Orthodox Christmas Prayer

Glory to You, O Christ our God, glory to You!

May Christ our True God, whose Nativity we celebrate, through the intercessions of His holy and pure Mother, through the power of the life giving Cross, through the protection of the Angelic Powers, through the prayers of St. John the Baptist, the supplications of the Holy Apostles, Martyrs, Fathers and Mothers of our Faith, and all the saints, have mercy on us and save us.

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God have mercy on us and save us.


  1. God is So amazing . The spirit of American And Jewish allegiance is so anti Christ it’s amazing !!our Churches blind deceived and complacent to hold thier heads in the sand and they like it their and I hurt and cry for them ! My Facebook page gets very few likes as I battle speaking Truth, a very hostile spirit is there yet disguised as being Christ’s chosen ones !!! Yet I preach Christ is the only foundation on which to stand and save us from the destruction ahead not America or Jews! May Jesus fill his followers with power strength and faith to speak truth in the days ahead!!! Thank You for your service to Christ our Lord .

    1. The heresy of Christian kabbalism goes back as far as the 16th century, with heretics like Johann Reuchlin and John Dee. There is nothing new under the sun. Most of the Messianic Jewish organizations are crypto-Zionist ruses. They are obsessed with using Hebraic expressions and the kabbalist tetragrammaton (YHVH), the so called divine name of God.

  2. Dear Fitz,
    After reading on your site a bit, lots of info some good some not needed, there is something I want you to know & hopefully see. Hopefully you have the Holy Spirit within your heart & guiding your soul, so you will understand.
    First, Christ Jesus, our Lord & Savior, is the truth, the way, & the life. He is the truth which means you need to begin to see things more through His eyes, His life, & His actions. I realize that can be a bit confusing, but if you get it & use it, you might understanding all the things you write about in better context, that is if you are truly a Christian & posses the Holy Spirit.
    Like you the truth of this world blew my mind & drove my desire deeper & deeper to know the truth. The problem is that the deeper you go down the rabbit hole the more you need Gods hand to hold you & keep you because of the power of the truth & also the power of the deception. Only Christ Jesus was pure enough, strong enough, & wise enough to present the truth, the true nature of God & His creation, as well as defeat the power of the ruler of this world. Yes, with Christ Jesus & The Holy Spirit, I believe we are suppose to seek the truth & also spread that truth to the lost, the elect who still need to be saved, & to the world. But because we are still sinners & still open to the powers of this world we must be very cautious & wise how we go about our responsibility to witness & spread the truth to others.
    The truth is Christ showed how to do that & He gave us the way, not just through His words, but also through His actions. His two greatest acts were to give up His own life on the cross to die for our sins & to then raise from the dead 3 days later removing the debt we owe & true power of sin which is death. I’m sure you are with me & if you are a true believe know this all to well, but you must take it a step further & apply it to all that you write about & see. Why? Because it is the truth, the life, & The Way!!!!
    I ask you, if it is the Way, where does it lead? Where did it take Jesus? And what does it have to do with the world & Satan?
    As Christians we believe, have faith, & pretty much know as fact, in part thanks to all that the world reveals & you write about, that it leads to life, eternal life in heaven with Christ & God the Father. We also know that it leads to the ability to sit with Christ Jesus, where? At the right hand of The Father, seated with Christ on His throne! Christ is in The Father & The Father is in Christ, redeemed with the Holy Spirit we are one in Christ & Christ dwells within us, which means where Christ sits we sit & unbelievably share in all His glory, beauty, & power. Basically Christ death & resurrection leads man & is mans path to a shared place on the throne of God which as the bible says pretty much makes us gods because we are in Christ & where Christ is we are with Him. It hard to believe God created us to be one with Him through His son Jesus or to share in the godhead, but He did, which is why He is truly a loving God. Its also what angers satan, why he wants the throne, & why he’s not to found of mankind. Slavery is his path, the exact opposite of God, except it never appears that way!
    Now, If we know the only Way to the throne of God is through the death & resurrection of Christ Jesus, then Im pretty sure satan & his minions are aware of this as well. I know this is obvious to you as well, but again you must think as Christ did not the world, and realize then there is only one way or path to the throne of God & to the eternal life. We know Satan is aware of this & we also know he is bound by Gods power & laws just as every other created being He ever made, so if Christ is the only true way to the throne of God, & Satan true objective is to sit on that throne, then it seems to me he is going to try to follow Christ path whether we can see it or not. It also seems to me he is going to try & replicate & copycat as much of God & Christ as he can to try & steal that throne & the hearts of as man as he can.
    Listen, start focusing the cross, resurrection, & on how satan is going to use & copy that path to try & claim the throne. he is the great deceiver right & his objective is & always has been to sit on the throne of God. he knows atheism & every other religions aren’t enough to take over the world, why? Because of they do not sell the real thing to the hearts of those seeking God & they don’t sell the extra time sinners & the selfish seek with all they money & energy.
    People, especially selfish & sinful people all want more time, in truth its more powerful than money but because more time isn’t within real reach or eternal time isn’t within the power of man its not viable like money, only the idea of extra time or youth is viable. Atheism is a dud because it can’t even produce the idea of eternal life, which is why so few truly admit to being atheist even if they live like one. Other religions provide more time or eternal time in a way that is either unsure, never truly fulfills the heart, is not personable or do you stay yourself, is exclusionary, or God & true life are still above or far off which is just an extension of this corrupt & evil world. Only Christianity provides more time, eternal time, as our selves & better selves, while bringing us not only in the midst of God but sharing in & with God in His grace & power as one with Him. Nothing can ever come close to that type of life or as satan might look at it commodity, which he know he can never provide or give, but he know that to gain control of this world that is the most powerful & best commodity to sell even if it isn’t the real thing.
    As you said in one of your post, in all our hearts that’s what we seek, to know God fully, to be in His presence, & to share in His beauty, love, & power which again can only be found through Christ, His death on the cross, & His resurrection. satan knows this, knows he must try & sell a knockoff or copycat version of this to ever truly get the power he seek.
    Sorry for the long response, but please start referencing & seeing everything you research, look at, & write in terms of the death & resurrection of Christ Jesus & why it is the most important aspect & theme to everything you see going on in the world. The beauty of the bible is it actually speaks about satans plan to use death & resurrection to deceive the masses & bring us all under his rule. Read Revelations & Daniel its obvious once you see it. Think about it, is there anything more powerful or valuable than eternal life? Isnt that one of the reason you are a Christian? Is there anything better that satan can sell to the world then the idea that he is Christ in the flesh & all our worries are over because he has come back to give the world more time & eternal life? Can you imagine how people would react to seeing a man come back to life, or think he came back to life, telling them he can do the same for them?
    Fitz, its all about the death & resurrection, really the resurrection & eternal life or time. And the even though you state that the Catholic Church is not powerful or a big deal, well you need to rethink that & I will tell you why. The name satan is going to use or the anti-Christ will be the same name as our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, which I know for a fact & the bible states others will come in my name! As a copy cat Christ Jesus the church will give him cover & make is easy to legitimize him to the masses & even other religions. Think about the Jews & Catholics/Christians united under one fake messiah who deceptively fulfills both their requirements. Under this guise,added with illusions & so called miracles or wonders & signs, its not hard to see people jumping ship from other religions with ease, even Muslims, & Christians think the second coming has come. This false Christ & religion will bring the masses into the power of those in control, satan, while weakening & pretty much depleting the other religions of the world to nothing. And atheist & the science world will think they are finally getting the so called proof they always needed.
    As for aliens & all those ideas, to be honest I believe there will be some play with that idea, but in the end its hard for me to see it as nothing more than a ruse or way to get people away from the truth, which is the death & resurrection. Why? Because people don’t like the unknown when it part of their practical lives, to escape its fine, but to present it to their real lives & the real world that’s a different story. I don’t care how nice, friendly, or smart they could be presented, people in the end would not be drawn in or want to follow in such a short period of time & without a long period of adjustment. If anything the alien component, as seen in just about every movie, is used to scare people to the idea of Christ second coming, which in truth they should be scared because its too late when He does.
    No, this is about the throne, about obtaining life the Christian way or the way of Christ Jesus, about more time & eternal time, and about deceiving as many hearts as possible away from our creator God the Father & away from the true path & way through Christ Jesus.
    Maybe you know all this, but if not I hope it helps. It helped me see all the info & events more clearly, & most of all it brought me back to focusing & keeping my eyes fixed on Christ Jesus. Its amazing how rich & important His death & resurrection truly are not only to us but also to evil. If their is only one door, one way, & one hope don’t you think someone’s going to try & sneak in? Its crazy but Jesus even gave us a parable about the party & how someone snuck in yet wasn’t meant to be there, amazing!
    When you begin to see life & the truth through the window & context of His death & resurrect everything opens up & become so much more visible!
    God bless & Good luck

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