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Israeli startups team up with Microsoft to develop agritech

By D. Belyaev
May 5, 2023

Israeli startups team up with Microsoft to develop agritech
Israel's agricultural complex is one of the most advanced in the system of world food production. It is in Israel that there is a rapid rise in the development of advanced technologies in the direction of increasing the productivity, sustainability and profitability of agriculture.

Israel, also known as “Startup Land”, is at the forefront of innovation in agrifood technology, with more than 250 cloud farming startups creating an enabling ecosystem for advanced data-driven agriculture.

Recently, the US technology corporation Microsoft announced the next stage of cooperation with Israeli startups, including through Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit organization that connects international business and government leaders with Israeli technology companies and facilitates access to the Israeli startup ecosystem.

The main goals of this collaboration are: to use the potential of Microsoft to present its work on a global scale, to develop the ability to integrate AI technologies, data, cloud technologies and machine learning from Israeli startups into a system of cloud software tools for use in agriculture. In turn, the search for strategic investors in the context of such cooperation, with God's help, will be much faster.

In recent years, global technology companies, including Microsoft, have been developing their agtech division to support farmers and help address a potential global food crisis.

A month ago, two agro-startups from Israel, Projini and Saturas, won the first Microsoft and SNC competition to create the latest technologies for sustainable agriculture and water management, gaining access to strategic investments and Microsoft's key advertising resources: platforms at international exhibitions.

During 2023, Microsoft and Start-Up Nation Central are planning to launch another agrotech competition for Israeli startups developing the latest technologies for water management and protein research.

Thus, the future cooperation of Israeli startups with Microsoft in agriculture looks promising and promising. Thanks to high-tech farming and water management technologies, farmers can optimize crop yields while conserving water and reducing waste. Plant protection solutions being developed by Israeli start-ups will provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pesticides. Microsoft's access to global markets will enable Israeli startups to optimize their business contacts and find strategic partners. Through access to innovative technologies, Israeli startups, together with Microsoft, can transform the agricultural industry and make it more sustainable, efficient and profitable.