it, with the full participation of the media and academia. As long as Jews control the press, academia, and intellectual movements, and neo-Nazis remain the de facto controlled opposition to Jews, we may never uncover the truth about Hitler’s sexuality.

(The documentary depicted at the top of this article is The Hidden Führer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler’s Sexuality.)


  1. An interesting argument. Personally I don’t think Hitler was a conman – I think he was a useful idiot. And the famous Christian Rakovsky interview with the Stalin official would appear to bear this theory out – if one takes this interview at face value, which I do. I’ve never seen compelling evidence presented that Hitler was homosexual. I’m not saying he wasn’t – I just haven’t personally seen evidence that goes beyond unfalsifiable hearsay. Some of his close associates were homos – there’s no doubt about that. The New World Order has an ambiguous relationship with sexual deviance. On the one hand it promotes it as normal – on the other it exploits the instinctive revulsion most people feel towards it as a way of blackening or blackmailing enemies. The Communists were and are masters of this dark art. The classic example of this dualistic approach is the way the NWO used the child abuse scandals to destroy the reputation of the Church (with the eager connivance of many Catholics it must be said – very much including the “Traditionalist Movement”) – while simultaneously promoting paedophilia as normal on a daily basis. Paradoxically, destroying the Church’s reputation was itself a very important part of this “normalisation” agenda. Furthermore, communists have always sought to cover up rampant homosexuality in their own ranks. For instance the British communist dominated Nulabor government was riddled with homosexuals, but very few of them ever came out voluntarily. Indeed in the early years of the Nulabor government the BBC issued a ban on any discussion of Peter Mandelson’s homosexuality. Mandelson was the mastermind of the Nulabor project, and a former senior figure in the British Communist Party. Then of course there’s the strong rumours surrounding the proclivities of ostensibly even more senior figures in the Nulabor apparatus…

  2. Hmm, I have heard the claim of Hitler being a homo sexual like I have heard the claim of Hitler being a Rothschild and Hitler surviving and being a coopted agent. The important thing to decide about Hitler was, was he fighting the JWO and I decided he was. This does not preclude top of the pyramid Jews “gambling” on Hitler to accomplish an agenda but from where I sit, WWII was all about Jewish power expansion and curtailing the goy rule threat that was going to take over Europe and push back Jewish communism.Notice Germany lost and communism was granted 1/2 of Europe by the behind the curtain Jewish controllers. Hitler stood for goy rule- read the protocols on that because it refers to how they will handle a great goy leader. In the Jewish catechism, the “protocols” for the layman Jew, it states that fascism always percolates in goy countries and the Jews have to be ready to tamp it down and it gives Spain in 1500 and NS Germany as the two examples that got out of control so fascism is goy ruling goy. I believe Hitler stood for that and really consider the homosexual question silly. The real question is “Was Hitler legit” and I say he was

  3. As far as the Jews needing to tamp down the homosexual issue. The Jews control the media and the minds of 80%. of the people.Their interpretations will be accepted as they have been for the last 80 years

  4. by the way, I hear ppl happy to score points with Jews and make quick referral to repressive Nazis. First of all, look at all the enemies surrounding Germany but more than that, look how popular Hitler was in 1936! It’s my opinion that this scoring points with Jews by believing the Jewish myths is part of the reason we are near full enslavement. THE NAZIS WERE THE GOOD GUYS COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING- THEY ARE THE ONLY GOY COUNTRY TO SUCCESSFULLY DISEMPOWER JEWS-THAT’S HUGE AND THE ONLY REASON WHY JEWS WERE HELL BENT TO REMOVE THEM!
    Now look at our world today and what the winners that felt so obligated to stop the NAZI PERIL are doing. All the Nazis were doing in the 30s was reclaiming STOLEN LAND. Wake up people! Hitler and Kennedy were the good guys and everyone else has been Jew suckups!

    1. You are using a rather infantile conception of Hitler and the Jews. You put fort that Jews bad, Hitler good because Hitler persecuted SOME Jews. You are adopting the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend fallacy. Can you provide any elite Jews that Hitler stopped? Did he stop Warburg, Schiff, or Rothschild? Isn’t that all that matters? And how convenient for Hitler that all of the German sexual revolutionaries managed to escape the clutches of the Nazis and bring their perversion to North America. IN reality, Hitler persecuted and put to death mostly insignificant Jews while leaving untouched the true threat, Kulturkampf revolutionary Jews and the banksters and their usury wonder weapon.
      Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

      1. Obviously, international Jewry was behind WWII and much of WWII was getting Jewish power back up within Germany or taking it over which is what happened after the war. Why do you think holocaust revisionism is a crime? Cause jews basically own Germany now thanks. I believe in the protocols of Zion. Call it simplistic if you want but Jewish power is all around you in disproportionate numbers

        1. The Jewish money power made Holocaust revisionism a crime irrespective of Nazism and the white nationalist movement; it’s just another aspect of their war on Truth. Unfortunately, neo-Nazis have hijacked Holocaust revisionist research, and now anyone who engages this academic pursuit risks being labelled a white supremacist. Ernst Zundel had something good going, but then he had to squander it all away with his romanticizing of Hitler and the Nazis. Blind guides!
          I would be the first to be suspicious of a Jew, but Abrams and his co-author have stumbled onto something in their book. And since the Jewish press has completely ignored (supressed?) the thesis of the book, there must be truth to it. Common sense tells you that most politicians and authority figures are only allowed to remain in power because they have been compromised (usually sexually). You must know this about politics. It has nothing to do with Jew bashing or Nazi bashing; it’s simply the way the system works. There are too many things pointing to Hitler being homosexual. To ignore it is foolish. The more you see this, the more things make sense about he being controlled by the Jewish money power.

  5. Final point, the book you have a pic of- one of the authors is a Jew. Whether it portrays itself as dissent or status quo is irrelevant most likely because Jews fund all that stuff. What they want is the goy confused and not knowing what to believe and this is why a Pam Geller will complain about the Islamic peril and other supremacist Jews will make sure they can infiltrate and they will be all lovey dovey behind the curtain after the show.THEY LIKE THE GOY IN TURMOIL-GOY TURMOIL MAKES THE JEW FEEL GOOD AND CALM! A MISERABLE GOY MAKES FOR A VERY HAPPY JEW. Lol, are you gonna ban me now. Just telling you like it is, though!

    1. You are referring to Kevin Abrams. Let me ask you something, does truth cease to be truth because it comes from the mouth of a Jew? You can’t dismiss something merely because a Jew authored it. Do you dismiss the works of Benjamin H. Freedman? I doubt it.
      I find it hypocritical that white nationalists will endorse a Jewish convert like Ben Freedman while dismissing other Jews who don’t agree with their preconceptions.

      1. uh, not dismiss but be wary. The Talmud gives them permission, they are very tribal and are taught not to trust the goyim. I am not WN but I believe truth for many Jews is whatever they get us to believe. I think it explains pretty much why nothing in the media is true and it’s like total lala land

  6. This is not surprising/ for Hitler slept with the Ukrainian Helena Blavatsky the wickedness constituting the Biblical false Prophet, under his pillow into establishing it in the theosophical prayer hall inside UN in New York(one of the 3 parts that Babylon is divided spiritually) & is it any wonder that the UN( taking upon the mantle from/oft the Beast, is seen pushing the Sodomic Agenda influenced from the heavenly like places wherein its gods/ess themselves are shown engaging, through its religions, such vile practices, reflect the many alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court, through a people gathered, out of Hitlerism ., even unto the Prophecy of “One of the heads that received a deadly head wound is seen healing” to its re-rise, spiritually.

  7. Which Jews did Hitler “put to death”? You’re not buying the “gas chamber” lie are you? Love the site, but Hitler was not trying to take over the world and solve the world’s Jew problem. What he was able to achieve was a model for the rest of the Jew run nations.

    1. Put to death, real or perceived. Who knows. Of course, I don’t endorse the gas chamber tales. The purpose of this article is not to perpetuate the notion that Hitler was attempting world domination. I say nothing about this. If anything, this article shows how those most susceptible to control and manipulation are those ruled by their passions, as is the thesis of E. Michael Jones’ Libido Dominandi. The evidence points to Hitler and leading Nazis being sexual deviants. This completely lines up with how controlled they were by the Jewish money power. He achieved no model by which any nations copied and successfully executed. Whatever positive traits there were in national socialism were negated by its driving superstitious, mystical, and ultimately Judaized messianic undertones.
      As I have said before, anti-Zionists are highly predisposed to falling for the fallacy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is a Hegelian trick, straight out of the Kabbalah.

  8. Can you provide any elite Jews that Hitler stopped? Did he stop Warburg, Schiff, or Rothschild?

    The Nazis dissolved three branches of the Rothschild banking empire (Austria, Germany, France). That’s more than anyone else has ever done in history.

    1. The Nazis dissolved three branches of Rothschild banking?… No, they didn’t. Banking in Germany changed little pre-Nazi to the peak of the Reich. Any hint of anti-usury had already existed before Hitler came to power, so I’m afraid Nazis can’t take any credit for that. You talk about the fairly vague Rothschilds but fail to mention the Warburgs, Schiffs, JP Morgan, Harriman, etc, who directly financed Hitler and the Nazis. Enough of the romanticizing of the Nazis. They were obviously controlled opposition.

      1. Whether Hitler was working for Jews or not. I think he was. The white nationalist movement is a joke. It is totally controlled by Jews and attracts idiots. As soon as I mention Jewish power people often think I am some kind of Nazi or white nationalist. I do agree with some things white nationalist say. Jews are demonizing white people and using immigration as a weapon. All this race stuff is just one thing though.
        As soon as one criticizes Jews and is labelled a Nazi, people assume the so called Nazi wants to exterminate black people etc. I do not not want to be associated either white nationalists and Hitler lovers. Even if Hitler was not working for the Jews (he was) that does not mean he was perfect.
        White nationalism and Hiller worship is a goy pen. Is it really a good idea to hate all non whites and homosexuals and anyone who has any sympathies for these groups and anyone who does not agree with white nationalism or white people white nationalists consider superior. These people act like Jews but do not benefit from doing so. The strong Jew helps the weak Jew and the smart Jew helps the stupid Jew etc. but white nationalists want to sterilize white people with
        Low intelligence quotients. White nationalists are either Jews who are acting or very stupid. I do think the importance of Iq is very exaggerated and people who say otherwise do so because they believe they have a high IQ and it makes them feel superior. There are people who fell for the whole Covid thing, believe in the holocaust etc. who have high intelligence quotients I would say. I do not know their intelligence quotients but they can’t be that stupid because they graduated from universities and have high paying jobs. My sister is a chemical engineer and graduated from high school with a 97.8 average and believes everything the Jews tell her. I do not generally believe what people tell me their IQ is but my mother told me she was tested to have an IQ of 130 in university and sh came in second with regard to marks in her graduating year in high schools. She believes everything on the news. The Jewish question is not rocket science and lots of ordinary average people understand it and some high IQ educated people do not and some of these so called intellectuals cannot.
        Having an IQ higher than the average negro and worshipping IQ tests seems to be a corners of white nationalism. Every test of intelligence is made in the image of its designer and we live in a world designed by Jews.

        Fuck Hitler, fuck white nationalism. White nationalism is a goy pen for people who are worried about white women having sex with black men then they are the Covid bullshit. The whole, “the Jews are pushing race mixing” is true but it is only one thing and not the worst thing that the Jews are doing. White nationalists and anyone praising Hitler are a liability in the fight against the Jew and if that ideology is mixed with Protestantism and Americanism and the stupid founding fathers bullshit it is even worse. Most Americans are infected with some kind of state worship and America was never a Christian nation.

    2. The Nazis dissolved three branches of Rothschild banking?… No, they didn’t.

      Yes they did. In fact, “ZCF” wrote a fairly long article about this a long time ago, and you can also read about on the relevant Wikipedia entry.

      You talk about the fairly vague Rothschilds but fail to mention the Warburgs, Schiffs, JP Morgan, Harriman, etc, who directly financed Hitler and the Nazis.

      Neither the Rothschilds, nor the Warburgs, nor the Schiffs, nor JP Morgan financed the Nazi Party at any time.

      1. ZCF, a confused Hispanic, white nationalist wannabe. ZCF, or Brandon Martinez, is not an historian. He is a nihilistic punk with a big mouth. Put up some legitimate sources instead of parroting your neo-Nazi crackpots.

  9. Whatever positive traits there were in national socialism were negated by its driving superstitious, mystical, and ultimately Judaized messianic undertones.

    This is pure psychological projection. You’re attacking National Socialism for traits that are fundamental to Christian theology.

    1. Millenarianism (Judaized messianism) is specifically Protestant. And since I am not a Protestant, I couldn’t possibly be projecting these sentiments. I think it’s ironic that you are arguing using Freudian (Jew) concepts. Furthermore, Hitler endorsed a type of Jewish messianism, only the Jews would be replaced with the Aryans as the harbingers of truth. His dream of a New Atlantis. Same crap, different pile.

    2. Furthermore, Hitler endorsed a type of Jewish messianism,

      Christianity is founded upon Jewish messianic apocalypticism. Therefore you can’t criticize Hitler for endorsing this idea, even if it were true (which it isn’t).

      1. You clearly don’t know what Messianism is. You think just because Jesus is called Messiah that Messianism is the same thing? Better go look it up, brother. More specifically, it’s “millenarianism”. Briefly, it’s the belief of heaven on earth. Both Judaism and Nazism endorse a heaven-on-earth concept. Christianity does not. Christianity teaches to store up treasures in Heaven for the after life. When the Protestant Reformation developed, it was naturally Judaized and adopted Millenarianism. But the true Church, composed of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox branches remained true to Christ.

        1. For a people gathered in freemasonry who but vying to make their capital as a Sodomic one, is but to understand the mentality which can be traced to the words of Jude: Satan’s contention for the body of Moses , the people of Moses who rejected the Messiah even when Moses & Elijah representing the Law & the Prophets handed over themselves to the Messiah at the mount of transfiguration. So know the hand that leads these so called Jews which are not, but are the Synagogues of satan. It is Prophesied of the day that Michael will stand up for his people whose names are found in the book, which book again is but the Lambs book of life, so the people mentioned is Spiritual Israel or what the NT calls as the Israel of God, for the covenant that was commenced in the Physical is come in the Spiritual , for God is Spirit & so is His word as mentioned in the Bible. It pays not to mock God for He always has the last laugh, surely not hollywood & its false Jews.

    3. One of the founding ideas is that the “Jesus Christ” character (historical or mythical) is the Jewish messiah. So I’m not sure you can sit there and claim that Christianity isn’t based on Jewish messianism.
      Now, as far as Christianity’s claim that the “kingdom of god” is spiritual, not earthly, well, that is easily explained by the fact that Jesus didn’t fulfill any of the real world requirements* of the Jewish messiah and the early Christians had to explain this fact away by saying that Jesus’ “kingdom” was not of this world but that he would fulfill all of the requirements of the Jewish messiah when he returned to earth a “second time”. This was the origin of the Second Coming concept in Christianity, and is the basis for the book of Revelation in the New Testament.
      *According to the Hebrew bible/Old Testament the Jewish messiah was supposed to militarily destroy and expel all the gentiles who occupied Palestine, create a new politically independent Jewish state in Israel, convert every person on the planet to Judaism, and create a Jewish world government headquartered in Jerusalem.

      1. Jewish Messianic expectation is completely different from Christian Messianic expectation. Jews look for a militaristic world leader to fight for an earthly kingdom now. This Jewish messiah would also empower the Jews as an ethnic group as opposed to the Christian Messiah who would empower any and all who would believe, Gentile or Jew. Your confusion (or willful ignorance) over this is irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue. Hitler clearly believed in a heaven on earth singularity, with the messiah, be he a man or an ideology, empowering a specific ethnic group, just like Jewish messianic expectation. Instead of Jewish ethnocentrism leading the world to enlightenment, Rabbi Hitler taught Aryan ethnocentrism leading the world to enlightenment. Isn’t it ironic how Neo-Nazis and white nationalists alike have much more in common with Judaism than Christianity ever could?

  10. Put up some legitimate sources instead of parroting your neo-Nazi crackpots.

    There are plenty of sources both online and offline that detail the Nazi’s seizure of Rothschild assets (physical and monetary). This is common historical knowledge and you have no excuse not to be aware of it, seeing as how you’ve been involved in the internet anti-Jewish conspiracy scene for well over ten years.

    1. As I said, ZOG, most of the Third Reich’s banking policies were in place before Hitler came to power. Furthermore, I have yet to see a white nationalist provide consistent evidence that Reich banking was completely autonomous, which is how they portray Hitler—as some bastion of opposition to Jewish usury. On that note, usury existed under Hitler, which is all the proof one needs that finance was not Jew free. Usury is Jew problem, regardless of what banker institutes it, Jewish or Gentile. I understand white nationalist thinking to a large degree, and I know that they tend to romanticize Hitler and the Nazis, which is a major flaw in their often infantile reasoning. But truth should be the objective, not bias.

    2. Furthermore, I have yet to see a white nationalist provide consistent evidence that Reich banking was completely autonomous, which is how they portray Hitler—as some bastion of opposition to Jewish usury. On that note, usury existed under Hitler, which is all the proof one needs that finance was not Jew free. Usury is Jew problem, regardless of what banker institutes it, Jewish or Gentile.

      You’re blatantly attempting to change the subject. I never said anything about National Socialist German banking being “completely autonomous” (whatever that means), nor did I ever say anything about interest/usury being banned in the Third Reich.

  11. ZCF, a confused Hispanic, white nationalist wannabe. ZCF, or Brandon Martinez, is not an historian. He is a nihilistic punk with a big mouth.

    I don’t personally like ZCF at all, but his article about the Nazis’ actions against the Rothschild banking interests uses solid sources, scholarly and otherwise. You have to show how his sources are false or defective. Making ad hominem attacks against him does nothing to disprove his argument or his sources.

  12. Jewish Messianic expectation is completely different from Christian Messianic expectation.

    No it isn’t. Christianity originated as an apocalyptic sect of 2nd Temple Judaism. Christianity is literally based on Jewish Messianism. As to Christianity’s “spiritual” messiah vs. Judaism’s real world messiah, I already explained the difference in my previous post on this subject.

    Jews look for a militaristic world leader to fight for an earthly kingdom now.

    So do Christians. I recommend that you read the NT book of Revelation. The main subject of that book is the warrior king Jesus fighting a large military battle against the gentile pagan kingdoms of earth, defeating them, and then establishing a utopian Jewish world government, complete with a “New Jerusalem”.

    This Jewish messiah would also empower the Jews as an ethnic group as opposed to the Christian Messiah who would empower any and all who would believe, Gentile or Jew.

    That’s not what Revelation says. In Revelation, the Jewish warrior messiah Jesus returns to earth and kills all gentiles in a huge military battle, after which there will be only 144,000 Jewish male virgins left alive to occupy the new Jewish global utopia.

    1. Right on cue, you endorse the view of a typical nihilistic white nationalist, completely misrepresenting Christianity through the heresies of Christian Zionism, which is a minority movement within Christendom. What site do you think you walked on to? You think you can pull this BS here? You are dealing with an educated bunch who know Christianity far better than you. We know that Judaism is newer than Christianity, and that it was created in reaction to Christianity. So far, you are pulling no surprises. Brandon, and many like him, pulled out all these strawmen arguments at forums like TIU. Not going to work here ZOG. Charles Giuliani too. All debunked, humiliated, and relegated to obscurity.

  13. The root question: what was the Nazi party really? We know that Nazi Germany bore many resemblances to Bolshevik Russia. There is even a Wikipedia entry on these similarities. The two regimes cooperated quite comfortable in the carving up of Eastern Europe, and on many other things. Are we to believe that a party obsessed with Nordic supremacy, and supposedly even contemplated exterminating the Jews(!) was able to sit down and work with the Jewish Bolshevik regime?
    It took me a long time in life to discover that the Bolsheviks were Jews. No one told me in all my years of studying history at a major university. Can we take it one step further and speculate that the Nazi regime was also Jewish? I recently read a biography of the Catholic Austrian statesman Dollfuss, murdered by the Nazis– who got their start, as we all know, in heavily Jewish Vienna. The book glosses over the bombing campaigns and other “Nazi outrages” that destabilized Austria just before the Anschloss. For example, bombs placed in paper bags in cloakrooms. This was done by Germanic gentiles wanting to establish Aryan supremacy? I doubt it. Sounds much more like the bombings that plagued Russia in the last years of the tsars. We know who was behind all that.

  14. I wouldn’t dismiss Ben Freedman because what he said was damaging to the Jews.
    Some Jew who wrote a book smearing Hitler? I’d be asking who benefits from it?

  15. The Biblical 666 is not calculated but counted through history for eg Nero, Kaligula— Hitler etc & its Prerogative is Sodomic & to this, Hitler filling the sodomic slot is not surprising even Obama’s sudden ushering of the sodomic Agenda, first inducted officially into the US Military on his immediate return from the land of what Daniel in Prophecy calls :” strange god ; a god of forces, not the god of his fathers”: ie.after his first official visit to India, incidentally connects to the alters figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court in Tel Aviv (in the absence of the temple in Jerusalem), with tel aviv itself vying to be the sodomic capital & a simple reference to the OT reveals all of this to be Abomination unto God which but points to this Zionist gathering , if from God, then in his Wrath unto the Prophecy :”cause they love not the truth, God sends a strong delusion so that they may believe THE LIE”, The lie of that ‘ole ‘holy cow” through a people unto the world,, them that have not the love for the truth. Since the delusion comes from God it becomes extremely difficult to contemplate altogather, till the transgression of the gentiles comes to its full.

  16. Cause you mention jew adorno some well known quotes of him saying it all.
    Theodor W. Adorno
    May all the German Horst, and Guenter roll in their blood and all the Inge girls be put into the Polish Bordellos, given preferences to Jewish men. Jew Theodor W. Adorno: “Briefe an die Eltern” 1939 bis 1951. Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp, 2003.
    Everything happened the way we have hoped for for years, the land [*Germany] is a garbage dump, Millions of Hansjuergen and Ute [*popular names] are dead. (1. Mai 1945). Jew Theodor W. Adorno: “Briefe an die Eltern” 1939 bis 1951. Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp, 2003.
    To quote you: “Let’s assume for the sake of argument that” :
    most of the Germans including Hitler in the third reich were more Christian than most of us all today!
    I would recommend Deanna Spingola in their one of their last podcasts digging with this.

  17. Hitler was against jewish atheist marxist,bolshevism,communism,capitalism. Many of the christians today are infiltrated with an oxymoron called judeo christiantiy which is based on the tenets of holocaust theology and the jewish talmud and the resulting profanity of world jewry. A true Christian is believing and defending Jesus Christ alone as the fulfilment of bilble prophecy instead of the terror state of israel, the neo bolschevist settlers and the talmud fraudsters.
    Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum (1965) in his book:
    “The Face of God after Auschwitz”:
    “The Golgotha of modern mankind is Auschwitz. The cross,
    the Roman gallows, was replaced by the gas chambers.”
    “In Auschwitz, the Jewish people was the High Priest and the
    sacrificial lamb in one. They died because of the sins of others.”
    – Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum (1965)
    1979 the jewish pope from Poland John Paul II. kneed down in front of the “death wall” of auschwitz.
    Pope John Paul II: Auschwitz “The Golgotha of the Modern World”
    The holohocaust is now catholic dogma.
    The notorius lies about Hitler and christian Germany are so blatant cause they are defending and camouflage the crimes and mass murder of the perpetrators of the last 150 years and to blame the victims instead.

  18. I am not whining and my my first post was not ad hominem.It was just not political correct in your opinion. Thats why you censor me.Your blog ist just one more of the many bunch of desinformation blogs about National Socialist Germany! Please send me my text you censored to john3v16@gmail.com and that is all is ask. End of the conversation.

    1. You misunderstand my position. Did you even read this article, or did your Hitler radar go off and you just posted a typical defense? My position on Hitler and Nazism is not rooted in political correctness. It is rooted in truth, which reveals Nazism as the neo-pagan ruse that it is.

  19. >It is rooted in truth, which reveals Nazism as the neo-pagan ruse that it is.
    Sorry no this is not true.Narzism is a jewish invention. The National Socialist never called themself “nazis”. I would ask you honestly what do you really know for fakt about National Socialist Germany and their stand on Christianity?You may google it up and research it:
    “The National Socialist Stand on Christianity”
    You will find wintersonnenwende and justice4germans as realibale sources in my opinion.
    Please send me my first text to john3v16@gmail.com
    And i also recomend the deanna spingola podcast i recomended earlier.
    I am no neo paganist, i stand with Jesus Christ who is risen and is one with his father.He was no jew came from Galilee which was by the way pagan.
    But is this the main question? I would say the main question is as 1. John 2:22 states
    “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”
    That is excacty what jewish marxism,bolshevism,communism,zionism stands for.
    And the National Socialist knew that the jews would dissolve christian values and culture as the tenets of their books told them too.
    And yes i go for this article you can find if you enter:
    “If Hitler Won World War II We’d Have A Better, More Just World Today”
    I am agree with James Miller and by the way with George Patton also who recognized that the US fought on the wrong side and after that they killed him and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.

    1. Nazism, NSDAP, same thing no matter what you try to call it. There isn’t room for both Hitler and Jesus Christ on the Cross. Hitler didn’t die for anyone, and embracing Nazi ideology is nothing less than idolatry, as it is a man-made concept with no heavenly value. Romanticizing Hitler and the Nazis is one thing, but making them equal to Christianity is absolutely preposterous and a grave error in judgement. The majority of Nazi policies were not consistent with Church teaching. You can cherry pick elements of Nazi policies that may appear favourable to the Christian worldview, but overall, Nazism was completely anti-Christian. Jews rule us not because we haven’t been able to outsmart them or match them politically. Jews rule us because of our own, individual sins. Men must change before kingdoms can. If we as a people of God had not been consumed in our own sins, the Jews would never have gained a foothold over us and the Reformation would not have happened. Everything Hitler did was without the blessing of God. It was rooted in selfish pride and humanly lust for power.

  20. completely misrepresenting Christianity through the heresies of Christian Zionism

    What I wrote was just a summary of the text of Revelation. If some particular Christian sect is based on the text of Revelation, then maybe your problem is with that Christian text, not that particular Christian sect.

    You are dealing with an educated bunch who know Christianity far better than you.

    I know plenty about Christian origins, thank you very much. If your knowledge is so great, then why don’t you have any counter-arguments to what I say?

    We know that Judaism is newer than Christianity, and that it was created in reaction to Christianity.

    That’s false. Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity are twin offshoot sects of 2nd Temple Judaism that developed simultaneously. Rabbinic Judaism was created in reaction to the demolition of the Jewish Temple in 70 CE, the same event that inspired the writing of the New Testament gospels.

    So far, you are pulling no surprises.

    If that’s the case, then why don’t you have any decent responses to what I say?

    Brandon, and many like him, pulled out all these strawmen arguments at forums like TIU. Not going to work here ZOG. Charles Giuliani too.

    I have nothing to do with any of those individuals, nor any of their arguments, if they even had any to begin with.

      Unwitting Disciples of Zoroaster: The Influence of Zoroastrianism on Rabbanism in the Talmud and Midrash
      From 226 to 379, the Persian kings gathered and systematized the works of Zoroaster. The result was twenty-one great volumes – against the twenty-one words of the most holy Persian prayer, the Ahuravarrya. Known as Nusk, it is the Talmud of the Zoroastrians (speaking anachronistically).
      Due to the hostilities between the Persians and the Arabs in the latter half of the eighth century, the books of the Nusk were singled out for destruction. What now remains to the remnants of Zoroastrianism are five volumes:
      (1) Yasna – the book of sacrifices, which contains seventy-two chapters among them the Gatha passages (the oldest and most hallowed writings of the Zend-Avesta)
      (2) Vendidad – twenty-two chapters on the laws regulating evil spirits.
      (3) Yasht -an elaborate, detailed account of the Persian deities.
      (4) The Vispered – twenty-four chapters (a supplement to Yasna).
      (5) Khorda – an abridged edition of the laws in the Zend-Avesta.
      The Talmud was greatly influenced by Persian culture. It derives, in fact, much of its content directly from the Zend-Avesta, as will be detailed in brief below. One finds in the Talmud not only Persian superstition and legend, but many legal decisions handed down in accordance with Persian code. Not to mention the customs and usages of Persian life. Even the forms and expressions of the literary Pahlavi entered into the Talmud in no small way. The Persian influence on the Talmud is so great that, at times, it is difficult to separate what is Jewish from what is Persian in it.
      A system of nomenclature for angels in Jewish lore, prior to Persian influence, did not exist. We find for example, angels being named for the first time in the book of Daniel (a book compiled during the Persian exile). The naming of angels was important in the Persian religion, and the Talmud itself relates that: “Shemot HaMal’akhim ‘Alu Lahem MiBavel” – “The names of the Angels arose from Babylon”. Those familiar with Rabbanite theology will note how it is replete with the mention of good and bad angels (just think of the Rabbanite Shalom ‘Aleikhem song for Shabbat night).
      In Persian teaching, there were two gods, a good god, Ahura Mazda, and an evil god, Ahriman. The Talmud, in fact, went to the extent of borrowing the names of many of the deities and angels in the Persian pantheon, such as: Mithra (called Metatron in the Talmud), Hadar (called Hadarni’el in the Talmud), Dahriman, Tir, Serosh(1) , Aesmadiv [“spirit of anger” in Persian] (called Ashmedai in the Talmud), Angra/Agra (called Agrat in the Talmud),and many more…
      As with angels, so did the Amora’im [the Rabbis quoted in the Talmud]of Babylon and the writers of the Christian scriptures draw freely from the Zend-Avesta’s troves of superstitions about demons and imps. Let’s start with a look at Ahriman. From the Talmud, we learn that the angel, Ahriman is identified with Satan (Masekhet Bava Batra 16). Masekhet Sanhedrin 29, and the Vendidad II, 384 refer to Ahriman as the Serpent of Hell.
      Ahriman’s myriads of helpers are referred to as divs, what we now call devils. Vendidad I, 21 notes that these divs are more numerous than the dust of the earth (as does Talmud Masekhet Berakhot 6, Midrash Tehillim 17, Tanhuma, etc.,). The following passages from the Talmud and Midrash regarding demons (divs) were derived or directly copied from Vendidad II:
      Masekhet Sanhedrin 25 notes that devs are particularly active in graveyards. Masekhet Gitin 68 and Midrash Qohelet state that divs are male and female. Masekhet Berakhot 61 and Masekhet Hulin 105 state that demons can assume the shape of human beings, or flys. Masekhet Hagigah 16 contends that demons, like human beings, can reproduce. Masekhet Gitin 68 calls Ashemdai (Aesmadiv in Persian) the greatest of the divs. One of the fundamental teachings of Persian religious conduct is the avoidance of unclean hands (Masekhet Shabbat 109). It was believed that Sabetkh, a div, rests upon such hands: The Qissur Shulhan Arukh 2.1 quoting Yosef Caro’s Beit Yosef states, “when a man is asleep, the holy soul departs from his body, and an unclean spirit descends upon him. When rising from sleep, the unclean spirit departs from his body except for his fingers, and does not depart until one spills water upon them three times alternately. One is not allowed to walk four cubits (six feet) without having one’s hands washed, except in cases of extreme necessity.”
      Masekhet Megillah 3 states that during the period of night, no one must offer or receive the hand of another (for fear of an evil spirit). Masekhet Shevu‘ot 15 and Masekhet Berakhot 4 contain the Persian prayer to repel the unseen forces of evil.
      The driving off of evil spirits by adjuration was an integral part of the Persian religion. Whole systems of conjuration were devised by them; and many were the invocations with which some of them commanded the devils. All of these spells and “prayers” can be found in the Talmud. A few examples will serve to illustrate:
      Vendidad II, 223 and Masekhet Qiddushin 81 state that the chief thing to utter when exorcising a demon was, “I expel you from me.”
      If one has been bitten by a mad dog, a spell must be intoned in order to eject the hurtful spirit. [This very incantation, from Vendidad I.30, as well as the spell to ward against forgetfulness and the spell to insure that the sheep of the slaughterhouse may be fat have been written in the Talmud]
      The Persian beliefs in cameos, amulets, and talismans were also absorbed into the Talmud, along with the reading of sacred writings to restore health. In general, Zoroastrian influence is directly responsible for the presence of demons and devils in the Midrash and Talmud.
      To attempt to detail every point where the Talmud draws upon the Zend-Avesta would take a book. The following section will detail some of the more prominent concepts:
      The matter of benedictions, or the saying of grace over something that is eaten is of Persian origin (Vendidad II.112)
      The entire marriage ritual, with its special blessings, ceremony and rites is fully delimitated in the Zend-Avesta (II.157, 158, III.228)
      Vendidad II.130 and Midrash Tehillim both contend that the righteous who dwell in Paradise are as luminous as the stars.
      Vendidad 18, 166 and Masekhet Sanhedrin 17 state that the art of magic does not come from the Evil Power, and all wise men (in the case of the Talmud the men of the Sanhedrin can practice it).
      Both the Zend-Avesta (according to the Persians) and Torah (according to the Talmud) are able to repel demonic influences, merely by their recitation (c.f., Seder Eliyhau, Zuta 82, Masekhet Megillah 31, and Masekhet Ta‘anit 27).
      The passage in the Zend-Avesta where Ahura Mazda speaks to Zoroaster of the life of virtue that follows death has been copied directly into the Talmud (Masekhet Avot 86).
      The disciples of Zoroaster are assured of a heavenly existence, so the Talmud says of the nation of Israel (Masekhet ‘Eruvin 10).
      God is with him who studies and mediates in the night (Vendidad 18, Masekhet ‘Avodah Zarah 3, Masekhet Berakhot 30).
      The Persians believed that life is but a passing, unimportant state of existence, only after death does one truly begin to live, so Midrash Qohelet Rabba. Zoroastrians were loath to convert others to their faith, so too is found in the Talmud a discouragement to prosetylization (Masekhet Qiddushin 70).
      Though the Zend-Avesta was unknown before the coming of Zoroaster, the righteous who had lived before him were aware of it, and followed the precepts it contained. The Talmud, in this vein, contends that the Patriarchs perfectly observed the Torah even though it had not yet been given (Masekhet Yoma 28).
      Truly, all of the enjoinments concerning demons and spirits detailed in the Vendidad may be found in the Talmud. It is as if the authors of the Talmud sat down and copied the Vendidad into the Talmud. Many of the laws of Yasna: sacrificial arrangement, rendering of divine service, and regulations of cleanliness form the major portion of Talmudic law in these matters. The list goes on and on, to the extent that one begins to wonder if Rabbanites – and, for that matter, Christians – are unwitting disciples of Zoroaster.

  21. Sorry but your personal interpretation is not mine. I never, never did that comparison what you do here. Your invention. You ignored my objection of rabbi maybaum and the jewish holocaust theologie in comparison to the true golgatha of Jesus Christ completely.And you did not react to 1. John 2.22:
    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
    You should know why you did that..
    No more to say, except:Please send me my 1 first posting you censored to john3v16@gmail.com.I want it back cause i did not save it.Than i am out of here.

    1. johannes, you cannot identify both as a Nazi and a Christian. You can only have one. Christ said, “you cannot serve two masters.” You have to make a decision. NSDAP is man-made, Christ is divine. The choice is simple. Whom will you choose, Hitler or Christ?

      1. “Nazi” is a term coined by kikes you paleocon faggot. Also, you posted an article attacking our lady of fatima while claiming to be a catholic

          1. These white nationalists are obsessed with homosexuality, as much as their Jewish masters are. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. White nationalism is so Jewed it is funny. They paint themselves into a corner with their hatred of everyone and they act just like Jews when they attack. When I was on Bitchute I was attacked a lot by Jews pretending to be white nationalists but sometimes I assumed they were Jews pretending to be white nationalists but I think I was wrong. I just could not fathom anyone actually being as stupid as these people are. Some of them are Jew wise but the vast majority are completely unaware of controlled opposition. The people who lead white nationalists are do incredibly incompetent things, the few who are not Jews or agents of Jews. The white nationalists movement serves the interest of the Jews as much Jews do themselves. I suspect there are more homosexuals in the so called movement than in the general population. It has been my experience that people who hate homosexuals may not be homosexuals but people who are obsessed with it tend to be.
            I have no time for these people. Many of them mix some warped version of Christianity into their ideology as well and claim to be the real Jews lol, I literally laughed as I wrote that. If you are talking to someone who is a white nationalist you could flip a coin, Jew or retard and which ever side it lands on would be right. They are very damaging to non rereads who are onto the Jews.

            I have been shadow banned from bitchute for exposing Jon Minadeo, Adam Green and David Duke. Bitchute said I was inciting violence. These so called white nationalists who talk about killing blacks and homosexuals do not get banned though. Most who claim to be white nationalists on Bitchute must be Jews or really stupid. I have dealt with Jews who were openly Jewish on YouTube over a decade ago and they acted almost exactly the same. One thing about Jews though, the strong Jew helps the weak Jew and the smart Jee helps the stupid Jew etc., all for self interest of course but whitr nationalist stab each other in the back over the smallest disagreement. I have seen it stated, I think it was on renegadetribune that the Litmus test as to whether or not someone is controlled opposition is whether he or she supports Hitler or not. I think a better litmus test would be whether or not someone has been on television. I believe every single person who has been on television is controlled by the Jews. White nationalists get angry when I say David Duke is controlled opposition. Duke was on the Phil Donahue show and could not give a reference stating that blacks are less intelligent. Perhaps he was trying to look stupid. He claims Arabs with boxcutters did 911 and why did he get that nosejob? Maybe he was afraid his honker would look more Jewish as he got older. He is also rumoured to be homosexual, who knows.
            White Nationalism is as Jewish as the ADL. These people cannot be reasoned with and should be avoided. It was the Jewish role in mass immigration that first opened my eyes to the Jewish question and I have read a great deal of white nationalist material and I understand how someone can fall into but anyone who stays inside of white nationalism year are after year and cannot see that it is totally Jew controlled is an Idiot. America and freedom!

  22. TF, you just ignore me and what i said to justify your desinfomation.I clearly said whome i serve. That has nothing to do with your BS about Hitler and the christian Germans who have been slaughtered to the millions by the alliies and the jews.You know what. Just give me my censored article back and sent it to my mail adress and i am out of here.

  23. Let none be fooled for Fascism does not come in the name of Fascism but pushes forth its fascist agendas through political names just as Hitler did, he who slept spiritually with the theosophist Helena Blavatsky under his pillow, reveal its basis & together with freemasonry (The Biblical false Prophet in Zech 5) totally contradicts the principles of Christianity & is it any wonder as to why its offshoots through Zionism even feminism etc hate Christianity much ?
    So much so the Prophecy to the second & final rise of Fascism states “For one of the heads of the beast that received a deadly wound is seen healing” except that this time comes through feminism, well hidden though & its source as before the devil except that it comes off his female self what some would call “The beautiful side of evil”

      1. Fitz, It is stated “Who can make war with the BEAST is to say Who can make war with AMERICA today, as simple as that. Now America itself born of England, etc. has its foundation based on freemasonic principals , freemasonry having its commoness to the 1948 gathering in violence, instead of God, but maurading in his name. Freemasonry manifested out of the Enmity from Eden against the Woman & her seed, forming that ‘ole iniquity, has at its modern basis the Biblical words of the OT in Jeremiah, before the scattering “There is seen a conspiracy among the Princes of Judah” which but is a rebellion against the Lion of the tribe of Judah More over Masonry ruled by theosophy whose principles are outlined in the UN , its marker Sodom thereby carrying forward the mantle of the Beast by none one else than through its General Secretary, the chief promoter of Sodom & its religion is ancient Egypt , even unto promoting “Yoga” by the Lie saying its has nothing to do with religion, decreed by a bunch of Californian Judges having neither Spiritual Knowledge nor Authority.
        Now, this whole is symbolized the many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court, is also to know that the head symbol(of theosophy, wound its way into the UN prayer hall) is the hindu “0M” (fascism being one of its heads)projected through the people gathered, except that, its their very own ‘ole “LIE’ that of that golden calf(notorious for turning the truth of God into a Lie)& this, God sends as strong delusion for those who love not THE TRUTH, even hate it, until the great & terrible day of the Lord to the Prophecy of the sun turning to darkness & the moon covered with blood (which again is falsely revealed as the Blood Moon Prophecy by the prophets of Babylon in the likes of John Haggae etc. referring it to a physical sign) when in the truth it but reveals the prosecution of the Woman in Rev 12 , in its dualistic understanding the Woman denotes the Church ; the bride of Christ & her persecution will bring forth the vengeance of the Bridegroom. The wrath of the Lamb to the great & terrible day. Till such time the Beast by the False Prophet(with its sodomic symbol)will gather the nations to war against the Lamb—.

    Antony C. Sutton
    by Antony C. Sutton
    Antony C. Sutton
    The Moscow Conference ended in full success and became the first step towards closer co-operation of the three great powers. It frustrated the hopes of the German leaders to isolate the USSR internationally, and testified to the growing role of the Soviet state in the camp of the countries fighting the fascist “Axis”, as well as in broader international relations. On 4 October, in his message to the British prime-minister, Beaverbrook reported that :
    The effect of this agreement has been an immense strengthening of the morale of Moscow. The maintenance of this morale will depend on delivery. (…) I do not regard the military situation here as safe for the winter months I do think that morale might make it safe. [Churchill W. S. L. (1986c).]
    Meanwhile the first troubles and discords occurred exactly in that very matter, and to an extent that might put the agreements from Moscow under a big question mark.
    One of the crucial points in the relations between the Soviet Union and Great Britain was the question of creation of so-called second front in West Europe in order to divert some German forces from the East. Already in his first letter to the British prime-minister, on 18 July 1941, Stalin identified that question as the central one in the relations between the two allies. The Soviet leader suggested that such a front might be created in France or Scandinavia. Sir Winston Spencer Churchill answered three days later. He made a long treatise on impossibility of amphibious operations in northern France and the system of the german fortifications along the Atlantic coast, and reminded that for 12 months his country was fighting alone and its strengths had been stretched to the utmost. Instead of the second front he offered naval operations in the northern seas and sending several British fighter squadrons to Murmansk.
    Churchill’s answer suspended the exchange of opinions on the second front for 5 weeks. The question was raised again, as the situation on the Eastern front worsened. On 3 September Churchill received another Stalin’s letter. Stalin was bitter and pessimistic:
    Germans consider danger in the West a bluff, and are transferring all their forces to the East with impunity, being convinced that no second front exists in the West, and that none will exist. Germans consider it quite possible to smash their enemies singly: first Russia, then the English. [Correspondence Between Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill and Attlee During World War II. (2001).]
    Stalin demanded that Great Britain undertake operations, which would divert 30 to 40 German divisions from the Eastern front. Churchill assumed negative position, arguing that staging a major landing on the European coast in 1941 was not possible. He was supported in this opinion by his military commanders, while some politicians, like Beaverbrook, Stafford Cripps or Ernest Bevin, maintained that opening a second front in 1941 was doable. They were convinced that only this way one could prevent collapse of the Soviet Union and deny Adolf Hitler unlimited control over Europe. Churchill did not share those opinions – according to him the Red Army was able to resist the Nazi invasion without a second front.
    These views decided about the basic principles of the British strategy – as a colonial empire, Great Britain was first of all concerned about sea communications with overseas possessions. Therefore, forces deployed in the Mediterranean and Middle East were the only guarantee of uninterrupted supplies of raw materials and food. The question of invasion of West Europe in those circumstances was of secondary importance. Especially so that after the outbreak of the Germano-Soviet war Churchill contemplated a long war of attrition; the war that had to bring Germany’s defeat, but also had to exhaust the Soviet Union. This policy was in obvious contradiction with the postulate to end the war as soon as possible, which was certainly the cardinal predicament of the conquered peoples of Europe.
    This is already enough to understand the motives of the British strategy, and especially of the British prime-minister. But there were more conclusions Churchill had driven from the experiences of the First World War. He remembered that the first global conflict had claimed as many as 700 thousand British soldiers (out of total of 10 million). He remembered acute discussions over the issues of that war, and especially the statistics, which showed that during the battle on the Somme alone there were more British soldiers killed than during all the British colonial wars of the 19th century. The balance of the First World War had shocked British politicians, used to easy victories and wars waged by foreigners. Churchill did not want to see repetition of that situation, and gladly used to send to fight Australians, Canadians, Frenchmen, Poles and even Americans. As a result, the United Kingdom during the Second World War had lost 350 thousand people, which is half of the casualties of the First World War, while the total number of the killed and missed had increased fivefold. Stalin, of course, was not familiar with all the elements of the British strategic planning, but some motives and conclusions were quite obvious to him. So, the exchange of letters between him and Churchill had been becoming more and more sharp. On 13 September 1941 Stalin already wrote to Churchill as follows:
    If at the moment the opening of a second front in the West seem unfeasible to the British Government, then perhaps some other means could be found of rendering the Soviet Union active military aid against the common enemy. It seems to me that Britain could safely land 25-30 divisions at Archangel or ship them to the southern areas of the U.S.S.R. vià Iran for military cooperation with the Soviet troops on Soviet soil in the same way as was done during the last war in France. [Correspondence Between Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill and Attlee During World War II. (2001).]
    Churchill did not answer to that proposal, and on the next days acted as if there had been no letter from Stalin. Meanwhile more strain mounted in the Anglo-Soviet relations. In October grave controversies emerged from the British policy towards Finland, Hungary and Romania, which took part in the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The Soviet government already in July demanded that Britain, as a Soviet ally, declared war on those countries. London hesitated, though; the British government expected that Finland and Romania would withdraw from the war after recovering territories they lost in 1939-1940. Those expectations did not come true; yet Churchill still doubted the purpose of declaration of war on those countries in his letter to Stalin from 4 November.
    Three days later London received Stalin’s answer, written in very hard words, in which the Soviet leader doubted sincerity of the British policy, and suggested serious talks concerning fundamental principles of the alliance between Great Britain and the Soviet Union during the war, as well as goals of the post-war settlements. Churchill took offence in the general tone of the letter, but eventually he decided to send his foreign minister, Sir Anthony Rober Eden, to Moscow in order to clarify the situation around the mutual relations. On 21 November he wrote to Stalin that the main goal, both countries should pursue in the future, should become the final elimination of the German threat to the world peace:
    Naturally, the first object will be to prevent Germany, and particularly Prussia, breaking out upon us for the third time. The fact that Russia is a Communist State and Britain and the United States are not, and do not intend to be, is not any obstacle to our making a good plan for our mutual safety and rightful interests. [Correspondence Between Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill and Attlee During World War II. (2001).]
    Simultaneously, the British position against Finland, Hungary and Romania needed clarification. On 25 November 1941, on the fifth anniversary of the Anti-Comintern Pact, Berlin announced its renewal and expansion through admission of new states, in this Finland, Hungary and Romania. On 29 November Great Britain presented to the governments of those states a diplomatic note, in which it demanded that they cease the aggression against the Soviet Union before 5 December. Finland rejected that demand in the note issued on 4 December, while governments of Hungary and Romania did not answer at all. On the next day it was announced in London that beginning of 1:00 on 7 December Great Britain would be in the state of war with those three countries. British dominions followed London: on 7 December Canada, New Zealand and Indies declared war on Finland, Hungary and Romania, Australia did the same on 8 December, and South Africa on 9 December. On 28 December Great Britain declared war on Bulgaria.
    The day of 7 December 1941 had also become pivotal to the policy of the United States, since early in the morning on that day the Japanese attacked American military bases in Hawaii and the Philippines, as well as British possessions in the Far East.
    The Japanese aggression in the Far East coincided with the Soviet counter-offensive in the battle of Moscow, which marked the long-awaited collapse of the German “lightning war”. On those days, crucial to the human history, took place very important political talks, aimed at construction of the common strategy in the Second World War, and plans of the post-war settlements.

  25. To Timothy Fitzpatrick my name is Wayne Morin Jr I am the TV Show Host of Conspiracy Network TV. I would like to post { Why the Jewish press and neo-Nazis ignore Hitler’s sexuality } on my You-Tube page. Would this be ok? I have had many guest you may want to use their interviews on your page here. Go to gailraes on Youtube.
    Thank You

  26. If hitler was such a good guy why did his own generals attempt to get rid of him several times. i think they saw what he was , after dunkirk . when the order came for the germans to let the english army go, the german general staff was annoyed to say the least and flabbergasted and asked for the order to be repeated and it was. so there the german army sat while their erstwhile enemy escaped and did nothing.
    also, during the german air campaign and bombing campaign of britain, why was it all targets were civilian in nature and nothing of a military nature were targeted? also why was it the city of london was left unscathed? the city of london is where the real financial power of the world emanates from.
    also , hitler’s girlfriend, the one he eventually married was found to be jewish by dna analysis. fascinating no?
    if hitler was so anti jewish, why did 150,000 german jews fight in the german army for him? why was it so many jews were in the german general staff.
    for me, i have yet to make up my mind about hitler. too many questions that will probably never be answered. frankly at this point, i think he was just some loser they picked up and were trying to figure out what to do with him and they found out he was a good public speaker. so they turned him loose. terrible tom metzber, formerly of the nazi persuasion and now a proud leftist, said, that the night of the long knives was when the people who were in on the conspiracy took out the true believers. perhaps it is so. terrible tommy said that national socialism was betrayed. and by that one might conclude at the highest levels too.
    during his trial in israel. after his capture in argentina, adolf eichmann requested , much to the chagrin of the israeli court that the proceedings be conducted in hebrew and yiddish since he knew how to speak in both languages. interesting no? how did he learn that?
    on youtube you have speeches by hitler . one of them is talking about palestine and how it is a shame that jews are coming there and taking control of an area that is owned by arabs. strange thing is that while he is making such speeches, he signed onto the transfer agreement where the nazi party cooperated with the zionist party in helping jews leave germany for the desert of palestine. this sounds to me like double talk .
    yes there is a lot more that i could say, but i have to say i find this hitler character to be a good cop during a time when a good cop was needed.
    after all, let us not forget why the second world war took place. to help populate the new state of israel ? and they needed this guy in place in germany to force jews to leave. and many of the rich ones did.
    the real holocaust was of germans. in ww2. not jews. and that was part of the plan too. germany was a birthplace of so much of white western european christian culture and it had to be destroyed . and it almost was. if the war, had lasted long enough, in europe, the jews in the AEC were planning on telling truman to drop the bombs on germany. this was the plan from the beginning in my opinion. but the timing was a tad off. the war was supposed to last a certain amount of time, but it was over too fast.
    over and out.

  27. Adolf Hitler was not homosexual. Prove this? The only charges doors from Jewish sources with no evidence.
    This is old propaganda, from the Jews,from a time when being ,’Gay,’ was really hated.
    Adolf Hitler was consumed by his, mission, and would do nothing to distract from it.
    Bring ,’Gay,’ sure would of !
    Broirve it,or not, some people ate not overwhelmed by sexual interest.
    Hitler was one of three types.
    I find it unsettling that this site, would use Jewish/ Alex Jones type propaganda on Hitler.
    Fact. He was real. The man, and his people took on the International Jews.
    He purged them from the economy, and broke their Left/Right chsrsdel
    Germany, and Japan recovered from Depression, like no other, despite boycotts, and no resources.
    The world Jewish Congress declared war on Hitler in 1933, and they got the real ear going against him ,and the Axis in 1939.
    September 3, 1939 the British World/French armies declared war-95 % of the world population declared war,on Grrmshy without being threatened, or attacked.
    They refused any,and all negotiations with him/Germany.
    To malign Hitler,with Jewish smears gets the user in the ‘movement,’ nothing.

  28. Adolf Hitler payed his ‘Church Taxes,’ till the day he died. ‘I am,and shall remain a Catholic”,he said often.
    That cruelly malgned man, had his most powerful base, in Catholic Areas ,of Germany, and Europe.
    He fought for his country, against overwhelming odds.
    He signed a Concordet with the Vatican in 1933, and had diplomatic relations with the Holy See.
    The USA only had a Charge de Affairs till Reagan.
    There is zero,evidence Hitler was a Homosexual.
    If ,he where, he would of never risen to power.
    His powerful ideals ,and success was so great ,his enemies floated every kind of ugly tale.
    Jews always uses sex slander against people.

  29. The Biblical False Prophet “Freemasonry by theosophy” & theosophy(through the notorious Helena Blavatsky) wound it way into the UN prayer hall become the Guardian of ‘Sodom’ & Hitler slept with her book under his pillow & that reflects much of his notoriety, even his so called catholic talk for all his brains contradicting the words of Jesus
    “My Sheep know my voice” & Commanding the Apostles “Go unto the lost sheep of Israel” & unto Peter “Feed my sheep” Now to the revelation of SHEEP & VOICE was witnessed the church in the Spirit led by St. Peter himself identifying the SHEEP by testing for the two commandments- His VOICE. This confirms with revelation “The Elect of God who keep the Commandments & have His Testimony. Also called as the Israel of God & there are no two Israel but one just as there is only one Covenant that which Apostle John witnessed the Ark of the Covenant in the temple in heaven, for the one made by Moses is but a model of the original & it is the revelation of this original Covenant mentioned by Jeremiah in 2 Maccabees 2 4-8 unto the Eternal Inheritance of God from Earth , which is what the whole Covenant is about for Israel means Inheritance , not which comes out of Fascism’s twisted minds, as it rises again unto its finality. even denoted by the many alien alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court, through a people gathered by Freemasonry in the violence.

  30. Hitler homosexual?… Had he won WW2,
    his name would have been Jesus Christ.
    BTW, in the 1st-Century Judea, it was,
    apparently, ‘normal’ for a man to avail
    himself of the services of a male fellatio
    performer. Remember the “youth
    wearing loose clothing” in Getsemany?…
    Is there anything of the sort to be found
    in Mr Hitler’s biography?…

  31. Recently there was projected the Hindu demoness Kali on the Empire state building by none else than her priests, the same ones that killed Apostle Thomas, reflects the question to a visionary from St. Peter himself leading the Church in the Spirit (the Prophecy of St. Malachi regarding the last Pope- Petrus Romanus-who tends to the sheep) before testing him in the spirit (the spirit does not Lie) for the First Commandment of God , tested by the words “You HINDU-CHRISTIAN” cause the beliefs are incompatible with each other in the spirit, even as Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity denoting “Evolution” as the basis of the said belief & one who has such a belief denies in his heart, the Existence of God & so cannot have the Love of God in him, irrespective what his mind may think or mouth may otherwise speak .
    So kali- to the goddess worship, like wise the “Strange god” the Mythical hindu Monkey warrior god – The lucky charms that Obama carries, even the many alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court – – The gods of Evolution all but denote “The Worship of Evolution” , the worship of the created instead of the Creator. .So is it any wonder what the belief of Hitler, maurading as a christian really was, is now by Fascism , he who slept with that Notorious Ukrainian Helene Blavatsky under his pillow unto its Fascist policies, the Wickedness driven by the False Prophet ‘Freemasonry by Theosophy’ (Zech 5) with Sodom come as the very Marker, even to form the Mark of the Beast , as the indulgences of the so-called gods, to the fact that Truth comes not from the mouth of men but from the revelations of God.

  32. Fitz, Ernst Rhoem of the SA brown shirts was openly guy, & Hitler & his goons murdered him. Because he embarrassed the Nazis.
    I’ve been to the Dachau museum & gays were definitely incarcerated at the Dachau concentration camp.

    1. abey, you will remain hopelessly confused if you do not understand patriarchal ROOTS. Doing so will clear up much of your confusion. You have to dig that the REAL enemy of all the different masks of the patriarchy, including Christianity is the feminine, and the natural world—which is anciently associated with the feminine, eg ‘Mother Earth’. And it was not just Earth, there was the primordial mythology of the Earth AND universe being the Great Mother from which all is created *including* gods, including light. But when the patriarchy begins coopting these ancient preliteral myths and using words to subvert and create division and control they divide up the metaphor of the Great Mother. And hence you get the darkness personified as ‘Kali’ etc and the meek as the ‘Virgin Mary’ and so hence the deeper understanding of the metaphor is lost. And of course this real enemy of the patriarchy is So taboo that, eg in Christianity there is no mention of a ‘her’ because they masculinize their enemy as a ‘he’, ‘Satan/Lucifer/Devil. But really it is blatantly they mean the Goddess and the natural world because they IDOLIZE a heroic ego warrior god in the sky who you MUST obey, love, and worship and who is above nature. And this is why followers like you push the patriarchal cliche ‘don’t worship the creation/nature, worship the ‘creator’–thus implying they are different! You do because you abide by patriarchal dualistic thinking.
      A book I recommend people including you read is called Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon?, by Monica Sjoo

  33. For a greater than Hitler is here “One of the heads of the Beast that received a deadly wound is seen healing” even as the seat of satan becomes unto its ancient days ever since the fall of man & its works through “Sodom” come as the very Marker, reveals the wickedness that which was deep in Hitler’s unaccomplished heart & its symbol is ‘Pride” that of his master’s, even as satan deceives man through the mother goddess worship making them “Worship the Creator instead of the creator’ hiding the truth of God. The devil or Dragon as he is called even the accuser of the brethren, the god of this world, that has many under his thumb as seen,, was last witnessed standing before the “Throne of God” covered in darkness, hiding himself from the face of the Glorious one before him- God, Truth of God is never to hopelessness nor confusions but to life , which can be only through His Christ, no any other way, & this Truth of life comes not from ones own mind or imagination but from the Spirit of God, neither from the Kali spirit , the spirit of the devil to death & destruction, all by deceit.
    Now to the incompatibility of being a HINDU- CHRISTIAN. Hinduism lo Egypt ( even the many alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court- Any doubt as why Sodom is exemplified in its capital city) is denoted by their gods(s)as one body with three heads(Modalism) which three denote creation/sustenance/destruction , time based, hence do not complement each other, which but is a cycle of EVOLUTION(the mother goddess even unto its worship) denoted by the one body, which in truth has nothing to do with the Word “God” even unto His words in the Bible “There are no gods before me. Quiet contrary to the Christian Trinity of 3 persons in one God in perfect Eternal unity, hence not time based, reveals the importance of Faith which that which transcends time even the wisdom in the warning against “Modernism” applied to faith.

    1. Why is Jesus Christ the only way for the fallen man, to God,- the only name given under heaven ? Now, said Jesus on the cross “My God, My God why do ye forsake me” to this, did the Father forsake His son ? The answer is No ’cause he was resurrected. So the question arises “Did Jesus not know what he was saying ? The answer is that he as the 2nd Adam was indicating the last words of the 1st Adam, the father of mankind, thus revealing Jesus as the savior of man , them who believe in him (is but to know that the word woman is inclusive of the word man, not exclusive, for the woman was made out of him, for him , which the devil tries to redefine through the deceit of the golden calf or holy cow). So God did not forsake Adam even so the Bible says through the Genealogy “& Adam the son of God”.

    1. :”Idealistic Talk ” spoken by the mind instead of the spirit, turned out to be Fascism( that elements in the world today seems to pursue, hidden though) which but is trying to make oneself as god, & so naturally flopped, resulting in Hitler & his theosophic doctrines eventually humilated at the hands of the Russians, & is no wonder for Americas enmity towards Russia, as it is more than just politics.

  34. Fascism remains the same except that it changes hands from the far right to the far left , who are the sodomites of the day , for a complacent one is already a Sodomite, though understanding the prophectic warning “Remember Lots wife”. even as the scriptures prophesize “One of the heads of the beast that received a deadly wound to its head is seen rising” indicates the Re-rise of Fascism, open then but hidden now, & twisted out.. Sodom the marker.

  35. I don’t like arguing. I see many commenters, here, know the truth.
    The truth about Adolph Hitler has come out in a big way. Please, please, watch the new documentary by Dennis Wise, The Greatest Story Never Told, by Truth Will Out Films. I’ve never seen such a well documented documentary. The truth is surprising.

  36. I do not know if Hitler was a homosexual, but however he was under the control of the Jews and most likely had some Jewish ancestry himself, like how Roosevelt could have came from Rozenfeld and Churchill’s may have had Jewish ancestry from his mother.

    What we do know about his sexuality was that he liked women and some of his lovers were in fact Jewish because obviously the Jews used their women to control their puppets.

    Perhaps the most shocking fact is that Hitler had a sexual relationship with actress Hedwig Kiesler, star of the 1949 movie Samson and Delilah: https://jewlicious.com/2008/08/hitlers-jewish-threesome/

    It is like how Stalin was for a while married to Rosa Kaganovich, sister of Bolshevik Jew Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich.

    Yes Jews brag about this tryst and it is disgusting to hear about it.

    1. So Hitler liked “khazar milkers” like supposedly Ante Pavelic?

  37. Hitler is accused of committing a “genocide” of 6 million Jews during World War 2. This is a gigantic lie. In 1945 Germany surrendered unconditionally. They had to do everything that the Allies demanded. And that included the fake atrocity propaganda about soap made from human fat, human skin lampshades and gas chambers etc. Every single Chancellor since 1945 has been an Allied puppet and has to go along with this otherwise they would lose their job. Germany has paid out billions and billions in reparations and continues to do so today. They are still paying reparations even though 90% of the population wasn’t even alive during World War 2. Do you think that’s fair ? The Jews want them to continue paying for all time.
    In Germany and other countries that have holocaust denial laws you can say you don’t believe in God and nothing will happen. You can even say Jesus Christ is a mythological figure and never existed. Nothing will happen to you. But if you say you don’t believe in the holocaust you can be sent to prison. If the holocaust is true then what have they got to hide ? Why aren’t the public allowed to discuss it in a calm and scholarly manner ?


  38. Why is it that most white nationalists are idiots who worship Hitler? These people are in a goy pen whether Hitler was working for the Jews or nor. As soon as I criticize Jews some people immediately think I am a Nazi. I think Hitler was working for the Jews but even if he was not, white nationalists are stupid assholes and part of the reason why is Hitler worship and the fact that they are not capable of recognizing controlled opposition, the ones who are not Jews themselves. White nationalism and Jew worship is counterproductive to fighting the Jew.
    Another thing to note is that Hitler was not a Christian, though he was a baptized Catholic. Martin Luther, another Jew puppet. was quoted many times in Nazi documents.
    So American white nationalists worship Hitler, an atheist and former Catholic, and hate Catholics. They often claim to be Christian as well. The contradictions go on and on.
    One other thing I noticed is that white nationalists hate everyone who does not agree with them and as I said will follow any Jew who tells them what they want to hear. I used to give these people some credit because they are partly Jew wise but they are are a bigger liability against people who criticize Jews than not more are. What a complete bunch of idiots. Americans in general are idiots who worship their government. Jews aside, the government does not love you. Jews control and fund all sides of everything and there are NO famous people who do not serve the Jew and I believe most most famous men have been anally penetrated by Jews. Hitler, Whire Nationalism and America is a joke. Virtually all Americans are infected with Stare worship. The only difference is the degree.

  39. Hitler was ecumenical and supported a secular state, which is wrong, but he was not a homossexual.

    1. The problem I have with Hitler is white white nationalists worship him and white nationalism is a Jew controlled goy pen. I am not saying they do not have legitimate concerns, but I think Hitler was working for the Jews and they use him as their mascot and as soon as someone criticizes Jews he or she is lumped in with these assholes and Hitler. I do not think someone’s being a homosexual means cancels then out as a good leader or makes them a liar because whether or not a statement is correct is independent of who says it. The LGBT movement would not have become the monster that it is without big Jew money. The people who are behind the homosexual movement are generally not homosexuals themselves. I think the whole thing is kind of a joke actually. It does not affect my life,

  40. Nope, Hitler wasn’t perfect, but he was at least genuine.
    When they declared and prosecuted war on him, he was forced to drop down to their level. At that level The Divine does not participate.

    Because; “…My(I Am Truth) Kingdom is not of this world, if My Kingdom were of this world My followers would fight to keep the jews from attacking Me, but My Kingdom is not of this world…”.
    “GOD IS LOVE-GOD IS SPIRIT”. “(I and The Father are ONE”). I Am.

    Deceit is the governing principle of this world: The Prince of this world. EgoMatrix–Dream of deceit.

  41. Did you even watched “europe the last battle” and “the greatest history never told”?

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