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In 2009, Kabbalist Madonna held a concert in Poland on the Catholic feast of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Madonna satisfied the demands of Polish firefighters, but not Catholics

The Warsaw Fire Department received from the organizers of Madonna's concert all the documents necessary for the official permission of the singer's show.

Information that Madonna's show in the Polish capital on August 15 may be disrupted due to the fact that the organizers of the pop star's concert did not provide a plan for a possible evacuation of the audience appeared on Tuesday morning. However, on the same day in the evening, Polish television reported that all the papers for transmission to the department had already been prepared.

According to RIA Novosti, at present the fire service of the city has started to analyze the submitted documentation, the decision to hold a concert in Warsaw will probably be made today.

Local authorities must issue permission to hold a mass event no later than 7 days in advance, while there are 8 days left before Madonna's concert.

As it turned out, the documents previously provided to the fire service were not correctly issued. And the evacuation plan was made for a concert in Berlin, not in Warsaw.

As you know, the date of the concert coincides with the Catholic feast of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was this circumstance that caused a wave of indignation among Polish Catholics, who are convinced that the singer's concerts are of an "anti-Christian" nature, insult their religious feelings. The most outrageous, in their opinion, is the departure of the crucified Madonna on a large mirror cross during the performance of the Live To Tell ballad.

Polish Catholics also threaten to organize a picket during the singer's concert. The administration of the Bemovo airfield, on the territory of which Madonna plans to perform, assures that it will not allow the concert to fail.