Fallacies of the Jesuit conspiracy theory

 Part I
By Timothy Fitzpatrick
February 3, 2015 Anno Domini

While agents of the Jewish-Masonic cryptocracy work around the clock spreading lies and disinformation, many sincere people are getting sucked into their traps. One of the fastest spreading fallacies of these agents is the conspiracy theory that the Catholic Church—through the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), the Pope, and/or the supposedly still-existing Knights Templars—are running the New World Order conspiracy.

“It’s not the Jews!” these agents and their naïve dupes claim. “We have been fooled for the last 400 years into thinking the Jews are leading the NWO when it’s really the Jesuits, the Vatican, and the Black Pope!”
The game of these agenturs is very simple. Everything that has been typically attributed to Jews for hundreds of years, for example, the creation of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the drafting of the Satanic Babylonian Talmud, and even Zionism itself, are all the work of the Jesuits. It’s a rewriting of history. Take every historical book from the last 2,000 years that names “Jews,” cross it out, and replace it with “Catholics” or some euphemistic term that indicts the Church and you have the Jesuit conspiracy meme summed up.

From attributing the creation of Zionism to an excommunicated Jesuit named Franciso Ribera to blaming the rise of Hitler and Nazism on the Church, there is no place the Jesuit memers won’t go. It borders on clownish with absurd claims that the Jesuits sunk the Titanic, created Islam, and assassinated John F. Kennedy. Of course, the grand proof they present of this alleged Jesuit conspiracy is Jewish Adam Weishaupt’s (founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati) education under the Jesuits—something these Jesuit memers almost always bring up.
Hypocrisy runs deep among these anti-Catholics, as they say in one breath that it is wrong to blame one group of people (especially Jews) and in the next breath they blame all the world’s problems on the Church. These clowns must have low regard for their audience for them to believe their blatant double standard goes unnoticed.

One hand tied behind the back
Before I go on here, I want to point out that this is not to absolve the Catholic Church of clerical abuses and legitimate corruption within it. And, of course, there is the heretical Second Vatican Council that has been foisted upon Catholics, which further maligns the legitimate faith and demonizes (at least in Protestant eyes) Catholics in general. This council is the handcuff that has one hand of the Church behind its back—done so that She would not be able to defend herself against the Judeo-Masonic onslaught going on. With the Church on the ropes, so to speak, the Jesuit meme is a sucker punch.

*a note on semantics

I would define a meme as the mindless replication or imitation of a concept or idea, especially a false one. Much of the popularity of the Jesuit meme is due to dupes, especially in conspiracy circles, who mindlessly accept, without verifying, the Jesuit meme and then replicate it.

Proponents of the Jesuit conspiracy meme
Based on their worldview, the Jesuit conspiracy meme is a convenient scapegoat and tool of self-deception for several groups, including but not limited to:

  • Jewish groups, Zionists (Jewish and Protestant)
  • Seventh Day Adventists
  • New or naïve conspiracy researchers
  • New Agers
  • Evangelicals, fundamentalist Protestants, Calvinists
  • Freemasons, Enlightenment thinkers
  • Catholic haters

The idea that Jews are running the NWO is rather inconvenient for them and exposes them for what they are. You would be hard pressed to find a Jesuit memer who is the slightest bit anti-Zionist. Many of them also happen to endorse other irregular conspiracy theories, like that of “reptilians” and “death fakers”. Then there are some who pretend to be anti-Zionist but with the appendage that the Vatican is really behind the Zionists. The fact of the matter is, the idea that there exists a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy has been a cultural belief for hundreds of years; whereas the Jesuit conspiracy is the counter-culture belief, in other words, the revolutionary belief.
Furthermore, the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory has a huge amount of evidence behind it while the Jesuit theory has next to none. Jesuit theorists count on memetic replication, because if one actually checks their claims against recorded history, they theorists will be revealed as frauds.

Key individuals promoting the Jesuit conspiracy meme

  • Alexander Hislop (rabid anti-Catholic Protestant)
  • Malachi Martin (Vatican infiltrator paid by the American Jewish Committee)
  • Eric Jon Phelps (Israeli diamond merchant)
  • Lyndon LaRouche (Quaker)
  • Edward Hendrie (Calvinist)
  • Seventh Day Adventists (masonic)
  • Walter J. Veith
  • Jordan Maxwell (scam artist and crypto Jew)
  • Christian J. Pinto
  • Thomas Richards
  • Craig Oxley (internet personality, disinfo agent)
  • Greg Szymanski
  • Dan Brown (fiction writer, not even an historian)
  • Tupper Saussy (bitter Protestant)
  • David Wilcock
  • Felix Pantaleon, aka Caliberhitter (COINTELPRO)
  • Sherman Skolnick
  • Pete Santilli (FBI informant)
  • Leo Zagami (self-proclaimed messiah and overall nutjob)

The list of Internet personalities replicating the Jesuit meme seems to be growing by the day.
Common fallacious arguments of the Jesuit conspiracy meme

  • The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) created Freemasonry (through the Knights Templars] and is implicitly masonic itself
  • Excommunicated Jesuit Francisco Ribera created Zionism/premillennial dispensationalism
  • The Jesuits/Vatican control the monetary system
  • The Jesuits control Hollywood
  • The RCC created the religion of Islam (yes, they really claim this)
  • The RCC created the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati through Jesuit-trained (actually a converso) Adam Weishaupt
  • The RCC published (created?) the Babylonian Talmud
  • The RCC created the Nazis and is responsible for all anti-Semitism
  • The Jesuits are behind the CIA, Federal Reserve, and communism
  • The Jesuits ignited the French and Russian revolutions

Basics of the Jesuit meme: The Black Pope
The Jesuit theorists claim that the head of the Jesuits, the Superior General, is the “Black Pope”—one whose power supersedes that of the Pope and, subsequently, the Holy Church. This Black Pope and his Jesuits are said to be leading the New World Order conspiracy; although, none of the Jesuit memers can give a clear explanation as to what the Jesuits’ supposed goal of world domination is and why they seek this. In contrast, with the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, the goal is quite clearly the overthrow of Christianity and Western Civilization. With the New World Order, regardless of who one think is leading it, it’s clear to anyone that the NWO conspiracy is attempting to dismantle all religions, especially Christianity. So, why would the supposed leaders of that conspiracy, the Jesuits, be working to destroy their own Christian-based institution? If one says the Jesuits are not Christian in the first place and this is why they are leading the NWO to destroy religion and Christianity, then one has to admit that either a). the Catholic Church also is not a Christian institution (which would require a whole new set of evidence and proof), or b). the Jesuits are saboteurs of the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. If one answers with “a”, then the root of the problem is not the Jesuits but the Catholic Church itself, since the Catholic Church predates the Jesuits. But the Jesuit memers don’t focus on this. The focus is all on the Jesuits. This is the clearest evidence that they have other motives for propagating this theory. Now, if the answer is “b”, then we can speculate as to who is really behind the Jesuits, since it couldn’t be the Catholic Church itself. Seeing as the first Jesuits were overrepresented with Jews and a Jew, one Ignatius Loyola, founded the Jesuits, it’s plausible that a Jesuit conspiracy against the Catholic Church and society were being orchestrated by Jews. Add to this the fact that Jews were closely involved with the Protestant Reformation, around the time the Jesuits were formed, and the plausibility becomes stronger. Further evidence that the Jesuits, if they are acting on behalf of the Church’s interests, are a failed world conspirator is in the fact that world trends are going in the opposite direction of everything Catholic, be it the Church’s pro-life stance, anti-modernism, traditional marriage, etc. Add to that the world’s slide towards nihilism and the Jesuit conspiracy theory loses even more credibility.
The “Black Pope’s” alleged fronts: Knights of Malta, Catholic universities
“Jesuit Trained” – Jesuit conspiracy theorists claim that the Black Pope works to subvert society by positioning Jesuits in high positions of power throughout the world via the Knights of Malta and Jesuit training centres (Jesuit-founded universities). Since Jesuit universities are open to the public and do not require students to be Catholics, much less Jesuits, it’s a little ridiculous for the Jesuit theorists to claim that so and so is a Jesuit agent or “Jesuit trained” merely because they went to a Jesuit-founded university. But that’s exactly what they do. Due to the spread of the disease of modernism, Jesuit universities are now more or less secular and hostile to the Catholic Church. For example, many Jesuit-founded universities advocate—not just accept—homosexual rights, abortion, women’s liberation, LGBT rights, etc. Historian E. Michael Jones, a well respected traditional Catholic, was fired by one of these supposed Catholic universities because he simply stood for traditional Catholicism. Whether a result of the Jesuits or Second Vatican Council proscriptions, these Jesuit universities cannot be considered Catholic other than by having Catholic roots. The claim of someone being “Jesuit-trained” is vague and meaningless in the context in which these Jesuit theorists give. They have to provide more than just someone’s mere attendance at a Jesuit-founded university. And with their claim that many Jesuits are secret members, they think they can disregard the burden of proof further more.

The Scottish and York rites of freemasonry and their degrees—the names of some which were hijacked from the Catholic Church.

Knights of Malta – Jesuit theorists, where they can’t malign someone based on their university attendance, malign them by their membership with the Knights of Malta or even if someone displays a logo or symbol[i] bearing the remotest resemblance to the symbols of the Knights of Malta or the Jesuits. If those canards fail, they outright deceive their audience by falsely associating the Catholic Knights of Malta—officially called Sovereign Military Order of Malta—with Freemasonry. Speculative freemasonry’s York Rite has a degree titled Order of Knights of Malta (click on the image to the right to see a larger view of the masonic structure of degrees). The Vatican has issued a clarification stating that it does not recognize any other group using the Malta name but its own.

“…the Holy See recognises and supports only the Sovereign Military Order of Malta – also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The Holy See foresees no additions or innovations in this regard.

All other orders, whether of recent origin or mediaeval foundation, are not recognised by the Holy See. Furthermore, the Holy See does not guarantee their historical or juridical legitimacy, their ends or organisational structures.

To avoid any possible doubts, even owing to illicit issuing of documents or the inappropriate use of sacred places, and to prevent the continuation of abuses which may result in harm to people of good faith, the Holy See confirms that it attributes absolutely no value whatsoever to certificates of membership or insignia issued by these groups, and it considers inappropriate the use of churches or chapels for their so-called “ceremonies of investiture”.[ii]

The Jesuit theorists must not have foreseen this embarrassing repudiation of their claims that the Jesuits and the Catholic Church are somehow masonic because of the Malta link. Perhaps had they done some actual research, they would have seen this coming and abandoned the lie. Furthermore, Freemasonry uses Jewish and Protestant names for its degrees as well. Using their reasoning, we could argue that Jews and Protestants are masonic because of this also.

The Knights Templar – Some Jesuit theorists will go so far as to say that the RCC founded freemasonry through the Knights Templar, a military order established by the Church at the beginning of the Middle Ages (the Templars eventually became corrupt and apparently compromised with gnosticism, and the Church disbanded them accordingly). Because the freemasons (an occult group established long after the Catholic Templars had been abolished) have a masonic title called “Order of Knights Templar Commandery”, part of the York Rite initiation, some confuse the two different Templar groups. Of course, the Jesuit theorists capitalize on this confusion and try to say that the two are one and the same. They elaborate on how the Medieval Templars supposedly evolved into what is now called freemasonry (they completely ignore the fact that the Catholic Church abolished the Templar order). The apparent gnostic influence on the Catholic Templars, before they were disbanded, was likely due to the spread of Kabbalism, so the Kabbalah is the root of what eventually became freemasonry, not “Templarism”. Consider that the written Kabbalah came into prominence in the 12th and 13th centuries, the same time the Templars were rising in power.

“The Jewish connection with modern Freemasonry is an established fact everywhere manifested in its history. The Jewish formulas employed by Freemasonry, the Jewish traditions which run through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin, or to the work of Jewish contrivers . . . . Who knows but behind the Atheism and desire of gain which impels them to urge on Christians to persecute the Church and destroy it, there lies a hidden hope to reconstruct their Temple, and in the darkest depths of secret society plotting there lurks a deeper society still which looks to a return to the land of Judah and to the re- building of the Temple of Jerusalem?”[iii]

Today, there is no organization called the Knights Templar, yet Jesuit conspiracy sites are full of references to them as if they still exist and run the world. Columnist Atila Sinke Guimarães explains in detail the history of the Knights of Malta and the Templars in contrast with their masonic imitators.[iv]

The suspicious trajectory of the Jesuit conspiracy theory
Whether the Jesuits were guilty of the charges laid against them in their early days, it’s highly suspicious that most, if not all, groups supporting theories against them were in league with Jews, be they Protestant reformers (late middle ages), Enlightenment thinkers, masonic/illuminist agents (18th and 19th centuries), and Jewish lobbies (20th and 21st centuries). All of these anti-Catholic groups are themselves accused of organizing and/or leading international conspiracies, so they have the motive to deflect criticism of themselves and provide a scapegoat in the hopes of saving face. Modern Jesuit conspiracy theorists appear to target two audiences: anti-Catholics and conspiracy researchers. The latter targeting functions to manage opposition to the NWO conspiracy and is further evidence that the Jesuit theorist meme is actually advancing the NWO’s revolutionary progress.

Nazi propaganda phamphlet condemning the Jesuits.

The Nazi fallacy
So blind to history, the Jesuit theorists assume that because the Catholic Church is anti-Jewish by nature, restricted Jewish influence in society, especially during the Middle Ages, and helped spread anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, it must be that it was also in league with or brought about the rise of Nazi Germany’s racialist policies. Jewish lobbies share in common with Jesuit theorists this malicious libel against the Church. They blame Catholicism for the rise of Hitler and the alleged Holocaust of 6 million Jews. What they won’t tell their audience is that the Nazis propagated Jesuit conspiracy theories themselves—Hubert Hermanns’ The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland[v], for exampleand persecuted and murdered Jesuits on account of their membership. But more importantly, Roman Catholic opposition to Judaism has always been on the grounds of the Jew as a “theological construct” created in opposition to Christ, in the words of Catholic historian E. Michael Jones. Papal decrees against Jews throughout the Church’s 2,000-year history maintains that Jewry should be resisted on the grounds of their rebellion against Christ and that Jews should be restricted from positions of influence in society, should they seek to subvert the Catholic theocracy. Papal bull Sicut Judaeis, first issued during the Middle Ages, is emphatic that Jews are not to be harmed. Furthermore, Catholics are forbidden on pain of excommunication to force convert Jews or take their property. Pope Callixtus II states in the original bull:

“[The Jews] ought to suffer no prejudice. We, out of the meekness of Christian piety, and in keeping in the footprints or Our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman Pontiffs Calixtus, Eugene, Alexander, Clement, admit their petition, and We grant them the buckler of Our protection.”

It’s obvious that because of the Jewish penchant for antagonistic behaviour, the Popes foresaw the potential for resentment of the Jews to evolve into pogroms. It’s absolutely absurd to think that the Catholic Church could in any way have brought about the “Holocaust” of the Jews, especially considering that 18 successive Popes re-affirmed Sicut Judaeis. The Church has not changed its stance in this respect. The Catholic Church never endorsed, either officially or unofficially, the policies of Hitler and the national socialists. Catholic opposition to Judaism then is quite different from Nazi opposition, which was based entirely on the assumption that Jews were racially corrupt.

The Jesuit theorist runs into a major contradiction when he attempts to say that Nazism is a Jesuit creation, because then he must account for his other theory that the Jesuits also supposedly created Zionism—something that runs contrary to Nazism. I won’t elaborate here, but the evidence suggests that Nazism is actually a Jewish creation, using a Cabbalist dialectic of opposites, which paved the way for establishing the illegal state of Israel in 1948 as well as the Holocaust dogma of Judaism[vi], which has undeservedly become iconic in recent history. There is also evidence that Hitler was not legitimate opposition to the Jewish money power, and even evidence that Hitler himself may have been Jewish.[vii]

The Zionist fallacy
It seems the Jesuit theorist rests his entire claim that the Jesuits created Zionism on one obscure Jesuit who postulated a theory that was never established as Catholic dogma. It’s true that Jesuit Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) did advocate some views that would fall into a “futurist” eschatological point of view; however, it was not millenarianist, or of the premillennial dispensationalist type that lies at the root of the Christian Zionist heresy.[viii] Zionism comes from an arrested rendering of the Old Testament concept of a chosen people. This is why the Jews murdered the Old Testament prophets who tried to correct them on their perverted supremacist vision of what it meant to be God’s chosen people. This is one of the reasons why the Jews also murdered our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for He pointed out the deception and evil in their supremacist yearnings. The whole Ribera claim is inconsistent in that Ribera allegedly concocted his views as counter-reformation teaching. But the Reformation was advocating futurism (specifically millenarianism), so how could he be countering it with more futurism (his supposed futurism was really amillennial)? Jesuit theorists are grasping at straws with this one. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that because the Jews rejected Jesus, they still await at future Messiah (futurism) when he will supposedly rule and reign with the Jews on the present Earth. Futurism, really messianism, is essentially Jewish. Furthermore, Ribera didn’t write his 500-page commentary on the Book of Revelation to start a new idea. He was indeed countering the Reformation propaganda of millenarianism, which held that the Papacy was the anti-Christ, Beast system, and the coming world messiah would destroy it and set up his millennial reign on Earth, headquartered in Jerusalem. Catholic teaching holds that the Church’s reign on this Earth since Christ died and was resurrected is evidence of fulfillment of Christ’s reign on Earth; therefore, a future millennial reign is not necessary.

The freemason fallacy
Equally as absurd and related to the Zionist fallacy is the claim that modern freemasonry is a continuation of the Catholic Knights Templars—Catholicism itself. Forget that Popes have issued decrees condemning freemasonry and its Enlightenment, libertarian offshoots; forget that Catholicism itself is philosophically and ideologically opposed to freemasonry, the Jesuit theorists are most persistent with this fallacy. Instead of providing any evidence that the Catholic Church is behind freemasonry, the Jesuit theorist will simply make the reach by associating the Church with freemasonry through the Knights Templars and Knights of Malta confusion. That’s their evidence—semantics.

Papal pronouncements against freemasonry and its offshoots—specifically “Americanism,” which sprang from the Enlightenment and masonic libertarianism—include but are not limited to the following:

Clement XII, Constitution “In Eminenti”, 28 April, 1738;
Benedict XIV, “Providas”, 18 May, 1751;
Pius VII, “Ecclesiam”, 13 September, 1821;
Leo XII, “Quo graviora”, 13 March, 1825;
Pius VIII, Encyclical “Traditi”, 21 May, 1829;
Gregory XVI, “Mirari”, 15 August, 1832;
Pius IX, Encyclical “Qui pluribus”, 9 November, 1846;
Pius IX, Allocution “Quibus quantisque malis”, 20 April, 1849;
Pius IX, Encyclical “Quanta cura”, 8 December, 1864;
Pius IX, Allocution “Multiplices inter”, 25 September, 1865;
Pius IX, Constitution “Apostolicæ Sedis”, 12 October, 1869;
Pius IX, Encyclical “Etsi multa”, 21 November, 1873;
Leo XIII, Encyclical “Humanum genus”, 20 April, 1884;
Leo XIII, “Præclara”, 20 June, 1894;
Leo XIII, “Annum ingressi”, 18 March, 1902 (against Italian Freemasonry);
Leo XIII, Encyclical “Etsí nos”, 15 February, 1882;
Leo XIII, “Ab Apostolici”, 15 October, 1890.

To demonstrate the seriousness with which the Church took of the heresy of freemasonry, 12 different Popes issued a total of 23 three papal pronouncements against it. No other heresy has received more attention.

The Judeo-masonic ambition to overthrow throne (monarchy) and altar (Catholic Church), which is well documented, was achieved through a series of subversions[ix] and revolutions—the French Revolution being one of which was most successful, as France was as stronghold of the Catholic theocracy. England, where Catholicism had been overthrown during the 16th-century reign of apostate King Henry VIII, was already under the control of freemasonry (specifically Rosicrucianism) and Enlightenment thought at the time of the French Revolution. Of course, the Jewish-masonic alliance was already well established during the 16th-century Protestant Reformation, so the Reformation was a natural fit for the anti-Catholic revolutionary arsenal of the cryptocracy; in fact, all the evidence suggests that freemasonry is a covert extension of Judaism—a sort of philo-Semitic religion with perhaps more aggressive methods than Judaism in destroying Christ’s influence on Earth. The Jesuit theorist will distort and twist history in all kinds of ways in a desperate attempt to fit their anti-Catholic, pro-Jewish worldview. It then becomes imperative for the reader to understand real history in order to see through the lies.

The Illuminati fallacy
When Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria in 1776, it seems he intended to prevent the Jesuit order, which had at that point been suppressed by Pope Clement XIV, from regaining their former position in Europe.[x] Weishaupt was not a Jesuit himself; however, Jesuits educated him during his youth. Jesuit theorists focus only on this, while ignoring the more important manoeuvrings that were going on during the formation of Illuminist systems. Additionally, Weishaupt did not invent the concept of Illuminism, which was based on a perversion of the Catholic sacrament of confession.

“It wasn’t the goal of world domination, which, in the popular mind at the time, the Illuminati shared with the Jesuits that the public found as upsetting; it was the means whereby the Illuminati were going to achieve those goals. Weishaupt took the idea of examination of conscience and sacramental confession from the Jesuits and, after purging them of their religious elements, turned them into a system of intelligence gathering, spying, and informing, in which members were trained to spy on each other and inform their superiors.”[xi]

Jewish writer Bernard Lazare, an anti-Catholic, seems to brag about the Jewish orchestration of secret societies and the Illuminati:

“There were Jews around Weishaupt, and Martinez de Pasqualis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organised numerous groups of Illuminati in France, recruiting many adepts to whom he taught the doctrine of reintegration. The lodges founded by Martinez were mystical, whilst the other orders of Freemasonry were rather rationalist. This permits one to say that the secret societies represented the two sides of the Jewish mind: practical rationalisation and pantheism.”[xii]

Some historians credit Martinez de Pasqualis with creating Illuminism, not Weishaupt.

The Illuminati wasn’t so much an organization as much as it was a concept of blackmail and espionage that was soon adopted by almost all secret societies, and it is still in use today. Talk about the Illuminati’s influence on society is sort of a red herring, especially in the way that it is used today. Modern conspiracy researchers portray the Illuminati as the end all, be all…as a highly organized institution, which it isn’t. It’s a concept or system. The Jesuit theorist obsession with Weishaupt, the Illuminati, and their supposed collaboration with the Jesuits shows their inclination to sensationalism rather than historical accuracy.

[i] Alex Jones supposedly a “Templar Jesuit” because he uses universal health symbol on his products – http://youtu.be/sm3GD70Tc1w?t=29s
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  1. The only Biblical word that seem to apparently stand for the Jew in the end times prophecy are the words of Daniel in 12 :1- (Often preached by Christian Zionists) When Michael the Prince stands up for his people, “everyone that shall be found written in the book”. But then the truth is that “the book” refers to the Lamb’s book of life, & the jews that rejected the Lamb cannot expect their names to be found in it, This making it clear that Michael stands up for a people who are the children of Abraham by faith in Christ Jesus to Spiritual Israel or Biblically called ‘the Israel of God” where the Bible says there is no Jew or Gentile, but in the Righteousness of God, surely not conspiring ones , who take the name of God to garb a land, gathered through freemasonry & then figuring the Golden calf by the many alters in their court, by its Spirit, the same ones “The Synagogues of satan” who through the Romans killed Christ then & now trying to destroy Christianity through Anglo Americanism, the new Rome, to creating hatred by the false flags & fascism, except that God will have the last laugh.

  2. Very good article: As you say the Jesuit meme serves several purposes: Firstly it’s a form of mealy-mouthed anti-Catholic propaganda. Those promoting it know that if they went around spouting constantly about the evils of the Catholic Church they’d come across as religious bigots and thereby get Catholics’ (and some non-Catholics’) backs up. So instead they spout disinfo about the Jesuits as a sort of remote control anti-Catholicism. Secondly, it’s a way of harnessing the power of the conspiracy movement against itself, in a sort of Judo manoeuvre. Unfortunately some in the anti-globalist conspiracy movement buy into a simplistic and nihilistic Punk rock version of history whereby “the establishment” are always the baddies. Such folk are low-hanging fruit for the anti-Jesuit disinfo agenda because they’re programmed to unthinkingly believe all western institutions of authority are by definition corrupt – most especially the Church. But the Catholic believer in conspiracy should reject this Pavlovian rebel rocker approach – and espouse counter-revolution and restoration – as opposed to revolution and destruction. The anti-Jesuit disinfo agents are fulfilling a Full Spectrum dominance agenda, whereby all sides – the Zio-Masonic mainstream media corrupt political establishment AND those supposedly opposing this cabal – disseminate the same anti-Catholic propaganda. As I’ve commented on this site before, it’s a tried and tested Cointelpro technique in Ireland – whereby the Sheeple are programmed to believe in the alleged power of “Catholic Secret Societies” such as Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbanus (the Jesuit meme doesn’t work as well in a formerly Catholic country like Ireland, where many folk – especially older people – would have encountered the Jesuits through churches and schools, and would therefore know the Order is the very opposite of a secret conspiracy. On the other hand most Irish people would know next to nothing about Opus Dei or the Knights and so would be prepared to believe any Masonic Disinfo they’re fed about these organisations).
    I’ve encountered anti-Jesuit disinfo agents on various blogs in recent years and once you engage with them the mask usually slips quite quickly. For instance one of them who turned up regularly on a British Sunday newspaper blog posed as a raving born again Protestant fundamentalist – but, curiously, whenever the anti-Christian Soviet Union or East Bloc communism was attacked he would rush to its defence. His “Christianity” was clearly completely bogus – a bait to lure to unwary Christian paleo-cons into the Zionist anti-Catholic fold. However there’s no lie such shills won’t tell. This guy would come out with the most outrageous whoppers imaginable: “Ben Bernanke is Catholic” “Alan Greenspan is a Catholic”, “All of George Bush’s cabinet were Catholics”, “Stalin was a Catholic”. His technique is extreme high-volume lying, whereby he crams as many anti-Catholic fibs into a comment as possible, in the hope that at least some of them will be believed and become common currency. “Throw enough mud … .” From what I gather he’s also now active on Jim Stone’s forum (I’m not a member) where he poses as a rabid Jew-hater in the genuinely racist sense of that term – (as opposed to someone like Dr Jones who legitimately criticises the Jewish religion and Jewish secular tribalism, but who rightly totally condemns the belief that Jews are genetically evil). His scam here is probably to lure racist anti-Jews who go for Stone’s stuff into the anti-Jesuit tent – which really is taking the strategy of Full Spectrum Dominance to new extremes.

  3. Thanks for another great article. I wish I had read this about 15 years ago. I no longer bother about arguing against the Jesuit theorists but it is very helpful that you have shown what the real agenda is all of this.
    I really welcomed Dr. Jones and his work because it seemed to me to present a truthful view of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit without at all being “anti-Semitic” and without contradiction any part of the bible.
    Dr. Jones had us look at the Jewish revolutionary spirit and intellectually at “the Jews.” He to my knowledge never uses the terms such as the globablists, the global elite, or the Zionists. He looked squarely at “the Jew.”
    I also believe that the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy is at the NEAR top of the “pyramid” but that the real origin of this insidious evil enveloping the entire world is Lucifer or Satan.
    Some may be interested in watching the videos of Father Paul Kramer on YouTube, especial 2-part series – Mystery of Iniquity and 2-part series Question and Answers about that with Dr. Robert Sungenis and Father Gruner also on the panel.
    Father Kramer is a priest that lives now in Ireland I think. He recently totally broke with “Pope Francis” and is now a sedevacantist who regards Pope Benedict XVI as the present Pope.
    Fr. Kramer regards “Pope Francis” as having committed public formal heresy and that he officially excommunicated himself and is no longer even a member of the Church.
    Fr. Kramer stated in one of those videos that there were some Jews who rebelled and broke away from those Jews who were faithful in their worship of the One True God and says that it is those who broke away who we regard as today’s “Zionists.” Father also said that the Old Testament is full of warnings through the prophets that the faithful are to be very careful not to become part of those who worship Baal and the other pagan evil factions all around them but that some Jews fell away and started working for Lucifer.

  4. Dachieslady: I hesitate to cross swords with you again, not least because I very much agree with most of what you say on this blog, but I do believe terms like “globalist”, “global elite” and “Zionist” have their place – even though they are certainly sometimes used to evade the broader Jewish question. Not all globalists are Jewish, and not all those born Jewish are globalists. As for the term “Zionist”: it does describe a specific ideology that is militantly supportive of Israel, the War on Terror, western interventions on behalf of Greater Israel and so on. Not everyone who supports this ideology is Jewish (most western politicians who support it aren’t). Some might argue that “Neo-conservative” adequately describes this ideology, but that neologism usually refers to those on the so called right of the Zionist spectrum – whereas Zionists traditionally have often been very left-wing. I presume no sane person would accuse Dr David Duke of being timidly PC on the Jewish question, but he often uses the word “Zionist” to describe the likes of Alan Greenspan and so on, in order to signify that such individuals are not just Jewish, but militantly pro-Israel. Michael Hoffman, I notice, uses the term “Judaic” a lot, which has the virtue of making it clear to fair-minded people that his views on the Jewish question are not based on racial hatred.

    1. First I wanted to state why I posted the bit about “pope Francis” having committed what is formally and infallibly defined as heresy. It is because he is a Jesuit, the Jesuit in Chief of the moment, so to speak. Secondly Alex Jones did a small rant against the pope day before yesterday I think and he tried to be fair about it and he was complaining about some outrageous “New World Order”-speak, or as a traditional Catholic would call “an heretical statement but informally and unofficially issued”, A person called in and sounded oh so knowledgeable about the history of the Jesuits and told about how they had been kicked out of country after country and doesn’t that sound like what people say about the Jews.
      Not even all the main traditional Catholic internet sites and radio shows and magazines are mentioning this important heresy commission. We need to study the silences.
      Northsider, I agree with all or 99 percent of what you just posted and it is good to see it stated and sorted out so nicely.
      ” terms like “globalist”, “global elite” and “Zionist” have their place ”
      Yes, most certainly.
      And so do the terms “Judaic” and “Zionist” and “neocon”, and Left and Right as well.
      I also can see that not only are these terms most properly applied in certain discussions, but also I can see where a show host or guest or writer would want to deliberately avoid the word “Jew” so that more important body of information can be conveyed without the possible brouhaha raised regarding the use of that word.
      However when a whole radio network like Genesis Communications with several talk shows, as well as Republic Broadcasting now to a large extent, and certainly Logos Radio Network and Rule of Law Radio Network RELIGIOUSLY one hundred percent of the time AVOID AT ALL COSTS the use of the word “Jew”, one has to question if those entire entities are not purchased and under the control of you know who.
      Dr. Jones has not shyed away from looking at the term “Jew” and he does so in a Christian and objective and intellectual manner. I hunger and thirst for that kind of coverage of this issue, and it IS an issue.
      Jesus spoke of Jews who say they are Jews but who are of the synagog of Satan and St. Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:15 said the Jews are enemies of all mankind.
      For some of the Jews killed the prophets, and some even killed the Lord Jesus. Now they have persecuted us, too. They fail to please God and work against all humanity.
      We have to understand who specifically St. Paul was referring to and certainly it should be understood by all that St. Paul was indeed speaking of only “some.”

  5. Dachsielady: Very much agree. In relation to the Jesuits I bet the guy who rang Alex Jones neglected to mention that invariably the folk who kicked the Jesuits out of various countries were Masonic or philo-Masonic regimes – because the Jesuits were the cutting edge of the Counter-Reformation. I’m personally agnostic on whether Francis is or is not a legitimate pope. Sometimes I wonder if those (the Rothschilds?) who engineered the coup that removed Benedict and chose Francis to succeed him deliberately chose a Jesuit in order to bolster the anti-Jesuit meme. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are some very powerful forces orchestrating the anti-Jesuit propaganda behind the scenes.

  6. Roman catholics are not Christians. Jesuits are not Christians. The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins, The proponents of the jesuit conspiracy idea are naive, many professing Christians think the scope of the Bible is to expose how horrible catholics are. You are obviously very bright, yet you remain a catholic. That’s baffling. Catholics are not saved because catholicism is another gospel. Catholics are not born again. Cathlocism mixes christian concepts with baylonian religion. For instance the poop wears a fish hat and a yarmulke. Your position that the institution is corrupt yet it is the church is ridiculous. The institution was corrupt since its inception it was never Christianity. The Bible says call no man father. Catholics do the opposite. That’s because its not of God. So I tell you this so you can get saved and go to heaven.

    1. you are the one who is in error … you make Jesus a liar yet you use the holy name of Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God like a beautiful blanket to cover your ugly soul … and that goes for all luciferian protestant rebels … herectics and apostates that’s all you are … 38,000+ new false churches preaching their own personal interpretation of what their bible says … no one walking this reptillian ruled planet is “saved” … none have stood before the judgement seat of God yet you fundamentalist bible thumper false teachers presume (big sin of pride) you are saved blah blah blah … unreal the audacity you have to reject the teachings of Christ as lived and obeyed by the Faithful … your blasphemies are against the Holy Spirit … if you truly had the gift of understanding you’d realize that what you believe is catholicism isn’t really catholicism at all … that’s just how great your darkness is … and your light is darkness …

  7. The Bible is a Catholic book, so Protestants who attack the Catholic Church on Biblical grounds are like someone who says the light of the sun is worthless when compared to the light of the moon. Just as the moon has no light without the sun, the Bible has no meaning without the Church. In fact it wouldn’t exist – and nor would Protestantism.

    1. So, then, brethren stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter. (2 Thess. 2:15)

    2. The Bible was written in Greek not a poorly translated Latin (Penance, Repentance, Mary?) and the only rock is Jesus Christ. How laughable it is that you think being a card carrying member of the murderous Catholic Church would buy you some type of indulgence. Moreover it is faith in Jesus Christ, good works and the veneration of the Bible that brings salvation.
      I suggest you start asking for forgiveness directly from Jesus rather than at confession and know that those poor people couldn’t read for themselves or be killed; about the lords prayer just like the victims of the Jesuits, who invented Communism in Paraguay in 1736 (Paraguayan Reductions).
      Isn’t it amusing that these tidbits are eliminated in Mr. Fitzpatrick’s glossy ignorance of 2000 years of crimes from the very Roman empire that did the will of the Jews who called for Christs death. Moreover the idea that the Jesuits invented communism and had a fully functional atheist communist state in Paraguay totally renders Tim’s “McCarthism on steroids” approach to “exposing Communism” on a totally different level.
      You don’ t have a comeback for this because you think Jesus burns heretics just like that institution. All we need is Bibles and we have everything we need. No need for a “Vicar” to corrode the word.

  8. Sorry I Do Not agree
    The Roman Church is accumulating power like never before, its Military Espionage agents the Jesuits now once again hold influence with the rulers of all the country’s on the planet.
    Who called for a Central World Bank?
    Was it Jewish Peoples
    Or The Popes of Rome?
    Who has been calling for a New World Order Is it Zionist?
    Or is it The kissers of The Papal Rings?

    1. Sorry I Do Not agree.
      The Catholic Church* may be “accumulating power” but only in God sacred accounting system. There will be a remnant of true Catholics who will be present when Christ returns and the gates of Hell will not now or ever prevail against the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church that Christ founded on this earth.
      On the secular eyes of this evil world system the Catholic Church is plummeting in power and has been infiltrated for over many decades by Judeo-Masonic destroyers to the highest levels of the hierarchy.
      E. Michael Jones was asked about the Jesuits and he said “some are good and some are bad.” That pretty well sums it up. The infiltration by the same evil forces has also happened to the Jesuits.
      The Jesuits are known as scholars and they have some very learned members. Their record in preserving the truths of the Faith is of the highest order and is not excelled by any other religious order.
      As for “military espionage agents”, I would say where is the solid evidence of that.
      The “Popes of Rome”, especially the recent ones, have spoken in ways that appear very much to contradict the dogmas and doctrines of the Church, but this is not infallible speech spoken by the Pope on matters of faith and morals ex cathedra nor formal definitions of the Magisterium.
      I do not believe Mr. Fitzpatrick or anyone commenting on this article has claimed that it is “the Jewish people” who have called for “Central World Bank” or a New World Order. However, at the highest level there does exist an inordinately high proportion of international bankers who are orchestrating and controlling world events for “the brotherhood of darkness”, and this could include some members of the Jesuit order as well as some high level prelates in the Catholic Church.
      *(Do not refer to the Catholic Church as the Roman Catholic Church, as the Roman rite (Western rite) is only one of the rites of the Church. Many commenters who hate the Church always use the adjective Roman to convey the idea of pagan Rome.There are three major groupings of Rites based on this initial transmission of the faith, the Roman, the Antiochian (Syria) and the Alexandrian (Egypt). Later on the Byzantine derived as a major Rite from the Antiochian, under the influence of St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom. From these four derive the over 20 liturgical Rites present in the Church today.)

    2. The people calling for a New World Order are those kissing, not papal rings, but Jewish backsides.
      You’re probably a dyed-in-the -wool “Christian” Zionist and find that fact difficult to swallow. Please, even if you have to hold your nose, study the facts and stop being deceived.

    3. David Cameron has stated that he is a proud Ashkenazi, and that we are going to have a New World Order whether we like it, or not.

  9. Sorry I don’t have time to read all the comments but St Ignatius was Not a judaix— this has somehow been imagined because he was from Guipozcoa.
    Acc to Taviani, Columbus was probably 1/4 judaix but his family were not marranos.

    1. btw– it is also Not true that judaix were prominent among the early Jesuits. I don’t believe that any of the first seven were conversos. They show up later as Marranos— intent on a cancerous destruction of the order. They were discovered and tossed out. The prosecuter who discovered them Was a true Converso— Fernando Bastida.
      Source is probably von Pastor among others.

  10. Interesting that old disinfo agent Eric Jon Phelps poses as a WASP. The very WASP acronym is itself a form of Masonic disinfo – implying as it does some intrinsic correlation between Protestantism and whiteness – a correlation that is of course complete balderdash. By northern and central European standards the English tend to be very much on the sallow-skinned and brown-eyed side. Nothing at all wrong with that of course – far from it – but it does give the lie to the WASP supremacist master race hogwash,which HL Mencken – amongst others – found so absurd. Even the “Anglo-Saxon” bit in “WASP” is highly dubious. That very patriotic Englishman GK Chesterton expressed considerable scepticism about whether the English people were predominantly Anglo-Saxon at all – a scepticism shared by many scholars. For a race that have been linked so definitively to “Englishness”, the Anglo-Saxons appear to have left remarkably few historical artefacts behind them in England.

  11. Thought I would share this latest video and transcript of video by ChurchMilitant.TV and Michael Voris.
    The Daily Beast article spoken about in this video…
    “Confessions of a Gay Jesuit: How I Was Forced To Leave My Church—And Calling
    Ben Brenkert wanted to be a priest, but confronted by the hypocrisy and prejudice of the Catholic Church he had to quit. Here, in a powerful, heartfelt essay, he explains why.”
    I still wholeheartedly agree with the thesis of this fitzinfo article, but thought the referenced items does shed more light on the condition of the Jesuit order today.
    I am always amazed to learn how rampant and pervasive sinful homosexual practice is in these Catholic religious orders. I remember The Christian Brothers who taught and operated the boys Catholic high school in my town. That order is now bankrupt and disbanded now because of homosexual pederasty of the male students.
    E, Michael Jones has made the point that it is the Jews who subvert culture and promote perversion and pornography of every kind. He also makes the point that it is the usury that is now running the money controls on the Church and that too is controlled and promoted by the Jews, mainly by the Judeo-Masonic destroyers WITHIN the clery and upper hierarchy.
    The Church is in crisis probably because of the combination of going along with usury which they could have put a stop to in the 15th century but did not, and because of allowing the Judeo-Masonic subverters of Christ and His gospel to reign.
    It is these subverters who have thoroughly infiltrated the Church for centuries that are the New World Order brotherhood of darkness, not the Jesuits per se. Each individual, however and of course, will give an accounting of their every thought, word and deed in this this life to their creator.

  12. Maybe if Voris is so concerned about homos in the Jesuits he should stop viciously character assassinating those who legitimately criticise Pope Francis’ extreme liberalism. Like the shills at the New Oxford Review, Voris treats every allegation and rumour hurled at Catholic clergy and religious by the virulently anti-Catholic media, as proven fact. I’m always amazed at the way modern right-wing and traditional Catholics completely suspend their critical faculties when it comes to such allegations (not to mention the likes of Mr Hoffman – who pompously accuses those who disagree with him about Cromwell of “confirmation bias”, but seems to have plenty of this bias himself when it comes to Catholic religious). Everyone knows there have been seriously problems with perverts and criminals in the modern Church, but that doesn’t mean every accusation made against priests, brothers, etc., is true. The same media and Soros/Rothschild funded NGOs that are the source of so much of this mud systematically cover up the much more pervasive culture of clerical paedophilia in Judaism, Islam and Protestant denominations.

  13. “Maybe if Voris is so concerned about homos in the Jesuits he should stop viciously character assassinating those who legitimately criticise Pope Francis’ extreme liberalism.”
    I have sent several emails to Voris on this very subject, though he has a lot of screeners and gate keepers so am not sure he ever reads them.
    Here is an excerpt from a mid Feb 2015 in response to one of his recent Vortex episodes where he says that we ordinary people do not have the right to criticize the Pope. Only saints like Catherine of Sienna who are doctors of the Church and who are true saints have a right to ciriticize the Pope.
    “””Pope” Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 247: “We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked”. This text is an explicit profession of heresy, directly opposed to the solemn dogmatic definition of Pope Eugenius III and the Ecumenical Council of Florence, and the doctrine taught by the supreme magisterium of Pope Benedict XIV in Ex Quo Primum, set forth repeatedly and explicitly citing the definition of Florence, to wit, that the Mosaic covenant has been “revoked” and “abrogated”. ”
    I thought “being Catholic means fighting heresy.”
    There is the public declaration of “heresy” that meets the basic defining characteristics of heresty, and then there is the “crime” of heresy that is adjudicated through canon law. However there is no clearly explicated cannon-law way to “try” the case of heresy against a current pope, and the laity must simply never cross the line. “Don’t depart from Peter.”
    That appears to be the same thing as cooperating with and supporting evil.” (End of quote from my email to Voris.)
    Voris strictly focuses all his criticism and I think high quality research and video presentations only on cardinals, archbishops and bishops and a few lower level priests here and there who make the mainstream news media for some outrageous comment.
    I very much like Voris and staff’s high quality research and it is part of my continuing education program of learning the Faith, which I should have but did not learn in Catholic school. I appreciate the objective facts and insights he conveys and I just have to ignore as much as possible his shortcomings as far as his policy of “do not depart from Peter.”
    What impressed me about the information about the Jesuits being so heavily infested with the sin of homosexual practice is the absolute truth of it and the pervasiveness of it. It is amazing to me that the Jesuits, as an Order, has not already crashed and burned just like the Christian Brothers did.
    John Venari, and Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara and other traditional Catholic media people who do strongly criticize Francis have all done weaponized turf-war videos pouncing on Voris for his saying negative critical words on his videos about their respective apostolates.
    To me all these internecine turf wars and video weapons is just about spirit-of-this-world pride/big egos and politics and vying for market share. I find it disgusting. Voris seems fairly mild in his so called wrong critical words about these people.
    I am supposed to try to learn the faith and seek the Truth and not stoop to this petty ego disputes. The question for me is always, am I loving and seeking Truth and am I doing God’s will in whatever way I can to bring others to a saving faith in and love of Jesus Christ, the only Way.
    May reply later to rest of your comment.

  14. As far as I’m concerned any journalist s who quotes as established fact articles from anti-Catholic NWO outlets such as the Daily Beast – as Voris does – is at the very least guilty of extremely poor judgement. And by the way Voris has a very long history of extreme personal abuse towards bishops and priests that goes much, much further than anything Matt and Ferrara have said in response to his attacks. I’m no uncritical admirer of The Remnant. In fact I think their previous championing of Voris – who always struck me as an extremely dubious character – was all too typical of a certain kneejerk assumption among traditionalists that anyone who lays into bishops, EWTN, etc., from a right-wing perspective, must be a good guy.

    1. “anti-Catholic NWO outlets such as the Daily Beast ”
      I have no formed opinion or special knowledge that the Daily Beast is an “anti-Catholic NWO outlet” so I cannot fault Voris from quoting from it.
      I found this recent article on the Daily Beast which was very helpful to me in coming to understand the utter corruption in medical research and almost all academic and scientific studies.
      I do not know anything about Michael Voris’s record or past, etc. Again, I think I have learned a lot from his material and I have grown closer to the truth.
      I think all these fights within the “traditional Catholic” camp does not at all promote Truth and the One Who is Truth and Who is our only hope.

  15. The Daily Beast was recently acquired by Newsweek – which should tell us all we need to know about its agenda. For me the nub of the issue is: do we believe the main problem is the men in the institutional Church itself, or de we believe the main problem is the Church’s enemies attacking her from within and without. Increasingly Traditionalists, and the likes of Voris, Dale Vree, and Michael Rose, have placed the weight of the blame on the institutional Church, and have even openly sided with its enemies in the media and anti-Catholic NGOs. There was a very interesting exchange in Culture Wars a few months ago between Robert Sungenis and Dr Jones. Sungenis made some good points (e.g. that the word “Jew” has several different meanings) but he made it clear that he had put his “conspiracy theory” days behind him, and now saw internal corruption in the Church as the main issue to be addressed. That’s quite convenient, because in general bishops and clergy (especially the more “conservative” ones) tend to be a lot more docile in the face of attack than New World Order merchants. We can all point the finger at bishops and priests for their weakness, and I’ve done so many times myself, but we should be honest and charitable enough to admit that they are under extreme pressure that most of us wouldn’t fancy living with. When Sungenis and the Remnant Trads started feeling the heat from the Southern Poverty Law Centre over alleged hate speech, they quickly drew in their horns on a whole host of issues. For example Ferrara and Matt both wrote articles around the time of the Williamson holocaust controversy suggesting that ” wacky conspiracy theorists” should thenceforth be excluded from the “Traditionalist Movement”. Michael Hoffman constantly takes pot shots at the Church over its historic compromises with usury, but when queried on his blog as to whether he thought folk who used the debit cards or credit cards of usurious financial institutions were likewise guilty of sinful compromise, he didn’t answer the question. I wonder why. And that’s without getting into his ludicrous attempts to whitewash the careers of Cromwell, Calvin, and Luther – in my view three of the most disastrous figures in world history. I’m not having a go at Hoffman, Matt, Ferrara or Sungenis – all of whom I admire – merely pointing out that there’s plenty of compromising and double-think going on in the ranks of the Church’s sternest right-wing critics. And I just wish they’d stop assuming that as long as any given media accusation against the Church can be used to bolster their own arguments, it must therefore be true. That, to use Hoffman’s own phrase, is the worst sort of “confirmation bias”.

    1. “For me the nub of the issue is: do we believe the main problem is the men in the institutional Church itself, or de we believe the main problem is the Church’s enemies attacking her from within and without. ”
      False dichotomy.
      The Church IS people, the mystical body of Christ as well as a visible hierarchy of people.
      When the enemies of the Church are within, the attack is from people within the Church upon people within the institutional Church.
      I like the way this blog’s articles frequently refer to “Judeo-Masonry” and I now always referred to Freemasonry with the Judeo- prefix. It appears on the surface that all the “from within” destruction of the Church is caused by that one evil, Judeo-Freemasonry.
      But that is really only a superficial appearance. The real problem is what Christ consistently warned us about — the world, the flesh and the devil — principalities and wickedness in high places, and the mystery of iniquity. Jesus never compromised or dialoged or voted in a democratic consensus. We weak humans operate mainly in fear and therefore are silent when we should speak up and make one compromise after another to be able to continue to support ourselves and our families.
      I have negative criticisms of all those on all “sides” of the traditional Catholicism, but I also see that that is exactly what Satan and his minions want – to kill, to steal and destroy – with compromising and dividing lies of every kind.
      E. Michael Jones has recently said on isoc.ws interview that the consecration of the Church to Christ’s immaculate heart is a thing of the past and that it is no long an issue and that the promises of a period of peace if this consecration were done as prescribed is no longer an issue. Several people including Dr. Sungenis wrote in to letters to the editor of Culture Wars magazine and disputed Dr. Jones’ statements regarding Fatima. Dr. Jones as I understand it edited many of the letters, I guess to make his position appear stronger. Dr. Jones to date will not state his position on the matter in the form of an article in his magazine. So that is a big part of the split between Sungenis and Jones consists of. But Dr. Sungenis wiped out the content of all of his excellent articles on his website, catholicintl.com, and has substituted simply a store that sells his books and tapes. Many of those articles explained the issue with the Jews very clearly from a biblical point of view as well as from the theological point of view, which should be one and the same but are aparently not. Now Dr. Jones is made out to be the one focusing so much on the Jews and Dr. Sungenis now only speaks about his “Hollywood” movie about geocentrism, The Principle, and no longer explains the truth of the matter of the “Jews who say they are Jews but are not but are of the synagog of Satan.” Both men seemed to have sold out to some thing that works against the salvation of souls.
      I think our best reaction to all of these splits and infighting is to individually simply pray to love Christ more and more each day and to do His will and hopefully influence for good some around us for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

    “consecration of the Church to Christ’s immaculate heart”
    “consecration of the Church to the Our Lady’s immaculate heart”

  17. Sorry, but it isn’t a false dichotomy at all..To argue that infiltrators represent the Church is akin to saying that a spy operating within the ranks of an enemy army represents that army The very Trads who constantly bemoan the weakness of the institutional Church in the face of the World are in the main only too happy to believe any number of secular media fairy-tales about the threat of Islamic terrorism and so on – simply because it fits in with their own anti-Islamic narratives – more “confirmation bias”.
    As I don’t know the details of the Jones v Sungenis correspondence I can’t comment on the question of whether or not Sungenis was unfairly edited. Although I admire Dr Jones, I’m not an uncritical devotee. I think his admiration for John Paul II is misplaced and he appears to take a rather benign view of the Francis papacy (I’m open to correction on this). I also think he and other orthodox Catholic critics of liberal capitalism (such as Dr John Rao) tend to frame their argument from the premise that there’s a genuine ideological struggle between “liberal leftists” and neo-con “rightists”. Dr Rao wrote a piece around the time of the last American Presidential election, “Fleeing the Lesser Evil”, in which he suggested that while a Romney Presidency would be a gain for the anti-abortion movement, Obama would not be as slavish as Romney to big capitalism and big banks. As a letter writer to the Remnant wrote in response, this was giving both Romney AND Obama far too much credit. Romney isn’t anti-abortion and Obama certainly isn’t anti-bankster. He’d never have got within an ass’s roar of the Presidency if he had been. The “left liberal” Clinton bombed and starved Iraq for years before the Bush invasion, and most of the Liberal left in the US and Europe ardently supported the Iraq, Afghan and Libyan invasions. Clinton himself boasted that he was “the most pro-Israel President since Harry Truman” (Robert Fisk disputed this – saying he was actually MORE pro-Israel than Truman). So while I think Rao and Jones are absolutely right to say that Catholics should not get lured into the Republican pro-capitalist tribalist fold, I don’t think we should start running away with the idea that liberal Democrats are somehow a lesser evil.
    I don’t see any evidence that Dr Jones has “sold out”. He has a different view on Fatima to Ferrara and Sungenis, that’s all. He may be right or they may be right – I really don’t know. I do believe he’s on to something when he accuses Sungenis & co of using Fatima as a sort of displacement activity.

    1. “To argue that infiltrators represent the Church”
      I made no such argument.
      Shedding light on what is perceived or what is meant by the “institutional Church” was my intent. I am still trying to learn exactly what is meant by “the Institutional Church.” There are many opinions about that among many people within and without the traditionalists and all of this just sews confusion and sewing confusion is not of God and has nothing to do with the salvation of souls.
      Father Paul Kramer says that the Church is the sum total of all of the formally established infallible doctrines and dogmas, the deposit of the faith, is that which the gates of Hell will not prevail against.
      So his idea of the Church is certainly different from mine though mine was not wrong. The Holy Spirit uses people within the Church to carry out his wishes, though the people themselves are very fallible and subject to all manner of subversion by infiltrators.
      “is akin to saying that a spy operating within the ranks of an enemy army represents that army”
      Again, poor analogy based on a straw man you constructed.
      Who is it that “represents” the “institutional church?” Again, it is people, people like the pope, the cardinals, archbishops and bishops who represent the institutional Church, that is, represent against which the gates of Hell will not prevail.
      There are so many political factions within this group of people who supposedly all respresent one single entity, the institutional Church that what exactly is “the Church”, the teachings, the Faith has become obliterated. And it is that growing in knowledge of that which is increasingly obliterated, blurred and twisted that a Christian soldier is supposed to care about most.
      I will not get into the Left / Right paradigm within the Church. I think Sungenis, who was the one I was alluding to when I used the term “sold out”, is a waste of time. It is what we all are supposed to understand as to what the term “the Church” or “the institutional Church” is that which would make pale in importance in compairing all these left / right disputes.

  18. You said, and I quote. “The Church IS people, the mystical body of Christ as well as a visible hierarchy of people. When the enemies of the Church are within the attack upon the Church is from people within the institutional Church upon people within the Church”.
    Enemies of the Church are only within the Church in the sense that Israeli agents are “within” the Palestinian movement or British agents have always been within Irish nationalist movements (very much including the IRA and Sinn Fein). To focus only on the internal results of anti-Catholic infiltration of the Church (as critics of the post-conciliar Church increasingly tend to) and to ignore the sources of this infiltration is to avoid the root of the problem. Such an approach also leads to a win win scenario for the Church’s enemies, in that both liberal AND traditionalist or conservative Catholics end up spending most of their time trashing the Church, thus infusing Catholics of all hues with essentially the same defeatist masochistic attitude towards their faith and culture. And as I’ve indicated already, in recent years Traditionalists have increasingly adopted a knee-jerk crypto-punk anti-clericalism – whereby even the virulently anti-Catholic corporate media are to be trusted in preference to bishops or priests. I’m all for attacking the failures of the post-Vatican II era; my beef is with the many right-wing Catholics who dismiss as “wacky conspiracy theory” any suggestion that outsiders have played a key role in engineering these failures.

  19. By the way, as the context indicated, Dr Rao’s piece, which I cited in my earlier reply, was entitled, “Fleeing The Greater Evil”- not “Fleeing The Lesser Evil”, as I stated.

  20. If one were to do more digging on the subject they would find that the Jesuit order was founded bt crypto jews. I’ve found that some of the hardest people to speak to about the is Catholics,they think the “pope” is infallible and the vicar of christ which means substitute.the only reason anyone bad mouths alexander hislop on this site is because he is telling the truth.anyone who reads the two babylons and still calls themselves catholic are brainwashed beyond repair.everyone of the catholic idols had a Babylonian counterpart. I have no problem with anyone exposing the judeo Masonic order which has this country by the throat. If you did as much research on the Catholic Church as you did the Jews and the cabala this wouldnt even be a discussion,the inquisition was where the catholic churched killed people for owning there own copy of a bible. But let me guess that lies that the Jews made up. Dont condemn one evil scheme from satan then praise another. Like i said in another post john paul 2 was a jew.im sure quite a few others were as well. The Catholic Church was infiltrated not long after it started and was since the time of the early church a form of the Babylonian mysteries. ” if the foundations be corrupt what can the rightous do”.

    1. You have no sound evidence for all this. You clearly want to believe a snake-oil salesman like Hislop. He reinforces your own personal bigotry, therefore you will hear nothing against him.
      If you are going to insist that the Catholic Faith is based on pagan myths, then you have no comeback when New Age gurus, such as David Icke, claim that all of Christianity is founded on pagan myths.

  21. Good comments, Mary Louise. I think it would not be wise to waste too much time on James. Simply pray for him that he may see and find the Truth.
    That MHFM video about “forensic justification” was very good. MHFM has done some excellent videos refuting the Protestant heresy. Search Vatican Catholic YouTube channel for refuting Protestant heresies for a good refutation of all of the major sixteen century heresies.
    What is so crafty about the “forensic justification” false doctrine, false gospel, is that it another one of the Protestant “home free” doctrines. They construct all kinds of false doctrines to avoid the Cross. All you have to do is just accept Jesus in your heart as your “personal Lord and Savior” and you are home free. You are saved, past tense, and no worries from then on out about “being saved” and no doubts about your heavenly destination. You are justified before the Lord in the heavenly court separate from and aside from your heart and your thoughts, words, and deeds.
    I could name other “home free” false doctrines of Protestantism, but they all want to sidestep the Church that Christ founded on this earth, with Peter being the first pope appointed by Jesus, a hierarchical system where the final authority on matters of faith and morals rests with “the Chair of Peter.” Some of the false New Age pagan supposed anti-New World Order folks even say that Simon Peter is none other than one of the earliest false Christians who went astray, Simon Magus.
    Magus was a baptized infiltrator of the Church who was living two lives, on the one hand professing to be at true follower of Christ and on the other hand worshiping and practicing magic through the pagan Babylonian system. Those are the kind of folks we need to shine the light of truth on, the ones who are subverting and leading souls to hell from within the Church.

  22. Do you hate me cause I tell the truth? First off I would like to start off by asking where in the bible does it say Jesus made Peter the 1st bishop of Rome.wasnt Paul the apostle to the Gentiles?have you ever read hislops book? Or are you scared it will lead to more time in purgatory.the real word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord but that’s just one of many fallacies being preached by the Church of Rome, calling your priests “father” is another. Jesus says to call no man father. It’s all just the traditions of man, Jesus condemned the Jews for the exact same thing. And you don’t think he would say the same to you?what makes you so special.my mother was born and raised a catholic they kicked her out for marrying my father who wasn’t. She kept all of her prayer books until I tossed them in the trash, and yes I read them so I know all about your false doctrine. What about our fathers and Hail Marys?. Doesn’t jesus warn about vain repitition during prayer. It seems like everything Jesus was for the Church of Rome was and is against(nothing’s changed). Do you think Jesus likes “Mary” being worshipped as co redemptrix, the bible says there is no other name which one can be saved.you can read all about the queen of heaven that the Israelites bought back with them from Babylon in the book of Jeremiah.if you don’t know already I’d like everyone to google Sananda Jesus. Do you even worship the real Jesus?. The Church of Rome is not Gods church, God would not endorse pedophilia. And remember your tithe pays for these demonic reprobates lawyers. Do you think Jesus would endorse gay clergy? Read what Paul has to say about the subject in Romans.the real church is when two or more people get together and worship in spirit and in truth, Jesus said where this happens there he is also. I would like to apologize for being snotty in the previous post and would like to keep an open dialogue with you. I would like to hear your replys . The truth is I would love to see you come out of her and to have fruits among any and all of you. Your brother in Christ. James.

    1. No one here has said they “hate” you even if you were speaking the “truth.”. That is a straw man you have constructed.
      If you questions are sincere and well intentioned, send an email to John Mortignoni and ask him your questions. His website is, I think, BibleChristianSociety.org . Also read several of his articles there and his free audio.
      This thread is not meant to engage your criticisms of Catholicism. There are solid biblical answers to all of your criticisms. If you really want truth and are a sincere seeker, then go to the appropriate sites for your answers. Also there are at least twenty books devoted solely to answering questions like yours.
      I will address just one.
      “…the real word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord…”
      No, that is not what the real word says. You have taken a phrase out of this verse, as so many Protestant preachers do with this verse, to make it suit you “home free” Protestant mindset.
      We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.
      2 Corinthians 5:8
      King James Bible
      This emphasis or main idea of this verse is that we are willing or we prefer to be present with the Lord.
      The verse in no way is meant to convey the idea that one is immediately present with the Lord when one’s soul is separated from one’s body at death.
      To prefer to be in heaven as opposed to on earth in no way contradicts the truth of Purgatory.
      But almost all Protestant preachers I have ever heard leave out the part of the verse that states “we are willing” or as some translate “we prefer.” I can only conjecture that the reason this verse is never quoted in its entirety is to better give a message that better fits Protestant doctrines.

    2. James: we are not bashing Protestantism; although we believe it to be false. What we are condemning, is the Jewish/ Protestant Fundamentalist nonsensical Jesuit/Vatican conspiracy theory.
      You, yourself, have admitted that Jewish/Masonic forces have our countries by the the throat. So why waste time tilting at Jesuit/Vatican windmills when you know who the real culprits are? I can only put it down to anti-Catholic brainwashing.

  23. James: Protestant denominations have much higher rates of paedophilia – contrary to your deeply misleading and corporate media derived diatribe. And many Protestant denominations have appointed homosexual clergy for years – the former Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie said that he knowingly “ordained” homosexuals as far back as the early 1980s. And please don’t try and slither your way out of this with some boilerplate about not being that type of Protestant (as your type tend to do). That’s just having your religious cake and eating it. If you attack the Church on explicitly Protestant grounds – as you certainly do – you must take responsibility for what the major Protestant denominations do. By the way you wouldn’t by any chance be related to the WASP/Sean/Sid character who trolls various websites, peddling anti-Catholic propaganda from various standpoints?

    1. That’s true, Northsider. Many Protestant Fundamentalists try to disown the mainstream, liberal Protestant denominations; such as Anglicanism, by claiming that they are “daughters of ‘Rome'”. OK, if that is the case: why did so many Catholics in England and Ireland prefer death to submitting to the “daughters of Rome”?

  24. Read Philippians 23& 24. Why would Paul have the desire to leave and be with Christ and leave them in the process if he didn’t think he’d actually be with Christ when he died? That’s realy not the point to bigin with. You can find merit for it in the bible, but purgatory you can not. I don’t need any clergyman to interpret the bible for me.im not a Protestant never was never will be. Northsider I’m not a troll I haven’t got online talking to anyone on blog post until the last month or so.taking up for clergy pedophiles by saying well the Protestants preachers do it too is not right. They will be held accountable too. All organized religion is in the pockets of satan, it’s part of the falling away ,the apostasy.it just boggles my how no matter what evils are done by the catholic clergy or any clergy for that matter, there are people that are willing to blindly take up for them. And to say basically well Protestant clergy do it too is one of the worse examples of that ever. Everyone has differences in minor doctrine. But pedophilia is something that should be punished in this life and the next no matter who you are.the truth is I haven’t stepped foot in a church in a long time, does that make me a heretic or “not saved”?.i refuse to be a part of any of it. I will say it again Hislop was right just pick up the book and read it for yourself. Don’t rely on something a catholic priest tells you about it, of coarse that’re going to deny it . It implicates them. Another example of the fox guarding the henhouse.hislop was a scholar and did the required research and to dismiss it without reading it is a folly to you.im not going to call you a heretic or anything like that just someone who’s listening to wolves in sheeps clothing.i just pray your hearts aren’t hardened to the truth.the first part of this post is something that can be debated the rest is not. Narrow is the gate and any organized religion is not going to help you find it. God bless all of you

  25. Er, no. WIDE is the gate as I see it. If you don’t like what Christ’s Church is teaching: make up your own religion, based on your personal interpretation of the Bible.

  26. Sorry this comment is down here but I had tech probs attempting to reply above.
    EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION— The Jesuit order was NOT founded by what is referred to above as ‘crypto- jews’.

  27. no salvation lies outside of Jesus not the fake church “first Jesuit”, no one believe this wannabe scholar he knows nothing. Jesuits were founded by crypto Jews . Ignatius of loyolas parents were both Jews who converted to Catholicism. So yes that makes him a Jew. Sorry to burst your bubble. The info is out there Google it. And thanks for deleting my last post. Can’t have the truth getting out can we. That’s 10,000,000 Hail Marys for fibbing “first Jesuit” I’m sure you wish you were a Jesuit , but then you’d have to be a Jew and by the way you conduct yourself I’d say you are. Cheers!

    1. Even if Loyola were a Jew, what does that mean? Someone being of Jewish origin alone doesn’t mean conspiracy. You have to show how we was somehow engaged in revolutionary behaviour. Can you do that?

  28. James, you say: “I don’t need any clergyman to interpret the Bible for me…” That’s a deeply prideful statement to make. The Bible is a very long and complex book – what makes you think you’re somehow so supremely gifted as to be able to infallibly interpret it all by yourself? Even a short simple poem by, say, Robert Frost, has been interpreted in a huge number of ways. Protestant fundamentalist preachers don’t just hand around Bibles to all their followers and let them get on with it – they produce study guides and interpretive guides and conduct Bible classes, and so on – in other words they manufacture their own ersatz magisterium to replace that of the Church. And of course there wouldn’t BE any Bible without the Church. As for the paedophile scandals: everything in life has a context. If you believe that putting the scandals of the Catholic Church in their proper context – i.e., many similar scandals in all the world’s religions – is somehow an attempt to excuse the heinous crimes and sins of Catholics, then you have, like so many others, fallen victim to the vulgar emotional manipulation of the presstitute lynch-mob media.

  29. Mary Louise: Very good point. The quasi-Masonic Orange Order is the proof that Protestantism is inextricably linked to Freemasonry. In fact the Order seems to have been formed to bolster the alliance between the Presbyterian and Anglican wings of Protestantism. To their credit some sincere northern Irish fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants oppose the Order, but they’re a small minority. I’m always disappointed at the way some Catholic Traditionalists talk as if the Anti-Catholic revolution started in France in 1789 – when Protestants had been savagely persecuting Irish and British Catholics for centuries before that. The late British (Anglican) historian Maurice Cowling believed Edmund Burke exaggerated the importance of the French Revolution – according to Cowling the Orange Revolution of 1688-1690 was the real turning point in European history. Burke was of course a Whig and a Freemason (although as Freemason Whigs go he was relatively decent, and he died a Catholic), so one wouldn’t have expected him to acknowledge the destructive impact of “the Glorious Revolution”.

  30. Tim Theres enough literature out there that exposes the Jesuits to fill a library so pick your poisan.northsider its unfair to yoke the apostles And the men whom kept record with the Church of Rome. The gospel already happened it was the men whom kept record who penned it and they were inspired by GOD not Rome. Paul had at most a few of his brethren while he was alive pen the epistles which also was inspired by God. So to say Rome did so would be wrong. I’m not say all Catholics are evil you have that everywhere . I’m sure there will be a lot that will eventually see the Church of Rome formwhat it really is.and no it’s not prideful at all to say that I don’t need any clergy to interperit the bible. God gives discernment and wisdom of those things through the Holy Spirit.i came to this site to look for a little proof of what I read from Martin Luther in his book the Jews and their lies.i know he was a Protestant but I find his later work to be spot on,he lets the bible interperit intself shows the scripture and follows up on everything. His last speech before he died was on the Jews.he exposes the Talmud and tells of his personal experiences with them. Exposing one evil while praising another just doesn’t make sense.thats why I started posting to begin with.and first Jesuit I would like to apologize for what I said about you. I just don’t like being called a liar when I took the time to do my homework.the Jesuits from the beginng had their hand in infiltrating monarchies with the purpose of bringing them back to Rome , with bloodshed being the common outcome(you shall know them by thei fruits).again I’m not a Protestant northsider I take from whatever source that has value.the gospel is not of Rome or the protestants but Christ Jesus. Most of of people who claim to be of God aren’t, don’t believe anything I’ve said rather find out for yourself. Take the time to research instead of dismissing them right off the bat. The only reason I don’t take anything from the Church of Rome is because at the heart of everything the clergy says is from the cathecism and traditions.not scripture. I wish you wouldn’t have deleted one of my posts I’m drawing crtitism from all sides but I’m still here. But the one that brought up Mary,Tammuz,Baal, and sananda Immanuel was deleted. Sananda Immanuel is a knock off Jesus and no one should fall for it.

    1. I asked you a specific question, James, not for you to re-iterate your anti-Catholic rhetoric. Luther’s writings against the Jews and the Talmud is dwarfed by the amount produced by the RCC and its theologians—like Johannes Pfefferkorn. Why is it, James, that throughout history, the Jewish-masonic conspiracy has specifically targeted the RCC and Orthodox Church but pretty much left alone mainline Protestantism? You ask us to take a critical look at the RCC, well how about you taking a critical look a Hislop? Here is something for starters: The Two Babylons – Hislop’s hypothesis debunked

  31. Your link stated oh the idols are similar but not quite lol. I don’t know how to post links or I would, but go to the site traditioninaction.org and you can see photos of John paul2 greeting African voodoo priest,wearing Indian style vestments,donning a feathered African headdress,and being blessed by an Indian shaman.and it shows the “church” being yoked with more pagans at the Assisi pan religious meeting of 2002. And no one has ever answered one question that I asked, I’ve answered many. 1 of many books exposing Loyola and the Jesuits is called history of the Jesuits by GB Nicolini written in1854. It’s obvious you’re in denial or just a gatekeeper and exercising damage control. There’s you’re proof of pagan influences in your “church” . If you want to still be a part of it in spite of proof that’s you thing. But don’t ever say that any pope is a godly man. In the reading I’ve done Catholics hold JP2 in high regard. Ask yourself would a rea man of Christ yoke himself with shamans and voodoo witch doctors . No he would not. What you’ve just seen on that site is the ushering in of the one world religion that will most likely be fronted by some ” ascended master” like sananda Immanuel or a guy calling himself lord meitraya. Please everyone get out of this heresy you want no part of it. A lot of my family on my moms side were Catholics so I know how hard it is to break away from all of this. My grandmother had all the statues of the catholic jesus and the queen of heaven covering her walls and dresser.and I’ll say it for the Tenth time I’m not of any denomination.i have no other agenda than to TRY and bring people closer to Christ. I’m not prideful or self rightous , I remember the pit from which I was dug.

    1. It says a lot more than just your cherry picked comment. James, get real here. Secular scholars completely reject Hislop’s theories. Surely, the anti-Christ secular community would jump on these theories if they had any validity to them. What does that tell you? It shows your bias. You want Hislop’s theories to be correct more than you want the truth, whatever it be. And as I told you before, Hislop fuels atheist/agnostic arguments against Christianity in general. Surely, you can’t support that? Furthermore, you have been asked several direct questions, which you have completely ignored. Time to man up, or step out.

  32. James: you may not be a formal Protestant in the sense of belonging to one of the Protestant sects, but you’re certainly an informal protestant in that you reject the idea of the Church as a divinely guided institution that is protected from error. Once a person rejects that belief all religious bets are off, and he or she becomes his or her own pope – deciding moral and spiritual issues on the basis of his or her personal opinion – often heavily influenced by the mores of the time. And even when we think we’re rejecting these mores we’re often just accepting them in a roundabout way. For instance many folk who claim to oppose feminism think defending pictures of topless women in newspapers is somehow a blow against “political correctness” – when the glorification of smut is the essence of PC. As for Luther: his own moral code was distinctly of the “a la carte” variety, e.g, he saw nothing wrong with lying, and urged his renegade priest followers to grab nuns for wives. All the papal betrayals throughout the ages just prove Belloc’s point that the Church had to be divinely inspired considering the people who had ruled it throughout history. As Cardinal Ottaviani noted during Vatican II, the only example of episcopal collegiality in the Gospels is most of the Disciples running away when the going got tough. By the same token Peter denied Jesus. It’s a cause for regret that popes frequently bow to the spirit of the World, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows the Bible, which is full of accounts of great men behaving less than courageously. As a priest once said to me, failing is the only thing human creatures are good at.

    1. Been reading some of Hislop’s other works, and I do notice the word “dispensation” popping up quite frequently. There seems to be very little information out there about him.

      1. Here is a good article and by a Catholic lay apologist on Hislop’s book, a book I owned and read many years ago.  (The earlier article link posted by TF was, I think, not by a Catholic author, but by a Christadelphian.*  Almost all reviewers of this book, no matter what their beliefs, agree that that it is characterized by poor scholarship, poor reasoning, and that accurate and substantive facts are absent and that no “proofs” of anything are contained therein.The only thing I remember is that the Church acknowledged that it did choose certain seasons of the year for certain main religious celebrations to coincide and overtake and wipe out contemporary pagan celebrations around the same date.  But time of “Easter”, Resurrection Sunday, is explained clearly in the article.
        Catholicismand Paganism -Is the Catholic Church the New Babylon? * “Christadelphians hold to unitarianism, the belief that there is only one person in the Godhead. They see Jesus as one of many “Elohim” or “created gods” who were at one time mortal men; in this Christadelphians are much like Mormons. The Holy Spirit is not considered a person but a force. Christadelphians believe the soul “sleeps” between death and resurrection and that there is no eternal punishment; in this they are like the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The wicked will not be raised on the last day. Christadelphians deny the existence of the devil and claim that Christ will soon return to reign in Jerusalem for a thousand years. ” What do Christadelphians believe? | Catholic Answers
        |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | What do Christadelphians believe? | Catholic AnswersAnswer The Christadelphians (“brothers of Christ”) were founded in 1848 by John Thomas, a physician and the son of a Congregationalist minister. | | | | View on http://www.catholic.com | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |
         Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone. “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

  33. People HAVE been reading what you’ve been posting and, far from leaving Tim’s site in droves, they’ve been pointing out the absurdities in your’s and Hislop’s claims.

  34. I’ve noticed a certain pattern with anti-Catholic trolls in recent times. They often cite a close relative’s (especially mother or grandmother) bad experience with the Church – sadistic nuns, psychopathic Christian Brothers, abusive priests, etc. I’m guessing the reason so many of these folk prefer to pose as relatives of Catholics, rather than as Catholics themselves, is that such a persona allows them to personalise, and thereby “emotionalise”, the anti-Catholic narrative, whilst also avoiding the danger of being called out on errors of fact about the Catholic religion and Catholic culture generally. Since they’re only “relatives of Catholics”, and not Catholics themselves, such folk have an easy explanation as to why they may be completely ignorant about important elements of Catholic culture. I’m not saying James is one of these characters (he may be perfectly genuine, though misguided, for all I know), but rather merely observing that the “my poor mother, grandmother, etc suffered horrifically at the hands of vicious nuns” has become an uncannily recurring theme among the anti-Catholic combox whores.

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    1. You have requested me to comment on Maria Monk’s book. I have written a complete analysis of Maria Monk’s book, The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk. My book is titled, Murder, Rape, and Torture in a Catholic Nunnery.
      Sent from my Sprint Phone.

    2. Ed: Maria Monk’s claims have long been proved to be false and are not just claimed to be so by Catholics. Maria Monk was, herself, a highly dubious character.
      I know that anti-Catholicism is a highly lucrative business. It beats making an honest living any day. Ask Jack Chick and Tony Alamo!

    3. I can comment on many of the authors. I notice just how many of them are either Jews or ‘Christian’ Zionists; which only proves the point of this article which is that the Jews are pushing this ‘Jesuit’ nonsense for all they’re worth.
      Others are Protestant ‘Romophobes’ who see ‘popish’ conspiracies under every bush.
      Other’s, e.g., Michael Tsarion, are New Age fruitcakes.
      John Loftus is a supposed Catholic, who is an ‘expert’ on Muslim terrorism, a director of a ‘Holocaust’ museum. He’s clearly some kind of intelligence asset. His partner in crime, Mark Aarons, is a communist Jew.
      Avro Manhattan was a liberal Jew with some highly dubious friends: H G Wells, G B Shaw, Picasso, Marie Stopes.
      God’s Bankers by Gerald Posner? Is he having a laugh? He needn’t look outside his own people if he wants to write about dodgy bankers. He also tries to push the official version of the JFK assassination.

      1. ” Jews are pushing this ‘Jesuit’ nonsense for all they’re worth” I agree with you, Mary Louise. My favorite example is a book
        Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps Vatican Assassins | Eric Jon Phelps
        |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Vatican Assassins | Eric Jon PhelpsUnited Nations to Rebuild Ancient Babylon Updated | | | | View on vaticanassassins.org | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |
         This guy was very big in the Internet radio alternative “patriot” community many years ago in lates 90s or early 2000.  This American patriot moved and is now an Israeli diamond merchant.
        Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1 Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and “Jesuit” Expert
        Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1: Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and “Jesuit” Expert (Oct. 24, 2008)
        |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1: Smear Artist, Israeli D…Oct. 24, 2008. [Editor’s Note: I have to thank the author of this series of articles for saving me a great deal of time. I felt it was necessary to invest some time… | | | | View on educate-yourself.org | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |
        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    4. https://www.ewtn.com/library/ANSWERS/MARIAMNK.HTM
      Above is the a link to the TRUE story of Maria Monk. Yes, it is from a Catholic source, but it also shows how Protestants, also, testified against Monk. It’s striking how much of Monks ‘disclosures’ are echoed in Alberto Rivera’s lurid claims. He too, like Monk, was convicted of crimes of dishonesty; in his case, passing false cheques.

    5. “Sniffing Out Jesuits” by Terry Melanson. That sounds like a scholarly work. I’ve just visited Mr Melanson site. He specialises in conspiracy theories. There are are articles about Masons, Bilderberg, Scientology, the Illuminati, Jesuits. In fact there’s every conceivable conspiracy represented there. There is missing, though, one notable exception (cough Cough).

  36. ”Before I go on here, I want to point out that this is not to absolve the Catholic Church of clerical abuses and legitimate corruption within it.”
    Do you absolve it of the massacre of St. Bartholomew which was instigated by a Jesuit, Edmond Auger, and was praised by Pope Gregory XIII, to the extent that he had printed a medal in its honor?
    ”You would be hard pressed to find a Jesuit memer who is the slightest bit anti-Zionist. Many of them also happen to endorse other irregular conspiracy theories, like that of “reptilians” and “death fakers”.”
    None of the serious anti-Jesuit bloggers or authors talk about ”reptilians”. Neither do I. And I don’t support the Israeli Labor Zionist government, their policies actually work to the detriment of ordinary Jews. Did you know that Shimon Peres promised Jerusalem to the Vatican in 1993, which was then reported by the Italian newspaper La Stampa? They’ve already taken steps in the process of handing out the holy sites of Jerusalem to the Vatican, you’ll find news articles about it by googling ”Vatican Jerusalem”.
    ”Furthermore, the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory has a huge amount of evidence behind it while the Jesuit theory has next to none.”
    That’s just your opinion, not a fact. I don’t deny that Freemasons and Zionists are a big part of the New World Order but there’s in fact a huge amount of evidence for the Jesuit involvement, too.
    ”Jesuit theorists count on memetic replication, because if one actually checks their claims against recorded history, they theorists will be revealed as frauds.”
    I’ve been exposing the Jesuits for years and I do it by giving names, dates, places, organizations and connections which can easily be checked by anyone to be correct. I rely on facts.

    ”The Jesuit theorists claim that the head of the Jesuits, the Superior General, is the “Black Pope”—one whose power supersedes that of the Pope and, subsequently, the Holy Church.
    This has been a well known ”secret” for centuries. The Jesuits forced Pope Pius VII, with the help of Napoleon, to officially re-establish the Jesuit order in 1814 after it had been suppressed in 1773. Ever since they’ve had the Pope under full control. The Pope always has a Jesuit as his confessor. By the way, Napoleon was brought to power by a coup instigated by Abbe Sieyes, a Jesuit groomed Catholic priest.
    ”Seeing as the first Jesuits were overrepresented with Jews and a Jew, one Ignatius Loyola, founded the Jesuits, it’s plausible that a Jesuit conspiracy against the Catholic Church and society were being orchestrated by Jews.”
    There were many converted Jews among the first Jesuits, yes, but Loyola was not a Jew, period. That’s an unfounded claim with no historical proof. Anyway, all converted Jews or people of Jewish ancestry were kicked out of the Jesuit order in the late 1500s and only readmitted in the mid 1900s. And if you think the Jesuit order is a conspiracy against the Catholic church why are you defending them even though you identify yourself as a Catholic?
    ”Jesuit conspiracy theorists claim that the Black Pope works to subvert society by positioning Jesuits in high positions of power throughout the world via the Knights of Malta and Jesuit training centres (Jesuit-founded universities). Since Jesuit universities are open to the public and do not require students to be Catholics, much less Jesuits, it’s a little ridiculous for the Jesuit theorists to claim that so and so is a Jesuit agent or “Jesuit trained” merely because they went to a Jesuit-founded university.”
    So many ”Jews run the world” proponents so often point out that this one is a Jew, this one is married to a Jew, this one is a half-Jew, this one is a crypto-Jew, this one had a great-great-grandfather who was a Jew, this one worked for a Jew, as a proof that they are agents of a ”Jewish conspiracy”. Hi pot, meet kettle.
    Of course not all people who have attended Jesuit universities are Jesuit agents but they are great places to recruit them. Just for an example the Obama administration has been filled with Jesuit trained people in key posts, there have been dozens of them and they’ve been enormously disproportionately represented. Do you really think it’s just a coincidence? If some organization was filled with, say members of the Democrat Party, wouldn’t you say it’s very likely it’s controlled by the party? The same logic can be applied here.
    ”Jesuit theorists, where they can’t malign someone based on their university attendance, malign them by their membership with the Knights of Malta or even if someone displays a logo or symbol bearing the remotest resemblance to the symbols of the Knights of Malta or the Jesuits.”
    Why are so many of the Knights of Malta so secretive about their membership? Its official name is the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. Take note of the words “military” and “Jerusalem”, that tells you what they’re really about, they’re crusaders.
    Did you know that the founder of CIA William J. Donovan was one of them, and of its heads Allen Dulles, John McCone, William Colby, William Casey, George Tenet and Leon Panetta. Do you think this is also just a coincidence? A telling quote about Donovan:
    ”General William “Wild Bill” Donovan was decorated in July 1944 by Pope Pius XII with the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Sylvester, the oldest and most prestigious of papal knighthoods. This award has been given to only one hundred other men in history, who “by feat of arms or writing or outstanding deeds have spread the faith and have safeguarded and championed the [Roman Catholic] Church.”
    ”Today, there is no organization called the Knights Templar, yet Jesuit conspiracy sites are full of references to them as if they still exist and run the world.”
    Which Jesuit conspiracy sites? No serious Jesuit researcher is saying that the organization of Knights Templar exists. It can be argued that the Jesuit order is partly a continuation and/or a bettered, more sophisticated version of the Knights Templar, for which there is also historical evidence, but that’s a whole another question.

    1. The St Bartholomew Massacre was instigated by Queen Catherine de Medici, a godless woman who believed in nothing but herself, and for entirely political reasons. On the contrary, when the pope heard of it, he condemned it, so please spare us the tired old Protestant lies. Besides, the Huguenots were Calvinists being used by the Jews to undermine the French Church and State.
      Who are these “serious anti-Jesuit bloggers”? I’ve never yet come across one who isn’t either a useful Catholic-hater idiot or, in the case of Phelps, an out and out Zionist agent.
      So you don’t support “Labor Zionism” but you obviously do support Likudnik, Jabotinsky-type Zionism and crazies such as Nuttyahoo. In your’s Phelps’s and Chamish’s warped,world view, Shimon Peres and the Labor Party are the only bad guys; yet you support the genocidal Bibi, Begin, Sharon, etc as “tools of the Lord” helping to usher in the “Second Coming”. What blasphemy! The only thing Phelps and his Zio masters are helping usher in is the FIRST coming of the “Jewish Messiah” or the Anti-Christ, and millions of brain-dead “Christian” Zionists, such as yourself, will be fooled into following the Anti-Christ as the Second Coming of Christ Himself.
      For your information, the problem with modern Jesuits is that they have lost the Catholic Faith. For example: “Pope” Francis has stated that he doesn’t believe in the Catholic God; so if there is a “Jesuit conspiracy”, it is entirely aimed against the Catholic Church, not the world at large. The modern Vatican is as much a tool of the Jewish banksters as our Western governments are.
      The men you have listed are merely Gentile frontmen controlled by the, almost entirely, Jewish bankers. Just because some of them may have had a Catholic background and Education, doesn’t mean that they are working for a Catholic, rather than a Jewish, agenda. The world would be in a much better state if they were working for a Catholic agenda!

    2. ”The St Bartholomew Massacre was instigated by Queen Catherine de Medici, a godless woman who believed in nothing but herself, and for entirely political reasons. On the contrary, when the pope heard of it, he condemned it, so please spare us the tired old Protestant lies.”
      The Jesuits were also involved in instigating the massacre, and the Medici family was closely connected to the Papacy. They even had four Popes in the 1500s and 1600s. It’s a historical fact that Pope Gregory XIII had struck a medal saying ”Ugonottorum strages 1572” to celebrate the massacre. I don’t know where you get the information that he condemned it.
      ”So you don’t support “Labor Zionism” but you obviously do support Likudnik, Jabotinsky-type Zionism and crazies such as Nuttyahoo.”
      There’s really no difference between the parties in Israel, they’re all treasonous betrayers of their own people. Netanyahu is a CFR creation and puppet. I talk about Labor Zionists because that’s what all the significant politicians there practically are these days.
      ”millions of brain-dead “Christian” Zionists, such as yourself”
      I’m not a Christian, I’m an agnostic theist, truth seeker and independent observer. So I’m not a religious Zionist either but I don’t mind Jews having their own country. As a Finn I’m happy that we have our own country.
      That there’s a nation called ”Palestine” is a myth created in the 1900s for political reasons to undermine Israel’s right to exist. Zuhair Mohsen, A PLO leader, himself admitted that in an interview in 1977. ”Palestinians” are mostly Arabs from the surrounding Arab countries who came there at the same time as the Zionist Jew immigrants. The Arab countries have also intentionally maintained the ”refugee problem” by refusing to give them basic rights and citizenship.
      ”For your information, the problem with modern Jesuits is that they have lost the Catholic Faith.”
      Were they theologically really ever Catholics to begin with, I don’t think so. In my view they have just used the Catholic church for their own purposes from the beginning. But I don’t support the Catholic church either, or any organized churches for that matter. To me the whole idea that anybody could or should act as a mediator between God, that created the Earth and man, and an individual is preposterous. And of course I won’t support the new Luciferian world religion the Jesuits and Freemasons are going to offer to us, quite the opposite.
      ”The world would be in a much better state if they were working for a Catholic agenda!”
      To me Catholic agenda = Roman imperialism disguised as a religion. That’s what it’s always been. The European Union has been praised by the Popes, and its founding fathers were devout Roman Catholics. Otto von Habsburg himself said that the EU essentially is the modern version of the Holy Roman Empire. I don’t hate Catholics or anybody, I oppose the Vatican for political reasons.

      1. I notice a recurring inconsistency in the Jesuit theorists’ argument. There is never a clearly defined Jesuit agenda. On one hand, it’s a Catholic agenda, and now, according to you, it’s not Catholic but just wears the mask of Catholicism. So what is it then? Having such an unclear definition, I find it disingenuous and self-deluded that you guys can unequivocally say that Zionists are victims of the Jesuits, or that Zionism is really a Jesuit creation. You guys are tripping all over yourselves, almost on every point. If the Jesuit plot is not Catholic, what the hell is it?

    3. There’s no such thing as a “serious anti-Jesuit blogger”; they’re all either paid up shills or bigoted, brainwashed nincompoops.

  37. “For your information, the problem with modern Jesuits is that they have lost the Catholic Faith. For example: ”Pope” Francis has stated that he doesn’t believe in the Catholic God; so if there is a ”Jesuit conspiracy”, it is entirely aimed against the Catholic Church, not the world at large.”
    Well said, Mary Louise. I think the Holy Spirit had a Hand in your comment.

    1. Indeed. further proof of the mass of contradictions that is “Farnesius”.

  38. Notice that “Farnesius” bangs on about the long defunct Roman Empire, but has nothing to say about the still extant and far more malign, British Empire. Why, because the British Empire is Protestant, Freemasonic and Jewish in nature. I admire the Roman Empire, particularly Titus; he took no crap from the Jews!
    He says that he is against the “New World Order”, yet he is shilling for it because the New World Order is really a Jew World Order. His statement that there is no such state as Palestine proves that he is a fanatical Zionist. Thanks for so clearly showing your hand “Farnesius”, we now know where you are coming from and can discount everything you say. You probably believe in the hallowed “Six Million” and that Hitler was a Jesuit! Take your garbage elsewhere and stop wasting the time of people who are concerned about the real evil in this world!

    1. Mary louise You do know that the Jesuit order was suppressed by the Church itself and the pope who,s edict it was was poisoned,
      Therefore your statement is a slight at one of your Popes and your own church
      There’s no such thing as a “serious anti-Jesuit blogger”; they’re all either paid up shills or bigoted, brainwashed nincompoops.

    2. “Mary louise You do know that the Jesuit order was suppressed by the Church itself and the pope who,s edict it was was poisoned,
      Therefore your statement is a slight at one of your Popes and your own church”.
      No credible source claims that Clement XIV was poisoned. He was 68 years old when he died, for heaven’s sake! That was a good innings in 1774.

  39. “To me Catholic agenda = Roman imperialism disguised as religion”.
    That is because in your ignorance you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by Jews and “Christian” Zionists who are working toward Jewish imperialism.

    1. also, you start your sentence with the words “To me”:proof that what you propagate is not founded on facts but on your personal opinions and prejudices.

    2. Just looking up the papal bull
      On July 21, 1773 Pope Clement XIV issued a papal bull in Rome titled: “Dominus ac Redemptor Noster ”. That decree included the following statement.
      “…having further considered that the said Company of Jesus can no longer produce those abundant fruits…in the present case, we are determining upon the fate of a society classed among the mendicant orders, both by its institute and by its privileges; after a mature deliberation, we do, out of our certain knowledge, and the fulness of our apostolical power, suppress and abolish the said company: we deprive it of all activity whatever…And to this end a member of the regular clergy, recommendable for his prudence and sound morals, shall be chosen to preside over and govern the said houses; so that the name of the Company shall be, and is, for ever extinguished and suppressed. …”
      — ”, Pope Clement XIV, Dominus ac Redemptor Noster.
      Monarchs in many European states grew progressively wary of what they saw as undue interference from a foreign entity. The expulsion of Jesuits from their states had the added benefit of allowing governments to impound the Society’s accumulated wealth and possessions. However, historian Charles Gibson cautions, “[h]ow far this served as a motive for the expulsion we do not know.
      The series of political struggles between various monarchs, particularly France and Portugal, began with disputes over territory in 1750 and culminated in suspension of diplomatic relations and dissolution of the Society by the Pope over most of Europe, and even some executions.
      Pope Pius VII issued an order restoring the Society of Jesus in the Catholic countries of Europe. For its part, the Society of Jesus made the decision at the first General Congregation held after the restoration to keep the organization of the Society the way that it had been before the suppression was ordered in 1773.
      In addition to 1767, the Jesuits were suppressed and banned twice more in Spain, in 1834 and in 1932. Spanish ruler Francisco Franco rescinded the final suppression in 1938.
      Franco led a series of politically-motivated violent acts, including but not limited to concentration camps, forced labor and executions, mostly against political and ideological enemies, causing an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 deaths,depending on how death in the more than 190 concentration camps is considered.
      Franco was not a saint.
      lots of the expulsions seemed politically and financially motivated as the Crown seized Jesuit assets.

  40. ““agnostic theist” ? Now that’s a good one.”
    The definition of agnostic theism:
    “Agnostic theism is the philosophical view that encompasses both theism and agnosticism. An agnostic theist believes in the existence of at least one deity, but regards the basis of this proposition as unknown or inherently unknowable. It can also mean that there is one high ruler, but it is unknowable or unknown who or what it is. The agnostic theist may also or alternatively be agnostic regarding the properties of the God or the gods they believe in.”
    The last sentence describes me best. I believe, based on scientific evidence, that the theory of evolution is false and that life was created. So there has to be a creator, or God. But I don’t know what kind of an entity God is. Etymologically the word “agnostic” means “without knowledge”.
    “His statement that there is no such state as Palestine proves that he is a fanatical Zionist.”
    My statement is based on historical facts which I have also presented in my blog (maallikkoapuri). It’s in Finnish because I’m from Finland and I started the blog to inform my countrymen about the Jesuit connection of the new world order. But you’ll find all the info I’ve put out there from the internet in English if you’re genuinely interested in the truth. And like I already said, a PLO leader himself admitted that there’s no such nation as “Palestinians”.
    “also, you start your sentence with the words “To me”:proof that what you propagate is not founded on facts but on your personal opinions and prejudices.”
    It’s founded on facts which I’ve presented extensively in my blog. With “to me” I meant “in my view”. And that view is based on research. Roman Catholicism is essentially Roman imperialism, and the Pope is the counterpart of the Roman Emperor.
    “You probably believe in the hallowed “Six Million” and that Hitler was a Jesuit!”
    I’ve seen a copy of a Red Cross document in the internet that says a bit less than 300000 people died in Nazi concentration camps. It’s plausible that that number is correct. So no, I don’t believe 6 million Jews died there. And no, Hitler was not a Jesuit but he was a Roman Catholic. And he had himself said to Hermann Rauschning that he had learned the most from the Jesuit order. He admired them.
    “I notice a recurring inconsistency in the Jesuit theorists’ argument. There is never a clearly defined Jesuit agenda. On one hand, it’s a Catholic agenda, and now, according to you, it’s not Catholic but just wears the mask of Catholicism.”
    The Jesuit order is a Gnostic/Luciferian secret society, and their goal is to establish a new one world religion, a Luciferian one, and a world government with them controlling it behind the scenes.
    The Papacy supported the Jesuits at the beginning because they thought the Jesuits would succeed in converting the protestants back to Catholics. The Jesuits actually have accomplished that by infiltrating the protestant churches which have lately come a lot closer to the Vatican. So the Catholic church has benefited from them because the Papacy has always wanted to gather all people under the spiritual power of the Pope. The Pope has always also wanted to have temporal power over all the kings and people of the world. The Jesuits have helped in that regard, too.
    On the other hand, the Jesuits have benefited from the Vatican’s infrastructure, wealth and networks so it’s been a kind of a symbiotic relationship. So these entities share common goals, both want to rule the world, but in the end the Jesuits are not serving the Pope but their own interests, which you can clearly see if you look at the history. There was a big rift between them in the 1700s when the Jesuit order eventually got suppressed. Like I said earlier, they used Napoleon as a tool to get back at the Vatican, and also the Knights of Malta who had deported them from Malta. Since then the Knights of Malta have been subordinate to the Jesuits, too.
    To sum this up, the Vatican and the Jesuit order are, in my view, competing totalitarian organizations which have benefited of each other but have also had differences. And in the end the Jesuits want to rule the world alone, that’s the only thing they really care about.

    1. The Jesuit order is a Gnostic/Luciferian secret society, and their goal is to establish a new one world religion, a Luciferian one, and a world government with them controlling it behind the scenes.

      I’m afraid that’s far too vague, farnesius. There are many such secret societies that wield close to the same power or more. Again, you fail to clearly define the Jesuit plot, as all your brethren fail to do.

    2. correct Tim. In fact, I would argue that we already have a world religion: the “Holocaust”. The Jews are, seemingly, doing an effective job of replacing Calvary with Auschwitz. Of course, those of us who believe in Christ’s promises know that they will ultimately fail.

    3. “And like I already said, a PLO leader himself admitted that there is no such nation as “Palestinians””.
      That counts for nothing that “Palestinian leader” was, undoubtedly,a Mossad operative. The “Israelis” are sure to have their agents infiltrated into Palestinian organizations.
      There is no such nation as “Israel”. Rather it is Occupied Palestine.

    4. When you say that protestant sects have come closer to the Catholic Church, you are looking down the wrong end of the telescope. The point is that protestants, Freemasons and Jews, who are all joined at the, hip have infiltrated the Vatican. The Novus Ordo ‘Mass’ has diminshed the essence of the Mass as a Sacrifice and is now no different from a protestant ‘celebration of the Lord’s Supper’. This was Paul VI’s stated intention when he instituted the ‘new Mass’. The Novus Ordo monstrosity was compiled by six protestant ministers together with the Freemason, Cardinal Bugnini. You can find a photo online of Paul VI pictured with the six.
      Btw; it is a recorded fact that there was in the 30’s, a Masonic plot to infiltrate the Catholic seminaries with communists, with the intention that some of them would eventually rise to high positions in the Vatican. Google the name “Bella Dodd”. She was one of the chief conspirators, who later converted to Catholicism and gave evidence before Congress of this fact.

  41. You are in fact a Deist, and the god you believe in is the Freemasonic god. We certainly can know about the nature of God since He revealed himself in the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who founded a Church, complete with a hierarchy – the successors of the Apostles. You reject Christ and His Church. Therefore you are like Lucifer who said “non serviam”. It is, in fact, you who displays typical Freemasonic religious indifferentism,
    I don’t deny that the Vatican has been infiltrated; the Jews have always sought to destroy the Church. The idea that the Church has anything to do with the ancient, pagan Roman empire is just protestant (and Jewish) lies and propaganda.
    If you are not in favour of the Jewish supremacist agenda, why do you link to a rabid Zionist like Barry Chamish who believes he has the right to steal the Palestinians’ land?
    Also, why do you link to rabidly anti-Catholic fundie Protestant sites? If you think you are going to get anything approaching the truth when it comes to the Catholic Church from those sources you are beyond help!
    I also find it somewhat amusing that someone from Finland, a country with very few Catholics, believes himself to be an expert on the Catholic Church.
    did you even bother to watch the video I posted?
    Btw, Hitler may have had a Catholic background but since he renounced Catholicism, he could hardly be called a Catholic. Try telling his admirers, most of whom are anti-Catholic themselves, that Hitler was a Catholic!

  42. (I decided to post this news item because this Fitzinfo article does mention Pope Francis and I could not find any article with him as the main subject of the article.)
    I stumbled across this recent short video of Pope Francis meeting with the President of Israel and his Orthodox Jewish secretary. I do not agree with several things Vatican Catholic, Most Holy Family Monastery puts out, but I do find news stories that seem to be hidden from me otherwise on their YouTube site. I just wonder how the mainstream “Novus Ordo” Catholic community will defend and explain away this outrage.

    1. The pope just does like most bishops do when they bow, he prevents the cross hanging loose and moving strangely .

  43. Would the author of this article argue with the Word of God? Is it not true that even in ancient Civilizations, Rome was known as the City on 7 hills?

  44. Just doing more research
    By this time the Jesuits wanting to, of course, convert everybody, including the Russians, got themselves into Russia where the empress was Catherine the Great, not a Catholic, because as you know, the Russians religion-wise are Orthodox. They do not accept the authority of the Pope. So when the Pope’s order came out ordering all the bishops throughout the world to declare that the Society of Jesus is suppressed, she sent a message to Rome, ‘will you please tell the Pope that I am not a subject of the Bishop of Rome. If he wants to suppress the Jesuits in Russia, let him come here in person. As far as I’m concerned they are staying in Russia.’ It took a woman’s will – happened to be a schismatic.
    Does anyone see the irony in that ?.

    1. Campbell: all this is very interesting; but largely irrelevant. The point is, that people like ‘farnesius’ insist that there is a plot today for the Vatican, via the Jesuits, to take over the world through and force everyone to become Catholic. Believe me, this is garbage. We currently have a Jesuit ‘pope’ who has publicly stated that there is no Catholic God. Bergoglio has no intention of preaching the Catholic Faith among Catholics, much less ‘proselytising’ non-Catholics. He’s too busy glad handing Christ and the Church’s most ancient enemies, after Satan himself, the Talmudic Jews.
      The problem with ‘Black Popers’, such as ‘farnesius’, is that they are broadly ignorant of that which they speak; they confuse the Jesuits, the Catholic Church and the Vatican and speak of them all is if they are the same entity.

  45. Complete Biblia Sacra (Catholic Latin Vulgate) from 1685. Contains the rare Nominum Interpretatio list for decoding the various Jewish Lords of the Hebrew/Chaldean/Greek originals which were unilaterally interpreted incorrectly as a monotheistic deity in subsequent English editions. Also contains the Esdras Apocalypse (Esdras 3 and Esdras 4) which were removed by the Vatican around 1816. Very hard to find text. Comes in 10 parts. Total file size of the 10 pdfs add up to around 1…
    Topic: 1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate – Biblia Sacra

  46. Posted in link above you will complete Biblia Sacra with Esdras Apocalypse and Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio. I suggest any serious catholic to download it and study it along with whatever ig is that you currently use. You will find too many corruptions to list. You are going to learn things you never knew starting at Genesis 2:4 right through the New Testament. Your soul and faith are at stake here.

  47. “Ave Deam Matronam nostrae, gratia plena.
    Deum Patrem Spiritum Sanctum tecum.
    Sanctam Tuam in mulieribus.
    Deam Matronam Nostrae, Matram Deum Jesum Christum,
    ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc,
    et en hora mortis nostrae.”

    1. Lolathecur: the Protestant obsession with finding the “perfect” translation of the Bible stems from the erroneous doctrine of Sola Scriptura, which originated with Martin Luther. Nowhere does Holy Scripture claim to be sufficient unto itself. This same Sola Scriptura error is the source of the disordered reverence which some Protestants display for the KJV; a reverence that amounts to idolatry.

      1. mary louise, I agree. Please downoad the Bibia Sacra at link provided and study it. Very rare text. copare it with your Douay. You will see uch corruption in the English. Ialso can provide an original Douay to compare as well. You would not beleive your eyes.

  48. You have mischaracterized my views. You have me listed among the “Key individuals promoting the Jesuit conspiracy meme.” If you had read any of my books you would know that I have revealed the Jesuits as a crypto-Jewish organization.
    I explain in detail the identity and methods of the Jewish elite who have conspired against God and man in my book, “Bloody Zion.”

    1. You also have mendaciously put it abroad that the Catholic Church was a Jewish enterprise from day one; which is nonsense. Traditionally, before its infiltration, the Catholic Church was the biggest safeguard against the depredations of organised Jewry, which is why the Jews have always sought to destroy her. On the other hand, Calvinism is warmed-over Judaism with a dash Christianity thrown in.
      Having been a novice nun in a Benedictine monastery I also take issue with your latest lying piece of Protestant pornography about the supposed atrocities taking place in convents. Don’t worry: you’ll have no problem getting it published by the Jewish-controlled publishing houses: it’ll probably top the New York Times Book list.
      It would seem that Protestants, who accuse Catholics of eliminating “the second” Commandment, are pretty laissez faire when it come to one about not bearing false witness.

  49. I am an eastern european catholic, and don’t want to argue with anybody…but in my country almost all of the jesuits are jews- just like the catholic & protestant clergy, especially the leaders.. of course ,the average protestant ( and the average catholic carismatic ) is a hopelessly dumb philosemite …by the way, the site is great, God & the Holy Mother bless you all .

  50. Another suspicious character I have discovered, Joseph “Doc” Marquis. I first learned about this guy after seeing him on an Oprah Winfrey show claiming that Sharon Tate was a practicing witch who was eventually murdered by Charles Manson on behalf of the “Illuminati”. I am sure some or all of this is true; however, this Marquis fellow has now been embraced by the Jack Chick types and is now using these kinds of revelations and claiming that the Vatican and the Jesuits are orchestrating it all. This reminds me of alleged Illuminati defector John Todd as well as his friend Fritz Springmeier. All of the, save for Springmeier, have in common that they absolve Jews of any involvement in the world conspiracy.
    Joseph “Doc” Marquis – http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Joseph_%22Doc%22_Marquis
    I believe this Marquis may well have been a high-ranking witch but was shepherded into another tier of deception by the evangelical handlers who pounced on him once he defected and made his revelations. This appears to be what happened with the John Todd fellow as well. As for Springmeier, it’s like he is a Puritan from the past who time-traveled to the present.

    1. Another one is the woman known as ‘Svali’. She, too, claims to have been an ex-high ranking member of the Illuminati, who surprise surprise, is now a ‘Born Again’ Christian. I read her ‘testiomony’ about 10 years ago. In it she claimed that the Illuminati was, essentially German (ie, Nazi) and that German was spoken in the highest ranks of the organisation. She also claimed that they absolutely HATE Israel and that Jews are only allowed to join the Illuminati if they renounce Judaism. Yeah, right!
      In this account she spouted anti-German rather than anti-Catholic propaganda. she never mentioned the Catholic Church or the Vatican. However, a few years ago she was a guest on Greg Szymanski’s ‘show’. This time she claimed to have been initiated into the Illuminati in a Satanic ceremony performed deep in the bowels of the Vatican.
      She used to be promoted by Henry Makow. I don’t know if he still believes in her.

      1. Bill Schnoebelen is another alleged Illuminati defector who conveniently embraced Protestantism. He is a vicious Catholic basher and Jesuit theorist. I notice he calls Jesus by the guess name made up by the Hebrew Roots crowd “Yeshua”. To me, this is a good indication that he is a Zionist Christian of some degree. Check out some of his lectures on Youtube. It seems that he was indeed involved in the occult. Schnoebelen, like fraudster Alberto Rivera, claims to have been an ordained Catholic priest. He is so over the top. He makes outrageous claims, like that he knew of Catholic and Orthodox priests who were willing to ordain occultists to the priesthood as long as said occultists would ordain the priests into occult bodies like Wiccan.

        If you follow the timeline in his own books, he would have to have been a Roman Catholic, a Freemason, a Wiccan, and a Satanist, all at the same time, from 1976 to 1980.[4]


  51. Mary, Tim: Funny how these German illuminati do nothing to stop the over-running of Germany with non-Europeans. Nor did they stop the bombing of Dresden, Hamburg and so on, or the post-war hate mongering against the German people. Strangely too this anti-Jewish illuminati don’t seem to even notice that Israel has built a massive wall to keep out migrants and expels Africans on unapologetically racist grounds every day, while their co-tribalists promote mass migration for western Christian nations.
    By the same token these alleged controlling Jesuit illuminati don’t seem bothered about the huge historically unprecedented and completely coordinated global hate campaign against the Catholic Church over the last 25 odd years.

    1. What a coincidence: if we are believe Svali, the Illuminaughty just happens to be comprised of the the two groups which the Jews hate most: Germans and Catholics.

      1. Here’s another: Mike Warnke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Warnke
        What was going on in the 1970s and ’80s that resulted in all these phonies testifying of being born again after leaving the Illuminati? It’s starting to look like a plot. Was the Satanism hook used merely for its fantastical value or was there a psyop going on? It’s like Jack Chick was the handler for all of these agents.

  52. I notice Henry Makow linked today to an anti-Catholic propganda piece on Zio-disinfo site (in my view anyway) Veterans Today, about Scalia, the Jesuits, Opus Dei, etc. Amusing in a grim sort of way that these VT anti-Catholic shills always give themselves away by over-egging the cake. They can never resist dropping in a bit of conventional left-liberal Soros/Pussy Riot style feminist anti-Catholicism.
    Thus the author of the VT piece tries to pose as an anti-Zionist and defender of Christendom, but then gives it all away by calling the Church “misogynist” – a classic piece cultural Marxist-Frankfurt school claptrap. Who invented this idea of the Church’s teaching as “misogynistic”? Here’s a clue: it was the same tribe who churn out anti-Catholic Hollywood blockbusters every year and shower them with Oscars, Golden Globes and Baftas.

    1. VT is classic disinfo. Duff knows that he can’t get away with not mentioning the Jewish/Zionist agenda since people are increasingly waking up to it. So his tactic is to discuss the Jewish issue but mix it up with all kinds of other subjects, eg., Vatican/Jesuits. Alex Jones operates in a similar manner.
      The article in question is nothing but a confused hodgepodge of anti-Catholic rantings. One minute the writer, Katherine Frisk, sounds like a typical Protestant Fundie, the next she comes across as a Leftist feminist. The Vatican was apparently responsible for Nelson Mandela going to prison! Somebody needs to remind Ms Frisk that Mandela was not the hero the mainstream media have painted him as. If Frisk is to believed, the Catholic Church is responsible for all the world’s evils, from world wars to the flat tire you got last week!

  53. One thing that always muddies the waters in an objective discussion of the Jesuits is the vague term and expression – ‘ He is “a Jesuit.”
    I always understood someone is “a Jesuit” when they were ordained as a priest or a brother in the Jesuit order, not any person who ever attended one of the many Jesuit educational institutions. There is a very broad spectrum of meaning of “Jesuit” when used in this current usage.
    I recently wrote a post in another blog because someone wanted to start a discussion of “the Jesuits.” I wrote a positive piece drawing upon my limited knowledge of St. Ignatius Loyola up until today in the USA. I also wrote another brief posting expressing what I am expressing here – if you are going to say that every person who ever attended a Jesuit school is “a Jesuit” you will not be able to find a common thread among them since the number of subjects runs in the tens of thousands of students and former students. I think I nipped that planned discussion in the bud.
    Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, is said to have been “a Jesuit” because he attended Jesuit schools and taught canon law, a post always held by Jesuits, at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria.
    I remember about 15 years ago getting in an argument with someone on a forum and this person claimed Weishaupt was a Jew and a Jesuit and that is the true source of all the evil of the Illimunati. At the time I did not buy the Jew or Jesuit thing and was quite right wing in my thinking, but of the wrong kind of right wing thinking. I argued that Weishaupt was of the Freemasonry kind of evil and that he was not in my opinion “a Jesuit” because he was not a cleric.
    I have changed over the years in trying to understand all of this and I still think I do not know of the bad things some Jesuits may have done but I strongly suspect there were some. My general thinking is that they are scholars of the highest order and they sucessfully defended the Church in Her greatest hour of need up to that time – the early sixteenth century’s Protestant revolution.
    Today I was suggested by Linkedin to connect with someone named ConspracyCrazy Theory. This unknown person apparently has a “conspriacy store” in Navada and LinkedIn apparently thinks I am in to conspiracies and thinks I ought to link up with this person whom I do not know. The photo showed a photo of this person’s store and it had a big poster devoted to “the Jesuit conspiracy.”
    Here is the photo location and on the right side it shows his sales poster regarding the Jesuits. The print was too small to read.

    1. They are quick to babble that so and so is “Jesuit trained” without ever explaining what Jesuit trained means. They can’t even define the supposed Jesuit agenda.
      I want to do Part II of this Jesuits series soon. Just been waiting for time to research banking and the supposed Vatican/Catholic/Jesuit involvement in it, since the Jesuit theorists love to claim that the Vatican is the money power in the world.
      BTW, University of Ingolstadt had long lost its Catholic roots by the time Adam Weishaupt came upon the scene. This is mainstream historical fact. It is accurate to say that Igolstadt and the Jesuit order there were non-existent when Weishaupt took over.
      In Libido Dominandi, E. Michael Jones touched upon Weishaupt and the Illuminists hijacking the Holy sacrament of confession and using it to blackmail powerful people (what eventually became illuminism). They would get the dupes to confess something, then use it against them unless they agreed to carry out their agenda.
      Perhaps I will quote Jones’ info when I write Part II. Might be useful. I plan to focus on finance and perhaps Weishaupt.

  54. Mary Louise: Not sure if you’ve seen the Youtube vid “Gordon Duff IS a Zionist Disinformation Agent”. In it Duff is heard praising Biden and George Soros to the skies, and admitting that he doesn’t like white people, and that he’s a “multicultural person”. He also admits that 40 per cent of what he says is consciously false, because if it wasn’t “I’d be dead”. I suppose you have to give him some credit for being honest about his dishonesty!
    I’ve also heard Duff in other interviews trying to make out that Obama is really one of the good guys fighting the good fight against the Zionist nutcases. Complete tosh, as with the possible exceptions of Bill Clinton and George W, he’s by far the most Zio-friendly prez in history.
    Re Victoria Frisk (Is she a homeland security operative in her day job? ha ha), it’s interesting that all this mud is being thrown at Scalia at this time. I was no fan of the man, but the rumours that he’d been assassinated were gaining serious traction a few weeks ago and had even made it to the Washington Post and the US national networks. In fact Mr Washington Establishment himself, Raymond Arroyo, when interviewing Scalia’s priest son on EWTN, admitted that he’d been inundated with e-mails suggesting that Scalia Sr. had been murdered. When EWTN viewers start becoming “conspiracy theorists”, everyone should sit up and take notice!
    With their usual talent for missing the big picture, Hoffman and others are making great play of Scalia’s Zionist connections, which is all very well, but conveniently for the NWO tends to divert attention away from the suspicious nature and timing of his death. Not everyone the Tribe chooses to zap is necessarily a saint or a hero – most are neither.
    The bottom line is this: Scalia’s death has added to the Tribe’s domination of the US Supreme Court and gives even greater leverage to the gun control and LGBT lobbies.

  55. With all do respect to you , I have a several questions! 1-Does the Bible say that the synagogue of Satan is of the Jews or does the Bible state the synagogue of Satan is made of people who say they are Jews and are “NOT”? 2-Did Jesus state that “SALVATION” is of the Jews in the Gospel? 3-Can you explain why Leo H Lehmann the late “Irish” Roman Catholic Priest states The Jesuits authored the Protocols of Zion? 4-How come we always hear about the Jews killing Muslims and the Muslims killing Jews in Israel over the Holy Land in the media but we never hear about the Vatican’s majority control of the Holy sites in Jerusalem? 5-Can you explain the collaboration between Catholic Hitler and the Muslim Handshar 13th Waffen SS Nazi Division in WW2? If you need help understanding my last question (5) then “Google” “Catholic Nazi’s in Pictures” also “Google” “Handshar” 13th Waffen SS” and for extra credit , yes sir , can you explain the reason the late Pope John Paul 2 Kissed the Koran? If your Still having problems understanding my question , then “Google” Pope John Paul kisses Koran! I look forward to your response! GOD BLESS!

    1. When Jesus said “those who call themselves Jews but are not, they are the synagogue of Satan,” He wasn’t merely talking about ethnic phoneys. Jesus always spoke with far deeper and spiritual meanings. He was talking about people who were spiritual phoneys. It would be tantamount to saying Christians who call themselves Christians but are not (no ethnicity implied here). Therefore, the Lord’s words cannot be used to support this obsession with the supposed Khazar roots of today’s Jews. Anybody who twists Jesus words in this way is carnally minded and unable to see the spiritual lesson in His words. As for the rest of your supposed sincere questions, you are outright lying about the mainstream media’s coverage involving Jews, Catholics, and Muslims. Jews are rarely, if ever, criticized in the media, while Catholics and Muslims are slandered, criticized, lied about on a non-stop basis, especially Catholics. John Paul II kissed the Koran because he wasn’t Catholic, simple as that.

    2. If Serafin Flores isn’t a Sephardic Jew then he must be of Latino or, possibly, Filippino descent. It is tragic that so many Latinos have abandoned the Faith of their fathers to embrace Protestant heresy with its concomitant Jew/Israel worship.
      Answer me this, Serafin: why shouldn’t Catholics have guardianship (not ‘control’) of the Holy Places since so many of them shed their blood to preserve them during, the much maligned, Crusades. If it wasn’t for the fact that they bring Israel millions of shekels via pilgrims and tourists, the Israeli authorities would have razed the Holy Places long ago if it hadn’t been for the Catholic Church!

  56. As for Leo H Lehmann – probably a crypto-Jew – as a source of information on the Catholic Church, he is about as impeccable as Phelps and Szymanski!

    1. Mary Louise – a few days ago I came across a troll on an Infowars comment forum under a video of Mexicans and other Soros/Rothschild paid agitator shill/whores rioting and beating up Trump supporters, parading topless etc. He blamed all the Mexican trouble-makers on, wait for it, the Jesuits and “liberation theology”! Classic example of the Zio dialectic – infiltrate the Church and then blame the Church for the infiltrators.
      For instance E Michael Jones wrote not long ago about how Jewish groups have campaigned for the government to force the Church to obey employment anti-discrimination laws relating to homosexuals – as Jones said, they will then use the scandals that will ensue from employing homos as a stick to beat the Church, and to enrich their lawyer class.
      Not that the paid anti-Trump shills have anything to do with the Jesuits – even the dodgy Lib-theo variety. As you point out the Hispanics are now more often than not Zio-Prod evangelicals. Cruz and Rubio are both part of this new front in the Zio drive for full spectrum dominance in the ethno-religious sphere

      1. I listened to Jones a bit this week and heard this liberation theology meme come out of his mouth. Jones must be really feeling the ratings crunch if he is forced to say the word “Jew” in any critical fashion whatsoever. But, again, any criticism will be prefaced with Holocaust narratives, etc.

  57. There was a concerted effort by the Rockefellers to Protestantise the people of Latin America as part of their population reduction scheme. Protestants, of course, are allowed to use artificial contraception.
    With regards to Bergoglio; it is amusing how commentators on the phony Right accuse him of being an adherent of Liberation Theology, while commentators on the phony Left, such as those who write for Duff’s VT, accuse him of having been in cahoots with Argentina’s fascistic, military dictators. Judging by the man’s speech and conduct since becoming ‘pope’ I believe that the former is closer to the truth.

    1. Bergoglio strikes me as a classic 1970s leftist cleric. Gary Potter has written about the leftist mythology surrounding Argentina’s so called Dirty War – myths not so very different from those peddled about the supposedly vicious Catholic nationalists in the Spanish Civil War.
      Also, Allende and Pinochet in Chile were Freemasons – so maybe their philosophies weren’t as different as has been made out. Pinochet took his cue from the University of Chicago free marketeers like Milton Friedman – who were quite close to the left on social and cultural matters. The University of Chicago, as well as being a centre for free market ideas, also pioneered the dissemination of cultural Marxism.

    2. Yes, the Royalist/nationalists, ie, Catholics, are always presented as the villains of the Spanish Civil War, while the real murderous thugs, the Socialist/Communists – Jewish backed, of course, – are treated as ‘freedom fighters’.
      If Pinochet was a disciple of Milton Friedman it is no wonder that he was such a friend of Margaret Thatcher; another Friedman devotee.

  58. Tim – very much agree, though I never thought I’d see the day when AJ would use the phrase “fat-assed gangsters” to describe the ADL. It can only be progress – regardless of AJ’s motives. Maybe Duke’s “Jonestown Massacre” has borne positive fruit in the long run.

    1. Listened to interview with Andrew Anglin by Dr Patrick Slattery on Duke’s website. In it Anglin rejoiced at fact that Alex Jones has been “forced to pivot” and now talks about Muslims instead of “conspiracy stuff”. Forced by whom, one might ask. The same folk who ordered Anglin and his de facto partner in disinfo, PJ Watson, to rubbish clear irrefutable proof that Hebdo attacks were a false flag, and to block all material on his site relating to Israeli involvement in 9/11? There’s a horrible fascination in watching aging white nats like Slattery and Duke being unwittingly coopted into the phony Zio war on terror narratives by Anglin and other snake-oil salesmen. They can’t resist going along with “the Muzzies did it” line for the same reason some Catholic trads can’t – they think it’s a silver bullet – that if people become so angry at Muslims and rise up against them all will be well. Meanwhile they don’t even notice that acceptance of the official version of events like Hebdo actually enormously aids the immigrant invasion of the West (a) by providing a pretext for military Zio attacks on Muslim lands, which in turn provide a pretext for massive immigration westward from these lands (and elsewhere) and (b) the hysteria about Islamic terror gives western Zio-puppet governments a handy excuse for constructing police states where all opposition to mass immigration and multiculturalism is criminalised as “extremism”.
      Interesting too that Anglin said at one point that he had lived for “many years in Asia” but when Slattery asked him specifically where, he became a bit tongue-tied and mumbled something about southeast Asia, before saying he’d lived in China for a while as well. Well southeast Asia is a very big place, so rather odd that he couldn’t have been more specific.

  59. Speaking of the Jesuits, I find that there are almost no clear traditional Catholic commentaries of a very famous contemporary Jesuit priest in the USA, Father Daniel Berrigan.
    I think I quoted E. Michael Jones somewhere on this blog where he said that some individual Jesuits are good and some are bad. But all of the traditional Catholic reading I have done never ever condemns the Jesuit order as a whole.
    I spend a lot of time researching what are called “false flag” events on MemoryHoleBlog.com. They just posted a long article about the passing of Father Daniel Berrigan.
    This is a secular website.
    May 1, 2016
    Rest in Peace, Daniel Berrigan 2
    by MHB Administrator • Guest Posts • Tags: Catholic Church, Daniel Berrigan, Howard Saltz, Philip Berrigan, police state and civil rights, Vietnam War, war crimes
    Richard Edmondson
    Fig Trees and Vineyards
    Here is another article on this Jesuit’s death.
    NCR is a “Novus Ordo” website.
    I did not read either article but I think something needs to be said about certain famous Jesuits and their strong anti-war stand and their stand for “peace and justice.”
    I think it is right and good to stand up for peace and justice as Jesus understood and taught. I think it is right and good to speak out against unjust wars.
    However, there is often something wrong or twisted in the “Left’s” anti-war, peace and justice professions.
    I really do not know. I do see that the “Right” factions in the USA have always appeared to be pro-war and seem to have no concept of a just war.

  60. Here is more subtle casting of aspersions on the Jesuits. Jesuit universities are much like Holy Cross clerics who run, or used to run, Notre Dame university in Indiana.
    All of this coincides with the destruction of the true Catholic faith. What is characterized as “Jesuit” in the media is equated to “Catholic” or “Roman Catholic”. Read second article below by Anthony Gonzales. (Too bad this good article is only found on Facebook, a website I know to stay away from. Would love to have his email address and write him a complimentary note about his article.)

    Matt Lamb College Fix – April 27, 2016 358 Comments
    You can have your opinion’ as long as it doesn’t ‘deny my existence’
    It’s uncommon at Jesuit universities these days for someone to openly share a traditional Catholic viewpoint.
    When it happened at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the school was so spooked it called the Los Angeles Police Department. … SNIP

    Here is a much much better and truer counterpoint to the above article.
    Anthony Gonzales
    about 2 weeks ago
    When a Catholic University Publicly Renounces the Catholic Faith
    Anthony Gonzales•Friday, April 15, 2016
    ” EVERYONE! What you are about to read in the below linked article is perfect example of the left’s intolerance and the real hipocrisy of the Modernists who are in charge of the Institutional Catholic Church but they themselves even though they use the name are not in fact Catholic.
    The Loyolan is the “newspaper” of Loyola Marymount University of which I am an Alumnus. I was on the person’s cell phone when the stated “altercation” took place. I have written a verbatim of what I heard and I can tell you that what is reported is nearly 80% false, incomplete, and totally onesided since the individual being accused of a “hate crime” was never interviewed for the article in order to have a much more objective and fair presentation of the facts.
    The “undisclosed individual” because of this unsubstantiated accusation has been suspended from her 15 year position (without first being interviewed and properly deposed) at this supposed “Catholic” University (paid leave) until the investigation has been completed. The incident took place Thursday, April 14, 2016 and lasted about 10 minutes.
    The individual is in the process of seeking legal counsel to secure her rights and to investigate the possible violation of the law in how she has been falsely accused by the three individuals and unfairly treated and summarily dismissed without being given the ability to at least explain the incident from her perspective.
    The most disturbing part of this whole incident and the inappropriate response of the University to assume “Guilty until proven Innocent” is that the individual was actually being very kind and friendly and asking if these sexually explicit marketing flyers had actually been approved by the proper department for posting all over the campus. When this was affirmed by the three individuals a friendly discussion “dialogue” (the word I heard them use) ensued. The falsely accused individual explained why she felt these flyers were inappropriate for a Catholic University and she cheerfully explained perennial Catholic teaching regarding human sexuality and the place of gender in design of God’s Creation. Let me state this clearly, the unnamed individual simply presented ROMAN CATHOLIC TEACHING about sexuality to individuals who attend a “supposedly” Roman Catholic University. Until alternately explained, apparently Roman Catholic Moral Teaching is now considered “Hate Speech” ON THE CAMPUS OF A ROMAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!
    So as you read the article at the link below please take into consideration everything stated above from an audio witness to the incident. This is just the beginning. being a witness I can only say so much but I thought it only fair to let you know that my friend has been falsely accused and unjustly treated for simply presenting the traditional moral teaching of the Catholic Church in a friendly and welcoming manner without judgment nor any rancor.
    I have copied the posted article in full below just in case they remove it due to legal liability:

  61. I just listened to an excellent Church history audio by Bishop Donald Sanborn. Here is an excerpt from that talk.
    “Then he is succeeded by Clement XIV who is very Politicante. He at the behest of the Bourbon monarchies — Naples, Spain and France — suppress the Jesuits, the Jesuits being the one great hold-out against all the rotten ideas of the eighteenth century. They had control of all of the Catholic schools in those countries, so they got suppressed. ”
    (about -58:44 on the audio track)
    New Sponsored Episode | Popes Against the Modern Errors, Episode 1: Mirari Vos
    Dear Members and Listeners, Episode 1: Mirari Vos of Popes Against the Modern Errors is now available free of charge to all listeners thanks to the generous sponsorship of Novus Ordo Watch.
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    After you register
    In the search bar enter Popes Against the Modern Errors and access this particular episode of this show or
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    under Radio — Free episodes
    Season 4, Popes Against the Modern Errors, Episode 1: Mirari Vos
    by The Restoration Radio Network · January 26, 2015
    popes-against-modern-errors-16-famous-papal-documents-tan-books-paperback-cover-artWhen asked to name 2-3 of his “favorite” encyclicals to be covered this season, with an exception for Pascendi, Bishop Sanborn named Mirari Vos. Coincidentally, it is also the first encyclical we will examine this season.
    In writing Mirari Vos, Pope Gregory XVI was dealing with the ongoing fallout of the French Revolution and the “restorations” that had happened superficially, but had not gone down to the root. He addresses many errors prevalent at the time that are simply part of what we live with today: so-called “freedom of conscience,” “freedom of the press,” and the error of indifferentism: that any religion can save you.
    Enjoy His Excellency’s timely and relevant commentary on timeless Magisterial writing.
    Episode Notes:
    1. For a link to Pope Gregory XVI’s Encyclical Mirari Vos, click here.
    Show Sponsor:
    Novus Ordo Watch
    Original Air Date: January 26, 2015
    Show Run Time: 01 hour 06 minutes
    Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn
    Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner
    So we see that at a time when the Church was under extreme attack from the aftermath of the Protestant Revolution and then the French Revolution, the Jesuits held firm in the doctrines and dogmas of the Church. In recent years, the Jesuit universities, such as Marquette University in Wisconsin, have become Modernist in their orientation since Vatican II Council. But there is no unique “conspiracy” as this Fitz article explains.

  62. A little Lord’s Day present for all.
    Father Dennis Fahey’s 1953 book,
    He always told it like it is about the “man behind the curtain.”
    Organized forces of naturalism consisting of…
    The Jewish Nation
    Not sure you can play this audio but try..

  63. I was reading a free online copy of the biography of Sister Mariana de Jesus Torres: A Spanish MvstIc of Qutro, Equador. This Spanish Mystic predicted many important things that have come true in our times. Here is what Our Lady of Good Success revealed about the Jesuits, about the year 1624, to Sister Mariana on her deathbed.
    Also present [at Sister’s death] will be the
    holy lgnatius of Loyola, whom you love so dearly because of the ardent
    love he had for Jesus Christ, conquering many souls for Him
    at the cost of great sacrifices. He is a servant most beloved by God,
    as is his Society, its whole spiritual life animated by the military character
    that he left as his legacy. The Society will always have great men
    of learning, great saints, and invincible martyrs. As a special gift, it
    will possess the discretion and discernment of souls. Its spiritual masters
    will direct souls most favored by God, who, rejected by other priests,
    would have been otherwise lost.”

      1. Just went to that Jesuit retard site and started watching first documentary YouTube link about Vatican Secret Societies and, low and behold, who is up front and center – Eric Jon Phelps, the guy who lives in Israel selling diamonds for Israeli diamond merchants.
        Now that I think of it, all of my early learning about “secret societies” unfortunately was from Protestants who always included the Jesuits in their secret societies list.
        I like John F. Kennedy’s famous quote about secret societies. For all of his faults, he had a sharp mind and true Catholic sense of morality.

    1. I’ve just visited the site in question. It is just the usual Calvinist dross with the usual malinterpretations of the same old Scriptural quotations that Calvinists (wrongly) believe proves them right.
      there is even an article about the ‘passing’ of Barry Chamish! Boohoo, I’m inconsolable!
      The moderators don’t reveal their identities. The site is probably Jewish controlled designed to sucker in Protestant fundie retards.

        1. https://www.amazon.com/Man-Behind-Curtain-Michael-Homosexual-ebook/product-reviews/B01IAIIOE2/ref=cm_cr_dp_text/163-6768361-5516036?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=helpful#R9CI4B6AVCDMP
          The above link are people on amazon discussing the e book, The Man Behind the Curtain, by EMJ.
          My “gut” feeling and response about this matter was expressed on the NovusOrdoWatch.org website where I , against the other commenters there and the NOW article there, defended Voris and stated that EMJ did wrong in writing this book. It still stand by this. EMJ’s book, now serialized in his monthly Culture Wars magazine, is not fair and truthful, I did not have to read the ebook or read much on the subject to sense that EMJ erred this time in his judgment.
          I no longer comment on NovusOrdoWatch, stopped years ago commenting on Voris’ site, and am just working on my spiritual reading and prayer on my own these days. There is so much infighting among “Catholic” video presenters these days.
          I have sent a question in to Bishop Sanborn or the show host in response to a recent Restoration Radio show, closely allied with Novus Ordo Watch website though not openly acknowledged, and if I do not receive some kind of a brief response, I will not renew my membership there. (My question was something like “Are all of the following canonizations done by all of the Vatican II “popes” invalid canonizations”? I supplied a detailed list of all of the bout 30 or 40 canonized “saints” and I think people need to be made to understand True Restoration’s position on this in detail.)

          1. From my understanding, Jones is attacking Voris because he is a former homosexual calling out pro-gay Catholic leaders. If this is correct, Jones is in the wrong. Voris is no longer a homosexual, has repented, and speaks out against homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with this as far as I can see. It seems Jones finds this hypocritical. But how can it be of Voris is no longer gay, or if still gay, has repented and not sexually active? The work I see Voris doing seems very good and not narcissistic as Jones portrays it. And why isn’t Jones backing up Voris against corrupt Catholic leading figures? It’s all so very strange. Seems like an ego thing. I don’t get why Jones wouldn’t condemn corrupt leadership.
            Perhaps E. Michael Jones is out of touch with new converts/rededicated Catholics to the faith who tend to be very zealous after conversion. Voris’ enthusiasm is fantastic. Church Militant is fantastic, not that I agree with all of their positions. And I think Voris speaking out against homosexuality is totally appropriate. Look at Father Seraphim Rose (former homosexual). Using Jones’ apparent logic, former Jews like Brother Nathanael Kapner have no business criticizing other Jews since Kapner used to be one. But that doesn’t fly.

  64. The catholic church and its crypto-blackop army are sworn enemies of white protestant and non-catholic christians globally. To say that the Jesuits have no hand in the current dark hedonistic multicultural theft, supplanting, and subversion taking place here and in other white christian countries is an insane twist of the leftist genocidal social justice agenda. Furthermore, the Jesuit order is largely a crypto-Jew organization working with their openly Jewish brothers to destroy white protestant America and its other kindred nations with the white catholics being inadvertently supplanted and eradicated as well in the process. Ever hear of the Spanish inquisition? History repeats itself at times I hear…

    1. Zeitgeist2012, you are an historical illiterate. The Spanish Inquisition was, if anything, a PRO-European institution. It’s purpose was to root out crypto-Jews who had pretended to convert to Catholicism in order to subvert both Church and state. comparatively few were executed and it only had power over baptised Catholics. It was NOT about killing Protestants. Besides, Protestantism is is not the historical religion of Europe: Catholicism is.
      As for your garbage about the Catholic Church being the enemy of ‘white protestants’; I’ve never heard so much crap in all my life. It is the Anglo-Protestant/Jewish/ Masonic alliance which is the enemy of Catholics -white or otherwise.
      I suggest you read the excellent article by Jude Duffy posted on this site and linked to below:

      1. Our friend Jude Duffy owns Michael Hoffman yet again: https://www.henrymakow.com/michael-hoffman-vatican-always-a-jewish-front.html
        Just took a look at Hoffman’s latest disinfo piece The Papist Roots of the French Revolution: From Terrorizing Huguenots to Terrorizing Catholics and noticed something alarming. An article from the same issue of his disinfo rag More Evidence that America was founded by Christians is yet more defense of Protestantism, since it is alleged that Protestants founded America, even though it was in fact freemason. Is Hoffman completely blind on this matter or willfully ignorant? I’m going with the latter.

    2. I’ve done my research and the facts are what they are. White and christian genocide is at hand and the stats back it up. The holy wars never ended. Around 100 million white protestants perished in the Sephardic and Rothschild Anglican inquisitions. Very few Jews ever died in any war or inquisition though they started them and even fought against white christians with their crypto-Jew Jesuit created islamic brotherhood also saturated with crypto-Jew Sabbateans. All one has to do is look at the riff raff now sitting on our white protestant built supreme court to see the level of infiltration and subversion of white christian America by the posterity of our deadly enemies of old. We are almost an endangered species with only 8% population globally and declining daily. Here you will find a real history lesson on the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity constituting our new age inquisition through multicultural Marxism.

    3. You seem to be attempting to amalgamate your White Nationalism, “Jew wisdom” and anti-Catholic Protestant outlook in order to posit some non-White/Jewish/Catholic conspiracy to genocide White Protestants.
      Believe me, Jews hate Catholics even more than they do Protestants – you can rest assured about that. They also despise non-Whites, especially Blacks, but they use them to subvert conservative, both Catholic and Protestant, societies. Just like as they use LGBTQ and feminist groups to do the same.

  65. Many Catholic website owners and Internet media commentators have fallen out with Dr. Jones over the years because of some of his stances. He seems to interpret the real motivation of those who rule this world as always mainly sexual.
    His book, Libido Dominandi, does express the thesis the sexual degradation of the culture and society is done by the revolutionary Jews as a form of political control. I agree with the thesis and it is an important point people need to appreciate, Dr. Jones seems to always, or almost always to be psychologically interpreting just about everything through the sexual motivation. I made that comment in my NOW comment and several other Catholic web commentators have that same point of dispute with Dr. Jones. Constantly psychoanlizing everything a la Sigmund Freud. Dr. Jones also does much of l his literary critiques and analysis of famous authors’ themes using the same method.
    To me Dr. Jones skips over or deliberately omits the Satanic/Luciferian hold on revolutionary Jews and others who have made a deal with the devil who work to create chaos, wars, sexual and other kinds of addictions to take over the world. That to me is the more Catholic interpretation of the evil doers in this world, many of whom possess the Jewish revolutionary spirit and are self-identified Jews.
    Those who rule this world, and to me the neocons who control the USA and other countries, are not only psychopaths but also nehilists. They are working to destroy the world by nuclear war and destroy themselves and all human life on the planet. Dr. Jones would say this is true but it is because they have rejected Jesus Christ and that is the logical outcome of rejecting Logos.

  66. Very odd, but the lengthy comment I just typed in poofed and disappeared. Maybe I should just take that as a blessing.
    Dr. Jones almost always does the psychoanalyical / Freudian / sexual interpretation of major rulers of the world, especially the neocons. One of his main theses is that sex is used against the people to gain political control. True and important, but enough already.
    Dr. Jones consistently omits that is Satan, Lucifer, the Prince of this World, who actually controls all these Jewish revolutionary entities as well as all the others who have sold their souls to gain wealth and fame and power in this world. That is the truth and that is the logical conclusion one must draw when looking at the neocons and international banksters and others who achieve obscene wealth and power in this world.
    Michael Voris very courageously named names of priests cohabiting with their homosexual partners and their parishes within the Diocese of New York. He covered it extensively and revealed his sources as much as he could and dealt with this on several of his Vortex shows. I say bravo for Michael Voris. Rather than submitting to blackmail, he admitted publicly his homosexual background. Again I say bravo. Dr. Jones appears to be saying that Voris should not be heading up the public Catholic apostolate / ministry and that Voris still has deep psychological hang-ups that he must spend the rest of his life working through and he is obligated to stay away public ministry. The Novus Ordo Watch website operators and Traditional Mass clergy say that Jones and Voris are both “Novus Ordites” or members of the false Vatican II sect which is not Catholic and who accept Borgolio or “chaos Frank” as the real true Pope.
    NOW seems to strongly insist that we must all publically label and declare ourselves as “sedevacantists”, using their defintion of sedevacantist, that is, that all of the Vatican II “popes” are not Catholic so are not Popes and that the true Catholic Church has not been operating out of the Vatican in all the years of those non-Catholic usurper false popes. They say the Church is still alive and well but there are very few people in it and the true mass and the sacraments are not available geographically to most of those few. I think I understand and agree with that position but there is something seriously wrong with these Traditional Catholics’ coercive stance insisting that everyone needs to label themselves and understand everything just as they do, even though they have not logically laid out all of their position so that we can understand what we are to do as Catholics.

  67. Tim: regarding your query addressed to Dachsielady. Mary Louise, and myself re EMJ and Voris, I subscribe to CW so I’ve seen the first section of Dr Jones book on Voris. I don’t think it is EMJ’s finest hour by any stretch. If one were being harsh one might say it veered dangerously close to psycho-babble – as Dachsielady indicates. It also to my mind runs the risk of being seen to presumptously “look into the soul”, not just of Voris, but of Mother Angelica, the founder of EWTN. Also it’s not credible for Jones to decry as “uncharitable” Catholic trads’ criticiism of popes or Voris’s criticism of bishops. Jones must have a very short memory if he can’t recall his own strong criticisms of Benedict a few short years ago.
    Having said that I’m not a fan of the many Catholic journos and writers who now make a full time career of “exposing” homosexual networks in the Church in isolation. It seems to me that to separate the homosexual corruption of modernist infiltators in the Church from the homosexual paedophile rings in the Zio-masonic secular establishment is deeply and dangerously counter-productive, There has to be a will on the part of Catholics concerned by such clerical corruption to join the dots between personal degeneracy among bishops and clerics and the potential for infiltration, entrapment and blackmail that such corruption affords. Otherwise such muckraking simply becomes a masochistic echo chamber of the media’s anti-Cahtolic hatefest, and does much more harm than good. I think many traditionalists have now completely retreated from enagement with the world outside the Church, and have settled into a decadent mindset where they delude themselves that every fresh scandal that befalls the conciliar Chruch vindicates their cause. All their radical fervour and aggression is reserved for those in the bosom of the Church. They eagerly lap up any lurid allegation against a bishop or priest, but dare anyone suggest that the west and Isis-rael are backing an Islamic terrorist war against Christians in Syria, and such folk reach for the “conspiracy nut” anathemas. I know, I’ve encountered this type many times on Catholic Trad sites.
    For instance Christopher Ferrara boasted a few months ago about how he’d always condemned Bishop Williamson for his “wacky conspiracy theories”. As I pointed out in a reply on the Remnant forum (before I was banned ha ha), for a trad to generically condemn conspiracy theorists is self-contradictory, since the pre-conciliar popes make modern “conspiracy theorists” look like utterly trusting poodles of the establishment.
    By the same token what Bishop Williamson rightly says about 9/11 pales in comparison with what the west has been proven to have been doing in Syria, Libya and Iraq (as you’re doubtless aware the Russians are now openly accussing the west of backing Jihadist terrorists).
    Ditto a certain type of trad will praise the Zio-media for “exposing” paedophilia in the Church, but completely ignore how the same presstitutes viciously character assassinate those who provide irrefutable evidence of Masonic paedophile rings at the heart of the western establishment.
    Getting back to Jones, he has a longtime animus against Catholic Trads going back to the early 1990s, when CW was called Fidelity magazine, and it published a very nasty attack on the SSPX. I’ve never really understood why he feels this way, since his own views on everyting from art to architecture to the Jewish revolutionary spirit, should logicallymake him highly attuned to the traditionalist critique of the post-Vatican II set-up. However it must be admitted that modern trads are doing their best to live down to his low estimate of them by precisely the type of gormless behaviour I mentioned above.
    Voris was never trad – but he did become very friendly with trads because he shared their hostility to bishops. That all changed when Francis (allegedly) became pope. Voris began strongly attacking the Remnant for criticising Francis and they fell out with him very seriously. I haven’t seen a huge amount of Voris’s broadcasts or videos but the stuff he did about the Freemasons which you posted was excellent. On the other hand I do think the trads are right to spot a glaring contradiction between his very outspoken attacks on bishops and his apparent belief that all criticism of Rothschild’s favourite Argentinian is off limits. Francis is so utterly off the radar in what he says and does that he makes the likes of Cardinal Dolan seem positively old-school.

  68. Tim, just to add a little on the Voris homosexual angle – I agree with you that someone’s past sins should not be held against them, just as someone’s Jewish (or Protestant or Hindu or Muslim) past should not be held against them. Fr Denis Fahey is today reviled as an anti-semite but he was always at pains to say that there were many Jews with excellent natural qualities, so he certainly wasn’t an anti-semite in the racist. sense. I don’t think there’s anythinig hypocritical about someone with a homosexual past condemning homosexuality, just as I don’t think there’s anything hypocritical about someone who fornicated or frerquented prostitutes repenting and condemning these practices.
    I’d have to know more about Voris’s broadcasting career in general before coming to a judgement on what he stands for personally, but as I previously indicated, I think dwelling exclusviely on homosexual networks in the Church, without placing them in the context of illuminati black ops has grave risks. Unless one makes it clear that such networks are largely the product of organised infiltration, and that they exist at much greater levels in the secular realm and in other religions, such exposes can end up being grist to the anti-Catholic mill – and indeed to the general agenda of social nihilism – LGBTQ, feminism, the institutionalisation of casual promiscuity, and so on. The London Times is an anti-Catholic Zio-rag, but even it was forced to admit in the 1990s that Anglican clergy (who were always allowed to marry) had far higher rates of AIDs than Catholic priests. Dr Jamse Hitchcock gave an interview on the subject of “homosexuality on the Catholic Right” in the Latin Mass magazine in 1994, and while he admitted that this was a very serious concern, he noted that he read priestly obituaries every day and that very few Catholic priests died young or even in middle age – which indicated that AIDs was not a major issue in the priesthood in those days. Even before the scandals of the last 25 years or so, there was a public perception that the priesthood was a stomping ground for all sorts of weirdoes – on account of its celibacy rule, and the Church’s “repressive” teaching – but comparisons with clergy of other much more liberal denominations completely contradict this facile view.

    1. Northsider, I think your comments regarding Voris and Jones are fair and accurate. Nobody seems to be framing the homosexualization of the Vatican in terms of a conspiracy, with saboteurs like “Cardinal” Bernardin at the centre of it. Who cares what people think of calling it a conspiracy. That is what it is. I wish someone of influence would stand the heck up and call this what it is. I tend to think that Voris and Church Militant are not going hardline on Francis and the Vatican (their Vatican II treachery) as a means of giving them a chance to repent rather than condemning them outright, sort of like sending a message to them. I am not sure whether I agree with this strategy, although it is a positive one. The Sedevacante strategy has proven to be a failure, so I can see what Church Militant would try something different.

  69. Well this didn´t debunk anything. It just proved that another jew-memer may have got offended because his denomination got exposed. So some damage controll needs to be done.
    Honestly I used to belive in the “jewish-conspiracy”, but that was really before I started studying the religious aspects of the NWO. This is where you figure out that this goes so much deeper than to some “jews” or “Zionists”.
    The fact that a “FITZPATRICK” (Irish-Catholic) writes this, just shows that he is at least partisan, but I´m willing to let that slide. What is worse is that this is just some ignorant rant, because Fitzpatrick hasn´t figured out the real NWO agenda.
    I have honestly never heard of a propnent of the jesuit-theory ever defend a “hofjuden”. Yet this Fitzpatrick blogger claims this. What a joke!
    I belive Fitz is mixing up some Christian Identitarian (who are very pro-Israel) with proponents of the jesuit-theory, because they are both anti-catholic.
    First of all, not all anti-catholics are proponents of the jesuit-theory. If you could understand that, you wouldn´t make such a complete fool out of yourself this way.
    Labour-Zionists (whom you call “Zionists”) and hofjuden (whom you call “jews” genercally) are infact part of the jesuit-conspiracy. No real proponent of the jesuit-conspiracy denys jewish involvement in the conspiracy.
    Proponents of the “jewish”- or “Zionist-conspiracy” however do not incorporate the Catholic church or even mention the jesuits or any of the shadow elements and bloodlines at higher levels than to Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros. Absolutly nothing about the Black Nobilty, Orsini, Farsini, Aldobrandini, Breakspear. Absolutely nothing.
    The “jewish-theory” is based upon ethnic ties, while the jesuit-theory is based upon ties and agendas from secret societies, which itself is tied to paganism. And I hate to break it to you Fitz, but the Catholic Church is pagan!
    The Zionist theory does not expose anything more than mindless or even senseless jewish supremacy. With no real End Game.
    The Jesiut theory however exposes the pagan (luciferian) agenda, which is the real End Game. It explains the natur of man and what the Bible exposes about Lucifer.
    The “jewish-conspiracy” does not incorporate any of this. As I said, proponents of the Zionist theory have nothing but jewish supremacy to point the finger at. The fact that most powerful jews are part of secret societies dominated by gentiles who work for a deeper agenda than just jewish supremacy, seems to be something that proponents of the Zionist theory have a hard time explaining away.

    1. MetalHeadViking: It seems that you’ve OD’d on Barry Chamish and E J Phelps. They’re the ones who push the “Labor Zionist” schtick in order to protect fanatical Zionist Jews such as Netanyahu and, in Chamish’s case, himself. Liars like Phelps and Chamish also push the “Jesuit” nonsense.
      You sound like an Israel-worshipping “Christian” Zionist and they are notoriously anti-Catholic. When did you stop believing in the Jewish conspiracy (if you ever did). Was it when you became “Born Again”?
      We are used to bigoted Protestants “informing” us that the Catholic Church is pagan but, I hate to break it to you, Viking, it isn’t.
      Christian Identity folk believe that they are the true Biblical Hebrews, they are not especially pro-modern Israel. They are different from “Christian” Zionists who worship Jews and Israel.
      Please spare us any more of your lies, it is you, not Tim, who is looking stupid.

    1. The trouble is that there is no evidence of Vatican/Jesuit hegemony except that which is invented by the sort of Bible-thumping, knuckle-heads who see “popish plots” everywhere. On the other hand, the evidence of Zionist/Jewish power is overwhelming.

  70. Greetings, your JESUITICAL scheme is evident. What about Former Catholic Priests , Jeremiah Crowley , Peter De Rosa, Richard Bennett, Leo H Lehmann? Ah , Wiley JESUIT! What about Roman Catholic Historians Edmond Paris , John Cornwell? What about the late 27th Former U.S. Secretary R W Thompson? What about the inventor of the Telegraph Samuel Morse? What about the former Roman Catholic Nuns M F Cusack , Maria Monk, Sister Charlotte? So please spare me your Pagan , Satanic , Roman Catholic Lies! The Pope is the modern day pharaoh! Your just one of his little alter boys! Hmmmm!

    1. Serafin Flores: I am bowled over by your Christian spirit and the love you exude for your neighbours. I intend to renounce the true faith of Catholicism and embrace whichever of the many conflicting versions of protestantism it is that you embrace. Let me go through your little list one by one:
      1.Jeremiah Crowley: 19th Century Irish ex-Catholic priest who spent time at Her Majesty’s pleasure before emigrating to the US and writing the sort of lurid, sensationalist drivel about the Catholic Church that appeals to some protestant fundamentalists.
      2. Peter de Rosa: ex-Jesuit priest. Liberal in outlook who disliked papal authority and wrote a highly unscholarly tome on the papacy. Also worked for the liberal, anti-Catholic BBC.
      3. Leo Lehmann. Another ex-Irish priest who emigrated to the US. Became a protestant. So what? doesn’t make him right.
      4. Richard Bennett. Yet another Irish ex-Catholic priest. An embittered man who blames the Catholic Church for his own spiritual crises and now spends his time trying to convince Catholics to leave the Church.
      5. Edmond Paris. A shadowy figure -we don’t even know his real name. I wouldn’t describe him as either Catholic or a historian. He wrote a book which is promoted by likes of E J Phelps and claims, among other things, that the Jesuits were behind Hitler. I suspect he was a socialist and a Mason, if not a Jew.
      6. John Cornwell. A liberal writer. Author of the highly deceptive “Hitler’s Pope”. Being a liberal he hated the conservative nature of the Catholic Church and sought connect her with Nazism. He sold a lot of books in the process. Even he now admits that his book was not accurate.
      7. R W Thompson. Anti-Catholic bigot in 19th Century America. Member of the viciously anti-Catholic, though aptly named, No Nothings whose mission was to stir up anti-Catholic hostility against Catholic immigrants. The No Nothings were founded by a Jew, Lewis Charles Levin, who converted to Protestantism.
      8. Samuel Morse. A rigid Calvinist, and rigid Calvinists tend to be deeply anti-Catholic – it’s par for the course. So what?
      9. Sister Cusack. An Anglican nun who became a Catholic nun then went back to being an Anglican. Sounds somewhat lacking in stability.
      10. Maria Monk. A proven fraud who is acknowledged as such – and not just by Catholics. She was a known reprobate who spent time in prison for crimes of dishonesty. I’m surprised you even bothered to name her. Respectable Protestants will have nothing to do with her.
      11. “Sister” Charlotte. Ditto Maria Monk.
      So you see, your named sources are a diverse bunch who share one thing in common: a hatred for Christ’s Church.

      1. “I am neither a Jesuit nor Catholic.”
        News to me.
        Will my post pass moderation of early today?

    1. Mary Louise: I saw a “Catholic” advocate of taking in “refugees” on EWTN a few weeks ago cite the Know Nothings as an argument that Catholilcs should be on the side of immigrants and “refugees” – his line being that the anti-Catholic Know Nothings were the 19th century equivalent of today’s opponents of mass migration. This is the complete opposite of the truth. The Know Nothings were liberal Protestant abolitionalists – some of them even had feminist and proto-sexual liberationist tendencies. They were in essence the spiritual – and often physical – descendants of Michael Hoffman’s beloved American Puritans. They hated Catholics, but sided strongly with the cause of black uprising. Anti-Catholicism was the core liberal left cause in those days, just as it is today.

    2. That doesn’t surprise me. the founder of the Know Nothing Party was a Jew, Lewis Charles Levinson, who “converted” to Protestantism. The whole enterprise sounds like an early version of, the typically Jewish tactic, of divide and rule. Get Protestants and Catholics at each others throats then they won’t notice how we are subverting their country.
      As for the comparison between the Know Nothings and today’s migrant issue. That’s complete nonsense. America was a young country with people from all over Europe simply searching for a better life. Conversely, the migrant crisis is a deliberately engineered plot to flood, what were once, homogeneous European countries with people of an alien and hostile culture.

    1. Very good debunking: interesting how such anti-Catholic mania entered the mainstream from the mid 1990s onwards – the difference being that in the modern era Catholics themselves openly promote this psychic driving hate campaign. A few months ago I read an article in an Irish Catholic pro-life publication that parroted almost word for word the vitriol directed by the Zio-masonic media at those who have accused Leon Brittan, Greville Janner, Ted Heath, et al of paedophilia. Yet this same Catholic publication accepted without question all the allegations of cruelty and abuse hurled by the Irish, British and American Zio-masonic establishments at Catholic priests, brothers and nuns over the last 25 odd years – most of whom were long deceased, and therefore in no position to defend themselves. So, even the supposed Catholic opposition has adopted the Zio-double standard when it comes to allegations of abuse: if a Catholic is accused, he or she is guilty by defintion: if it’s a pillar of the Jewish supremacist establishment like Janner or Brittan, or even a pillar of Protestant Masonry like Heath, they’re most likely innocent, and their accusers are probably paranoid fantasists or malicious liars hoping for a big payout. Interesting too, how all the various enemies of the Church collude together in these black propaganda offensives: Protestant fundies on the “right”, Freemasons and Neocons in the self-designated liberal “centre”, and communists and Trotskyists on the far left. Full Spectrum Dominance yet again.

    2. Northsider, I’ve noticed how Protestant fundies will use any material hostile to the Catholic Church to their advantage, regardless of the agenda of the source of such material. Here is a bit of info on “Edmond Paris” of “Secret History Of The Jesuits” infamy, a tome much beloved by E J Phelps types:

  71. What about Fr Arriaga’s first hand accounts in his book “New Montinian Church”? He goes through Arrupe’s actions by doing the most effective but most annoying method(like De Poncins) of extensively quoting the opposition’s own writings. And I don’t need to mention Georgetown alumni do I? Why aren’t the Jesuits doing what they are supposed to be doing, anti-reformation and spread of heresy? They aren’t doing that today and have not for a long time, they’re “on board” and have been. What about the several bannings by popes in the distant past? I’m not saying I believe the nonsense that the Jesuits are behind it all, that’s crazy. They are just the most infiltrated by judaeo-masonic cadres, but it doesn’t help to explain the checkered history of the Jesuits past. There was a basis for the accusations of today from their past certainly.

  72. It is not one or the other.
    It is both.
    Rome and the apostate Jews. Still together after 2000 years.
    You are a good shill though, but for people who have a holistic view of the NWO your game is transparent. The guilt of the Jews and the Roman Empire disguised as a religion is altogether self evident. It is actually difficult to understand how anyone can defend either one of those two groups – the mountains of evidence against each is so overwhelming.

    1. me: it is you who is the shill; either that or a useful idiot. It is a trick of some Protestants and Jews to equate the pagan Roman Empire with the Catholic Church. It is a convenient fallacy for those, ie, Protestants and Jews, who hate the Catholic Church to embrace.
      It is Protestant groups, not Catholics, who have been the greater enablers of Jewish criminality throughout history, from Cromwell and the Puritans to the “Know Nothings” of 19th Century America, to today’s “Christian Zionists”.
      Could you please supply us with just a foothill’s – worth of “the mountains of evidence” which “……is so overwhelming” against the Church? And please don’t say that the “Church of Rome” is just a pagan continuation of Ancient Rome, because it’s a non-starter.

  73. Hello admin, sorry I think I made this comment on the wrong aricle, I have you open on 0ver9000 tabs (google declared today to be ‘Saint Fitzpatrick day’ and the binge is intoxicating) are you familiar with the ‘city-state empire’ conspiracy theory? I am enthralled by your analysis, I have wrangled and grappled with this issue, it’s a 2nd job digging up these skeletons (I remember in the early days of 9/11 truther reports-I downloaded a critique of the NIST report that was EVEN LONGER! I almost packed it in, but the new terminologies were magical, like a decoder ring. Sheeple weren’t bandying ‘thermite’ around, lemmetellya!). The only rules are consider all ideas, trust no outlet. In that regard I must admit I’m still down with the infowar-I forgive Alex his mischlings, but the whole Friedman (Kinky n George) got me bug-eyed (what is *wrong* with Austin?).
    We can discuss that later, I’m certainly listening. But as for the Jesuits. I really liked Eric Phelps, but I was dismayed by how much of a stooge Alberto Rivera came off as (though I don’t find it impossible that Catholics started islam, squabbling Christendom often used the Ottomans(ottomen?) to wrongfoot each other). And they were involved in Venetian banking (Which moved to netherlands, then England with William of Orange)-and as for North America, let’s just say there is a Pre-Colombian story we’re not being told. Joseph Farrel goes into this, though I can’t say which of his voluminous rollercoaster interviews. Farrell also substantiataes why there may be a legitimate, lurking Nazi power-look at Prince Bernhardt of Holland (who hosted a certain inaugural meeting in an unprepossessing Dutch town called Bilderberg), look at CERN’s occultism, mirroring them wacky Nazi ‘ancient scriptures’ research programs (and I am impressed about your suspicions of hitler. Not many in our community believe Hitler was a Pied Piper (of Ham-Berlin?) who fully intended Germany’s ruin. But he wasn’t even as bad as normies think; for example, Germans and Jews alike starved en masse after Dresden. Soap and Lampshades gimme a break). So Venice/Rome, London, and Washington.. We have establishment-Catholic ties to all three. We have Knights of Malta like ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan implicated in the roots of the OSS/CIA-and its extensive ties to Wall St (btw which borders Nassau St.-named in honor of William of Orange-Nassau)
    . With this Pope, compared to anti-commie John Paul, or traditionalist Benedict, Francis is a giant globo-cuck, who enters on a wave of scandal unseen in 600 years-his predecessor still lives! And Francis is….ex-Jesuit. And what’s the deal with the depopulationist ‘Club of Rome’, and the decadent borgia popes had a cousin (‘Saint’ Francis Borgia) who helped found the Jesuits. Now, I’m still struggling for clarity in all this, I’m about to pack it in and go full Fulford and assume there’s just multiple factions, because the Jews are all over, the Jesuits get their beaks wet, and as you noted, Ignatius himself was of wealthy Converso background (and the early Jesuits were tied to the ‘adumbrado’, which could be perceived as spanish for ‘Illuminati’). WHo is the father and who is the son? I’m getting dispirited.
    Anyway this city-state empire model works because the vatican is the most powerful religious centre-independent country, enormous influence, lots of relics (tourist/pilgrim shekels), centuries’ worth of tithes/indulences etc. London is the world’s financial casino- the derivative market (where the REAL money plays) is even wilder than NY’s, same for perfidious, pilferous, putrefactive LIBOR/FOREX trading (unto untold trillions). And the Pentagon is the ggalloping lobocop of the Panopticon plan, and they all have ties to each other. Where are the Jews in this?
    Vatican-Conversos (?)
    See why I am confused? the city-state empire has always, and very credibly, beemn presented as a Freemason/Jesuit thing (and even Weishaupt, as you say, was a ‘Freemason/Jesuit thing’). Combined with the insufferable (((liberalism))) of Georgetown Univ et al….what? Do the jews run the Jesuits after all? Because I think the Jesuits are bad for sovereignty, Classical Liberalism and independent thinking. Being confessors to Europe’s catholic royalty gave them disproportionate power. Their initiation oath/pledge is vile. They push way too much Liberation Theology (communism-now with added opiates!). I hate these guys. I would appreciate you setting me straight-and in fact i’d be surprised if you’re unfamiliar with the city-state empire theory. I’ll leave you with this, the Mormons and Albert Pike had the same Jesuit handler, and the Jesuits were involved with the Jehova’s witnesses. Tbqh, Infamy!

  74. A wild narrative I found somewhere:
    Here is possible wild narraive: The Black Nobility were so powerful that even Daniel Estulin, one of the worlds leading researchers on the Bilderbergers, was forced to admit that the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Roman Abramovich and even the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers are small change. …Estulin stated,
    Again another thing about the Bilderbergers is that I can trace who these people are today back to the Venetian Black Nobility. We often hear about the influences of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, but these people are merely your typical lackeys when you actually look at it. They are the bottom of the totem pole. If you’re looking at the powerful people, you can talk about the House of Braganza; you talk about the House of Orange and the House of Hapsburg. These people have unimaginable wealth. You measure it not in billions but in trillions of dollars. I have a document from the Krupp family of Germany. One banking statement, just one account on one day, and there’s a 112 trillion dollars on that account. That’s the kind of money that the Bill Gates of this world… well, they’re not even lackeys. They are nothing, because again what they have is just pocket change for these people.’
    It’s difficult to identify the true measure of the power of some of those secret societies… because they are…secret.

  75. I wonder why there’s pictures of every world leader kneeling to the antichrist pope, even kissing his hand? I think you papal stooges are angry the whole can of worms was opened and revealed by Hislop. Hislop literally revealed all the paganism of the Vatican, I’d love to hear any refutation of his works.

    1. http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=210765http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/mischedj/ct_babylon.html
      Catholicism and Paganism
      – Is the Catholic Church the New Babylon?
      (Last Updated:  08 Oct 2000 )
      The Catholic Church is often unfairly “painted with a Babylonian brush” – claims are frequently made that Catholicism is simply a revival of ancient Babylonian mystery religion in a new guise.  The classic exposition of this point of view is that of Alexander Hislop, whose 1858 book The Two Babylons: The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife constitutes in many cases the “Bible” for those who wish to make these sorts of claims.
      I was recently engaged in a discussion about the validity of Hislop’s work, and of the basis for the mistaken understanding that Catholicism is derived from paganism.  This article is a slightly edited transcript of that discussion.  It picks up as I was responding to a claim, based on Hislop’s book, that Catholics worship Mary and that this is derived from pagan adoration of the goddess Diana.
      Introductory Critique of Hislop’s The Two Babylons
      I have now read Hislop’s book.  It is less than impressive.  The man had a real genius for pulling together isolated elements of myths, re-translating names, and working etymological magic, to prove that all paganism had a common origin, and now a common Catholic out-working.  His premise seems to be that any similarity in religious matters, no matter how strained, proves descent and identity.  He does not accurately present the Catholic view.  In one of the few times he even refers to official Catholic teaching, he misquotes the Council of Trent and puts forward a telling point against a straw man of his own making (Hislop, Ch. 4, sect. 2).
      I read Hislop’s book years ago. I got a real good laugh when he claimed
      Hoc est corpus meum
      comes from
      hocus pocus
      I am a traditional Catholic and doubt seriously any Pope after Pope Pius XII.

  76. One of the best articles I’ve ever read on these topics. I normally don’t post in forums, but I feel as though it is warranted to give this blog post its due diligence; after years of being in the “conspiracy” world, this article pretty much sums up where I’m at with it all.
    When you are “fresh off the boat” (so to speak) of waking up to the idea of alternative explanations behind things such as the JFK assassination, 9.11 etc., you’ll come across the Jesuit conspiracy pretty much immediately; even if only in a peripheral way. It will seem attractive – especially for Millennials such as myself who have been poorly educated on history and are angry at “the system” of debt and debauchery – on the surface, and things will even ‘appear’ to connect to each other, but when you actually dig into the claims of so many “truthers” on the topics of this article, you’ll be hard pressed not to come to the same conclusions as the writer of this article if you are being honest about it.
    Even if you still dislike the Catholic Church (East, West or both) after such research, I don’t see how you could deny the attack on it and Western Civilization itself – from the roots of Christendom, not the Enlightenment hijacking – by the powers of elite oligarchs or “NWO” which includes: WASP powers (Freemasonry, Christian Zionism, secular-liberalism etc.) and Jewish powers (Kabbalah, Talmud, secular-liberalism,etc.); and under those umbrellas are the many factions that serve as their proxy warriors, despite of any false dialectics within them that devour themselves in the process.
    In retrospect, you’ll find the “truther” community dominated by angry Protestants (to be fair, I sympathize with them and was one of them, though not fully conscious of it), even if they aren’t of a Protestant denomination and don’t like Christianity, they believe in something that stems from Protestantism like “scientism” types of the Royal Society, or some generic Masonic deism of which they claim is the ‘good’ Masonry vs. the ‘bad’ kind is behind the NWO which they peg as being “the controlling” Masonry that has sex-cults and child-sacrifice akin to the tales of the OT (ironic because they usually despise the OT unless its “allegory”); of course the Jesuits under this umbrella. I’m sure there is some sordid stuff out there with child trafficking and pedo-sexual abuse, but I also think it’s also over-exaggerated and serves as a smoke screen for people who are still following Enlightenment rhetoric with Protestant emotionalism to give them a straw-man bogey so they can feel good about themselves taking their torches to Frankenstein’s castle of the Catholic Church.
    Others will go more into Eastern religion, but just ends up being Theosophy, of which H.P. Blavatsky is one of the biggest promoters of the Jesuit conspiracy theory (who uses Protestant propaganda to help support it no less) and she is the foundation of the UN’s spirituality of Lucis Trust––of which Protestants will attack as being NWO! Hence, the logical conclusion is the NWO is against the Jesuits and the Catholic Church if its following Blavatsky’s teachings via the UN.
    The Sola Scriptura is just another “Pharisees” incarnation of being overly-obsessed with “the law” and missing what’s right in front of their eyes (another irony because they tend to hate Muslims, yet Muslims have their own version of “scripture alone”––just one more dialectic at play). Look at all the different groups that have attacked the Society of JESUS (and recall “you will be “hated in my name”) when its tied to its Catholic “absolutist” principles and monarchy of the Bourbons (pre-Revolution) and Counter-Reform Habsburgs: Theosophy, Freemasonry, Judaism, Liberal Anglo-American Empire, Nazi Empire, “science” fanboys, Protestants, “truthers” and the alternative media, New Age, Neo-Pagans, Occultists, Jungian fans, etc. Also consider that the modern liberal-atheistic world, Theosophists, Freemasons, Nazi-types (Treitschke loved Luther), hell even Aleister Crowley considered Martin Luther to be a great link in the chain of “freedom” (albeit they all have different definitions of the word), yet all those groups will call the Jesuits an archetype of evil, bigotry, fanaticism and oppression of liberty. Who fits the descriptions of the followers of Christ – “who will be hated in his name” – more here? The Protestant Christians who stem back to Luther? or the Jesuits of Counter-Reformation who stem back to Loyola? If you’re honest, you will have to answer the latter.
    There’s also conflicts in the theories themselves: some say the Jesuits ARE the Jews, in secret, and rule the world through the Vatican; other say the Jesuits make the Jews the scapegoat and creating things like Islam to attack them! Well… which is it? The worst is when people cite Charles Chiniquy, a delusional narcissist who had imaginary conversations with Abe Lincoln about the Jesuits, as some valid source of this Jesuit conspiracy. If you truly believe the “Holy Spirit” has guided you to Chiniquy and his 50 Years in the Church of Rome being a valid source on the “Jesuit conspiracy” well… I don’t know what else to tell you… you’ve been thoroughly duped. https://www.jstor.org/stable/40191689 Also consider that so many of the infamous quotes against the Jesuits, which Protestants tend to promote ad nauseam, come from Freemasons––whom Protestants are supposed to think are evil? Strange bed-fellows indeed. Why do Protestants think Theosophists and Masons are part of “Satan” and the NWO, yet will magically disregard all of these polemics when it comes to bashing the Catholic Church and the Jesuits and unify them in the cry of “Away from Rome!” ; which was the cry of the primitive Nazi party in Schönerer, in an attempt to convert people to Lutheranism no less––ironic since Protestants accuse Catholics and Jesuits of creating or collaborating with Nazis. Satan is the great slanderer and accuser, and I find it ironic that the Protestants will accuse Rome of all the things their institutions helped aid and bring to fruition much more than any Catholic institution under the Counter-Reform Jesuits : Freemasonry, Nazism, Christian Zionism, etc.
    Another key component is that not everyone ‘outwardly’ hates the Vatican; they just want to use it for their pragmatic purposes. Hitler and Napoleon are great examples of this, as they were both vehemently against the Jesuits, but both tried to put on a mask of Catholicism and trying to pragmatically use the institution, but with THEIR worldview driving it in contradistinction to the Jesuits. They wanted to use the Vatican structure, as if it was just any other organization, and have the driving force of either Nazi racialism (Hitler) or Masonic equality of religions (Nappy) fueling its satellites. If there’s any pictures of Jesuits or Catholic priests wholeheartedly embracing Nazism its because they bought into the racial narrative on the Jews and would have been deemed heretics by Pius XII’s regime as they absolutely did not support the “Pagan” biological determinism views on the Jews that the Nazis had. If the Catholic Church is behaving in such a “Masonic” way as it does when it defers to American democracy first, then that’s all the elites care about; Post-Vatican II seems to be much more akin to the latter. Going back to any semblance of the “Jesuitical” “Ultramontane” “superstitious” version of the Counter-Reformation or the “Dark Ages” is the worst thing possible in any of these seemingly ‘pro’ Vatican types. You can be against that “Ultramontane” or “Jesuitical” version of Catholicism, that’s your choice, but be aware of the company you will be in when you take that view which includes: Nazis, Theosophists, Zionists, Freemasons, etc.
    In conjunction with the above paragraph, the only thing going for the Jesuit conspiracy theory is that the order is a shell of its former self and has been vastly infiltrated, which is the story of the Catholic Church in a nutshell. Protestantism doesn’t need to be infiltrated to be weaponized, it just needs to “do what it does” to be useful. People confuse the Teilhard de Chardin’s with the Augustin Barruel’s and think its all the same. Of course there can be similar infiltrators (or just simply corrupt Jesuits devoid of any coordinated conspiracy of infiltration) that have played a role throughout history; but once the Spanish crypto-Jew Jesuits were purged in the late 1500’s, the order, on the whole, was the most formidable opposition to the NWO – in any incarnation, Nazi or Anglo-American – up until the mid 20th century in my estimation. Then it got completely hijacked, seemingly more in the Americas from my vantage point; I’m not an expert on the Jesuits of modernity but I’ve heard some crazy stuff coming from a family I know who’s son went to Boston College High where they suggested the possibility of Jesus being married or even a homosexual (seriously wtf?). Protestants might point to that as proof, but I can’t tell you how many Protestant Churches are waving the rainbow flag out front in my hometown, and our Catholic Church – even thoroughly “Americanized” – will not do such a thing. I’m sure there are many current Jesuits who are much more “old school” but they won’t be mentioned in the papers or put on the cover of Time Magazine like John Courtney Murray or Pope Francis as a “New World Pope.” I’m not saying decent folks are never on covers in the US magazines, but are they being heralded or criticized? Quoted honestly or selectively?
    This post is coming from a recently returned Catholic of French and Italian descent, and I’m pissed off about how I was programmed to hate my roots and the Catholic Church (which I fell for to varying degrees throughout my life) by all of the above groups mentioned who claim to be about “freedom” or “progress” and blame the Church and ESPECIALLY the Jesuits, as being the worst suppression of those ideals in the annals of history. Once I realized the Protestants basically say the same exact thing about Catholics and Jesuits as Madame Blavatsky and Albert Pike, despite them arguing about if Jesus was real or not with them, it just shows you its the same dialectic of left-right politics, but in the realm of religion not temporal structures; and who benefits most from this? Jewish powers, from the Protestants in Christian Zionism, from the Occultists its Zohar NWO prophecies from Kabbalah. Freemasons even boast about being Noachides in the Mackey’s encyclopedia, of which one of its main roots stemmed from Protestant-Presbyterian-turned-Freemason, James Anderson. Anderson’s 1723 Constitutions was the 1st Masonic book published in American by none other than Ben Franklin. The 1st rule of Noachide Law: no idolatry, which, to those in the know, understand that this means Christianity stemming from Catholic Christendom, and nothing says idolatry more, to both Jews and Protestants, than the “heathen” Catholic Church of Rome.

    1. Thank you for your interesting comments, Michael.
      “and nothing says idolatry more, to both Jews and Protestants, than the “heathen” Catholic Church of Rome.”
      That is certainly true and I wish I would have known more about that reality before I got out of high school. That really became more plain to me when I became “patriotic” and more “conservative” and “right wing” when I started studying conspiracies in the early 1990s.
      Now the Protestants are having a real field day with the real bad Pope and Vatican and sexual abuse crisis.
      I no longer try very much to defend the Catholic Church but I do sometimes because most people now define it by what it sees coming out of the novus ordo swamp, and really for last eighty years or so.
      I recently had a little private “debate” with Michael Hoffman and find his treatment of Islam, specifically the Nation of Islam as practiced by Louis Farrakhan, finding it above and much better than Judaism and even better than most conservative forms of Protestantism. He does not seem to even have a shred of traditional Catholicism left in him. I guess I still respect his scholarliness regarding the Talmud but I have lost respect for him as he does not meet my idea as a basic follower of Christ anymore.
      I really got an up close and personal look at how much conservative Protestants hate Catholics when I started studying conspiracies and the New World Order and freemasonry and all that. Still I hold on to some foundational truths taught to me by the Ursuline nuns from my early years and now hold on to tradiional Catholicism by listening to Bishop Donald Sanborn of a “sedevacantist” group of priests of the Most Holy Trinity seminary in Brooksville Florida..
      The Star-Spangled Heresy: Americanism
      Solange Hertz
      is a book I probably should read but I find it difficult to read books much anymore.
      Also see free talk where book is for sale on homepage of isoc.ws by Gerry Matatics on topic of Americanism and Freemasonry, though main focus of that talk is not Jesuits, it is mentioned because Matatics definitely knows his history and it is all connected.
      Found this jewel recently…
      All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate peoples into a state of poverty, especially farmers, working-class people, and the very poor.
      Non-fake Pope Clement VIII 1592

      1. Hello again! I lost interest in Michael Hoffman before the election (selection) when he blocked Timothy’s article “Trump Controlled by Mossad” I tried to post. Jon Rappaport and Vigilant Citizen blocked it also. I didn’t trust any of them after that.

        1. I think Fitzinfo has the position that Michael Hoffman is not so great too. I used to like him because I thought he had a Roman Catholic background that he had not abandoned and that he was about the only one telling some truths about the Jews who say they are Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan. Since there was no true traditional Roman Catholic speaking up about what the Jews are doing to the Church and what the Jews are doing to the Consitutional Republic of the USA and how they seem to want only a one world death and slavery system for all the world, over which they intend to rule supreme, sort of clung to the people who were at aleast exposing some truths.
          E. Michael Jones has a YouTube channel and he has a video of his recent debate with Michael Brown who is a well known Zionist Protestant scholar who claims Jewish blood but also claims to be a Christian. Dr. Jones also has posted on his YouTube channel several follow-up videos where he explains very well the absurdity of Dr. Brown’s comments to him. Dr. Brown also has a website where he criticizes Dr. Jones’ debate with him. Dr. Jones gives the more intelligent and truthful commentary and more Catholic understanding. I have problems with Dr. Jones also because you cannot be a traditional Catholic if you attend services of “another religion” which is a new sect that lives and breaths in the heresy of modernism.
          Now here is the same matter under debate between Dr. Michael Briown and Rabbi Boteach and commented upon by TruNews YouTube channel host Rick Wiles, a protestant anti-Zionism Christian who is also biased strongly against Christ’s Church, the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, the Church He called “MY CHURCH.”
          Suggest everyone take a couple of Tums before watching the clip of smooth manipulive, word twisters Dr. Brown and Rabbi Boteach engaging in a fake “debate” when they are both really on one side, the wrong side.
          This is very important matter and I do not expect to hear from Bishop Sanborn or Father William Jenkins telling us the whole truth about what is wrong with Dr, Michael Brown’s schitick.
          Your Father is the Devil: Zionist Jews Demand Censorship of New Testament Holy Bible
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          We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti–Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.
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  77. Protocols of Zion 5:4 – on the Jesuits.
    Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbitage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. In this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.’
    Leo Zagami – supposedly ex-mason and ‘expositor’ of the ‘Jesuit NWO’;
    ‘I have been saying for a long time that the alliance between Matteo Salvini’s La Lega (“the League”, formerly known as the Northern League) and the 5-Star Movement in Italy was a very unstable one, mainly because the leftist leaning Five Star Movement has always been in bed with the enemy, aka George Soros and the Jesuits.’
    ‘The Vatican Jesuits are the ultimate controllers of the New World Order.’
    In this video, Leo Zagami states he is the Jewish Messiah/Christ/God;
    (in English after 20 seconds.)
    It appears his work to be to throw mud at the Catholic Church and misdirect the root of the global conspiracy from the synagogue to the Jesuits (without any evidence).
    In this interview, he also states;
    ‘The Russians and the Orthodox Church try to limit this ‘antichristian agenda’.
    Zagami and connection to Alex Jones and Infowars.
    Alex Jones has a 3 year business Russian visa
    14:43 – 32:25
    Ex-wife highlights links to Russian media.
    Alexander Dugin interviews Alex Zionist Jones on Russian Television;
    Dugin declares Russian strategy of setting up and enemy image of the West;
    Article ‘Principles and strategy of coming war’:
    ‘It is obvious that you can only wage war effectively with an external enemy if the society is quite consolidated and mobilized internally. It is desirable to be mentally prepared for the war. To do this, people must understand who is the enemy and who is not, and, most importantly, why this is the case and not so otherwise. You mustn’t demonize the enemy at the very beginning of the war. The image of the enemy must be formed in advance and deliberately…. Therefore, the first task to gain victory would be real fully-fledged company to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general. Therefore, the West is a place where the devil resides. It is the centre of the global capitalist tentacles. It is the matrix of ​​rotting cultural perversion and a vice grip of falsehood and cynicism, violence and hypocrisy. Russia already does this…?’
    Dugin identifies the enemy to be defeated as the ‘manic satanic elite/globalists’ who control the West to the detriment of the citizenry. This would be the Western equivalent of the ‘demised’ Soviet politburo:
    ‘Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole of humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe. The elite’s results are evident: the whole Middle East is already covered in blood, they are not able any more to establish any order, the globalist elite (the CFR, the neocons, the representatives of the international financial oligarchy of Wall Street) implants everywhere only chaos, devastation, death and pain. The destruction of such a cancer on humanity is a matter for the entire world, including the Americans, who are not only its instruments but also victims.’
    Dugin reciting words of praise to satan from the works of satanist Aleister Crowley;

  78. There could be some validity to these allegations against the Jesuits, even if Fitzpatrick is correct that Jews use Jesuits as scapegoats. Jews use Freemasons as scapegoats, too, but Freemasons are guilty of most of the things that they are accused of, even though Jews use them as scapegoats. Freemasonry has at least been infiltrated by Jews, even if it is not inherently Jewish, I’m inclined to agree with Fitzpatrick that it is inherently Jewish, I’m only saying that qualification to address objections from those who disagree that it is. But Freemasonry is still used as a scapegoat by Jews, despite being largely Jewish. Perhaps Jesuitry is largely Jewish, too, but used as a scapegoat by Jews. Jews obviously has some presence in the Roman Catholic Church or they could not have brought about Vatican II.

    1. Jews have wormed their way in to the Church which has been their plan for a long time together with their proxies the Freemasons. Second Vatican Council was their doing together with some sell-outs. I disagree about Jesuits. I’m sick of all the garbage spewed about them. Their order has been a heavy target for these demons so their vendetta lies in the fact that they sent their agents there too to smear it which worked like a magic. Jews are really geniuses of deception and they wage war through deception as their logo on Mossad correctly states. The whole world has drunk of their wizardry.

      1. ‘I disagree about Jesuits. I’m sick of all the garbage spewed about them. ‘

        That’s not a good defense of the Jesuits. A lot of garbage is spewed about Jews and Freemasons, too, but we both agree that they are largely guilty. On the surface it seems to me that the Jesuits are fall guys and McGuffins, but still a largely crypto-Jewish organization, similarly to Freemasons.

          1. “God preserve us from the Red Dragon, alchemical sign for the Great Work in its completion!” —Solange Hertz

            There is a modern ‘Jesuit’ ‘Jew’ (Synagogue of Satan) in name only, a professor who taught that Jesus was a tranny — the En Soph —and had gay sex.

            The Jesuits, as an Order, was founded on good spirits and was of Christ. Any reading of Loyola that isn’t poorly translated will clear this up. Loyola, could have had Jewish ancestry, but ancestry amounts to nothing but the flaw of naturalist racialism, equivalent to rabbinic Judaism. A Jew is no more, in its modern def., that there can be no Jew without Judaism, upon sincere conversion to Christ, whether he enter the Jesuit order or become a priest earnestly. Th Jew is a worldly designation that need not apply, as are the designations of American patriot, Roman, and such the like.

            But Jews, those who follow rabbinic Judaism, Talmudism, Cabalism, tried desperately to subvert the Jesuit Order and nearly succeeded, which is clearly laid out in Toledo archives during the Jesuit anti-converso Blood Purity Laws which Jesuits used to combat neophyte infiltration of Judaism and anti-Catholic schemes by Jew to rise up and subvert the Church. In fact, they excommunicated some high ranking Jesuits who they believed were part of this scheme. This has become apparent TODAY with the FAKE JESUIT anti-Pope. So while Jesuit Order are a fruitful and godly Order, it is evidently being targeted for destruction.

  79. No one can explain why Adam Weishaupt was a professor of catholic canon law lol. Weishaupt was a fella who decided who was punished for breaking canon law and why. He held a lot of power. Also no one can explain why most of the people responsible for the various occult revivals were catholics, Weishaupt, Eliphas Levi, Papus, St. Francis of Assisi, Loyola, there are dozens. It was Loyola who penned instructions on transcendental meditation. What about the most important occultist of the 20th century Pierre De Chardin who was never punished by the catholic church for his occult new age pantheism? Oh yeah, he was a Jesuit too lol, he was also involved in the Darwinian Piltdown man hoax. Anyone care to answer?

    1. All I can say is, “What a bunch of anti-Catholic drivel, nonsense, etc.!” Pierre de Chardin was condemned even under John XXIII! Loyola did nothing on transcendental meditation! St. Francis of Assisi was a great saint and you slander him! Adam Weishaupt was a traitor to the Catholic Faith, as those other names you cite! None of those traitors represent the Catholic faith. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially for you, it seems!

    2. St. Francis of Assisi and Loyola aren’t occultists!! The other three were either traitors to the Catholic Faith or Jewish infiltrators! Pierre de Chardin was condemned by the Holy Office under John XXIII!

    3. This is the first time I heard nonsense about Loyola teaching transcendental meditation. There’s nothing in his writings about that at all! All your accusations are baseless lies or half-truths!

    4. Ever heard of crypto-Judaism?

      “Born in 1748 in Ingolstadt, a town in the Electorate of Bavaria in what is now Germany, Weishaupt was the descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity.”

      3rd para https://www.nationalgeographic.fr/histoire/2020/01/comment-un-respectable-professeur-fonde-les-illuminati

      “Since the Renaissance, the process of false conversions to Christianity continued, thus continually increasing the amount of clandestine Jews, and diminishing the number of those who publicly professed Israel’s religion. This process continues even in our days, especially in countries such as the United States where they need to strengthen their fifth column inside Christianity. It is therefore difficult to calculate the number of underground Jews who are in any case many times more than those who officially and publicly recognize that they are Israelites.”

      Page 4 https://godseeseverything.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/lops-03-what-is-judaism-1969.pdf

  80. I see people throw the Jesuits in sometimes. They say Jews first perhaps or something else. I think some of these people do it because they think it is cool and they do not know what they are talking about. I believe the Catholic Church has been infiltrated and this infiltration was Jewish led. However on a local level, although Vatican two priests may preach some things that are inappropriate, they do not generally suck up to Jews and Israel like many Protestants do. John Hager’s suggested making a pre emotive nuclear attack on Israel. The pope seems to be a spokesperson for the New World order. I have read the Vatican runs on a deficit. What I am getting at is this, does the Vatican Two sect have any financial influence over anything or any real influence at all in world events, aside from doing what the Judeomasonic infiltrators tell them? As soon as I see someone mention Jesuits it makes me think, does this person know what he or she is talking about, do they believe stupid bullshit.
    I think a lot of the Jesuit bullshit, when it is not coming from Jews, comes from Protestants, because Protestantism is group of religions founded on hatred and lies about the Catholic Church and many Protestants put the interest of Jews before their own interests. Many Protestants are extreme useful idiots for Jews and the Jews had their hands in the so called Protestant reformation.


    1. Since the Rothschilds control Vatican wealth, no, they don’t do anything but what they are told. Fortunately, God is in control, and things don’t always go the way they want them. God can still use the Vatican for good.

      1. How can God use the Vatican for good if all the clergy after Vatican Two is invalid?
        I find the Jesuit conspiracy theory truly annoying and stupid.

  81. The sword of Jesus is the gospel, specifically the Gospel of John. Not the Bible, not the infiltrated Catholic Church, and not the many other sects of corrupted Christianity. They don’t call a male prostitute a Matthew or Mark and a toilet a Luke.

    You spend all your time bickering over who is to blame but the Gospel of John tells us plainly who the enemy is: Pharisees, Moneychangers and their ways. Nothing has changed and you all know it. Pharisees and Moneychangers are slavers. All modern Jews are slaves as are Freemasons, Jesuits and everyone else, owned and controlled through corruption.

    If you want to wield the sword then wield the sword. Get rid of the dead weight. It only serves to divide and distract you. I’m not dismissing the Bible but the Bible is not the sword and you would all do well to realize that.

    Freeing slaves, an act of love for your wayward brothers, is what decimates their armies and destroys their power. This is what they fear the most. No small task either considering the generational abuse and extreme brainwashing many groups but specially the Jews are subject to.

    John 32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  82. I actually really like your site/work and I don’t mean you. That was poorly worded. What I mean is the answer is easily found in the Gospel of John plain as day, but very few “Christians” can seem to draw the conclusion.

    Imo the Bible and the Church have caused people to lose focus by diluting the words of the gospel with everything else that was added. The gospel was enough. Nothing else should of been added. The Old Testament and much of the New Testament written by Paul have done its job well.

    1. But the Gospel is known because of the Church. The Canon of Holy Scripture didn’t manifest itself. Then there is the problem of consensus of meaning. The Roman Catholic Church, despite its problems, utilizes the best system.

  83. You have a point there but that Church isn’t the one you have today. Its corrupt to the core as pretty much all churches seem to be. The way I see it, I have the Gospel, I can live without that church though i was raised a Roman Catholic. I know they still fear it despite controlling it, because it has the potential to bring a billion people together against them. I also know that any new church that springs up will be full of traitors and parasites so for me I like to keep keep it simple and focus on what’s important. Its an unfortunate reality and really a test of faith but i think, at least for now, the “church” has to endure in our hearts.

    I think if Christians are to have any future at all they need to get back to origin and nothing teaches origin better than the Gospel of John.

  84. According to many Protestants Constantine started the Catholic Church which is really Paganism in disguise in the fourth century but the Bible was not completed by the Catholic Church until 493 and Protestants say the Bible is inerrant, except for mistakes made by the King James translators (mostly minor but over a thousand) Protestants share the Nee Testament but according to Protestants those evil Catholics had it wrong with the deuturocanonical canon and it had to be removed though.

    I could go on but why bother. The Protestant religions are the most stupid, inconsistent group of religions in the world. The Protestant religions are a corrupted offshoot of Catholicism, watered down Christianity mixed with elements of Satanism.
    If the Catholic Church was of the Devil right from the beginning than so are all religions that call themselves Christian and how could anyone trust a Bible that was written or the books to go in it were chosen by those supposedly evil satanic Catholics.
    It does not take much research to figure this out. I think all Protestant ministers know they lie about the Catholic church. The inconsistencies within Protestantism and the idea that the Catholic church is behind the NWO are too many to mention. You did a good job of it. Lastly, in order for Protestants to believe that the Catholic Church was satanic or pagan right from the beginning and for any other form of Christianity to be true takes mental gymnastics and a rewriting of history. I have come to the realization that Protestantism is one of the greatest tools of the Jew and the main reason why Americans are generally such disgusting stupid people who pray to their twisted versions of Christ to be the first to die for their Jewish masters. What a bunch of disgusting people.
    I do not believe the Jesus story btw but the average Protestant is a disgusting, immoral tool of the Jew (faith alone) regardless of what goes on behind the scenes at the Vatican. From a Catholic perspective though, stop pretending Protestants are Christians. All Protestants are stupid or evil people. Anyone with just a little bit of knowledge about history would stop being Protestant or give up on the whole Christ thing altogether.

  85. I keep on seeing this garbage all over the place coming from Protestants generally I all over the internet about the Catholic Church running the world. It is responsible stupid, even if one looks at it from an atheist perspective. In order to believe these stuff one has to overlook many things. These people who promote this stuff typically used Google, a Jewish owned company and often arrive at Facebook or YouTube, Jewish owned companies, live in a country with a central bank owned by Jews where every presidential candidate receives over half of his presidential funding from Jews. Live in a world where Jews control the banking industry and the media. These are facts and the only way around this is to say that all these Jews and freemason puppets submit to the Catholic Church or the Pope has somehow hoodwinked all of these people and Pastior Bob has figured this out, as well as some sedevacantisfs. Yeah, when the Catholic Church Said the Whore of Babylon was Jerusalem they were lying to frame those poor persecuted Jews, what a joke. What a our the fact that the Catholic Church runs on a deficit and it’s finances are in the hands of the Rothschild banking dynasty.
    Is all of this a smokescreen to hide the fact that the Vatican controls the banks and the poor Jews who benefit from it are puppets once again. I guess they do not even know what is going on. What about the fact that the Catholic Church is constantly attacked by the media when it is a fact that Rabbis put baby penises in their mouths after they circumcise them. Do Protestants think this okay? Why is this not reported in the news?
    What actually goes on at a Novus Ordo mass that would be considered evil by someone who is not religious? A Protestant would say that Catholics go to hell for having statues in the church, yeah tortured for eternity. Protestants would claim Catholics go to hell for praying to Mary but the Hail Mary is not performed during the mass. While Protestant ministers like John Hagee tells his parishioners that America should pre emptiveky bomb Iran because it has nuclear weapons that will be used to hurt those poor Jews.
    The Protestant religion makes no sense. If Constantine started the Catholic Church and it is actually Pagan and those stupid Catholics have been hoodwinked from the beginning, how can they trust a Bible written by the Catholic Church. World Jewry has more power than the Vatican, has no reason to submit to it and it appears that world Jewry, using their Freemason lackies have usurped the Vatican, but the Protestant revolt against Christianity, what most call the reformation was as kosher as a bagel.
    Most “Whore of Babylon” or Jesuit bullshit pushers do everything they can to get away from the Jewish question, the ones who don’t must either claim that worked Jewry and Freemasonry have been hoodwinked by the Vatican or loyal slaves. Anyone who claims that the Vatican controls the New World Order is either a fool or a liar and probably a Jew or a Protestant providing cover for their Jewish masters. Protestantism is the most stupid group of major religions in the world. They are not Christians and may they all burn in hell if there is one. I say this as an agnostic who thinks all of Christianity was probably a scam from the beginning.

      1. I am quite aware of that. I brushed the Jesuit stuff off well over a decade ago as bullshit but I have run into it a lot lately. One must also taken into consideration that many Protestants think the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and rums the world. This is why I am angry angry at Protestants. Their religion is the most stupid religion in the world. They think they get a free pass to heaven for believing in Jesus, most of the American variety worships Jews too.
        Protestantism is a very negative force and has never benefited society in anyway.

        On the other hand, I think the influence of religion is overstated, Jews get their way regardless of the religion too the nation they infect with their presence but this Jesuit/Whore of Babylon stuff is pushed hard by Protestants, more than Jews themselves and it provides cover for the Jews. As people due to constant brainwashing are desperate to find someone to blame besides Jews, I guess some people fall for it. The Jesuit/ Whore of Babylon stuff is all over the place and the Whore of Babylon stuff started during the so called reformation. It really muddies the waters of information with lies. It is really stupid and previously broke down why. I do not see how any person of normal intelligence can believe the Catholic Church runs the NWO and has hoodwinked the Jews, obviously all Catholics except for the clergy I guess but pastor Bob knows apparently. A lot of this stuff comes from American Protestants, not just Jews.

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