Kinsey: The Crypto-Psychoanalyst

Providing the Gentile Veneer for the Jewish-led Sexual Revolution – Part 2

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 18, 2012 Anno Domini

There is perhaps no greater critic today of the late sexual revolutionary Alfred C. Kinsey than Jewish-American Judith Reisman, author and former investigator with the U.S. Department of Justice, who has “chased” Kinsey and his controversial sex researchers for more than 35 years.

Reisman, who plausibly asserts that Kinsey was a saboteur of the “Greatest Generation” onwards in the United States of America, claims that Kinsey was a co-conspirator in league with a Nazi-linked Rockefeller Foundation, based on her years of study of The Kinsey Sex Research Institute. Reisman stretches this and implies that Kinsey and the Sexual Revolution were part of a Nazi conspiracy against the West (she never explains the purpose of this conspiracy other than to say it benefits Big Pharma and Big Sexology). But the greater weight of evidence shows that Kinsey was more Jewish-linked than anything— particularly with the Jewish-dominated psychoanalytic movement—and that Reisman is engaging in deception or self-deception in reaching her conclusions—a trait common among strong self-identifying Jews.[1]

Reisman’s case for Kinsey and the sexual revolution being Nazi/fascist subversion of America
Reisman bases her claim that Kinsey was a stealth Nazi largely on the Kinsey Institute’s funding by the Rockefeller Foundation, which had financed parts of the Nazi regime during the Second World War.

But elites like the Rockefellers financing opposing factions is hardly out of the ordinary. What’s more, Jewish financiers, like Brown Brothers Harriman and the Warburg bank, also financed the Nazi war machine. High Jewish finance does not discriminate, especially when its loans give it the ability to manipulate both sides in a dispute or, in Nazi Germany’s case, the war.

“Was Kinsey, like his Rockefeller patrons, unsure which side would win? Could he have thought that, if Hitler won, his ‘work’ would receive continued support, greater funds, and more opportunity? After all, psychopathic scientists, such as Kinsey, did well—unhindered—under Hitler. Additional information about Kinsey’s links to fascists and Hitler’s henchmen suggest much is hidden.”[2] Reisman speculates that the Kinsey Institute must have hidden files locked away that demonstrate Kinsey’s Nazi associations.

But radical leftists were booted from and/or persecuted in Nazi Germany. What makes Reisman think Hitler wouldn’t have tossed Kinsey out of Germany had he been there? Even Sigmund Freud, perhaps the true father of the sexual revolution, and his psychoanalysts didn’t survive the Nazi purges in Germany.

Reisman points to Kinsey’s collaboration with Nazi pedophile Dr. Fritz von Balluseck as more evidence of Kinsey’s crypto-Nazism.

“Indeed, Kinsey and his fellow WWII draft-dodging team feared public exposure for aiding and abetting a WWII Gestapo agent in his ongoing, even murderous sexual violence against children.”[3]

A poster advertising a presentation by Judith Reisman depicts Kinsey and the Nazis.

She also points out his collaboration with serial child rapist Rex King but does not mention King’s Jewish ethnicity.[4] (At some point, King was given the gentile pseudonym of Mr. Green.) Reisman accuses Kinsey of being anti-Semitic, despite his collaboration with King and despite Kinsey’s friendship with his highly connected Jewish lawyer Morris L. Ernst and Jewish sexologist Harry Benjamin. Despite the Ernst-Benjamin-Kinsey connection, Reisman claims that Kinsey refused to employ Jews. Kinsey also received support from New York Times owner Arthur Hays Sulzberger, a practicing Jew who not only gave Kinsey’s books prominent coverage in the press, he also helped secure financing for Kinsey as a board member on the Rockefeller Foundation. Reisman makes no mention of this seemingly strange association. And without a friendly Jewish press to promote Kinsey’s falsified research, it’s questionable that his books would have sold like they did.

Reisman’s claims about Kinsey, the Nazis, and homosexuality are echoed in the The Pink Swastika (Lively, Abrams 1995), which attempts to further demonize all Jew haters, particularly Nazis, as closet homosexuals. While it may be true that Hitler and the Nazis engaged in homosexual behaviour, it is irrelevant in the bigger picture. The book is a sort of neoconservative treatise targeted at “Judeo-Christians,” an oxymoronic term Reisman also frequently uses in Sexual Sabotage (2010). (Reisman references Nazis no less than 47 times in this book). Joseph M. Schimmel and Christian J. Pinto’s 2007 film The Kinsey Syndrome, in which Reisman participated, carries on the theme of Kinsey representing a Nazi-led sexual conspiracy against the West.

Kinsey was an admitted eugenicist, something that Reisman uses to further her Nazi case. But Reisman fails to reveal the heavy Jewish hand in the eugenics movement, which predates Nazi Germany.[5] Eugenics was certainly not an exclusively Nazi practice.

Reisman also heavily identifies with Jewish suffering in the form of the iconic Holocaust dogma of Judaism. And she doesn’t hold back when linking it with Kinsey and the sexual revolution.

“And while Hitler’s Gestapo and SS tortured, shot, hung, and gassed millions on their march toward world domination, the Kinsey lobby prepared a sexual revolution for Western Society.”[6] Reisman likens the subversive cartoons contained in Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse to the political cartoons of Nazi Germany.

Where Reisman is forced to reveal the Jewish nature of the psychoanalytic movement, she simply refers to them as German or European. The implication then is that it is a fundamentally Nazi movement.

“…European sex ‘science’ radicals preceded Kinsey. For example, by 1895, the German homosexual movement had grown so rapidly that they were a major power lobby,” she writes.[7]

Reisman was born to German and Russian Jewish communist parents, something that would also predispose her to anti-Nazi, anti-nationalist sentiment.[8]

Who really was Kinsey?
On the exterior, Kinsey was neither a homosexual nor a revolutionary. He voted Republican as a capitalist (Christian raised), believed in restricting immigration, and even advocated eugenics. But on the inside, he was a tormented and possibly demonically possessed man, starting in early childhood. Kinsey engaged in self-torture (as a form of pleasure), other perversions, and likely serious crimes. He was a bi-sexual at best and a pederast and full-blown homosexual at worst. And according to U.S. Congress, he caused “incalculable” damage to the moral structure of American society with the publishing of his Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and the following female volume (1953).

As Kinsey matured on the outside, becoming an adult, he brought his perversions with him to Indiana University, where he became known as a perverted professor who would constantly harass and stalk men, and especially women, on campus for his so-called sex research.  Where Kinsey couldn’t obtain actual research on average Americans, which was the case most of the time, he allegedly used prostitutes, homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles, and rapists—who provided the bulk of his data. The sexual revolution in 1950s America turned out to be based almost entirely on the habits of these sexual deviants, and not everyday Americans as most were led to believe.

The case for Kinsey as crypto-psychoanalyst
U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and U.S. Congress viewed Kinsey and his sex research institute as communist insurgents and the furtherance of the Jewish psychoanalytic movement, fulfilling the words of psychoanalytic father Freud, who said the psychoanalysts were “bringing them [Americans] the plague.”

“Psychoanalysts think Kinsey’s work will advance the status of psychoanalysis by 50 years. I am inclined to think that it will change a good many things,” wrote Robert S. Morrison in his diary about Kinsey and his “research,” which was being given prominent coverage in the press. Morrison was associate director of the Medical Science Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, assistant to director Alan Gregg.

Psychoanalysis appears to be a Kabbalistic[9] black art, culminating in the victim being mind controlled and supplanted with false memories and/or ideas. Freud was a Zionist and Lurianic Kabbalist. Kinsey’s use of this black art managed to fool the entire American public into thinking average men and women were largely promiscuous, homosexual, and repressed wild animals. And like Freud, Kinsey would psychoanalyze (gather sex history) his colleagues and financial backers in order to control them, or blackmail them if necessary. Kinsey was every bit the charismatic cult leader that Freud was.[10] Another similarity between Kinsey and Freud was their views on “childhood sexuality.” Freud said that children were sexual but that it was latent until puberty; Kinsey took this further, saying children were completely sexual from birth. Even the Jewish founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, didn’t leave out Freud when he said Freud and Kinsey “have done more for sex than any other men who ever lived.”
Hefner even recommends The Freudian Approach and The Kinsey Approach when trying to seduce a female virgin. At times, Reisman appears to defend her fellow Jew Freud in contrast to the monster Kinsey.[11]

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the good people in the Reece Committee (Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations, 1952-54), after years of trying, failed to shut down Kinsey and his institute of perversion, following a lengthy examination of U.S. tax-exempt foundations. The Rockefeller alliance with the already radically left-wing Jewish media proved to be too much, as did the Zionist control of then President Harry Truman, a 33rd degree Freemason. Ironically, Reisman admits that Kinsey had powerful allies in the media. But of course, we are supposed to believe the U.S. media then was Nazi-controlled, not Jewish-controlled.[12] She even goes as far as saying that the Rockefellers carried out a “media Blitzkrieg” to promote Kinsey and his work. Perhaps had Reisman known that the enemy wasn’t simply Nazis, assuming she was ignorant, she would have been better prepared when academia and the media attacked her research on Kinsey. (See overrepresentation of Jews in the sexual liberation movement)

Perhaps seeing the U.S. Congressional attempts to eradicate subversive homosexual elements as a threat to the greater goals of the psychoanalytic movement in which he was carrying out, Kinsey soon agreed to serve on an advisory committee to the communist Mattachine Foundation, an early gay rights organization co-founded by the Jewish Franklin E. Kameny, one of America’s most significant gay rights activists.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activist Larry Kramer (Jewish) holding up a Kinsey Institute T-Shirt. Notice the Illuminist “6” beside the half hexagram. The Kinsey Institute’s current director is the Jewish Julia Heiman.

Kinsey may have shown disdain for Judaism as a religious institution as it relates to perceived moral restraint, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that he engaged in any anti-Semitism. And like Freud, Kinsey expressed his view that sexual repression (self-control) led to pathology.[13] University of California-Long Beach Professor of psychology Kevin MacDonald, perhaps Freud’s greatest modern critic, explains in The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998),“Many early proponents viewed psychoanalysis as a redemptive messianic movement that would end anti-Semitism by freeing the world of neuroses produced by sexually repressive Western civilization…. The cure for aggression characteristic of anti-Semitism was therefore believed to lie in freeing gentiles from their sexual repressions.
Although Freud himself eventually developed the idea of a death instinct to explain aggression, a consistent theme of the Freudian critique of Western culture, as exemplified for example by Norman O. Brown, Herbert Marcuse, and Wilhelm Reich, has been that the liberation of sexual repressions would lead to lowered aggression and usher in an era of universal love.” (Pages 112-113).

Kinsey’s alleged anti-Semitism did carry with it the advantage of giving the sexual revolution in America a gentile appearance, following years of speculation that Freud and the Frankfurt School were part of a Jewish plot against the West.

“He has the temperament of a reformer rather than a scientist: fierily against hypocrisy and repressive law of every sort, censorship, etc., and against Judaism and Catholicism and Irishy,” writes Kinsey’s biographer James H. Jones. (page 611)  Are Jones and Kinsey ignorant of the Talmud? Or do they carry out the charade that Judaism is the same bastion of sexual morality that is Christianity?

Jones gives us some insight into his and Kinsey’s convenient ignorance of the highly sexually immoral Babylonian Talmud.

“Current sex offender laws, he (Kinsey) explained, were based on English-American common law traditions, which in turn were ‘a direct constitution of the Talmudic proscriptions on such activities and not the product of scientific judgments.’”[14]

MacDonald explains Freud’s strategic use of gentiles in the psychoanalytic movement.

“Deception is also indicated by the evidence that Freud felt that one reason psychoanalysis needed highly visible gentiles was because he viewed psychoanalysis as subverting gentile culture. After publishing Little Hans in 1908, he wrote Karl Abraham that the book would create an uproar: ‘German ideals threatened again! Our Aryan comrades are really completely indispensable to us, otherwise psychoanalysis would succumb to anti-Semitism.’ (in Yerushalami, 1991, 43).”

“Moreover, there were conscious attempts at deception directed at making Jewish involvement in radical political movements invisible by placing an American face on what was in reality largely a Jewish movement (Liebman 1979, 527ff). Both the Socialist Party and the CPUSA took pains to have gentiles prominently displayed as leaders, and the CPUSA actively encouraged Jewish members to take gentile-sounding names…. Despite representing over half the membership in both the Socialist Party and the CPUSA during some periods, neither party ever had Jews as presidential candidates and no Jew held the top position in the CPUSA after 1929. Gentiles were brought from long distances and given highly visible staff positions in Jewish-dominated socialist organizations in New York. Jewish domination of these organizations not uncommonly led gentiles to leave when they realized their role as window dressing in a fundamentally Jewish organization.” (MacDonald 1998, 111 and 94 respectively)
The powerful cabal that helped bring Kinsey to prominence likely saw him as the perfect gentile window dressing for the continuance of the Jewish psychoanalytic movement.

Kinsey, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati
Contrary to what Reisman leads people to believe, the sexual revolution didn’t start with Kinsey. Freud had an arguably larger and more influential role in the revolution, and according to author E. Michael Jones, the sexual revolution began in the 18th century when the Illuminati and Freemasons were gutting Europe of the Christian theocracy. Revolutionary Marquis de Sade (possibly Jewish but definitely an Illuminist), from whom we get the term “sadism”, was another key figure—possibly the pioneer of sexual revolution. And if Illuminism was largely a Jewish movement, then sexual revolution was a Jewish byproduct, helping to fulfill the Talmudic goal of bloting out the memory and name of Jesus Christ and the moralist standards attached to Him. Illuminists like the French Revolutionaries, Rockefellers, and the Frankfurt Schoolers have all played central roles in fomenting sexual revolution among the populations, yet Reisman has the sexual conspiracy beginning and ending with Kinsey and the Nazis. Ironically, Kinsey’s participation in the sexual revolution arguably began in 1948, the same year that Israel became an official nation.

Illuminist Aleister Crowley

It is not certain whether Kinsey was a Freemason; although, he was associated with many high level Illuminists. He had to be, in order to get the backing of the Illuminist Rockefellers and the support from the Illuminist-controlled press.

Kinsey was untouchable even though there was clear evidence that he and/or his colleagues were sexually abusing children.[15]  Interestingly, the Kinsey Institute Logo, designed by David Enock in 1986, appears to be stylized after the Jewish star of Moloch (six-pointed star or hexagram). The Masonic square and compass itself was stylized after the hexagram. Then there is Kinsey’s association with high Illuminist Aleister Crowley. Kinsey allegedly went on a voyage seeking Crowley’s psychosexual occultist diaries.



The title page of Illuminist revolutionary Marquis de Sade’s Justine depicts the Illuminist triangle with the Cabalistic tetragrammaton. The Marquis de Sade was a key figure in the bloody French Revolution and also the father of Sadism.

While Reisman did likely pose a significant threat to the sex industrial complex during the Reagan Administration’s porn inquiries, she is also acting as a gatekeeper by not revealing the real movers and shakers in it as well as its pre-Kinsey history. Her intentions in exposing Kinsey appear to be sincere (Reisman’s daughter was the victim of a pornography-induced rape.[16]); however, it is difficult to believe that she is not aware of the leading role that Jews and Jewish organizations have played in the shaping of ideas of human sexuality in our culture. Her obsessive use of Nazism and the Holocaust in her works exposing Kinsey are nothing more than sensationalism and intellectual dishonesty. However, her work through the Justice Department analyzing and exposing the sinister nature of Kinsey, for example his child orgasm charts (tables 30-34, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male) as well as the resulting American Law Institute Model Penal Code, is impeccable, as is her work showing the negative effects of pornography on culture. It’s unfortunate that she hasn’t expanded the scope of her investigations. Perhaps she did but chose not to reveal it. Perhaps she is ashamed of the work of her revolutionary parents.

Alfred Kinsey appears to have been a psychoanalyst in the tradition of Freud and other Judaic sexual revolutionaries. There is no evidence that he was conspiring with some Nazi agenda to subvert Western social mores. History shows that the Nazis persecuted psychoanalysts and sexual liberationists; therefore, Kinsey could not have been taking direction from them. But her certainly fell in line with the eugenic goals of the Protestant WASP ruling class of his time. We are only left with the Frankfurt School and the Jewish New York Intellectuals, through the Rockefeller Foundation, as providing Kinsey’s direction.

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Part 1:

Reisman omits Jewish role in porn industry and pedophilia movement


    1. Paul: I’m sorry you had a difficult time at college. We all have different aptitudes and you’re right, somewhere along the way a parent or mentor might have noticed you would not be best served by such an education. Parents so often want high status stuff for us and that’s all got to do with intellect, mind, which has an unfortunate habit of throwing up an image of itself in our faces… Ultimately its about insecurity and being identified as some high falutin’ member of anything the neighbours notice. Im glad you escaped! Creativity is not necessarily intellectual and creativity is what stimulates the subconscious mind so if there’s anything stuck, it can lift. Poetry, art, nature, spirituality. These things are healing and they don’t have anything to do with the intellect. You look at it, nod farewell and it goes. (We know where but enough use and abuse of the holy name, he doesn’t require your thanks because your gratitude is inherent in the healing…) Even people who do menial jobs with joy are better off than someone supersmart with a fancy degree who does not have access to the light of God.
      Classical psychotherapy is an intellectual quagmire designed to place layer upon player of nonsense to cover up sexual shame, itself a result of fallen sexuality and lack of knowledge. Psyche means soul and we don’t heal the soul by fawning over it and flattering it. Psychotherapy was birthed in the same talmudic bath in Germany as everything else ailing the world. Freud is the cornerstome of the discipline, academically, and all psyche students study him extensively. There’s always this thing where he’s “qualified”, oh we don’t necessarily agree with him but you know, he IS the father of movement. Talk about messed up. Kinsey was indeed directed by the black arts.
      This is not to say a good counsellor can’t help. Of course they can. If they know how to empathise. But endless processing and naval gazing is counterproductive. It’s like all those shows with neurotic Jews in new York and canned laughter endlessly at their therapist. And all the jewish magazines and Jewish sexologists telling people anything goes. In fact, i once went to a therapist for a few months. Later i realised he was a jew! He was always yawning And I found out he was having an affair with another therapist there. tried three times to prescribe an antidepressant and eventually I said why? ! He said he can’t stand to see me in so much pain and my jaw just dropped.. But I mist pay through the nose and tay for seven years? What a scam! That got me over some issues real quick. Ha!
      Ben Shapiro, FYI, is a raving Zionist Orthodox Jew. His job is to cause trouble. It’s instructive to study the life of his erstwhile mentor David Horowitz to see how left/right plays out in the jewish group mind.
      You’re wrong that because the earlier generation like Kinsey weren’t lgbq$%&# trans it isn’t the same movement. Trans is the result of distorted polarities. Trans is the synthesis, the mind that results from distorted “gendering”, the vertical opposite of unity in God. There are still two big polarities left for them to exploit, so it’s best we release all out crap NOW, hang your socks out to dry and “get over it”.l, which is a best free advice you’ll ever get.

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  2. This is not a religion of Talmud but of anti-Talmud. It is a known FACT that the Freud and the Frankfurt School took much of their ideas from Sabbateanism, a satanic cult formed by the false Jewish messiah Sabbatai Sevi.

    1. There is no evidence Freud was influenced in his ideas by the Kabbalah. He was not influenced by the Talmud either, but perhaps a strain of Jewish leftist rationalist ideology influenced his thinking. Carl Jung was influenced by the Kabbalah, but Freud was not.

  3. I am not defending Freud or Kinsey in any way. But I do not they have a lot to do with the sexual revolution. As far as I can tell they are not taken seriously at all these days, even by Jewish leftists. Freud was opposed to homosexuality and he was a gender realist, so I think his ideas do not fit in with the current LGBT movement, I don’t think he would have agreed with transsexuality. While Kinsey promoted homosexuality, I don’t think he would have agreed with transsexuality either because his writings about human sexual behavior very strongly emphasizes gender differences, Kinsey viewed women as having less sexual desire and more moral restrictions on sexual desire than men do, as did Freud. Since they were both gender realists and today’s Jewish left attempt to promote transgenderism and deny the reality of gender, I don’t think Freud and Kinsey are linked to the Jewish left.
    I believe Freud and Kinsey were crackpots and their ideas mostly false, nonsensical and useless, I am not defending them, I am only saying this article is attributing false significance to them.
    Also, I completely disagree with this statement: “Psychoanalysis appears to be a Kabbalistictic black art, culminating in the victim being mind controlled and supplanted with false memories and/or ideas. Freud was a Zionist and Lurianic Kabbalist. ” Freud was not a New Ager or a Kabbalist, he actually expressed contempt for such beliefs. He told Carl Jung one time “My dear Jung, promise me never to abandon the sexual theory. That is the most essential thing of all. You see, we must make a dogma of it, an unshakable bulwark.” Jung asked “A bulwark against what?,” to which Freud replied “Against the black tide of mud of occultism.” Jung recounted this conversation in his autobiography “Memories, Dreams, Reflections.” It is very clear from Freud’s writings that he disdained the kind of occult ideas that are known as “New Age” today. Although I admit Freud did believe in some paranormal phenomenon such as telepathy and ghosts, but he was not a Kabbalist or a New Ager, he had nothing but disdain for such movements and ideas. Not all believers in the paranormal are Kabbalists/New Agers, for example Hans Eysenck, the Jewish German born English psychologist, wrote a book showing scientific evidence for the paranormal but he disdained Kabbalism, the New Age and Jung’s beliefs as crackpot ideas. Carl Jung was much closer to being a Kabbalist than Freud was. Even Frederick Crews, Freud’s detractor, admits: “Now, believing in telepathy is by no means the same thing as subscribing to the existence of an astral plane; Freud was no Theosophist. On the contrary, by expanding his sense of what the mind can discern on its own and of what two minds can accomplish at a distance, he hoped to forestall any need to invoke the supernatural within his ‘science.'” Crews wrote this in “The Consolation of Theosophy”

  4. I remember reading in a book by Ben Shapiro called “The Right Side of History” a statement by Shapiro blaming Freud and Kinsey for the decline of sexual morality in the West. I felt he was being disingenuous in that statement because many people, perhaps most people, these days do not even know who Freud or Kinsey were, and even people who know who they were know nothing about what they said. As a correspondent of mine once said: “it does seem to me that even people who have a vague sense that Freud is respectable don’t know that much about what he actually said
    if no one knows what he said he’s probably not influencing them very much, respect or not”
    I wondered if Shapiro was blaming Freud and Kinsey as individuals for the decline of sexual morality so that people would not blame Jews as a group for it, he was intentionally distracting both himself and other people from the real cause, it seemed to me.

  5. Modern psychology/psychiatry is a satanic displacement of the Catholic priesthood of deacon/priest/spiritual-director. These have been replaced by psychologist/psychiatrist/and psycho-analyst.
    Modern psychology generally posits no soul or free-will and that personal disorder is a mental illness. This of course is totally false.
    The disorder of man is caused by sin and this can only be healed by Christ through forgiveness of sins and purification;
    John 20:21-23 (institution of the sacrament of confession)
    “He said therefore to them again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath sent me, I also send you. When he had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.
    1 John 1:9
    “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all iniquity.”
    The whole psychology/psychiatry nexus is a complete scam!
    Superb article;
    Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century.
    “Psychology/psychiatry is not a science. In contrast, medical science bases diagnoses on physiological evidence. The mental health profession bases its diagnoses on unchallenged, bogus premises, preconceived biases and subjective judgment that have all been proven false.”
    Here, psychiatrists admit they have never cured anyone (5 mins)
    Dr. Thomas Szasz – Former Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Center for Health Sciences, Syracuse, New York. In his book ‘The Myth of Psychotherapy’, 1978.
    “It’s not science. It’s politics and economics. That’s what psychiatry is: politics and economics. Behavior control, it is not science, it is not medicine. It is not only a religion that claims to be a science, it is actually a false religion that tries to destroy the true religion. Psychotherapy is a modern scientific name, for what was called ‘the healing of souls.”
    Roger Mills, psychologist. In his article ‘Psychology goes insane.’
    “The field of psychology today is literally a mess, there are as many techniques, methods and theories around as there are researchers and therapists.” I personally saw therapists convince their clients that all of them Problems come from their mother, the stars, their bio-chemical makeup, their diet, their way of life and even the ‘kharma’ of their past lives. ”
    Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a psychiatrist researcher in his book “The Mind Game.”
    “The techniques used by Western psychiatrists are, with a few exceptions, exactly on the same scientific level as the techniques used by sorcerers.”
    Admission of Dr. Allen Frances, Director of the DSM-IV Editorial Board, interviewed in 2012 by James Davies.
    “We knew [in drafting the DSM-IV] that most of the decisions that were made before that [inherited from DSM-III and earlier] were arbitrary. If we wanted to add or remove [DSM-III Would have required substantial scientific evidence and there was simply wasn’t any. ”
    Dr. Thomas Dorman, internist and member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.
    “In short, the whole activity of creating psychiatric categories of ‘sickness’ formalize them with consensus, and then assign diagnostic codes to them, which in turn leads to their use for billing purposes. ‘insurance, is nothing but a racket psychiatry of furniture a pseudo-scientific aura.The authors are, of course, misleading to the public.”
    45 Communist goals – Congressional Record; Appendix, pp. A34-A35, January 10, 1963;
    Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
    Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    1. Andy Sloan is conflating psychology and psychiatry with psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in his statement. Freud is not taken seriously by anyone in the fields of psychology or psychiatry anymore. Psychology and psychiatry have evolved into empirical sciences, Freud has been almost completely discredited. Psychology and psychiatry are valuable sciences, for learning about things like gender and racial differences and differences in individuals and races in intellectual ability and other mental traits. One reason why we have massive Third World immigration to Britain and America is because the media will not report on the scientific research psychologists have done showing that pretty much all Non-European races with the exceptions of Jews and North Asians have much lower average intellectual ability than Europeans and much higher rates of psychiatric illness than Europeans. We should not condemn psychology and psychiatry just because of one crackpot who is not taken seriously anymore and who was never universally accepted in those fields.

  6. Paul,
    Psychology according to its original Greek meaning is a study of the soul, which is a legitimate study. Modern psychology/psychiatry does not recognise the soul or sin as a disorder of the human person. So how can it have any validity in its primary discipline of diagnosis and cure of personal disorders which are caused by sin that deform the soul?
    There is a good talk by Fr Ripperger of the Traditional Catholic FSSP here;
    Here is more admission from psychologists/psychiatrists that modern psychology and psychiatry in study of mind are NOT empirical sciences;
    “Eighty scholars who assessed facts, theories and methods of psychology in a 1963 study called ‘Psychology: A Study of Science’ concluded that it was delusional to think of psychology as a science: ‘The hope of a psychological science became indistinguishable from the fact of psychological science. The entire subsequent history of psychology can be seen as a ritualistic endeavour to emulate the forms of science in order to sustain the delusion that it already is a science.’ Coordinator of the study, Sigmund Koch, stated: ‘Throughout psychology’s history as ‘science,’ the hard knowledge it has deposited has been uniformly negative.’”
    When you say ‘Psychology and psychiatry are valuable sciences, for learning about things like gender and racial differences and differences in individuals and races in intellectual ability and other mental traits.’ that is substantively the realm of anthropology. In 1647, the Bartholins, founders of the University of Copenhagen, defined anthropology:
    “Anthropology, that is to say the science that treats of man, is divided ordinarily and with reason into Anatomy, which considers the body and the parts, and Psychology, which speaks of the soul.”
    Modern psychology is fundamentally another Jewish scam (directed by satan) for money and power over the gentiles. Professor E Michael Jones is a Catholic Professor and elucidates here (5:56 mins – 15:30). As he says ‘it is portrayed as medicine because of the influence the people who want to promote this (Jews) have over modern culture.”
    The claim of psychology and psychiatry of diagnosing and healing ‘human disorders’ is a lie. The reason why they have such widespread acceptance is because this emanates from the ‘fathers of lies’ (John 8:44) who in power;
    Apocalypse 12:9
    ‘is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world.’
    As inferred by my earlier post, the modern psychology triad is a pagan priesthood. This to supplant the Catholic priesthood, who act as a conduit of grace from the only man who can heal the human person;
    Mark 5:34
    “And he said to her: Daughter, thy faith hath made thee WHOLE.”.
    2 Peter 1:3
    ‘As all things of his divine power which appertain to life and godliness, are given us, through the knowledge of him who hath called us by his own proper glory and virtue.’
    No talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist needed!
    Psalm 61:9
    “Trust in him, all ye congregation of people: pour out your hearts before him. God is our helper for ever.”
    Psalm 141:2-4
    “I cried to the Lord with my voice: with my voice I made supplication to the Lord. In his sight I pour out my prayer, and before him I declare my trouble.”

    1. I completely disagree with the point of view you express here. Psychology is important for knowing about things like intelligence, for example. I have average intelligence compared to most people in ethnically European majority countries like Britain and America. I went to two colleges, Carthage and Ball State, where the most common student had a much higher intellectual ability than I had. My family and I always ignored the topic of intellectual differences between people, so I went to college without having any idea that I had lower intellectual ability than most of the students at my colleges did. It ended up being a complete waste of time. If my family and I had appreciated the importance of intellectual differences between people then I would have had my intellectual ability tested before I went to college and we would have looked into the most common students’ intellectual abilities at the colleges before choosing a college to go to and I either would not have gone to college or would have gone to a college where the most common student had an intellectual ability closer to my own so it would have been easier for me to handle and I would have been more likely to graduate. If we adopt your idea that psychology is a Jewish scam and because Jews run it we can not use it as a legitimate science then people who are on the dumb side have to refrain from taking intelligence tests and analyzing their intellectual abilities and must go to colleges they are not smart enough to handle. That seems very unreasonable to me. It is not reasonable or practical to expect people to rely solely on the Bible and ignore science, even if Christianity or Judaism or Islam or any other religion is true.

  7. The guy who hit the nail on the head about Freud was Rene Girard who managed to deconstruct much for us including the Oedipus myth, neitzsche and even the bible and it gave him such a fright he found Christ and returned to his mother church, which then prodded and pressed him to recount his central thesis, which he did in his senility, because it is essentially Buddhist. When I was in the throes on my Girard phase, I was semi-stalked by a gay Catholic priest from Argentina who was desperate to know Christ still loved him. I assured him this was so and told him to gain mastery over his mind and practise to keep it sufficiently and all will be revealed. Of course Jung knew thoughts determine all action taken in respect of sexual energy when we become identified with the thoughts.

    1. “Of course Jung knew thoughts determine all action taken in respect of sexual energy when we become identified with the thoughts.” You seem to be endorsing Jung in that quote. As far as I am aware Jung more of an occultist/New Ager than Freud. I think Jung’s ideas would come closer to black magic than Freud’s would. Freud was more of a Darwinist.

    2. “Of course Jung knew thoughts determine all action taken in respect of sexual energy when we become identified with the thoughts.” You seem to be endorsing Jung in this statement. But as far as I know Jung was more of a New Ager than Freud was.

    3. Sorry I thought my comment had not posted the first time that’s why I posted it twice, I apologize.

  8. Lastly, I would suggest that mental illness as found in most migrants is not because of their lack of intelligence, but because they come out of dysfunctional warzone countries. I wouldn’t want to generalise, but just as a counterpoint to your focus on intellect. In fact, the west with its high intellect level generally is the most dysfunctional part of the world since the smarter you are, the bigger your ego, the greater possible grip satan can get. There’s so mich debate about health problems, mentally and physically and what’s causing the problems like Alzheimer’s and autism, but if you’re so smart how come you take the drugs in the first place? Of course, this isn’t fair because gognmagog are stronger than us now and just look at the forced vaccines. But maybe that move wakes up some parents to FIGHT. Smart topics are topics that unite left and right for good instead to adding yo the polarising effect: food and health safety work. Also how dumb are the smart guys on the right to blow off the planet just because good stewardship was psyoped from the start? Oh wait, the bible says we don’t have to care about the planet. Check. As for the smart Asians, if that makes you feel good, that’s not smart either. Happy burning day, just look the other way. Its not your gig.

  9. I think there’s enough about Freud and Jung out there for everyone to find out who they were. Personally, i dont avail myself of the imaginative techniques of Jung because it’s not my style, I’m not a very visually imaginative person, and nowadays us leftie “Jungians” may as well be on another planet. I don’t find it healthy but I also don’t think the term new age was around in Jung’s time. But to compare him with Freud, well I think it’s incomparable. The Oedipus myth is a story of scapegoating in the Greek pagan tradition. If you believe the the priesthood of Melchizedek (the only real priesthood of Christ) functions across religious boundaries and that the sins of the people were expiated through the rite to where they need to go, then it’s one thing. If not it’s another. I’m facts all Freud did was what the community did at sometime in ancient Greece and accuse Oedipus for all manner of things he did not do. Back then Oedipus even returned a hero so Tue double transference still worked. Now? NO. For all this the Christian world revolts at Freud. It is a very Christian situation and for that… Christ is come to rule not sacrifice because the sacrifice doesn’t work any more. If that’s good or not, that depends on you. Nice chatting 🙂

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