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Russian woman gave birth to child in park and abandoned him there because he was no longer needed

November 14, 2023

In the Omsk region, a woman secretly gave birth to a child in a park and left him there, since she did not need him. The prosecutor's office of the Russian region reports this on its website.

The woman abandoned her child in the park at the end of September, but the incident became known only now. The unclothed newborn was noticed by a passerby on her way to work, who reported the find to emergency services.

“As the 33-year-old suspect (who is already raising a 2-year-old daughter) explained during interrogation, she did not need a second child, no one knew about the pregnancy, including relatives and a partner living separately. The birth occurred suddenly during her walk in the park, where she decided to leave the baby,” the prosecutor’s office said.

They added that the woman admitted guilt, and the newborn child was transferred to a foster family. Investigators opened a criminal case.

Previously, a resident of the village of Diveevo in the Nizhny Novgorod region gave birth to a premature daughter in a bathhouse and buried her in the garden. The woman claims that the baby showed no signs of life, so she took the bucket in which she gave birth and buried him on her property.