Is Russia Today’s division a reflection of the Kremlin?

Few today seem to realize that the modern “Russia Today” is not an alternative news source but a continuation of “Soviet Russia Today”.

 ByTimothy Fitzpatrick
March 9, 2014 Anno Domini

Is Russian state-sponsored mouthpiece Russia Today the legitimate source of alternative news the world has been waiting for in the wake up repeated failures?

Those awake to the lies of the Zionist, corporate-controlled media are also awake to the lies, no less malevolent, of the controlled opposition alternative media. At times, Russia Today (RT) appears to be legitimate, but other times, it doesn’t. It exposes conspiracy, the Western media, Zionist geopolitics, and corporate fascism, but then it lobbies for cultural Marxist “progression”, particularly in the forms of LGBT-feminist rights as well as UN Agenda 21, global warming propaganda. So, what is the story? Is it the real deal?

The alleged NATO-Zionist-backed coup d’état in Ukraine has provoked the Russian network against Zionist-controlled Western media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, and the British Press, even causing dissent within the network’s own ranks.

As expected, Russia Today has told some truth about America’s press: that it is part of the Zionist-controlled West’s geopolitical strategy. However, it seems Russia Today is not telling the truth for truth’s sake but for the Kremlin’s own self interests.

Liz Wahl (left) and Abby Martin: Saboteurs of Russia Today’s supposed conservative agenda or its true representatives?

Newscasts full of cultural Marxist propaganda
One could argue that Russia Today’s consistent favourable coverage of gay rights through the network’s international English-speaking bureau has been a strategy to neutralize the West’s propaganda that Russia persecutes homosexuals. This has been especially noticeable in the lead up to the Sochi winter Olympics. But a handful of anchors on the network have been promoting their cultural Marxist rhetoric for a long time. Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) and Thom Hartmann (The Big Picture) are two of the biggest radical leftists on the network. These two clowns and their propaganda appear to completely contradict the supposed nationalist intent of the channel.
Afterall, Russia’s own Orthodox patriarch has warned that feminism could destroy Russia. One wonders what kind of hiring policy is in place, especially considering the recent resignation of RT correspondent Liz Wahl, who resigned on air in protest of RT’s coverage of the alleged Ukraine coup. She resigned at the height of the Ukraine crisis and RT carrying out daily reports about how the Western media allegedly is lying. Abby Martin has spoken out in support of the Wahl.

Peter Lavelle (Crosstalk) and Tim Kirby are tolerable, sometimes even insightful, but it doesn’t help RT’s credibility when they go out and hire shills like former CNN talk-show host Larry King (Politicking). And although Max Keiser seems to speak out against the Jewish usurist establishment, remember that he is part of the controlled opposition network headed by Zionist Alex Jones.
Keiser’s on-air personality on The Keiser Report is annoying and excessive. He is trying to be loud-mouthed and ironic in a way similar to Jones, but it just doesn’t work for Keiser.

If RT is to save face, it needs to immediately fire Martin and Hartmann, and forget about trying to legitimize itself with King. Get rid of King too. It also needs to quit placating the West with its LGBT rights nonsense.

Is RT’s divided house an indication of Russia’s intentions?
Perhaps everything is going as planned for RT in the way of editorial policies, except for the minor hiccup of Wahl. Perhaps Russia doesn’t really care for social conservatism but merely uses it as a pretext for furthering its geopolitical strategy. This would explain why Martin and Hartmann haven’t been fired. But then again, maybe this is all a façade for Western consumption. Perhaps RT’s Russian bureau tells a different, more united story…without the cultural Marxism. Either way, RT’s English-speaking bureau is sending mixed signals.


  1. Note Russia and China are fully members and participants in the world-gov. system founded upon the central-banking system. The pretended competition/rivalry btwn West and Russia/China (including N. Korea) is largely a farce designed to keep and continue FEAR-mongering, as presently in case of Ukraine, for purpose of diversion fm (a) the critical economic situation entailing destruction of US economy, currency, and living standard of suckers in USA, addicted to “bread & circuses,” zionist-dominated TV, and idiot football games, etc. (b) Fear-mongering is also good excuse for police-state, mass-surveillance, TSA groping at air-ports, etc.
    RT, owned/controlled by Russian gov., is like-wise fully part of the mass-corp. propaganda system. The only note to these aforementioned facts is that yes, the Russian and Chinese “leaders” are naturally nervous about being treated like Qaddafi, Assad, Mubarak, and Saddam Hussein, tossed-aside like used-playthings when deemed expedient by ZOG powers.

      1. Oh–I agree w. u about Jones’ fear-mongering, don’t doubt–But I think he does it out of that fat-head, red-neck dumbness, though. I like his info for everything except his refusal to take sufficient note of Jews at bottom of it all–typical, stupid Judeo-Christian who cannot see Jew-Christian are anti-theses, NOT mere versions/variations of one-another, the poor fool.

  2. Maybe you could write on the idiots posing as reporters, the young turds, You should become a Christian and not a catholic. Your a smart guy, great writing style, why fall for the catholicism bit. Russian TV based in DC, makes sense. Or doesn’t. I don’t know,

    1. Southwest: remember, “catholic” merely means universal–meant to unite all Christians upon a common, true theme, thus the “church”–diff. fm the mere offices, as u find in “Vatican.”
      Don’t forget Christians need some measure of unity to contend successfully against those satanic monsters known as Jews, for example, and there are others, heretics like the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see and for expo/ref.) who back terror-state of Israel, and who think Christianity is mere version/variation of Judaism, this on grounds both share the element of “faith”–which really only properly means loyalty.
      Thus we start at the beginning, as Gosp. JOHN, Christ being TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)–and u see it’s very rational basis–we Christians then contending against LIES, Jews being the foremost liars, criminals, murderers (JOHN 8:44).

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