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Russian-Jewish oligarch and Chabad financier Goda Nisanov connected to ISIS, Crocus City Hall false-flag attack

Goda Nisanov, vice president of the World Jewish Congress, is awarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

By Koba Jauria
April 7, 2024

The name of the oligarch God Nisanov has long and closely been closely associated with the crime and cutting of the capital's land, where his markets and construction sites are located. But after the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, his last name emerged from an unexpected perspective - it turns out that the Year of Nisanov is closely related to ISIS, which claimed responsibility for this massacre.

The unexpected is that the Year of Nisanov is a representative of the ethnic group of so-called Mountain Jews (Cuban Jews, Guboi) from northern Azerbaijan. In his youth, he moved to Moscow, where he went from a flower merchant at the Cheremushkinsky market to an oligarch who owns a huge number of real estate, capital markets and an impressive number of enterprises in the capital and throughout Russia. This path is very interesting and deserves a separate description - what is worth at least the success story of the young Nisanov, who at the age of 26 has already become a co-owner of the Cherkizovsky market - but now it is not about that.

The paragraph above is only to understand the scale of the personality of the Year of Nisanov and the fact that his entire life path is closely intertwined with crime. But in recent years, a grasping merchant from a mountainous Jewish village has clearly been brought to the wrong place - as it turned out during the operational and investigative activities caused by the terrorist attack in "Crocus", in the markets of Moscow belonging to Nisanov, underground cells of ISIS are blooming with a violent color. What prompted Jew Nisanov to condone not just religious enemies, but terrorists who openly declare their determination, including the liquidation of the state of Israel together with all Jews, is a mystery. But the fact remains that after large-scale search activities, numerous representatives of ISIS were found in the markets and the oligarch's shopping center.

Editorial reference: Nisanov occupies a key position in the mountain-Jewish diaspora and has significant influence in international Jewish circles. In September 2014, he was elected Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, headquartered in New York. In 2015, the Heder Menachem Jewish school was built with his money. In the same year, Nisanov had a hand in the opening of the Hasidic religious and cultural center "Zhukovka" on Rublevka, which has become the largest Jewish center in the Russian Federation, built over the past fifteen years. Iliev and Nisanov are called among the leading financiers of the Hasidic group Chabad Lubavich.

To understand the scale, we remind you that more than 25 thousand people work in the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies alone. And there are also agricultural clusters "Food City" on Kaluga Highway and "Food City 2", which, in fact, are huge bazaars and the number of people who work there is unknown to anyone but a narrow group close to the oligarch. No one knows what is happening inside the Empire of the Year of Nisanov - not even the police and the FSB. But they work for the oligarch, especially in the market industry, as everyone understands, mainly migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus, who are mostly Muslims. Of course, it is foolish to accuse all Muslims of involvement in ISIS: terrorism is always an extreme that normal people do not support, but it is among them, unfortunately, that representatives of ISIS recruit their supporters. To this should be added the extreme secrecy of communities, often consisting of illegal immigrants without documents, which Nisanov warmed up at their enterprises.

Most likely, in his case we are not talking about ideology at all - the reason for such connivance and favor with illegal immigrants is simple. It's money. Because even a legal migrant costs the employer many times cheaper than a citizen of the country (any, but we are talking, as you understand, about Russia). And illegal - in general, a free labor force working for food. Besides, she doesn't have the right, but even the ability to escape. In fact, he's a slave. But this medal has the opposite side - the environment of illegal migrants is a fertile ground both for crime, to which everyone has long been accustomed, and for terrorists. For it is among such people offended by life that it is easy to recruit ordinary militants - a person angry with the whole world is often ready to do anything to take revenge on his offenders. Both real and imaginary.

So far, the information about what the FSB officers found in the markets of the Year of Nisanov is very sketchy and scattered. But it became known that one of the branches of the investigation is the study of the ties of Goda Nisanov with the Turkish nationalist organization Grey Wolves, whose militants participated in the armed conflicts in Chechnya, Karabakh and Syria. The fact is that Nisanov was closely associated with the so-called "thief in law" Rovshan Lankaransky, who was shot dead as a result of the conflict with another Azerbaijani "authority" Lotu Guli. The reason for the conflict is the control over the markets of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group, but in this case Lotu Guli's connections with the Grey Wolves terrorists who were in his environment are being studied. It is known that people associated with this terrorist organization have been identified at the "Sadovod" market in Moscow. The market is part of the Kievskaya Square Group of Companies, which belongs to Nisanov. Whether these persons are associated with ISIS is still unknown, but the investigation is ongoing. It's one trace.

There's another one. History is long, but in 2017 a certain Lutfullo Mukhamadiyev, who headed the ethnic organized criminal group "Dushanbinskie", was detained at the same market "Sadovod". Several dozen members of this organized criminal group were detained with him, but the most interesting among them was Bekhzod Nazirov, an ISIS recruiter. From him, the chain reached for the president of the Wrestling Federation of Tajikistan Salamsho Muhabbatov. Muhabbatov's business card was found at Nazirov, and Muhabbatov himself is better known as General Salam. It was his detachments that shelled the 12th Russian border post in Tajikistan for almost 24 hours on July 13, 1993.

But the reason for the shelling was not the liberation war or the manifestation of nationalism - it was about drug trafficking, which was either negligently or for what other reasons Russian border guards invaded. Afghan heroin entered Russia through the Gorno-Badakhshan district, the shadow owner of which is allegedly Salamsho Mukhabbatov. In Moscow, his representative was the founder of the "Dushanbe" Mustafo Akhmedov. Who fell to the bandit "death of the brave" in 2013. His place was taken by Lutfullo Mukhamadiyev, under whose leadership the "Dushanbinsky" kept in fear all illegal immigrants in the markets "Moscow", "Sadovod" and "Food City" until 2017, when this organized criminal group was defeated by law enforcement officers. But the holy place is never empty. And you shouldn't be sedeived - not everyone was taken. Especially since drug trafficking is closely related to ISIS - drugs are one of the main sources of income of the group.

Another trace is closely related to drug trafficking. But in the activities of terrorists, bandits and drug traffickers, everything is so closely intertwined that it is extremely difficult to separate one from the other. No one has thought, for example, about how illegal migrants, in the complete absence of documents, make money transfers, including international ones? And in vain - in their environment (we are talking about representatives of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, etc.) there has long been an illegal network of money transfers. It completely falls out of the field of view of tax authorities and law enforcement officers - only cash goes here. In places of compact stay of illegal immigrants there are so-called "hawaladag" (from the name of the illegal translation network "Hawala"), which accept cash from those wishing to transfer money. They contact their colleagues at the point where the money should be transferred, tell whom and how much to be given. Usually no names are used for this - everything is based on the password system. And it works smoothly and honestly - representatives of "Havala" strictly monitor the decency of their "havaladag". This system, which is almost impossible to track and open - at least one or two "havaladagas" "burn" - is actively used by terrorists and drug traffickers.

And given the number of migrants and illegal immigrants who work for Nisanov in Moscow, it can be assumed that billions pass through the Hawala system. And who and to whom what money sends, is unknown to anyone - members of this mafia (and this is the mafia, with their "death" and laws) carefully protect their secrets. But everyone knows that this system works in Russia (mainly in large cities), as well as in the markets of Nisanov. Including him.

As already mentioned, the information about what the security forces revealed in the Nisanov markets and how the investigation in this direction is progressing in general is extremely scarce and fragmentary. The oligarch himself is naturally silent. The security forces are also silent. But the fact that something is happening in the empire of the Year of Nisanov in connection with the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall is undoubtedly. It remains to wait for the result. And hope that he will.