The Jewish semen fetish examined

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
August 3, 2013 Anno Domini

The pornography industry has made the dehumanized act of the “cum shot”, or the “money shot” a commonplace in the bedrooms of post-modern persons, but it didn’t evolve on its own or out of mere human sexual curiosity.

Instead, human sexuality has been manipulated and coerced, resulting in depraved acts being foisted on the unsuspecting men and women who consume pornography and use sex services like prostitution.

Without question, the sex industry—be it pornography, prostitution, or sex slavery—is overrepresented by Jews. In fact, Jews openly admit it. For example, Nathan Abrams writes in the Jewish Quarterly,“Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to [Luke] Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”[1]

Vulgar Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein said in an interview with Luke Ford,

The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.[2]

Of course, the Jewish-dominated Frankfurt School laid the foundation for the moral subversion of Western Civilization, starting in the early 20th century, inspired by Illuminatus Marquis de Sade, from whom we get the concept of sadism.

Pornography thus serves the Jews and their masonic cohorts as a vehicle for subverting the delicate relationships between men and women, the backbone of the nuclear family, and filling their minds, and ultimately their sexual relations, with anarchistic and secular humanistic sexual acts that go contrary to the Logos, Jesus Christ.

The “Money Shot”
Continuing in the tradition of Jewish subversion of Christian mores—the Logos, Jewish fetishism has been externalized onto gentiles, making it a popular act that gentiles mistakenly believe they enjoy. The pornography industry refers to a man ejaculating into the mouth or on the face of the woman with whom he has just fornicated with as the “money shot” (supposedly because this scene cost the most to produce), the “cum shot”, or a “facial”. A typical hardcore pornographic scene culminates in this depravity, as if it were the ultimate goal and greatest experience of sexual intercourse one could have. Young men who consume porn mimic this act with their girlfriends, wives, and Saturday night dance-club hookups. The women, in turn, believe men enjoy it, and so attempt to reciprocate the feeling. The “money shot” is just the beginning in a long-line of similar depraved acts, including bukkake, a pornographically inspired sex act where several man stand around a man or woman and ejaculate on them as they kneel or lay. In one of the first instances of public promotion of what became the “money shot”, Illuminatus Marquis de Sade in his 1785 work 120 Days of Sodom wrote,

I show them my prick, then what do you suppose I do? I squirt the fuck in their face… That’s my passion, my child, I have no other… and you’re about to behold it.

Jewish pornographer Bill Margold explains the satisfaction men supposedly derive from the “cum shot” while viewing pornography,

I’d like to really show what I believe the men want to see: violence against women. I firmly believe that we serve a purpose by showing that. The most violent we can get is the cum shot in the face. Men get off behind that because they get even with the women they can’t have.[3]

Margold gives us a glimpse of a seemingly Jewish fixation on semen with his review of a couple of adult films from the late 1970s, early 1980s.

What is supposed to be a cast party degenerates into an orgasmic-less series of grunting and grinding grapples during which many of the holes and poles spend more time looking into the camera than in each other. Cum shots are the main course, and Benny never misses the chance to show us a man’s seed from every angle possible. If I were a spermatozoon in Champagne Orgy, I’d file for residuals.[4]

Actress Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary with her semen-styled hair.

Toilet humour, semen humour

Critics have sometimes equated Jewish humour with “toilet humour”, and it can be found in no better example than in Jewish Hollywood. Jewish writer Uriel Heilman writes, in The Past, and Future, of Jewish Humor,

“For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event. That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.

Blogger The End of Zion makes a good case for this Jewish toilet humour in The Fecal Fixation of the Chosen Ones. The Jewish “holy” book the Babylonian Talmud makes numerous references to excrement and urine, imposing all kinds of absurd rabbinical rituals and rules surrounding such bodily discharges. The Talmud is also rife with seminal rituals and laws. So, it’s no surprise that intimate bodily fluids of semen, along with its accompanying act of sexual union between a husband and wife, are downplayed in the form of cheap humour, so as to dehumanize and demoralize the audience. In the 1998 film There’s Something About Mary, Jewish actor Ben Stiller is depicted masturbating prior to a big date with a past crush, Mary, played by Cameron Diaz. Stiller finishes, puzzled as to where his ejaculate went, as Mary arrives at his hotel-room door. He zips up his pants and answers, at which point Mary discovers what she thinks is hair gel drooping from his ear lobe, which is actually Stiller’s missing ejaculate. Mary then uses the semen to style her own hair. In the movie series Scary Movie, young men are depicted ejaculating and plastering their girlfriends to walls and ceilings during sexual and oral intercourse. The raunchy and ridiculous 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine combines the subversive elements of homosexuality and the “cum shot” when a man is forced to perform fellatio on a friend after losing a football bet in a bar. The act never actually takes place, but the friend who is to receive the act is shown waking up on the men’s room floor while his friend is standing over him with what looks to be semen on his face. After a couple of jokes, the friend eventually admits he just put soap on his face as a joke and that no fellatio took place. There are many Hollywood movies showing a clear fixation on semen and male ejaculation, disguised in the mask of humour and fun.

From where do Jews derive this fixation?
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly from where Jews get their semen fetish, but like their fecal fixation, rabbinic laws and rituals seem to form the bulk of it. The Jewish Kabbalah, a book of black and white magic, semen is said to harness a divine life force.

In Judaism Discovered (2008), Michael Hoffman writes,

Like all Babylonian religions, Judaism practices magica sexualis (sex magic). These practices are found in the India of the Hindus and he Egypt of the Pharaohs: ‘Statues and bas-releifs depict the self-begotten Supreme Being (Amun-Ra) clutching a prodigious phallus erectus and receiving the homage of the Pharaohs, whom he embraces and influses with the vital fluid (ka).’ (Allan Edwards, Erotica Judaic, [New York, 1967], p. 11) Much is made in Orthodox Judaism of the fluid or “influx” whith the Zaddik distributes: ‘…the earlthy Zaddik was conceived…as being the locus that both receives the influx and distributes it…. According to other statements in the circle of Rabbi Elimelekh, ‘ The Zaddik is like a channel, which draws liquids downward.’” What then is this all-important holy liquid “influx” that the Judaic holy man is divinely charged with distributing? For the answer, we turn to the standard three-volume English reference work, The Wisdom of the Zohar by the Hungarian Khazar, Sandor Schwartz (alias ‘Isaiah Tishby’), of Hebrew University, Jerusalem, who cites: ‘The actual physiological  process of the flow of semen from its higher source in the brain, according to traditional medieval (rabbinic) theory….’ This is akin to the belief of the Hindus, that the semen of the holy man rises up his spine through the power of Kundalini [serpent power] and is then wrapped around his brain…. ‘These practices achieve their greatest efficacy…only when performed by the ideal righteous…enhanced to the degree that it transforms the Zaddik into a cosmic magician…central to the nature of the Hasidic righteous man is, therefore…his capacity to bring down and distribute divine power, or influx…and also in many instances, to perform miracles.’

The sex magic central to this power is enhanced by the use of ‘oral techniques—incantations of divine names…which could be misinterpreted by larger circles…The emphasis on the mouth is symptomatic of the bodily nature of the attraction of the divine influx in Hasidism….’

A me’onen is ‘someone who passes seven kinds of semen from seven different animals over his eyes for magical purposes. (BT Sanhedrin 65b [Steinsaltz]) [5]

The supposed belief of Renaissance and 18th century Jewish magicians and occultists, like the Marquis de Sade, was that by engaging in and fostering debauchery, nature would reveal her secrets so that the magician could then use this secret knowledge to manipulate matter and dominate others. Author E. Michael Jones discusses this in depth in his masterful work Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control.

The most disgusting and blasphemous example of Jewish semen fetishism is a reference in the Talmud to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ under the pseudonym Balaam.

…Jesus shares his place in the Netherworld (hell) with Titus and Balaam, the notorious arch enemies of the Jewish people. Whereas Titus is punished for the destruction of the Temple by being burned to ashes, reassembled, and burned over and over again, and whereas Balaam  is castigated by sitting in hot semen, Jesus’ fate consists of sitting forever in boiling excrement.
—Peter Schäfer, Jesus in the Talmud (Princeton University Press), p. 13. BT Gittin 57a., Babylonian Talmud, Soncino Edition, 1935.

Depiction of Kabbalist demon queen Lilith

Semen demons

According to the Jewish Kabbalah, a demon queen named Lilith takes on the form of the succubus and visits men in their sleep and causes them to have nocturnal emissions, taking away their “life force.” Lilith is said to steal the semen and use it to populate the demon world with strange hybrid offspring. The Zohar states that each emission of semen contains up to a million souls.

This belief has its roots in a rabbinic tradition that believes demons (sheidim, creatures more akin to the Islam djinn than earth-trembling spirits) are unable to procreate without human “seed.” Thus Judaism has a robust tradition of succubae, seductive female demons who are the cause of male erotic dreams and nocturnal emissions. Adam was the first progenitor of demons.[6]

Alchemical sperm

Ingesting semen
Equally common in hardcore pornography today, and correspondingly in the bedrooms of modern men and women, is the act of ingesting semen.

As repulsive as it is, pornography has normalized this concept and made men and women believe that it is enjoyable and fun. Some pornographic scenes go to the extreme of degrading the women by having them drink semen cocktails composed from multiple men. Then there is the abhorrent practice known as “snowballing”, where women pass around semen to each other mouth to mouth. Again, we find these practices in ancient Jewish magic and the occult world.

Donald Tyson writes in his 2000 book Sexual Alchemy: Magic Intercourse with Spirits,

Sexual alchemy is a system of ritual magic that allows its practitioners to initiate and sustain satisfying erotic relationships with loving spirits who are the active agents of the Goddess.

In Judaism, the Shekinah is considered the female goddess. Tyson continues,

Lovemaking with these spirits releases large amounts of occult energy into the body that concentrates itself in the three fluids most closely associated with the pleasures of sex and the generation of new life—the clear lubricating fluids released from both the male and the female genitals during arousal, the red menstrual blood of women, and the white semen of men. By collecting these transmuted secretions, preparing them properly, and regularly ingesting them in minute amounts, catalytic changes can be brought about in the mind and body that intensify and prolong sensual pleasure, enhance physical and psychic abilities, and elevate the level of consciousness. (p. 18, 22)

I doubt very much that Johnny BarStar is aware that he is performing a dehumanized occult act when he ejaculates in the mouth of the floozie he met at the nightclub hours prior to, or that Jane Floozie is aware that the semen she just ingested will give her life force and magical powers, according to occult legend. The world is subconsciously being initiated into a Kabbalist sex cult through the consumption of contemporary pornography and the sex practices externalized onto it through the mass media and in the brothels and sex rings.

[1] Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry
[2] Ibid
[3] Gail Dines, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, 2010, Beacon Press. p. xxiv.
[4] Bill Margold,
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    000 Ritual viii First position for the Victim to call 000 27 July 2011
    Adam… Relationship for Adam and Eve
    Skye for the High Priestess Skye is a word noticed within many of the unsolved murders as a link for the patterns. High Priestess is the position Rosaleen Norton had within the black Magic
    MagicK= Blood + Semen and Vaginal Aleister Crowley
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    Aleister Crowley’s Pet name was Daisy Flower Power and Magic Circles
    The daisy flower, the marigold, and the sunflower also are indicative of the sun as deity and so, traditionally, adherents of the Mystery Religions, as well as Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others, utilize these symbols.Adam Weishaupt, founder in 1776 of the Order of the Illuminari, encouraged “Flower Power” as a symbol, and it was taken up by New Age hippies in the ’60s.
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    Red wine for Blood
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    3 Guilty’s The Scorpion Play Vol 6 Equinox…
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  3. Good article. The fun fact: Another jewish Andrea Dworkin was the only one who heavily criticized this sex act.
    “The ejaculation on her is a way of saying (through showing) that she is contaminated with his dirt; that she is dirty”

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